Stay-At-Home-Fuck-Daddy Ch. 02


"Did she tell you she does whatever I say?" Ronnie laughed.

The flood of his smoldering pee filled my mouth and I swallowed some of it involuntarily. My eyes closed with happiness as he used me in such away. I felt his stream leave my mouth and I realized he was finishing off on Harlan.

"Fucking hell, Joy," Ronnie announced as he tapped out on Harlan's lap. "That shit's gross. Gross. You're one desperate piece of ass to let someone do that to you. That shit's fucked up!"

He grabbed my arm and jerked me to my knees. His cock smacked my eye and I tried to lick it. His hand let go of my arm and grabbed the back of my head. He pulled me away from his cock.

I could feel my tongue stretched out of my mouth. I was licking the air, trying to somehow coax his cock to me.

Ronnie put the toilet brush to my lips instead. It smelt of all the old scrubs and was freckled in brown and yellow. The tip of the brush pushed behind my teeth some and Ronnie spoke down at me. I hoped Ronnie was the last person to use it on the toilet. That's all I thought of at the time.

"Gotta clean you up or somethin', Joy, I mean shit."

My voice escaped my lungs in a mixture of pleading and growling.

He tossed the brush away from my face and urged me to my feet. With a quick flick of both hands, he tossed me against Harlan. My wet tits, all covered in Ronnie's powerful lemon juice, pushed into my husband's face. I bounced off of him and back to the floor. My head smacked the ground and I shouted pain.

I looked up at Ronnie to see he had turned the tee-vee on. A car race came into focus on the screen and I lifted myself up onto my elbows. Ronnie stood there with his dick dangling as he took in the details of the race. I spread my thighs to let air on my soaked panties.

Ronnie went over to the fridge and grabbed a beer. He then surveyed the room with his pale green eyes. "Shit," he snorted. "There's no place to fuckin' sit, Joy. What the fuck was goin' through yer bird brain?"

I couldn't speak, I only breathed with my titties rising and falling.

Ronnie walked past the bar, stepped over me and grabbed one of the legs on Harlan's chair. He twisted Harlan's position to face the tee-vee. Ronnie then kicked his pants and underwear off. His flabby, pimpled ass then sat on Harlan's lap.

He snapped his fingers at me and pointed at his cock.

I crawled over to him and he spread his legs for me. I stared up at the marvelous tangles of his overgrown hair. I used a hand to lift his dick up and I laid it across my face. I licked the base of his dick and tongued the ball sac.

Ronnie set his beer can on my forehead and opened it.

My tongue found the sensations of other pussies. The dank sweaty taste of Jana. The pubic hairs of Erica. Even if I couldn't tell who's was who's, it felt good to taste things so dirty and foreign.

"I don't know if you can see, Harlan, but right now your wife is lickin' my balls. It's not bad. I can see she ain't practiced on a set as big as mine. She ever lick yer balls, Harlan?" He turned his head to see my husband from the corner of his eye.

I watched him drink some beer as I pulled a giant testy with my flat lips.

I felt his stiffy raise up from my swollen nose. He was getting hard. I pinched my thighs together on my knees. His piss had mixed with my own pussy juice. I felt my breath leap to a faster place.

"Fuck, Harlan, she's got me hard now. Don't know what to do about that. Guess I'll fuck her. Think I should fuck her?" He grinned down at me. Our eyes locked and he reached my cheek and grabbed it. He shook my face so hard I felt my brain rattle. Then he tossed my head away from his cock and stood up.

"Lookie here," Ronnie bragged at Harlan. He smacked his cock. It swung only a little. "That's what we call in the business a raging fucking hard-on! Brought to you by your lovely wife."

He laughed at Harlan and I felt a rush of pride.

Ronnie's fingers stabbed into my bra strap and he pulled me up by it. He pushed up against Harlan. My pissed-on boobies were right in my husband's nose. I felt him give two rabid tugs on my panties. They tore away and I sighed in anticipation. I felt two his fat, dirty fingers stab into my sopping kitty-cat. I gasped and ground myself against him.

I could hear him chugging his beer down to the last while he fingered me.

His fingers left me and he spanked my ass cheeks.

"No, Joy. I want it dry."

My breath froze in my chest. Since Ronnie had come into my life with the force he had, my insides had creamed just about every minute of every day. The need I felt for him between my legs was always ready for him.

I didn't know how to reverse my Twinkie's aching need for his Ronnie's Ding-Dong.

He crumpled up his beer can and spiked it on the back of my head.

"Son of a bitch, are you hearing me right now, you dumb fucking cunt!?"

He spanked me again and grabbed my blonde hair. He forced me to look at Harlan. "Dry up, Joy! Make this cum-catcher dry as a fuckin' bone!"

I gritted my teeth and concentrated. I tried to ignore the sweet ache of my cherry blossom. I worked to think of something else. I thought about how Ronnie wanted me to get a job and support him. I didn't much like the idea of a job. I imagined being a waitress or a fast food worker.

But knowing that Ronnie would take my money only kept me excited.

"Lookit Harlan, Joy. Lookim in his stupid fucking face. He looks pissed off right now, but I guaren-damn-tee he's actually fuckin' sad. He's sad, Joy. Betrayed. He's done everything for you and Maggie. He paid for this trailer," he held my eyes centimeters from Harlan's. The pull on my hair was making my eyes wet. "He doesn't know what he did wrong. And he didn't do anything wrong, did he, Joy? His only crime was bein' away when you saw my cock. I mean it's just a cock, Joy. Sure it's big n' shit, but c'mon. Really? Really? Really, Joy? You should feel like shit."

He released my hair and his voice dropped down all low-like.

"You're just mean, Joy. Ungrateful. Pathetic to let your life be told you by another man's cock. I mean yer life has been pretty good you sad slut."

His words were terrible. The idea of cheating on Harlan with a big dick had been such a turn on. I hadn't thought about days like when Maggie came home from being born and Harlan was so happy. I'd stopped thinking about the vacation we couldn't afford and Harlan took us to Disneyland anyway. I let it slip my mind that my wedding was the happiest day of my life.

I remembered him in his little tuxedo, before he gained all the weight.

Pumpkin. That was exactly what I called him from that day on.

I felt a tear in my eye and I cried in front of Harlan. What broke my heart was that I saw he was crying too. His cute, little eyebrows were turned up and his eyes were red. I thought about how good I felt when I hit him and knocked his ass out with the bottle. I hated the memory of it.

My pussy was just a pussy then. It didn't want for anything. I didn't want for anything. To be honest, I thought I might even have to pee.

My mind entertained the thought of untying Harlan and leaving Ronnie to go talk somewhere. I wondered if he could ever forgive me. I wanted to make him Hamburger Helper.

That's right when I felt the head of Ronnie's cock up against my slammed-shut-slit. My instinct was to leap away from it, but his hand came down on my neck hard. I felt his fingertips press into my neck as behind me as he forced his sausage into my wrapper. My dried up pussy lips yielded to what felt as big as a crabapple.

"Remember when he got you your wedding ring?" he growled at my back. I remembered it when I was told to. I remembered that I found it first and lied about it.

My mouth fell open in front of my husband as Ronnie took me from behind. My breath fell into the rhythm of panic as the socket of his lead pipe slipped right through the opening of my drain. I could feel my lips curl with the pain of it. My wet, nicotine stained breath, assaulted my husband's face.

More of his cock pressed in. My nasty folds accommodated the intrusion and I could feel how hard he was. It was like shoving a baseball bat into the hole of a whoopee cushion.

"Now yer gettin' it, Joy." He jerked my neck back from Harlan's face and he put his breath on my ear. "It's what you wanted. And even better? It's what I wanted."

It felt like I couldn't take any more of his length. My cheeks were full on wet from crying. My mouth was still agape with my breathing as steady as a drunk driver's. That's when he slammed me downward.

I cried out as he got even more of his fuck stick in me.

"Oh shit, Joy... I think that's you gettin' wet," he hissed.

The sensation confused me, because I thought it could just as easily be blood. I felt his hand relax on my neck and I knew he was right. My pussy was resuming hours of operation, even if it was running a little behind. I felt his long john drive backward and it carried my sweet nectar into the open air between my legs.

He slammed into me again and I grunted. The grunt was bereft of guilt. I felt my eyes blink away my sadness. I looked down my nose at Harlan when I slammed myself back on Ronnie's daddy long dick. A twisted smile came together on my face when it occurred to me that I was fucking back.

I felt Ronnie's hands go to the front of my wet tits and he unhooked the cups. His fingers grabbed at my flesh just below the nipples. He squeezed and twisted the my mounds. When he pinched my nipples I cried out in through my smiling lips. I was looking down at my husband's stupid face while I fucked someone he trusted.

I put my hands on Harlan's shoulders to get leverage.

"Heh, Harlan," Ronnie grunted. "Me an Joy were just jokin'. She ain't no piece-a-shit. You are! See? Can you feel her fuckin' me, buddy? Can you see her face? That's the glow of a woman bein' fucked proper. Or are you too stupid to tell the difference?" He laughed. "Listen to it. Hear me fuckin' her shit into soup? It's almost as hot as soup."

Ronnie swatted my ass and my eyes fluttered down at Harlan, "What do you think, Joy?"

"It sounds good," I breathed, making sure Harlan was looking at my mouth wide.

"What sounds good?" He swatted my ass again.

"Everything you said," I gasped.

"Like what, Joy? Say it back to me!"

"I like the... way it feels..." I sighed.

"You like the way it feels? Joy! Jana has more fuckin' imagination than you!"

He slapped my ass again and again. I cried out each time. My eyes were wet from the pain and the glory.

"Feels... like... your dick could... split me... in two!" I gulped and hissed down at Harlan. I felt Ronnie's big hands go to my hips. His fingers dug into my skin like he was palming two basketballs. He wanted me to shout dirty, so I did. "It's makin' me wet. It's makin' me... cream... my pussy... loves it!"

That's when I felt his balls knock into my clit. I shouted in euphoria and I felt my eyes relax into darkness. I wheezed all of the air out of my lungs, kissed the air, and whispered, "holy shit."

There with his balls against me, my orgasm shook out of me and I wetted the root of his tree. He put his hands on both my arms and he bent them behind me. He yanked me toward him. My full tits were proud and in sure view of Harlan's angry eyes. He thrust me again and again, encouraging more come to reward him.

My hairy pie did it for him again; it mashed more of my sweet berry juice all over his sharp hairs and hungry rod. I shook with the truth of it. I could feel his fingers making red marks in my arms as he held me for another series of commanding slams. Gasp upon gasp came from me as opened my eyes to see Harlan again.

His eyes were closed. He didn't want to watch anymore, but that was no damn good to me. I loved it when he could see me. I wanted him to go on seeing me. The bottom of my last climax pooled into a bit of rage.

I jerked my arms in Ronnie's grip.

"Fuck're you doin', girl!?" Ronnie shouted behind me. I gave two more great tugs and brought my hands up to Harlan's innocent face. He didn't know what was coming and I didn't know much about it either.

The palms of my hands slapped both of his fat ugly cheeks and I yelled at him, "Fuck you! Closing your eyes!? Watch me! Watch me come!"

Harlan's eyes opened and I grabbed his hair and pulled him forward.

Behind me, Ronnie spanked my ass twice like he was urging me on like a mare. I moved my sexy face forward and pressed my lips against Harlan's covered mouth. I licked the duct tape and I drooled on his chin. "Smell his piss. Smell his piss on my breath. Can you smell his piss?"

Each syllable betrayed the happiness of another thrust from Ronnie.

Ronnie laughed behind me and I felt him pull his prick out of me. He jerked me off of Harlan and swung me toward the television. My wobbly legs caught up just in time for me to catch the top of it.

"Take a break, Joy! Smoke a cigarette," he grumbled. He didn't look at me. He looked at Harlan. Then he grabbed the toilet brush and held it out to me. "Put this in, but don't fuck it. Don't you dare fuck it."

I was panting. I could feel my tits red from blushing and red from his giant fingers. I hobbled over to the counter and put a cigarette in my mouth. I lit it with my shaking hand and turned to face Ronnie and Harlan.

Ronnie pointed to my hairy red pussy.

I spread my legs and nudged the handle of the toilet brush up and inside of me. It was smaller than Ronnie, but it still felt really nice. I held it there and blew smoke toward my abused tits.

"Here, I thought you should see it," Ronnie declared in front of Harlan and pointed at his thick turkey baster all covered in veins.

I laughed because Ronnie then put his hands on his waist like Superman or somebody. The laughter broke up my smoke some.

"Made her come twice just now. Maybe you don't understand the fuckin' significance of that. See. There's comin'. Like normal. Like maybe you did a good job with your little dick. You go to sleep. She goes to sleep. Know what I mean?"

He snorted and rubbed his nose.

"Then there's what I do. See, I don't just make 'em come. I change their fuckin' perspective, dummy." He walked over to me with his cock as hard as ever and not bobbing much at all. "A cunt'll cry when it learns the difference between makin' love, fuckin', and gettin' fucked for real."

I blew smoke toward Harlan, I knew my face betrayed the drunken state I'd got from Ronnie's superior stabber. I stood there smoking while I held the handle in my stretched-out cherry pie.

"She saw me fuckin' Erica once. That's when it happened. When I switched the fuckin' lightbulb on in her little brain. Didn't mean to. Just sorta went over there for sugar or somethin' stupid." He looked at me and I exhaled a long stream of smoke over his sweaty head. "Then I caught her later fuckin' a dammed bottle wishin' it was me!"

He laughed and I smiled.

"Here's somethin' you ain't seen yet, Harlan," he snorted, grabbed the handle out of me, and threw it at Harlan's face. It bounced to the floor. My eyes ripped from the brush and back up to Ronnie.

He gripped my waist and pulled me against him. I couldn't escape such a strong grasp in my wildest dreams. His lips kissed mine. I could taste the beer on his breath. I could taste his last cigarette and he could taste the one I was still smoking.

Our kiss was a wet smack and my eyes closed into it. The power of his arms held me firm and our kiss turned into two. And then three. Even though he'd made me come already, this kissing felt like it could be worse for Harlan. I thought I just might come again because our first kiss was in front of my husband.

I felt glee when I thought of how much more amazing it was that we were kissing right there like that. He lifted my dainty feet from the floor and he kissed and slobbered up my neck.

My hand limply brought the cigarette back up to my neglected lips while he suckled my earlobe. I looked at Harlan as my cigarette crackled. I could barely keep my eyes open from the fun I was feeling.

Without warning, he sucked my nipple into his teeth. He sucked it so hard that its pink end felt as big as a Hot Tamale candy. The power of his sucking throat hot-wired the connection between my tits and pussy. I moaned at let my eyelids drop.

He let me down again and he took my cigarette away.

I reached for the cock.

He smacked my tit and squeezed it like he was picking meat at the store.

My eyes were unfocused from the need between my knees.

"Look at her face, Harlan," he grinned.

Ronnie pinched my cheeks together with one hand and pulled me to my knees in front of him.

"See them eyes appreciate what I done. She wants to pay it back. See? She's so fucking happy when I'm fuckin' the shit out of her that it's all she thinks about now." His voice sounded wistful and proud.

I thought he should feel proud.

He looked down at me and offered his hard-on to my mouth. Both of my hands fell on it and I stuck the sticky head in my mouth. My tongue wrapped around it and I leaned forward to touch it to the back of my throat.

It was still hard to breathe through my nose from when Ronnie punched me, but I tried real hard to keep it in as long as I could.

"Lookie here. She's trying to take this fucking thing in her throat now," he then looked at Harlan and spoke in a secretive tone. "It's a lot like tryin' to get a whole sausage down without chewin'. You know, those giant deli sausages, not the ones in the breakfast pack. Hard to do, but not impossible."

He looked back at me. My eyes were rolled up at him. He must've seen the appreciation in my eyes because he smiled. "Let me help you with that, Joy."

Ronnie's hands went into my hair and the familiar sting in my roots told me Daddy was home. I braced myself and relaxed as well as I could, because I knew he was going to fuck my face like he'd done Jana's.

The thought of that creamed my thighs.

My eyes closed like I was going up Splash Mountain.

The taste of his piss and my cum slid over my tongue. The fat head nudged my throat and I felt him give me more. It expanded my throat just a little before he pulled back.

"Mind your teeth now, Joy," he said.

He slammed my face forward and my nose touched his pubic hair. He did it again and again. Once he was happy with my throat's open-mindedness, he went into full on fucking. I could feel his fingertips and the strength of his arms as he held my head still for it.

In and out he fucked my face and I remembered how it had looked with Jana.

I hoped Harlan's view was similar. I opened my eyes to look at my husband. I could see him looking at me from behind Ronnie's flabby ass. I hoped he could see the pure bliss in my eyes as Ronnie used me for his own pleasure.

"That's it! Oh Joy, we're breakin' you in good now! Holy shit! I love your fuckin' face. I fuckin' love your face. I fuckin' love fuckin' your fuckin' face! Pretty brown eyes. Look at me with those brown eyes."

I did like I was told and raised my chin a little.

Spittle dropped down on me. It struck my left eye and it clenched shut.

"Open! Open, Joy! C'mon!" He said. I forced my eye open again and he already had another long drop of spit dangling from his bottom lip. The string of it broke and it splashed my cheek. "Dammit, Joy!"

He threw me off of his cock and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. The mix of his pre-cum and my slobber filled my mouth. That spit felt like a bubble around my lips and I sucked it in.

I hit the ground with my legs open to him. He grabbed my ankle and dragged me back in front of the television.

"Get up! Get up now!" Ronnie's heavy hands swatted my hips and I scrambled to my feet. His hands went right to my tits and shoved my back up to the tee-vee. His strong hands lifted me from under my bruised breasts and he sat me on the television. My legs were open and lazy.

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