tagSci-Fi & Fantasy'Star Bound' Ch. 01

'Star Bound' Ch. 01


Ani shifted the holster at her waist until it settled comfortably on her hip. Glancing down at her tight fitting jumpsuit, necessary for the high speeds reached on the hov-cycle, she once again found herself missing the diaphanous gowns and supple clothes her own people favored. Making sure all the buckles were secure and double-checking the packs would not slide, she carefully mounted the single rider cycle and felt the engine purr to life. With practiced ease, she entered the coordinates of the humani outpost into the dash comm, and kicked the bike into gear. Opting to forgo the helmet, she sighed with pleasure when the wind caught her silver hair up in its fingers, tugging and pulling at its length. Ani carefully flipped on the autopilot switch after making sure there was no other traffic around. Her attention now free she let her mind wander, to the barren landscape, and the blood oath that had brought her halfway across the known galaxy and plopped on the relic planet, Earth.

Thousands of years ago, Ani's ancestors, the Elfae, had come to this planet and fallen in love with its bountiful life. Little sign of that bounty remained however; the planet surface was now scarred and pitted from several life cycles of war and abandon. Her people had once co-mingled peacefully with this planets inhabitant, the short-lived Humani. Decades of peace existed between the two species until a humani lord discovered iron, and it is affect on the Elfae.

A cursed element to her people, some molecular component of the metal pulled the energy from the Elfae, long enough exposure caused illness, metal burns and a loss of life years from the delicate aliens. Ani repressed a shudder at the thought; glad most of the planets resources had been spent or shipped off for colonization after the humani achieved galactic travel. Her people had left many century before then, after the wars of sundering where the humani had poured upon them, sure they were hiding they truth of immortality, unaware they're species was simply to young to survive for so long.

Cut off from their ships and unable to escape, the weapons of cold iron cut down the unsuspecting allies now turned foe. A true friend to the Elfae, a humani lord named Athor, managed to secret away the elfaens living amongst his people. He sent them out with his knight companions across the width and breadth of the land Use (consider revising) under the guise of noble quests, until they reached their hidden vessels. After swearing a blood oath to Athor and his line; that should his people face the same extinction, his childrens', children would be given mercy and brought out to the stars, they left the planet earth and returned to their home planet Syl.

These were Ani's ancestors and true to their oath, her line had been tied to Athor's through the centuries that followed. In their great wisdom, the Elfae learned from the mistakes both they and other species had made, and forswore technology and the lure of the stars, spending their time in veneration of life as opposed to conquest. In remembrance of the debt owed Athor, every generation one of Ani's line was separated from their and taught the ways of the sky, sworn to secrecy they serve their lives as guardians to a far away humani bloodline still twinkling across the galaxy. For many long lives and through many bloody wars the line of Athor survived thrived even, until now. Great plague had swept across Earth's barren landscape halving the remaining humani still on planet, and decimating the Athor family.

Ani had been summoned. Far from her family and homeland, she skimmed across the landscape in search of the last of the bloodline of Athor. A humani whose name she did not even know, only that her soul would feel halved until she made sure who ever it was, was safe and busy populating in a humani colony off planet, returning their bloodline to its proper numbers therefore fulfilling the debt owed by her people. She would be free of this secret and its ties to this individual to foolish to leave this dying shell of a world. Ani increased the speed of her bike, wanting to reach her destination.


Trace Arthur surveyed the perimeter of the camp from his vantage point in the control room, most of the equipment in here was salvage, but his Tech could build computers and security devices out of just about anything. Things seemed quiet right now, but with night, falling soon you never could be sure whether the Scavs would strike. Between them and the Colonizers, there was little room for misstep in Trace's line of work.

Deciding their was more money to be made in harvesting the Earth's remaining resources and selling them off planet on the black market, Trace had made quite a reputation for himself, always quick on his feet he had managed to scrape buy long enough to get his first mine operational and the shipments soon began pouring out. Once he had work one vein dry, he would order camp packed up and they would move to the next one the surveyor had found. Business was quite lucrative and Trace figured it was about time to move on to bigger fish, as the saying went.

A loud beeping sound pulled him from his musings and he turned his attention to the monitor in question. The far motion sensor had been triggered and they were being approached at a fast pace judging by the rate at which the alarms were queuing. Trace flipped on the gate cams to make sure the guards had this under control.

A lone figure was dismounting from a hov-cycle, it looked like a female, older judging by the grey of her hair he wasn't able to make out any of her features due to the poor picture quality, but she seemed to be alone. He watched as she approached and noted his guards were fanning out behind, making sure there wasn't anyone with her. The Guard in charge seemed to be speaking with the woman; curious Trace pulled the headset on. Crackling conversation filled his ears. The woman's voice didn't sound old, but it was hard to tell with this quality.

"I am seeking a friend of my family who resides at this location, it has been many years but I believe the surname is Athor," she was saying in clipped, accented common. Trace realized she must have been from off-planet if she was using galactic speak as opposed to the Earth-Engli. She also must be there looking for him, as his name was the only one close to Athor in any of the outposts he ran. His guard was replying in a barely civil tone.

"We have no one here by that name, my suggestion is that you move on, and seek shelter elsewhere. Unless, of course you want my company." Trace's eyebrows raised, definitely not an old woman then, judging from her reaction to his guards leer.

"You are lucky Humani, I take no offense at your insult, but let me assure you the person is here, I am certain of it and I mean to find them." The guard started to draw his weapon, but the woman was to fast, with unnatural speed she was suddenly in front of the man and had disarmed him, the camera was unable to pick up the movements but suddenly the man was on the ground underneath her. Before Trace could hit the stations alarm her voice continued, making him pause curiously.

"You will let me in this outpost, you will not hinder my search for the Humani Athor, and you will not call any reinforcements. Do I make myself hea- "The sentry pinned beneath the woman had drawn a dagger from his boot, she reacted quickly but not before the knife sliced across the arm she raised to block.

A keening screech sounded and Trace had to yank the headset off, he watched on camera as the woman collapsed, no longer moving. Trace hit the comm button and spoke to the man at the gates.

"Be certain she is unconscious, then bind her and bring her to me, I have a feeling I'm the one she was looking for and I want to know why"

"Yes Sir" The guard went about following his orders, impassively kicking at the limp form with a booted foot before securing the magnetic manacles about her wrists and ankles, then slinging her over his shoulder.


The woman certainly wasn't old, Trace thought as he searched her for identification, her skin pale, almost translucent, her tight jumpsuit did little to hide her slight form and high breasts. The jumpsuit consisted of very little in the way of fabric as it was designed to fit under an equally light spacesuit. The pants encased her lower body like a glove and the light jacket was open to reveal little more than a bra covering her chest. Her long hair was far from grey and actually, a light catching silver, her features though obviously alien were certainly attractive. Having little use for any woman, beyond the occasional fuck he usually visited upon one of his female workers, Traces penchant for violent desires meant women tended to steer clear of his attentions. He was unsurprised when he felt his cock stir to life considering her bound and helpless state.

Smiling cruelly and curious as to whether she had more injuries than the superficial knife wound, Trace decided his search would be more through if his captive was nude. Reaching down to where she had been unceremoniously dropped, he lifted her by the cuffs around her wrists, she weighed practically nothing, he noted as he engaged the magnet to attach to the ceiling joist. Hanging now from her wrists, the woman's head hung down her long silver hair reaching past her waist.

Standing back to look at his work, Trace began to enjoy the idea of making her talk, after he'd had his pleasure out on her, of course. The thin material of her jumpsuit came apart easily under Trace sharp edge of Trace's knife. Within moments, she hung before him completely divested of clothing. He stood back to get a better look at her. Her breasts were small and perky topped by dusky rose-colored nipples, blue networks of veins stood out against her translucent skin. A small waist flared out only slightly into a set of boyish hips, lowering his gaze further Trace was delighted to find no pubic hair grew to cover her delicate pussy. This skin too, was hued a slight pink and looked fuckable enough despite her otherworldly origins. Her shapely legs curved down to end in two small delicate feet. Strangely, the superficial cut on her arm was the only evidence of injury. Considering how she fought in the moments before her capture, he was hard pressed to believe a light snick from a knife caused her that much pain.

Absently reaching out to fondle one of her handful-sized breasts, Trace delighted at the softness of her skin. Unable to help himself he caught the nub of her nipple up in a hard twist, and was rewarded with a quiet groan. Raising his gaze from her already bruising skin, he found himself looking into a clear set of violet eyes tinged with pain.


Ani dragged her mind out of the stupor that had descended with the man's blade. Her arm still felt like it was on fire, throbbing along with her heartbeat. Suddenly becoming aware of her position and nakedness, she was abruptly pulled back into herself with the vice like grip now enclosing her breast followed by a sharp twisting on her nipple. Opening her eyes and raising her head, she came face to face with her captor. Upon meeting his black gaze the broken part of her soul recognized immediately, this was the Athor. As she wet her lips to speak to this man, he took it upon himself to continue his perusal of her chest.

"Please, I have come seeking you. Your life is in danger and as the last member of your bloodline; it is your duty to survive. I mean you no harm, child of Athor"

"Listen, who ever you are, trying to threaten and scare me, will do little to help your cause, considering our current positions" To underline his point, he tweaked her nipple again, pulling a moan from behind her lips.

This was not going how Ani planned; this man seemed far from helpless and certainly was not interested in receiving her help, maybe her virtue, but not her help. Still regardless of how he felt about it was her job to save him. She tried again along a different tact, trying hard to ignore the ebbing pain and pleasure coming from her breasts.

"My name is Ani, I wasn't trying to threaten, please untie me and I will explain everything" Trace chuckled in reply continuing to amuse himself by alternately stroking and mauling her breasts.

"After that stunt you pulled with the perimeter guard, if you think I'm untying you for one second you are a fool. Actually on second thought I will release you, but only to move you to the bed and only after we've had plenty of fun while stranding. Before you get any ideas on the off chance you'll be coherent enough to try to escape, these manacles are set to send an electrical shock through your body should you attempt to cross the threshold." Smiling he grabbed a handful of her silver hair and yanked her head back before covering her mouth in a violent kiss.

Ani was stunned; his kiss was proprietary and demanding. She opened her mouth to dissuade him and his tongue slipped into her, warmth spread up her body from the direction of her sex, infusing her. She no longer wanted him to stop, her mind was reeling and her body was betraying her. Trace's hand slid up her waist back to her breast, he captured her nipple between two of his calloused fingers and began pinching and twisting it. Pain flared followed by sharp ecstasy, Ani moaned into his kiss and swayed forward in her bonds, leaning into the agony of his grasp.

Trace stepped backward quickly and slapped Ani across the face. She whimpered from the sharp feeling off emptiness that gripped her, more than the sting of his slap. She found herself wondering if she had done something wrong that he would stop so suddenly, she shook her head, what was happening to her.

"What do you want here girl," he sneered, seeming angry now. "Obviously, you aren't against the idea of sex, or perhaps this is part of your plan" his hand shot out and caught her across the face a second time. "Answer prisoner." Ani felt the words leave her mouth before she knew what she was saying.

"To please you" Trace's eyes lit with a feral gleam.

"To please me..." Ani shook her head that was not it, not please ... help

"Help, to help you. Please you must listen...." He silenced her with but a finger on her lips.

"I liked your first answer better, but you want to help me little one?" Ani nodded slowly, wondering why she felt compelled not to speak. The look in his eyes made her quiver. "Hmmm, I know exactly how you can "help" me. Helping me or pleasing me Ani, is not an easy task. I believe we should be able to come to some sort of an agreement though." Trace stepped forward and snaked his arm around her back grabbing her ass and pulling her against him roughly. Before she could reply, he again claimed her lips with his then moved to her throat, biting and pulling with his teeth. Pleasure tore through Ani silencing any pleas she would have made.

Trace nudged his thigh in between her legs, and slid his hand to the juncture between her thighs. He couldn't help but groan when his slid first one finger and then a second into her tight wet pussy. Ani whimpered with need and commingled pain at this new intrusion. Trace dragged his mouth from the now red expanse of her neck, and looked down at her.

"Have you ever had a man before, captive? Or are your men so small this is as loose as you've gotten?" Ani dropped her gaze, only to encounter the sight of her legs spread while his hand continued to work her pussy.

"No... man...," she gasped out, choking off when he added a third finger to her already stretched hole. "Please, it hurts." Trace felt his erection grow painfully hard, and left off working her cunt to remove himself from the confines of his clothing. Given a momentary respite, Ani hung limply for a minute trying to gather her thoughts, which scattered again immediately at the sound of his voice, now hoarse with want.

"Ani," Her head raised with out thought, her eyes traveling up the length of him. His body was tautly muscled, and littered with scars. Jutting out at a right angle to his waist, his cock must have measured at least 7 inches and it appeared to be growing with her attention. Although, she had not chosen a mate yet (mostly because of the secrets her bond demanded be kept) Ani was not unfamiliar with the workings and anatomy of both the Elfaen and Humani peoples. This descendant of Athor was certainly well equipped; he was continuing to speak to her as her gaze finally reached his face. "Pet, much of what I do to you will hurt, but you like it, I can feel that without you telling me so, right here" His fingers once again slid into her moist pussy, her legs once again bowed out around his thigh and connected securely at the ankles.

"You said you wanted to please me, was that true" Ani nodded helplessly as the pleasure inside her grew. "I'm not an easy Master, Ani. The only way you are going to remain with me to save me, as it were, is as my pet and slave companion. Do you agree to these terms, little one?" He quickly withdrew from her, and stepped back. "Or shall I leave you here for the guardsmen, when they've finally finished with you I'm sure I'll be long gone."

Empty of his presence Ani felt the ache to be touched by him, hurt by him. Was that right? She quelled that niggling voice, telling herself this was the easiest way to keep him protected until she could get him off planet and to a humani colony.

"I agree"

"Do you know what this means, being my slave?" Ani nodded. "I will bond you to me, making it a lawful agreement, you understand this?" Ani nodded again. Trace reached up to where she hung from the ceiling and released the magnets holding her there. Ani crumpled to the floor caught unawares, her legs gave out. Trace reached down and drew her to her feet steadying her. He held her manacled hands and fiddled with the point where they joined, she heard a metallic snick and, though they remained cuffed, her hands separated. Trace bent down and released the force holding her ankles together, leaving them cuffed as well.

"The agreements will be drawn up, I am a patient man" He eyes gleamed again as he looked over his prey.

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