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Starlit Night


The stars twinkled above her as she sat listening to the silence. It was a nice night. The air still a bit damp from the afternoon thunderstorm but a fresh breeze blowing over her scantily clad body. She watched the shadows pass over her pale legs as a cloud moved across the full moon. Her fingers reached to the hem of her green satin nighty as it ruffled up exposing the matching panties underneath. When she pulled the nighty down, her thumb brushed her tightly clad mound, tracing the lips of her pussy beneath. She sighed...missing him. Thinking of the nights they had spent there...listening to the water against the pier. The kisses they had shared...the passion. She shifted on the deck chair, stretching out her legs, her arms raised above her head holding the back of the chair, back arched in the moonlight.

Feeling the rough wood against her skin brought back more memories. One hand released...sliding over the spaghetti strap on her shoulder to her breast, that same thumb circling her nipple, feeling it stiffen as she rubbed it relentlessly. Her hips moved almost imperceptibly...causing her panties to pull up between her lips...the tautness exquisite against her aching need. A small moan escaped her as she fingered the lace resting on the rise of her breast...pulling it back to expose herself...nipple erect and responding to the cool breeze. She watched as her hand cupped her breast, thumb and forefinger moving to the dark pink nipple, squeezing gently at first. As her grip tightened she moved her hips again, her panties pulling against her sweetness, the lace cord in the back now between her ass cheeks. The heat began to grow as her breast swelled under her hand, her fingers twisting and pulling her nipple away from her body. Her back arched more as she remembered his teeth against her skin...how he would bite her nipple while looking up into her eyes...enjoying the barely restrained pleasure he saw there.

She whimpered softly as she released the back of her chair, her other hand traveling down her body, slowing only briefly to tweak her other nipple before moving to her belly. She stroked the soft green material from her belly to the top of her sweet treasure...feeling the want, the need, building inside her. Her other hand continued at her breast...now pressing its fullness in her palm as her two fingers continued to pinch, pull and twist her nipple. Her legs parted as she pulled her feet together, her knees bent and splayed open. The breeze whispered across her pussy, the exposed lips tingling on either side of the green satin pushed between them. The hand on her belly traveled lower, following the material, her finger slipping between her lips, pushing the cloth up further between as her hand moved back up. The heat was already intense as she slid her finger back down, pushing harder into her pussy, searching for her wetness. Her hips began to pump as she teased herself, the material only allowing her finger entry to a certain point. The lace cord pulling between her cheeks caused a delicious friction that made her sigh.

The hand at her breast moved to the other nipple attacking it with even more fervor than the first. Her breath had become short, ragged in her arousal. She needed release...she knew this. If only he were here. But he wasn't and he wouldn't be....no matter how hard she wished it. The finger at her pussy tucked underneath the edge of her panties, pulling the material from between the now swollen lips. The cloth, soaked now with her juices, felt delicious as she moved it to the side. Her index finger teased against her slit as her thumb pushed against her clit. The fingers on her other hand spread across her chest, pushing her breasts up, her tongue flicking out against one of her nipples. She pushed up harder, catching a nipple between her teeth as her index finger finally pushed into her wet tunnel. The moan escaping her was deep...filled with insistent need. She worked a second finger into her dripping pussy as her red tipped thumbnail began to scrape across her pulsing clit...just the way he would do with his teeth. Her hips began to pump in earnest as she released her nipple...looking at the glistening tip, running her thumb over it and gasping at its sensitivity. Her legs opened wider as a third finger made its way into her tightness, spreading her, the wetness dampening her hand as she pushed deeper...harder...panting as she felt all the pent-up tension building inside her. Her hand moved faster, her hips rising up to meet it, her pinky sliding back, tracing the green lace cord rubbing against her ass.

The rough surface of the wooden chair against her skin intensified all of her other senses...the cool air over her throbbing nipple, her thumbnail torturing her clit and the three fingers buried deep inside her...pumping faster and faster. Her breath began to catch as she felt her climax near the surface. Her eyes closed and her teeth caught her bottom lip as her pussy began to convulse...tightening around her fingers. Her body began to quiver...fresh sweet juices released...flooding into her hand, down her wrist. Her legs stiffened as her orgasm took her to its crest. She began to tremble as the wave subsided, feeling the fingers slip from inside her as her pussy continued to squeeze them.

Breathing hard, her wet hand resting against her damp thigh, she opened her eyes. The stars still twinkled above her...and she still missed him.

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