tagFetishStepdaughter's Transexual Surprise Ch. 1

Stepdaughter's Transexual Surprise Ch. 1


I've been through two marriages in the past. My first wife died at an early age of 29 from a massive heart attack and my second marriage was a nightmare from hell, that I'm now free of. When I met Jeanie, I knew I had to take it slow and easy.

Jeanie was a very nice lady in her early 40's. I myself was a few years older. Jeanie had two lovely girls. I had no children. I grew to love Jeanie and her girls and a few years later we were married.

When I met Jeanie, one of her girls was a senior in high school. Anna was six months from graduation. She was good a good looking, bright student, but very spoiled. We got along fine and a few years after Jeanie and I were wed, Anna started calling me Dad.

Jeanie's other daughter was living with her Dad some 1200 miles away. I didn't get to meet her till a few weeks before the wedding. When I met Dawn, I knew she was the free spirit of the family. Dawn was 4 years older then Anna, more mature and for sure, sexier. I'll have to be honest and admit that she did catch my eye and stirred reactions in my loins. She was a flirter and over time she did cause me to jack off thinking of her, many times.

When Anna graduated from High school, Dawn moved back home that summer. Her and Anna were going to go to college in the fall. The school was a few hundred miles away and they would room together. It was during that summer that my lust for Dawn sprouted.

I have a job that gives me the summers off. Jeanie worked days and so did Anna. Dawn was a bartender, so it meant she was home during the days with me. I didn't know if Dawn was actually showing off for me, or if that was who she was and how she acted. I was naive, so I decided it was for my benefit. She did dress more provocative when we were alone, then when others were around. Dawn was a beautiful girl. Her long curly reddish hair would swirl around her shoulders and shine in the light. The color of her hair also brought out her green eyes. Eyes that could rule me. Her lips were full and I fantasized many times about having them wrapped around my aching cock. Dawn was about 5'6" and I would guess under weight for her height. Her long legs, hips and breasts combined to makeup a very sexy body. I know I was married to her Mom, but this vixen was turning me on and I was wasting good cum into a Kleenex. It was a long... hot... exciting... summer.

Fall came and we moved the girls into there dorm room. Anna and Dawn were grateful for my help. Both girls hugged me, but Dawn's hug was more. It was done when Jeanie and Anna had left the dorm room and was very seductive. She hugged and squeezed me like she was saying goodbye to a lover. Her warm, sexy body made my cock grow hard instantly as she pressed against me. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and a very wicked smile as she backed up and said, "Thanks Daddy!"

Over the 4 years they were away at school, the flirting grew and became more intense. I, as Dawn's Stepdad, should of put a stop to it, but I couldn't, or wouldn't. I enjoyed it and even encouraged it. I was excited that a beautiful, young, sexy girl would find me attractive enough to want to flirt with me and perhaps want more?

Dawn had no serious relationships during her college years. I assumed it was because she worked and studied hard. She was a smart girl and carried an "A" average. Dawn planned to pursue her education by going after her Masters Degree.

Anna had a boyfriend and planned to move with him to Lansing, MI. Jeanie and I helped her move in June, soon after graduation. Dawn stayed in the apartment they had shared until Aug. , when she put her stuff in storage and went to find a place to stay in the new town her school was in. She found a nice 1 bedroom apartment. Dawn then came home and we made plans to move her. We rented a Ryder truck, got a ride to her stored stuff, then proceeded to load up.

When we were finished and before we ate and left town, Dawn wanted to shower at her friends house. She said, "please Daddy, I feel so sweaty. "

What could I do. I'd do anything for her.

I took a short walk while I waited and when I returned Dawn was just coming out of her friends place. She looked like she was going to a party. All made up and dressed to kill. I couldn't figure out what was going on and I also didn't care. My cock was growing and by the time I got to her, it was at full hardness.

"I can see your happy to see me Daddy! I hope the wait wasn't to long for you?" Dawn added.

I tried to stop my eyes from ogling her body, but I couldn't. She was wearing a black silk blouse, knee length skirt with nylon stockings. Her lips were a soft shade of red and she smelled fantastic. I had never seen this side of my stepdaughter before. Oh don't get me wrong. I've seen her dressed up before and looking nice, but today she was more then that. She had this mature sexiness about her. Let's face it, she was downright gorgeous. It was going to be a long ride home, or was it?

"No Honey, it wasn't, but why are you all dressed up?" I asked.

"We are going to stop to eat and I wanted to look nice for you Daddy. Are you upset?" she asked.

"Oh no Honey, I'm not upset. You look beautiful, but now I feel grubby. " I answered.

"You look great to me Daddy, but if you want to freshen up, you can use my friends washroom. "

"That would be a great idea Sweetie. I do smell. "

I went in and took a quick shower. I had a clean shirt, but that was it. I left my underwear off as I slipped my pants back on. I felt better, but my cock was still slightly hard and aching. It was time to go.

I got into the truck as Dawn said goodbye to her friend. I kept my eyes on my stepdaughter. I couldn't help myself. As Dawn was getting into the truck, her skirt hiked up showing me more of herself. I could see where her stockings ended and the red straps of what I assumed was a garter, holding them up. Her blouse also seemed to have a few more buttons undone then before. That allowed me to see that her bra was also red. I had found out earlier that Dawn loved to wear sexy lingerie. That's because, I've used her soiled panties many times to jack off.

"All set Daddy, lets go. I'm starving!"

"Me too Honey, " I said.

To myself I was thinking, Me too Honey, but for you, not food.

As we got out of the truck at the supper club, Dawn held my hand as we walked in. Feeling no resistance, she said to me, "I love you Daddy!"

"I love you too, Honey!"

The club wasn't very busy and we got a somewhat secluded booth. I was driving, so it was coffee for me. Dawn had a wine. Again I marveled at how beautiful she was, especially in the glow of candle light. We ordered, then Dawn said, "I have something to tell you Daddy and I don't want you to butt in till I'm done. "

"Since I've met you Daddy, you have been more of a Father to me and Anna, then our real Dad. You are more caring, more loving and helpful. You don't criticize our decisions, instead you support them, right or wrong. You never judge us and only love us for whom we are. For what I'm going to say next, I'll need all these things from you, Daddy. " She paused then continued, "I want you to make love to me tonight, Daddy. I've wanted you for a long time now. I love you. "

"I love you too Honey, but it would not be right. I know it wouldn't be incest, but what about your Mother? Could we handle this?"

"I know it would be hard Daddy, but I want you so bad, that I'm ready to deal with it. I know you want me. I've seen the bulges in your pants and I've seen the cum stains in my panties. You can't deny it?"

"No honey, I can't, I do want you, but flirting and fantasizing are one thing. To act on those feelings are another. "

Our food came then. We continued to talk as we ate. After we were finished, Dawn laid her cards on the table.

"You know where the Clear Lake roadside park is don't you. "

"Yes, I know. "

As she continued, her toes started to rub my aching cock. "We could pull off there and act like we were tired and getting some rest. It's hardly used anyways. It'll be up to you Daddy. If you want me, just pull in and all I have is yours for the taking. If you pass it by, I'll try to never put you in this position again. You'll have about 45 min. till we get there to decide. Agreed?"

"Agreed, but you better stop rubbing my cock or I'm going to cum in my pants. "

"I wouldn't want to waste it there Daddy. After I found out you were using my panties to cum in, I would check them. If I found a recent stain, I would taste it. I love your scent and taste Daddy, but now I want fresh. She pulled her toes away and we left.

In the truck, Dawn was doing everything she could to influence my decision. She opened her blouse and tempted me with her hard nipples that were showing through the sheer material of her bra. She slid her skirt up far enough, so I could just see the start of her panties. She would put one hand under her skirt and rub herself, while caressing her breasts with the other. She would moan with pleasure and say, "these could be your hands making me moan Daddy. "

I was in agony as the miles went by. Hormones were winning out over reason. With a few miles to go, I knew I would turn off. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to fuck... and be sucked... by my stepdaughter so bad, I would risk everything. As the Clear Lake road came into view, the sun had just set. As I put my blinker on and slowed, Dawn screamed. She quickly slid over next to me and started kissing my neck and rubbing my cock with her hand.

"You will never regret this Daddy. I will be yours anytime you want me. Oh... I love you so much! I never thought I would have you. I'm so happy, so excited. Hurry up and get this truck parked. "

As she said that, she unzipped me and started sucking on my cock.

I would cum soon. Dawn was doing a super job fondling my balls while she sucked my cock. As I put the truck into reverse to back into a secluded part of the park, Dawn stuck a finger up my ass and that's all it took. I hit the brakes, closed my eyes and filled my stepdaughters mouth with my cum.

"Oh... fuck Sweetie, suck me, suck Daddy's hot cock. I'm cumming Sweetie, I'm cumming!" I pulled her head down on my spurting cock and Dawn swallowed most of it. What she missed she quickly licked up. When she finished, I finished parking the truck.

"Did you enjoy the way I sucked your cock, Daddy?"

"Oh... very much so Honey! That was the most explosive orgasm I can remember. "

"I'm so happy Daddy, you tasted so... good. All you have to do is ask Daddy and I'll suck your cock anytime. I'm all yours. "

Dawn then slid into my arms and we started kissing. The taste of my own cum was still in her mouth as our tongues met. I was stimulated by it's taste, which excited my cock and made it start to grow. As I caressed Dawn's breasts, she pulled my shirt over my head. She then unsnapped my pants, giving off a soft moan, as she noticed my now hard cock.

"Lift up Daddy so I can get your pants off. "

I obeyed and soon I was naked.

"You have a great body for your age, Daddy. "

I was 48 and did jog and bike, so I was in pretty good shape.

"Thanks Honey! So do you. Now I want to see more of what I've been dreaming of for years. " I removed her blouse. Her tits sure looked hot in her sheer red bra. "I should tell you that your sexy lingerie really excites me Dawn. "

"I know Daddy. That's why I wear them. Mom mentioned one time how you like them. "

"You wear them just for me Honey?"

"Not just for you Daddy. I love the look and feel of lingerie on me too. They make me feel sexy and naughty. "

We started kissing again and this time I dropped my hand to her legs and started feeling my way upwards. As I neared her pussy, Dawn squeezed her legs shut, halting my assent.

"I trust you Daddy, because I love you so much. Please don't hurt me?"

"Never Honey. I love you too. Why would I hurt you?"

Dawn opened her legs and as my hand continued, she pulled me to her and kissed me hard. I reached her panties and as I slid my fingers between her legs, expecting to find and massage her clit, I found a big clit in the shape of a hard cock. I broke off our kiss and gave Dawn a surprised look.

"I'm sorry Daddy. I wanted you so... bad, I couldn't tell you. "

Before Dawn could say anymore I pulled her to me and kissed her. I found myself very excited. I continued to rub her cock through her sexy panties.

Before I go any further, let me tell you about my fascination with transsexuals. We got our very own PC a few years ago and while exploring the internet, I came across a site with shemales. The site of these beautiful, sexy woman with cocks excited me greatly. I found more and more sites and the more I looked, the more I fantasized. I wanted to experience loving one of these gorgeous transsexuals. I don't figure I'm gay, because the sight of a naked man doesn't excite me. But the sight of a hard cock on a beautiful woman makes me want to suck it.

My fantasies were coming true.

The feel of Dawns cock through her panties was really turning me on. It was doing wonders for Dawn too, as she was beginning to moan. "Will you suck my cock now, Daddy?"

I slid Dawn over on the seat and removed her skirt. She looked so hot in her sexy red lingerie. The sight of her hard cock pressing against her panties was almost enough to make me cum again without touching it. I started to peel Dawns panties down and as I freed her cock, it sprang up. My cock is only about 6 1/2 inches and medium thickness. Dawns cock was a little smaller, but about the same thickness. An added turn on was, she was hairless.

"Now Daddy, take me in your mouth and suck my cock. I want you to taste my cum. "

I started by stroking her stiff cock. I've jacked off many times, so I knew what she would like. Next I lowered my mouth and began by licking and tasting some of her pre cum. Enjoying that, I opened my mouth and took Dawn's cock in. It was everything I thought it would be and more. I kept my mouth closed tight and while Dawn brought her hands to the back of my head and helped me by holding it steady, she slowly fucked my mouth. The feel of her cock sliding in and out of my mouth as I sucked it was driving me crazy. I used my tongue to tease the sensitive parts of Dawn's cock, which encouraged her moaning and talking dirty to me. "oh... yes, suck me Daddy, suck your little girls throbbing dick. That's it Daddy, lick the head, oh... don't stop. It feels so good. " I sucked, while she continued to slowly fuck my mouth. I was also caressing her tits and rubbing her legs and balls. I could sense my Honey was on the verge and so on I was rewarded with my first mouthful of cum.

Dawn's body shook as she rammed her cock deep into my mouth, while holding my head screaming, "I'm cumming... Daddy!" I gagged a little, but swallowed most of Dawns seed. What I missed I licked up. I loved it. Her cum tasted so... good. It had a strong scent and was slightly salty.

"Oh Daddy, you made me feel so... good and so... loved. "

I raised up and kissed her. "I loved it too, Sweetheart. Your cock felt so good in my mouth and when you came, the warmth, the creaminess, the scent and taste of it made me want to drink it all down. "

"Before we go, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock up my ass when you cum Daddy. I've had many sexual objects up my ass, but I'm a virgin when it comes to a live dick. Be my first, Daddy?"

"Anytime Sweetie. Your ass will be a first for me too. "

Dawn reached into her purse a pulled out a bottle of jell. She put some into her hand and some into mine. "You get my ass ready, Daddy, while I get your cock ready to slide in. "

I was so hard. Dawn's fingers felt so good as they readied my cock. I in turn used my finger's to lubricate her waiting ass. When all was in ready, Dawn got on her knees and offered her virgin ass to me. I got on my knees behind her and slid my cock to the entrance of her ass. Thank goodness there was plenty of room in the cab of this truck.

"Now Daddy, slowly push in. "

I did as I was told and slowly slid my cock into Dawn's waiting ass. It was tight, tighter then anything I've ever experienced with my cock. It was tight for Dawn too, but soon she relaxed her muscles and my cock slid in and out with more ease.

"That's it, fuck my ass, Daddy. Oh... fuck me till you cum in me. I want to feel your hot cum in my ass. "

"Your so tight Honey. I never felt anything so... good before. You may be spoiling me Sweetie. I may not want pussy again. " As my fucking grew more intense, I reached under Dawn and started to pump her now hard cock.

"Oh Daddy, your hot cock sure feels better then the penis replicas I'm use to using. Keep fucking me Daddy and don't stop jacking me off. I want us to cum... together. "

We were both close now. I could feel the cum in me about to explode into Dawn's ass. "I'm cumming sweetheart. I can't hold back any longer. " I shot my hot seed into my Stepdaughters accepting ass.

"I'm cumming too Daddy" and her hot seed covered the seat of the truck. A waste I know, but this was my first time, forgive me.

I continued to fuck her ass until my cock started to soften. I was disappointed to have to pull out, but I knew there would be many times to love Dawn. Dawn took out some towelettes from her purse and cleaned my cock. I wiped her ass clean.

We did some more kissing and Dawn reassured me that she's mine whenever I wanted her. I also told her that I'm hers whenever she needed me. Then we dressed. Dawn threw on pants and sweatshirt for the ride home.

Before we left Dawn said, "next time, I get your virgin ass, Daddy. "

All I said to that was, "I hope it's soon Honey. "

We talked on the way home and she told me how she came to be a pre-op transsexual.

I asked her if she had any type of sexual experience before or was it strictly self pleasure.

She told me of sex with a few of her girlfriends, but it was what she told me next that got me excited all over again. Her and her sister Anna have been having sex together for over 6 years now. They were sisters who were close and enjoyed pleasing each other. They also kept no secrets and Anna knew of her passion for me. Then she told me Anna found me sexy too and that someday, maybe, we could have a threesome.

I told Dawn, "Someday Honey, but for now I want to love and enjoy you. You have so much to offer and I want to experience all of you. "

My stepdaughter kissed me saying, "Anything you want Daddy. I Love You!"

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