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This is a story told to me by an older man I once knew. Todd was working in a brokerage firm in the Atlanta area back in the late 70's before moving to Seattle.

As always, comments are appreciated.


Her name was Candy and she looked every bit the part. Shoulder length blonde hair with a hint of curls. Bright blue eyes, button nose, and an all but invisible dimple on her left cheek when she smiled which seemed most of the time. Though she said she was originally from Ohio she affected the sweetest southern drawl after being in Atlanta for several years. She was about 5'5" but with her heels on she was just shorter then me. Her desk was behind a half wall next to the foyer so she was the 'face' of Bergstein and Son's brokerage which is lucky 'cause neither Bergstein or his son had faces anyone wanted to see or associate with their money.

Along with her cute as a button face Candy had marvelous legs which she showed off in short skirts. They were shapely with just a hint of muscle tone from her lunch workouts going up and down the stairs of our office bldg. She and some of the other office girls brought in sneakers for the 'pussy parade' as we men called it. [I hope you'll excuse us for not being very PC in those days.]

Where the rest of Candy was slim her breasts were very full and round. They'd push out her blouse and suit jacket seemingly inviting you to touch them, but aside from her short skirts, Candy always dressed professionally with her blouses buttoned up and not a hint of cleavage showing and always acted very business-like.

The brokerage office was on the third floor of an old brick bldg in the downtown area. It was stuffy in the best of times. Then in mid-August the ageing air conditioning finally coughed and died. It was already 80+ outside and it was only 9am. As the temperature, humidity, and tempers rose our joke of a boss came through the office telling us that we had to wear our suit jackets and ties no matter how hot it got.

"We have to keep a professional appearance," said Bergstein junior oblivious that most of our business was conducted over the phone. An hour later he left for an 'early lunch with a client' and jackets and ties flew off. Not that it helped much. My best shirt was plastered to my back and chest and my pits were like lakes; it was ruined. I'd never get the stains out I thought and I didn't make a lot of money in those days. I decided I'd concentrate on my client list to take my mind off the heat and get some commission money in the bank.

I was going around to the other side of the office past the foyer where there was a small fridge hoping for some ice for my coffee. I never did get cooled down. As I came into the foyer I saw Candy standing by her desk taking off her jacket. She made even doing something so simple highly erotic. She didn't just take out one arm and then the other, but put both arms back pushing out her chest to let the jacket slide off on to the back of her swivel chair.

From my side view I could see the lace design of her bra through her sweat soaked blouse. I felt my dick twitching against my sticky balls. Now Candy sat down and turned her office chair in my direction, but she didn't see me because her head was bent down and her shoulder length blonde hair was over her face. As I watched she hiked her short business skirt high up her creamy thighs and parted her legs just a little. I thought, hoped, I'd catch a glimpse of panties, but I didn't see anything. Still, my dick was becoming engorged and started slowly raising.

Candy lifted her left leg up exposing the back of her thigh almost to the hip to unsnap the garter from the back of her stocking. I still didn't see any panties just pale silky skin. She put her leg down and unsnapped the front garter and started very carefully and slowly rolling the nude colored stocking down her thigh, calf, and off her pretty foot. I was rock hard. I took a sharp intake of breath and my penis jerked and released a little jet of cum into the front of my briefs.

Candy's head snapped up and her legs closed shut. I figured the show was over. My disappointed dick started deflating. But where I had expected a stern lecture about peeping or something, Candy just blushed and nervously smiled.

"I'm sorry. I guess I should have gone to the ladies room to take off my stockings. My legs are so hot. Is there something you're looking for, Mr. Stevens?" Yes I thought and if you part those legs just a bit more maybe I could find them. Candy had put her legs together, but her skirt was still hiked to crotch level and now that she was sitting up I could see she had unbuttoned her blouse about halfway down showing creamy breasts pushing over the top of her tight lacey bra.

My mind went completely blank and my mouth said the first words that came to it.

"When's the second show?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Stevens? The second show?"

"You still have one stocking on, Candy. And my name's Todd, not Mr. Stevens."

"Well, Mr. Stevens, I'll go to the bathroom to get it off later."

"Every man here, except Josh, follows every swish of your skirts, Candy. It's going to look a little strange you walking down the hall in only one stocking. And with your blouse undone you're likely to start a riot."

Candy tried to stop blushing and regain her professional demeanor. "Well, want do you suggest, Mr. Stevens?"

"I think you better take your stocking off now before someone sees you half dressed. They might think something improper was going on."

"What if someone . . comes?" she asked, her voice turning husky, and I almost did just then. Her change from sweet to sultry was almost too much.

"Don't worry. I'll watch," I said.

"I'm sure you will, Mr. Stevens." I quickly looked left and right down the hall and nodded to her to begin. She bit her tongue and gave a little giggle then put on her best business face as if she was stapling papers or answering the phone instead of practically giving me a crotch shot. She lifted her right leg showing even more luscious thigh then before. Still there was no hint of panties and I started wondering if there were any, but surely Candy wouldn't come to work without panties. She detached the garters and slowly rolled the remaining stocking down her thighs to her toes and off with an affected pop.

"That feels much better," she said, flopping back in her chair, knees together, feet splayed apart. "My legs are much cooler now. How about you, Mr. Stevens? Have you cooled down?" She was playing with the stocking; twirling it around her finger and then stretching it out. I reminded me of a giant condom. I wished I was wearing one. I was leaking horribly.

"No and I don't think taking off my stockings is going to help."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Could you . . come over here, Mr. Stevens. I need your help with something."

Those seven steps to Candy's desk were the most pleasurable and painful in my life. As I stood in front of her, Candy bit her lower lip and looked straight at my still confined erection. She put out her hand and tentatively touched the tip of my hard on. She got a strange little look on her face then looked up at me.

"Its in back," she said. "The thing I need help with." She turned the chair around and pulled out her blouse from the skirt. "The bra hook's in back and I'm too sweaty to reach it. Do you mind?" Candy slumped forward a little and pulled her blouse up a bit more showing her lovely lower back.

"Of course," I said, like undoing my boss's secretary's bra in the middle of the foyer was a common occurrence. I slipped my hand up her wet, clammy narrow back, took the sturdy bra strap between my thumb and forefinger and undid the hooks. Candy let out a sigh that again almost put me over the edge.

"Thank you, Mr. Stevens. You do that quite well." Candy tried to turn back around, but I reached to the front and started to pinch and knead Candy's soft firm breasts from behind with one hand under her bra the other on top of her blouse. They filled my hands to over flowing. Sweat poured down my sides and dripped like a rainstorm off my balls.

I leaned forward and buried my nose into Candy's hair. She smelt of perfume and fresh sweat. I was practically humping the back of the chair while feeling her up and kissing her neck. Candy was squirming in the chair, rubbing her legs together and grunting. Suddenly she went tense and took several sharp breaths.

"Oh, God!" she said shooting up from her chair, almost hitting my nose with her head. She looked around nervously and quickly smoothed down her skirt and buttoned her blouse up over her undone bra worried that someone might have witnessed her lust.

After a few seconds she sat down and then blushed, giggled and leered at me all at once not quite sure which emotion to go with. Then she noticed that my hard on, pushing out my pants like something from Barnum and Bailey, was still staring her in the face.

"Well I'm cooler and much more relaxed now, Mr. Stevens, but you still look . . "


"Uptight I think is more accurate. Isn't there anyway for you to cool down? Those pants look very confining."

"Well I can't take them of-"

"Sit down, Mr. Stevens." Candy said all business like directing me to her office chair. I sat down and moved forward while she got under the desk. Her face was all careful concentration, brow furrowed and biting her lower lip, as she slowly unzipped my pants like a scientist with a new specimen. Then she reached through the fly of my sweat and cum soaked briefs and pulled my dick out into the relatively cooler air of the office. Again Candy got that strange little look on her face then she smiled up at me and put the head of my cock into her mouth and started pumping my shaft.

"Do you swallow?" I asked her. "It's going to be quick."

Candy pulled her mouth off my dick; a strand of my cum hung on her lips. "I don't know," she said. "I've never done this before. My girlfriends say men like that. Would you like me to swallow, Mr. Stevens?" Her thumb was smearing my leaking fluid all over my cock head driving me crazy, but there was something missing.

"Yes, but first I want you to take off your bra."

"You want to see my knockers, Mr. Stevens?" I nodded.

Candy undid the top button of her blouse and pushed the shoulder strap of her bra down her arm and out her sleeve first on one side and then the other and then pulled the lace undergarment out the top like a magic trick, leaving her freed 'knockers' swaying under her sweaty see-through blouse.

"That's cheating," I said and reached down and tweaked her nipples through the sheer fabric.

"You can see enough, Mr. Stevens. And feel enough." Candy started sucking my dick again, coming up on her knees so I could caress her breasts through her shirt while she slurped on my knob like a Tootsie Pop. It didn't take long before I started shooting my cum and Candy got her first load of man juice across her tongue and done her throat. I had barely recovered when one of my fellow brokers came walking into the foyer.

"Hi, Todd. Where's Candy?"

"Hi, Jack. She's under the desk giving me a blow job." Candy slapped my cock and then kissed it. I smiled to hide the pain.

"Yeah, you wish. Me, Karl, Mikey, and the rest are taking a bunch of clients to lunch. Decided to finally learn something from junior. First we're heading over to Tulane's for some fresh suits on the company's expense account. You in?"

"In and out, Jack. In and out. I'll catch you later." Candy was desperately trying to get my half hard cock back in my briefs and zip me up, but her inexperienced fumbling was getting me aroused again.

"Not like you to miss a free lunch, Todd."

"Got a head . . ah . . hot . . hot lead I can't let go."

"You look a little peaked, Todd. I know you yanks aren't used to this kind of heat. Can I get you some water?"

"I'll get some right after I find this phone number I'm looking for."

"Okay. See you later," he said and headed down the stairs. Candy tried to pop up but I had to push her back under the desk as the rest of the guys started heading out the door in ones and twos. By the time the office was empty Candy had my revived cock back in her mouth slowly licking it up and down like a cat with a bowl of cream. That was nice, but I had other ideas for Candy.

I pushed back the chair and helped the petite blonde out from under the desk.

"Sit on my lap, Candy." I motioned her to straddle my lap facing me. She sat down covering my still exposed cock with her skirt. Her big round 'knockers' and erect nipples pressed against the front of her blouse like a coke dealer's rottweilers scenting raw meat. I scooted her forward for a kiss and felt wiry hair against the base of my dick.

Candy had no panties on! My dick went from simmer to hard boil!

I picked Candy up by her bare bottom and was about impale her on my hard organ right there at the desk.

"Stop! Stop! Wait!"

"I can't" I tried to drop her on my cock, but she held my shoulders and wedged her heels into the legs of the swivel chair.

"You better. I haven't done this before either."


"I'm a virgin."

"I'm going to pass out!"

"Didn't you know?"

"How would -" Then I thought about it. Candy wasn't married and had no steady boyfriend that she talked about and aside from coming to work with no underwear today gave no signs of being a slut [Sorry, sexually active]. I relaxed my grip on Candy's bare ass and let her sit back down on my lap. She lifted up her skirt and we both looked at my hard, leaky cock mashed up against her pretty blonde pubes.

"Candy," I asked in all seriousness, "where are your panties?"

"Mr. Bergstein's office." My eyebrows rose to hit the ceiling.

"I thought you-"

"No! There cooling off."

"Who heated them up?"

"I have a secret to show you." Candy got up off my lap hiding the only secret I was interested in then bent over real low to reach her bottom desk drawer. I leaned over and blew gently of the sparse golden curls that peaked just beneath the hem of her short skirt. Candy straightened up with a squeal bumping her beautiful round bum into my nose.

I took Candy by the hips and turned her around. Then I lifted up her skirt and stuck my nose into her crotch. It smelled wonderful. I poked the tip my tongue through her blonde pubes and licked her clit.

"I have a key," she said, sounding like she was no longer sure what it was for or how it got into her hand.

I ran my hands up under Candy's skirt and took her bare, unpantied bum cheeks into my hands. They were soft and smooth and wet with sweat and pussy juice. My dick was jealous.

"Candy, have you ever had your pussy licked before?"

"No. Just rubbed." she said as I helped her up onto the desk.

"Rubbed?" I asked kissing her soft inner thighs, slowly working my way to heaven.

"Yes. At school," she said.


"Parochial girls' school. Oh, that's nice," she said as my tongue touched her outer lips. "Lick me some more, Mr. Stevens." Candy leaned back on the desk and pulled my head between her thighs and started riding my tongue. Uninhibited by an empty office Candy started moaning and giving little barking noises. I stuck the bridge of my nose into the folds of her snatch rubbing it against her clit and worked my tongue deep within her pussy. It was hot and sticky and smelled and tasted like sweaty virgin. I moved my tongue to Candy's clit and slowly sunk my middle finger into her pussy, I'd read something in Playboy about something called a G-spot. I rubbed my finger tip in circles on the roof of Candy's vagina just inside her pussy. At first I thought it wasn't working because Candy went completely quiet, but then she started shrieking and her feet started kicking things off the desk. [Thanks Hef.] I moved Candy's bare ass to the edge of the desk still tickling her g-spot with my finger and her clit with my thumb as I leaned across her barely clothed body and kissed her lips. She grabbed my neck, burying her tongue down my throat.

"I think you'd better fuck me now, Mr. Stevens," she said, panting for breath. "Put your cock in my pussy."

I moved up using my free hand to guide my dick head against her pussy lips and gently pushed myself into Candy's snatch. She moaned loudly as my cock slide into her tight, but very wet pussy, in one long stroke. Candy's hot pussy mashed up tight against the front of my pants. I kept my thumb on her clit and started fucking Candy in and out; if the zipper was discomforting she didn't seem to notice. After only a handful of blissful strokes Candy's sweet snatch started contracting around my long suffering dick and I shot load after load into her virgin vagina.

I reluctantly pulled myself out of Candy and returned to Earth. My softening dick was still semi-hard, oozing spend over the sweet girl's blonde curls. Candy lazily draped her lovely legs over my shoulders and pulled me close for a long kiss.

"How long?" she asked looking down at my now spent and relaxed organ.

"About seven inches when up," I said.

"No. How long before it can go again? If I suck it will it get hard again?"

"Keep talking like that and it won't be long, but we're in the foyer and lunch won't last forever."

"You're pants are a mess," said Candy. The front of my dress trousers, so carefully cleaned and pressed that morning were soaked with sweat, cum and fragrant pussy juice. "I have a key," she said.

"Martin Luther King had a dream. If he had been here today it might have been a different dream."

"The key is to Junior's office. He has spare suits."

"He's a little larger then me."

She gave me a look that asked what my other plan was.

We found the key on the floor where Candy had kicked it and went to the young Bergstein's office. Inside is was sinfully cold. It must have been under 85 degrees! And dry! A portable air conditioner was mounted in the window and something white and lacey was blowing in the wind. Candy turned and locked the door.

"Well you've finally found my panties, Mr. Stevens."

"Are you ever going to call me Todd?"

"I like to keep all my business intercourse professional, Mr. Stevens." she said real slow and sweet.

She stood before me leaning back on the door with her legs crossed and unbuttoned her blouse to the waist. Then she undid the side snap and buttons of her skirt and let it fall to the oriental rug that covered the floor. Her legs still crossed, covering her sweet pussy, she licked her lips.

"Get undressed, Mr. Stevens, and we'll see if we can find something to fit you into." Where had a virgin learned to talk like that? Girls' school? I didn't argue, but quickly stripped off my sweat and pussy drenched pants, shirt, and underwear and stood there in socks, shoes, and the beginnings of a third erection.

"I used to read my father's Playboys when I was a little girl," said Candy crossing the room to Junior's dark finished oak desk. The hem of her blouse came barely to the top of her pussy "I liked the cartoons of secretaries and bosses the best. And the pictorials with women in lingerie in dark paneled offices and studies." Candy caressed the desk and then leaned over it, squishing her large breasts and erect nipples cooled by the air conditioning into the wax finish. She looked over her shoulder, across her raised bare ass, directly into my eyes.

"Is it ready yet, Mr. Stevens? I need your hard cock to make this little girl's dreams come true."

==== Look for "Hard Candy" and "Chocolate Candy" coming soon ====

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