tagSci-Fi & Fantasy'Star Bound' Ch. 02

'Star Bound' Ch. 02


The room seemed empty and cold to Ani from her position kneeling beside the Athor's metal desk. Beyond the two of them nothing in this room lived, the bare plastron wall units were devoid of everything and his entire room screamed temporary. Ani opened her mouth to comment but was immediately quelled with a look from the Athor. After making sure she understood she was to remain silent he returned to the access panel on his desk, typing and frowning.

She had assumed that after he released her, the Athor would press his desire to mate, after which she could take the opportunity to explain to him his problem. However, he had told her in short clipped tones that she was to kneel beside his desk while he drew up "the agreement". Noting her surprise he chuckled adding that she wouldn't be able enjoy the attentions of his cock until she was properly collared.

The thought of a collar was alarming to the delicate elfaen, she wasn't quite she understood what it signified. None of the bond-slaves she had run across had been collared. Bond-slavery was little more then indentured servitude, a binding agreement between two parties in which one fulfilled an outlined duty or service to its completion for a boon from the served party. When the Athor mentioned slave, Ani thought it seemed a good idea as she was already bound to him anyway.

Obviously this is not what the Athor had in mind however, Ani felt the grip of fear coil in her belly when he slid open a desk drawer and pulled out a wicked looking metal collar. She watched as he pulled a cord from the access panel and hooked it into a port on the collar. The Athor smiled at whatever he saw then leaned back, looking at Ani expectantly and patting his leg. Taking that as her cue Ani stood gracefully and seated herself in his lap, perching gingerly.

"Now my little pet, as I have already notarized the document all is there is left is for you to read and sign it. After that this collar will bind you to the agreement, it will stop any action you attempt that violates my rules. In the beginning I imagine this will be hard for you, once you stop fighting the behavior I have outlined for you things will become easier. Once the bargain has been fulfilled you will automatically be released from the collar. If I violate any of the rules, you will be automatically released from the collar."

The Athor was looking at her calmly, when she daringly met his cool blue gaze he reached out, gave a hard pinch to her clit and said in a dangerously soft tone, "Eye's down little one, read the document and agree to it before we take this further."

Ani dropped her eyes and leaned forward to peruse the contract, her breathe caught in her throat at the rules outlined in front of her. This was certainly not a bond-slave contract, she knew that until she added her agreement it wouldn't list her name anywhere on the screen, but she understood what he wanted of her finally. It did list his name, Trace Arthur.

The document outlined in no uncertain terms that she and her upkeep and well-being were to be given into the hands of Trace Arthur for such a period as she defined until his safety, and that of his line was no longer in question . In return for allowing her to protect him, she was giving over... everything. It would now be in his power to decide where she went, whom she spoke to, what she wore, ate everything. Trace also would be given her permission to punish her as he saw fit and see to her continued "training".

Ani couldn't control the delicious feeling of desire that came over her while reading the agreement he had drawn up. Besides the punishment and training which she didn't really think would be necessary, it seemed straight forward enough and even allowed her the ability to see to his safety until she could get him to agree to go to a stable Humani colony. Nodding to herself and happy with her logic, Ani reached out her hand and let the scanner identify her before she could change her mind. Immediately her name filled in, in the blank spaces on the contract and the two blinking red lights on the collar turned green.

Trace smiled and picked up the metal collar which opened in his hands. Turning, he reached around behind her , Ani heard an audible click and then the heavy weight of the collar settled about her neck.

"Delightful little pet that you are, before we continue with out little session, I have a few things I would like you to clear up for me. What exactly brought you here to find me, and what happened during the fight with my guardsman why did you stop so suddenly?"

Ani had no problem explaining to him why she was here, the iron sensitivity was another matter entirely. The last time a humani had access to that particular knowledge, it had meant the almost complete demise of the entire elfaen race. She couldn't possibly share that with him. Ani opened her mouth, preparing to give him some flippant story about an old wound that still bothered her being the cause of her collapse. Instantly the collar started to get warm and uncomfortable and her neck started tingling.

Ani reached up to rub at the spot on the back of her neck that seemed to be where the heat and discomfort was originating from. Noticing her furled brows and confused demeanor Trace chuckled at her.

"Preparing to lie to me, little one? I'll punish you for that thought later, you'll find it's impossible for you to do so though. You might as well just tell me the truth"

Ani's lips remained stubbornly sealed, as she refused to share her peoples weakness with this man. The slightly uncomfortable warmth given off by the collar started steadily increasing until it felt like a noose of fire encased her slim throat. Ani began to whimper and claw at the offending device. She tried to rail at him, tell him of the pain she was feeling but the words wouldn't come.

"Ani, you have to answer my questions and you have to do it truthfully, or the collar will continue to punish you. All you have to do is behave little one and your torment will end, it will only get worse if you refuse"

She thought about standing up and crossing the room, anything to get away. Again, the pain intensified until tears streamed down her beautiful face, she couldn't even move from the lap where he had told her he wanted her to sit.

"You are doing this to yourself, and although it is delightful to watch your torture I will have the answers I seek Ani, whether you wish it or not" She tried to hold out against him but the need to stop her pain overrode everything else. The second her mind admitted that she would acquiesce to his demands the torture stopped.

She began in a broken voice, "Our people were once allies, we coexisted on this planet for centuries..."

Ani spun the tale of betrayal and war that marked the history of their to species, telling him of Athor and his help, of her families promise to save his children should the need arise. She told him of her separation from the rest of her planetary bound brethren, of the tearing of her soul the very moment he became the last of Athor's line. Finally in a tear choked voice she told him of the affect a mere alloy of iron had on her, the throbbing ache in her arm and the consequences of any elfaen coming in contact with pure iron.

When she was finished Ani sat there on Traces lap, scared and empty of all the secrets that had once cloaked and protected her.

"I see so what you're telling me is that your plan was to come here, kidnap me if necessary and carry me off to some unknown colony where you would force me to wed and produce children with some foreign woman?" His voice dangerously quiet. Ani nodded apprehensively when he put it like that it sounded well, wrong. "Ohh silly toy of mine, you will definitely pay for those plans. Let's get one thing clear right now, nothing you can do will force me to marry and impregnate any female, period. You might as well give up on that, as for the rest, besides the obvious handicap with steel weapons you seem able to take care of yourself. I feel that carting you around with me until I decide to leave shouldn't be a hindrance"

About halfway through his statement Trace had allowed his hand to roam freely over Ani's soft skin, pinching a nipple here, tugging on an errant lock of hair, sliding a long finger into her moist pussy. By the time had had finished speaking Ani was making little moaning sounds in her throat. She leaned her head back arching her body into his hands even further, this action was met by an appreciative growl from Trace.

As he continued playing with her Trace issued further instructions.

"You will notice you are stopped from speaking unless directly addressed by me, there is an over-ride in this you may also speak to me directly, but only if you address me properly. Earlier when you called me The Athor I liked the sound of that. Therefore, you may address me as either Master Athor or may refer to me only as The Athor."

When he stated the commend she felt an almost imperceptible warming of the collar encasing her as the instructions were added to her binding. Ani shivered, this was getting to be a little deeper than she thought it would.

"Have you ever been spanked Ani, maybe when you were a little girl?" As he uttered this rather innocuous statement he reached up, deftly grabbed a handful of her hair and threw her across his lap. Issuing a sharp slap to her bare he, "Answer" he commanded.

"No, Master Athor, please I don't understand this" Ani had never been spanked in her life, but she was definitely feeling the burning humiliation of it. At 5'9" Ani was hardly short and compared to the short-lived humani she wasn't young either, but this made her feel like a little girl. As the feeling of helpless exposure closed in Ani began to struggle. This act only earned her three more hard slaps in rapid succession.

"This is how one punishes a child who misbehaves, I have far more painful punishments we will explore later. However this is the most humiliating I find, and I expect you'll agree. Now you can cry, no begging, and no trying to get away, understand pet?"

Without waiting for her response The Athor began raining blows down on her ass, and several even stung her sensitive pussy. Ani couldn't seam to catch her breathe and it felt like her ass was on fire. When he abruptly stopped and began rubbing in a soft circular motion, sliding first one then two fingers into her cunt, Ani moaned through her tears.

"Pretty girl, that's it shhh, you must learn not to think such bad things about your Master. If you didn't I wouldn't have to punish you, you know that right little one?" Ani nodded, she did understand what she had thought was wrong, really. She felt like she was floating awash in the sensation of his hands on her. When one of his hands spread apart her swollen ass, she felt him remove the fingers from her pussy and spread some of their juice across her little rosebud shaped ass she squirmed and tried to protest.

Immediately the collar got intensely hot and his hand released her only to spank her hard twice, before continuing his perusal. None to gently he inserted a finger into her ass and began working it in and out slowly. Ani whimpered and cried at the pain this slight intrusion caused. When he resumed fingering her cunt, while at the same time playing with her ass Ani didn't know what to think, she felt her body relax a little and suddenly it hurt a great deal less, and in fact was even becoming enjoyable.

Noticing her response and the moans mixed in with an occasional whimper, Trace practically growled. "Look at you, little slut you like that don't you? I am going to have an awful lot of fun with you." He pulled his hands out of her, making her cry out in pain before continuing. "Put your hands behind your neck and stand up."

Ani struggled to obey, as soon as her wrists got close to the collar they snapped together and she was unable to free them. Using her elbows to push herself up a little she managed to stand without to much difficulty. Trace rose to and turning her around he pushed her unceremoniously across the desk.

"Never been fucked before, huh girl? This should be particularly enjoyable for me then" Ani felt the unfamiliar sensation of a something sliding inside her, it stretched her out, she felt like it was tearing through her. "Ohh gods your so tight you little cunt, you were right in saving yourself for me, little one it's better this way"

Ani felt him bury himself in her completely, then begin moving back and forth. She wanted to squirm away and lean back into him all at the same time. Her nipples, pressed against the cold desk unit ached to be fondled. Ani felt the Athor settle his hand on her hip pulling her back to meet his rough thrusting. She arched her back to better accommodate him, allowing him deeper inside her. He seemed to grow stretching her out even more, Ani's helpless moan turned into a cry when his again spread her cheeks with his hands.

Trace leaned down and spit a little onto Ani tightly clenching asshole before inserting a thumb and working around slowly. Pain exploded through Ani at this entry, she tried to scoot forward away from him, but he quickly grabbed her hair arching her back and further onto his cock.

"Still like it, little one. Come on you know you do, just sit back and really feel it" With that he let go of her hair, allowing her to drop back to the desk top. Trace continued to fuck Ani pressing down with his thumb,

On the feel of his cock deep in her virgin pussy. The warm slick velvet of her was driving him wild, he changed his pace alternating between rough hard thrusts, then slowly gently sinking into her.

Ani felt unlike anything she had ever felt before, she was filled with him aching for more. She ground her hips into him when he was deep inside her trying to get every inch of his hard cock , she milked him, moaning and begging with unknown need.

Trace felt her tighten around him, on the edge of an orgasm. He smiled, little slut loved this, but his pet had yet to be fully punished. Trace pulled all the way out of her and stepped back. Ani cried out, she had been right on the verge of something and now it was gone.

"Please, Master please, I'm sorry what did I do." She was awarded with a sharp slap to her still sore ass.

"Don't question me, I decide, and I decided I was done, with that particular pleasure anyway. I warned you Ani I am not an easy man to please and I have, varying interests." He came around to the front of the small desk, "open up, dear" uncertain of his intent Ani opened her small pink mouth, Trace placed a finger and thumb on either side of her jaw, effectively hold it open.

Ani watched horrified as he turned and, slowly at first and then with greater abandon, shoved his huge cock back into her throat. She felt like she was choking on the enormous length of him, when he slid out before pushing in again Ani managed to suck in some air. Gagging and coughing only seemed to delight him as he worked in and out of her mouth, even without his hands on her jaw she didn't think she could have closed her mouth around him. Trace was moaning above her, muttering that she should "suck on it, good girl"

Ani tried to work her jaws and tongue around Traces cock, loving the taste of it's saltiness.

"Good girl, slow down though" Trace backed up again, pulling his wetly glistening cock from Ani's hot mouth, "For someone with no experience Ani, you certainly have a lot of talent. I going to adore molding it" He circled around the desk again rubbing his shaft and eyes her heavily breathing form. Taking his place between her thighs he thrust inside her roughly a few times, before placing the head of his cock at her asshole.

Realizing his intentions Ani started to squirm away, her hair was quickly caught up and he jerked her back onto his cock, tearing into her. Ani started to scream, but the collar sent a little shock into her vocal chord effectively cutting her off. Ignoring the crying girl Trace continued to pound into her ass, pre-cum and spit eventually easing his way until Ani relaxed around him. He felt it when her reaction changed to one of pleasure.

Trace reach down underneath her and began fingering her clitoris stimulating it while he drove his cock deeply into her ass. Ani arched her hips up and back into him allowing him deeper, her moans getting raw.

"Please Master, more...please harder" she begged him. Taunting her, Trace slowed down pulling almost all the way out before inching his way into her ass.

"Please what, cunt what do you want harder?"

"Please Master.. Your cock, please, fuck me" Trace slammed into her rocking her forward on the desk.

"Like that whore, you want it like that?"

"Yes, Master" Trace brutally pounded into Ani, working her clit furiously with his hands he felt her ass begin to convulse around him sucking and milking the orgasm he had waiting. Trace exploded, buried to the hilt in her savaged hole, while Ani shook and moaned beneath him, half crying.

He let himself soften before pulling out of her, gingerly her rolled her over before picking her up and carrying her to the bed. There he laid her down, spreading her legs and checking for injury, she had held up pretty well under his violent ministrations. Trace stood up and fiddled with something at the end of the bed, satisfied he attached a cable to either of her ankle cuffs, which tightened until her legs were spread wide. Leaving her arms behind her neck he smiled down at her, not cruelly at all.

"Sleep pet, I have things to do right now and you will be very busy keeping me satisfied tonight." With that he quickly straightened his clothes and shut off the lights before exiting the now quiet room.

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Chapter 3

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