I didn't want it to end, enjoying the sweet sensations her pussy caused as my cock effortlessly glided in and out of her body. The feel of her body under my hands was spellbinding, the best I'd ever touched. She must have had a different idea because she came out of her orgasm induced calm, reaching up and grabbing my hips, pulling me in deep and out, in deep and out, fast, over and over.

"Fuck me! That's it, fuck me, I want your cum!"

Her expression became fierce and she continued to control my thrusts with her hands screaming at me to fuck her harder and faster.

"No cum wasting this time, I'm going to enjoy all of you," she said.

Her mention of cum got me thinking about protection. I had no idea if she was on the pill or some kind of birth control, or if my dad used condoms. I knew then I needed to pull out before I exploded, just in case she wasn't on anything. That's all I needed, to knock up my dad's future wife. Pulling out was exactly what she wanted me to do. When she said she was going to enjoy all of me I didn't know what she meant until I said I was going to cum and pulled my cock out of her. She moved so fast, hopping down off the table and grabbing my cock out of my hand and stroking it. Her mouth was wide open as the first burst of semen shot from the slit. She continued to stroke me into her mouth like it was the greatest thing she had ever drunk. Never had a girl acted like this before and taken my load in her mouth, the shock of what she was doing almost took me out of the pleasure of orgasm, almost.

April caught nearly every spurt, and after I was easing down she used her hand to force any excess out and sucked it off my cock. She swallowed everything she found, scraping off her cheek and chin where some had dribbled out. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was in awe with her at my feet, feasting on my cum. I gave her a good load also, due to the excitement of the moment. It actually surprised me to see so many spurts, especially after tossing off this morning.

"Now that's what I'm talking about, lots of cum. Young yummy cum. You have so much more than Tom."

And there she went, comparing us again and ruining the mood. The flood of guilt and remorse of what I had just done came rushing in as my cock shrunk and the animal instinct to fuck her slowly departed.

"Fuck, I can't believe I did this. This is bad, really bad," I said pulling up my pants.

"Oh grow up, Trevor. We won't tell Tom, he'll never know. It can be our little secret," she said standing.

"I'm late for school," was all I said before quickly leaving the house and her naked in my kitchen.


She never told my dad. I never told my dad. They got married right on schedule and left for their two week honeymoon, leaving me home by myself. I played out in my head the encounter with her on a daily... hourly basis. I knew it was wrong but all I could think about was doing it again. How her breasts felt in my hands and mouth. How her body rode my cock with my finger tightly in her ass. How this had mad her cum. I couldn't get the image of her stroking my cock into her mouth and eating all my semen. I had a difficult time doing homework or doing anything other than thinking about April and masturbating to my thoughts.

I must have cum over fifty times before the two weeks was up and they came home. While they were gone movers moved all her stuff in. She was going to be my new stepmom now, living with us permanently. My new stepmom I had fucked and couldn't stop thinking about now. I didn't know how this was going to work, or how she would act toward me now that she was officially my father's wife. The horny part of me wanted her to be just like she was before, no... worse. I wanted to fuck her when my dad was gone to work or on business trips. I wanted April's body. I wanted my stepmom's hot, unstoppable, perfect body as much as I could get it.

"We're home!" I heard my father call from the front door.

I quickly cleaned up the load of semen off of my desk and threw the tissue into my garbage. Putting my still hard cock back in my pants was difficult, but I managed and it shrunk quickly now that I had just ejaculated. I walked out of my room and found them in the foyer with all their luggage.

"Help your new mother with her bags," my dad said.

April smiled at me. Damn she looked amazing, almost glowing in a spaghetti strap low cut dress that barely went to the middle of her thighs. She was darker tan than before she left, spending time on the beach I was sure, probably topless. My mind was all about her naked and had been since she left. I quickly moved and took her bags.

"The movers came with all your stuff, I didn't know what to do with it so most of its just stacked in the master bedroom."

"That's fine, Trevor," she said, touching my shoulder and lingering there.

My dad was oblivious, looking at his phone.

"Two weeks off work, I have a lot to catch up on," he said. "I'll let you unpack tomorrow, April, while I'm at work."

"Doesn't she have to work too?" I asked.

"Not anymore. There was no need for her to keep her job now, not as my wife," my dad said.

The thought of April home all the time now was strangely enticing. My desire to do her was off the charts, I couldn't stop obsessing over her now. The two week absence had made it worse. I had stopped pulling the suitcases, thinking about the possibilities.

"You okay, Trevor?" my dad asked.

"Yeah, fine, good to have you home," I said.

"Take the bags into our room. You don't have school tomorrow, correct? You can help April unpack her things from the move, lift things she needs help with," my dad said.

April shot me a look, when she heard I didn't have school tomorrow. It was one of those holidays where my dad worked but kids were out of school. President's day actually. The thought of being home alone with April for eight or nine hours while my dad was at work made my cock lurch in my pants. The look from her seemed to tell me she was thinking the same thing, or at least I hoped so.

It was late afternoon when they got home, turning into night quickly. They spent the evening together sipping wine and talking while I tried to do the homework I hadn't finished. Before bed my dad came in to talk to me.

"I know you don't agree with me marrying April, but she's the best thing to ever happen to me. You're to be respectful and civil to her. Is that clear?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir."

"When she needs help tomorrow don't complain and argue with her, just do it."'

"Right, okay."

"Don't stay up too late, even though there is no school tomorrow. We're going to bed, both of us are tired from the flight," he said.

I let him leave without saying a word and went back to my homework. He must have been tired from the trip because they didn't have sex that night, but that didn't help me sleep any better. All I could think about was April and tomorrow alone with her.

I must have drifted off at some point because I woke up late. Looking at the clock it read 9:30 A.M., my dad had already been gone for two hours. Two hours I just wasted sleeping when I could have been with April. Except if what I wanted to happen was what she wanted to happen it made sense that she would have woken me up by now to get it. Since she hadn't, I was worried she didn't want what I wanted and was actually going to play the role of stepmom and honor her vows to my father. This was a depressing thought, especially since I had morning wood and my cock was rock hard. I slowly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Turning on the shower I got in with my cock still hard and took a pee so I wouldn't have to try and hit the toilet with a erect dick. I was also hoping April would hear the shower and come and join me. I left the door unlocked just in case. But alas my hope was in vain. She never showed up and I finally got out when the water started going cold. I left the bathroom with a towel around my waist and headed for my room.

"Hey, you," April said from behind me.

I turned around to find her in her night shirt and slippers on. Her hair was in disarray and it looked like she had just woken up. Maybe my hopes weren't in vain; maybe she had just been sleeping. Water dripped from my wet hair, running down my chest to the towel, she watched, biting her lip and smiling at my naked chest.

"Did you miss me?" she asked, taking a step closer.

"Maybe a little," I said trying to stay aloof since I still didn't know her intentions.

"I missed you, well part of you anyway," she said letting her eyes drift down to my crotch with a smile.

"Really, and what part would that be?" I asked.

"I think you know, it's probably the same thing that missed me, just a little," she said taking another step toward me.

Damn she looked good; her night shirt was hanging of her tits dropping down straight from the ledge they made, away from the rest of her body and only making it slightly past her pussy. She was short but in perfect proportion, making her legs look longer than they really were. I could already feel my cock rising under the towel. I hungered for this woman, I wanted her like nothing ever before.

"You're married now? You're my stepmom?" I said feeling her out more.

"You knew that wouldn't stop me, you had to," she said with a wicked grin, standing right in front of me now.

"I see... so now what do we do?" I asked.

"That's simple, first we get rid of this towel," she said, reaching forward to pull it off me. "Mmm, yeah, this is what I want; it's impressive how fast it grows.

She was about to drop to her knees and starts sucking but I stopped her, "Not so fast, it's my turn to munch."

I reached out and picked her up. She giggled, wrapped her legs and arms around me as I walked her back to my room and dropped her on my bed. She made quick work of her night shirt while I pulled off her panties. I could see a slight tan line around her bikini line now from the beach but her tits were all the same color. I'm sure she had quite a crowd checking her out on the beach topless. I was so horny, wanting this woman; my cock was already oozing down my shaft as I fell to my knees and yanked her toward me. Her giggle turned into a moan as my tongue found her pussy, spreading it from the bottom to the top. She tasted divine, hot and moist inside and ready. I went after her clit with a vengeance, licking, nibbling and sucking the small nub. She squirmed and rocked under my barrage and grabbed my wet hair, pulling me into her crotch, telling me to eat her. I obeyed putting all my knowledge to use, hoping I wouldn't disappoint. She seemed to like it, letting me continue for several minutes and then calling out that she was cumming. The convulsions and squirms that followed made it difficult to keep eating her so I came up for air to watch, with my fingers deep inside. Her legs squeezed my hands as the tremors rocked her body. Then she attacked.

Launching herself at me she rolled me onto the bed and spun around, facing away from me. Moving back she buried her dripping pussy in to my face and grabbed my cock. Suddenly I felt her mouth engulf me as my nose went into her hot tunnel. She was just as excited as I was, devouring my cock like she hadn't sucked a cock in forever. I proceeded to eat her, moving back so my nose came out of her pussy and up against her tight anus. I sucked and slurped her while she went hog wild on my shaft, doing things to my cock that made me curl my toes and forget to eat her.

It was so good, too good that I couldn't stop myself from cumming and with her on top I couldn't make her stop in time. All I could do was quickly tell her I was going to cum and explode into her mouth. She kept her mouth around my cock and stroked me all the way through my orgasm. I expected her to move off of me like a normal woman would have but not April, she sucked my spurting cock all the way through to the end and swallowed everything again.

"Holy shit, that was amazing," I stammered, as she continued to suck me clean. "Sorry I came so fast."

She took me out of her mouth and said, "Don't apologize, I figured you would, after two weeks of us being gone. I mean you probably didn't have a reason to masturbate as much."

"Umm, not really," I said laughing.

"What? Really, you did it a lot?" she asked.

"I couldn't get you out of my head so yeah I might have beat off a bit," I said.

"Oh, wow, cool," she said running her hand up and down my slowly shrinking dick. "How long will it take for you to be hard again," she asked.

"Not long, five minutes or less."

"Really! No way?"

"Yes way, why?"

"It takes Tom over an hour at least. Sometimes once he cums he's done for the night," she said.

"I'm a lot younger than Tom, and can we not talk about him when we're doing this?" I asked.

"Sure, I'm sorry. I compare you two a lot, don't I?"

"Yeah, kind of," I said.

She rolled off of me and turned around to lie on my chest. She ran her hands down my body watching my cock shrink further and further.

"Sorry about that, it's just I like talking about the differences, to you anyway. Of course he doesn't know about this and I want to keep it that way. It's more exciting to sneak around."

I had to agree, and I quickly got over any guilt or remorse for what I was doing. My dad would never be able to please April like she deserved and he was kind of an ass anyway.

"You know we're going to have to find time to unpack your stuff today or he'll wonder what we did," I said.

"I know, maybe after we have some more fun we can have breakfast and work on the boxes," she said.

"Sounds good."

"I love this young body of yours, so toned and strong," she said running her hand up and down my chest. "You carried me in here and tossed me around like I was nothing, damn that turns me on, I love being man handled like that. And your cock is simply amazing, I think about it all the time now," she said gently running her finger around the oozing head and down the shaft to my balls.

It felt amazing and already I sensed new life spark as she brushed it lightly. It jumped when she touched my head again and she noticed.

"Oh my, it's already getting hard. That wasn't even close to five minutes," she said siting up to watch.

"Well, I guess with you here it takes much less time."

"Oh goodie, it's play time then," she said, sliding down until her head was next to my growing cock.

She continued to gently touch and rub it, running her finger in the pre-cum and spreading it around my head. She seemed mesmerized with my cock, smiling and giggling as it bounced its way to full height as she poked and prodded it.

"Damn, look at that thing! All the veins and bulbous head are astonishing. I've never seen one so defined and big. I bet your scare most the girls in high school with this thing, but I love it," she said once it was fully erect.

"Maybe a few," I said, as she grabbed my shaft hard and bent my cock vertical.

I moaned through my teeth, feeling the strain on my shaft as she bent it opposite of what was normal. She began stroking it with her hand, using the loose skin gripping tight. It felt amazing, much better when she did it than when I tossed off.

"It's so hard and solid not like..." she stopped just short of saying Tom.

"Like Tom?" I said.

"Yeah, sorry I already forgot."

Go ahead, tell me the difference I know you want to," I said, just content with the stroking.

"Well, his never gets this hard; it gets erect but not this solid and firm, if you know what I mean. And then sometimes even when we're doing it he goes soft and I can barely feel him inside me, because it's more mashing and folding up than penetrating me. You know?" she asked.

"I guess, that's strange, I figured with you he'd be rock hard even at 47. I don't get it."

"I've wanted to suggest he get Viagra but I think he'll be offended, and since I have yours I'll make do," she said giving my cock an extra hard stroke when she said 'yours'.

"It's all yours, April, every throbbing inch," I said, putting my hands behind my head and watching her play.

"Oh goodie, I was hoping you would say that," she said just before taking me deeply into her hot mouth.

Rapture shot through my cock and into my body, feeling me with bliss and contentment while she proceeded to use her sucking skills on my rod. It was so damn sexy to watch this hot blonde work my tool over. Her breasts swayed back and forth as she bobbed up and down. The pleasure was intense but I kept my eyes open to watch her body and skill. Since I just came I lasted until she had sucked to her hearts content.

"I want you inside me now," she said, throwing a leg over my body.

She reached behind herself, grabbing my cock and raising it up to her pussy. Moving the head up and down her wet slit, she then leaned back onto it, before letting go and falling back, enveloping my member into her wet warm pussy. We both moaned at the same time, reveling in the pleasure of our connection. She began to ride me and I reached up to fondle both breasts. She took her time, slowly lifting off of me and back down, letting me feel her pussy sliding up and down my shaft with explicit awareness. Fuck it was good.

"Oh my hell! It's wonderful, so hard and long; I can feel so much more sensation with your cock."

She began to rise only a few inches and arch into my cock over and over, "Right there. Fuck that's perfect, Ahhh!" she screamed hitting some spot deep inside her pussy that she wanted.

It drove her crazy, and she was focused on getting off, riding me that way for a long time. I fondled her breasts, rubbed her back, pulled her ass cheeks apart and enjoyed her body while she bounced up and down. I was in heaven; it couldn't get any better than where I was right then with this stunningly gorgeous blonde working my cock into her body and loving it. She was a goddess, and she was treating me like I was the one to be worshiped. I knew it was just mainly my cock she loved but I took what I could get.

Watching her approach her climax was a huge turn on. She knew exactly what she was doing and how to get there. Sweat appeared on her body, little specks glistened and it was apparent she was working hard toward her climax. I watched her nipples harden the closer she got and her entire body seemed to flush and glow with blood flow. When she finally hit the pinnacle she began making those little chirps, between breaths and convulsed on my cock. Her legs trembled and tightened around me. Overcome with pleasure she fell forward and onto my chest, as her pussy continued to spasm around my cock. It was the hottest thing I've seen in real life. I never remember her making the same noise when she was fucking my father and it made me wonder if she actually climaxed with him.

I let her lie on my chest and catch her breath, she was really breathing hard and vibrating or shuttering I guess from the thrill.

"That was so amazing. You take me places I've never been before," she said, steadily slowing her breathing.

"Awesome, I'm glad. Since you like to compare Tom and me, I was wondering, do you get off like that with him?"

She hesitated, raised her head off my chest and looked at me, "You're asking me if I fake it with your dad or really cum?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess," I said worried I might have pissed her off.

"Well, it's different I guess, I climax but nothing as intense as with you. It's just Tom isn't as ridged; his cock can't hit the right spot as well as you can. I mean it's still good with your dad but not all encompassing as with you. It might be the thrill and dirtiness with you that helps. I mean I'm fucking my husband's son, right?" she laughed.

"Yep, and he loves it if you couldn't tell," I said.

"Really? Well show me how much you love it then," she said.

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