Stolen Ch. 07


A tortured, wounded sound came from Sky and she began shaking with silent sobs. Hawk saw the shattered look on her face and nuzzled against her neck gently, he found himself actually regretting hurting her. "I know you aint no whore, and this.." He stroked her body gently as he flexed his hips against her. "..your me woman an' you know how ta please me." His voice was gentle and soothing as he moved against her rubbing intimately but not entering her.

Sky lay unresisting as he moved against her his words echoing her own fears, finally Hawk stiffened with a groan then lay still on top of her.

After several minutes Hawk moved off of her and exited the back of the van, Sky remained where he had left her, the only movement was the silent tears that slid down into her hair near her ears. "Fuckin' idiot!" Jake exclaimed as he climbed into the panel van moving to the motionless Sky, he brushed the tears from her cheeks and rolled her limp body onto her side. "There was no need for that." Brad said angrily in the front. "Get something to cut this tape would you." Jake demanded. "Come on Sky, stop crying sweetie." Jake said softly near her ear as he brushed her hair away from her damp cheek and rubbed her upper arm gently. "We're your family now." Ren said quietly as he reached out to lay a hand on her shoulder.

Jake took a pocket knife from Brad and cut the tape that bound her wrists, gently he sat her up with her back to him and began to rub her hands and wrists. "Now that feels better don't it." Jake said softly, he glanced between Brad and Ren. "Look after her will your, I'd better go keep an eye on that fool. And don't go fucking her, Hawk let it pass this time but next time he might take it out of her hide." Jake warned before climbing out of the panel van.

Sky found herself snuggled comfortingly between the two large men as they settled down for the night, she was aware of Ren's arousal pushing against her lower stomach but made no protest. Long after both men fell asleep she lay motionlessly between them, she was still awake when Hawk returned to the panel van and roused Brad who moved into the front seat leaving Hawk to stretch out in his place and cuddle Sky to his chest.

* * * * *

Sky woke as Hawk rolled towards her pushing her onto her back, one of his hands came to rest on the soft skin of her stomach and he made a soft sound of pleasure as he slid his hand up over her ribs pushing her shirt up as he went. "You feel good first thing of a morning." Hawk muttered as he leant over her, Sky tried to turn her face away as he moved in for a kiss but Hawk captured her face in his hand and held her still while he kissed her leisurely. When his hands began to roam her body Sky began to struggle against him pushing at his wide shoulders with her hands, Hawk caught both her arms by her wrists and stretched her arms above her head and held them in place. "Come on now, I don't want to have to tie you down but I will if I need to." Hawk told her levelly, Sky kept her face averted and kept fighting him. "Want some help?" Ren asked beside them. "Keep your hands off her!" Hawk said angrily, the sentence thick with double meaning.

Sky was aware of his anger and slowly stopped struggling, she turned her head just enough to look at him from the corner of her eye, Hawk looked down into her face. "Did you think I didn't know he fucked you last night?" Hawk asked in a very soft voice and Sky began trembling with fear.

Hawk slowly lowered his head and began to nibble at her lips teasingly, Sky was too scared to fight him and made no protest when he claimed her lips in a kiss that quickly turned demanding. "I see your learning." Hawk said huskily near her ear when he finally stopped kissing her.

Sky remained passive beneath him until he finally rolled off her and released her wrists, he sat up and glanced into the front seat after noting that Ren had left the back of the van.

Sky lay motionless as she waited to find out what Hawk intended to do with her, he reached for his jacket then moved towards the rear door. "Come with me." He ordered as he handed her an old flannelette shirt.

Sky put the shirt on and reached for her jeans but when she glanced at Hawk he was frowning with disapproval, silently she crawled after him as he left the vehicle.

The early morning air was cool and Sky shivered as she followed Hawk over to the others, they were standing around drinking coffee brewed over a small fire, Jake handed Hawk a mug of coffee when he reached them. Sky looked at Hawk hopefully but he ignored her, she edged closer so she could touch his arm with her hand. "Hawk, can I have something to eat and drink?" She asked softly.

Hawk turned his head slowly to frown at her and Sky swallowed nervously, he got a bottle of water for her and a dry crust off a loaf of bread. "That's all your getting'" Hawk said. Sky ate the crust slowly, savouring every bite and chewing it well hoping that she would not feel hungry when she was finished. "Go to the toilet then get in the back of the van." Hawk ordered without looking at her.

Sky glanced around, there was no toilet so she headed for a clump of trees not far away and quickly relieved herself. They were at the top of a hill and she looked out at the view around her, she could see where the road wound down around the side of the hill and she could also see a house a little way down the valley floor.

She looked back behind her to see if she was being watched but all the men seemed busy with other stuff, with her heart pounding nervously she edged away from the trees towards where a gully cut down the hillside, trees and bushes would afford her cover once she reached it.

Unnoticed by Sky her footprints showed clearly in the damp grass behind her as she hurried down the hillside.

* * * * *

Sky had reached nearly half way down the hill, she had not realised it was so far. She paused for a few moments to listen for sounds of anyone following her but none reached her ears, she glanced back over her shoulder but the trees and bushes gave surprisingly thick cover. Sky resumed walking down the gully steadily, the ground cover was harsh on her bare feet and her legs were wet to her knees and cold from the heavy dew.

She was picking her way gingerly over the coarse gravel that made up the gully bottom where it weaved around ancient rocks and large trees, giving a sigh of relief she stepped onto the soft grass that started to carpet the ground. "Where do you think your going?"

Sky spun around to face Hawk as he strolled out from behind a large tree, as he advanced on her she took several uncertain steps backwards. "Your going the wrong way, if you were smart you would head back the way you came . . hell! If you were smart you wouldn't have pulled this stupid stunt." Hawk growled angrily.

Seeing the anger in his face Sky's nerve broke and she turned to run away from him, she barely made ten yards before Hawk caught her by her hair and pulled her to a halt, he began to drag her back the way he had came despite her struggles and uncaring of her bare feet.

Sky was no match for Hawks strength as he dragged her along, she sobbed softly as she struggled to keep up with him, finally they reached the top of the hill and Hawk flung her away from him and towards the van. "You didn't learn a fucking thing yesterday did you! You'll learn this time!" he said as he unbuckled his belt and pulled it from his jeans.

Sky looked up at him from where she had fallen on the ground, she scrambled backwards frantically as he moved towards her. "I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I'm really sorry." Sky sobbed in fear.

Hawk swung the belt hard and Sky screamed in pain as it bit into her left thigh, she sobbed as she turned onto her hands and knees as she attempted to scramble to her feet, the next lash of the belt landed down the length of her back and she screamed as she arched her shoulders back with the pain. The third hit caught her across the back of the cheeks of her ass, she screamed again with the pain and sucked in a desperate breath before the next hit of the belt across the back of her shoulders. "I won't try to run away again!" Sky screamed but Hawk swung the belt again.

Sky screamed in pain and attempted to curl up into a ball on the ground to protect herself from the belt lashes. Hawk stopped hitting her and stood over her as he breathed heavily, the soft skin of her bottom was clearly visible and it had several bright red welts raised across it, he felt himself growing hard at the sight of it. "I'm gonna make sure you learn your lesson this time!" Hawk said as he grabbed her by the upper arm and dragged her to the back of the panel van.

He picked her up and tossed her into the back of the van and climbed in after her. Sky crawled up against the back of the seats as she whimpered in pain, Hawk grabbed her by an ankle and jerked her back towards him. "Here I been tryin' to be considerate of you after what Wilson done to you even when you tried to run away yesterday. But you fucked Ren last night and tried to run away again this morning, well I'm through being considerate!" He yelled.

Sky struggled as he wrestled her onto her back and forced her legs apart so he could get between her thighs, Sky struggled desperately, terrified of him in his anger.

Hawk back-handed Sky when she tried to push away from him, the force of the blow splitting her lip and stunning her. Hawk took advantage of her weakened struggles to unfasten his jeans and push them low on his hips,

Sky screamed and bucked wildly beneath him as he surged into her in one strong thrust. Knowing that fighting him would only make it worse for herself Sky became unresisting beneath him.

Hawk grunted with satisfaction as he moved rhythmically. At first Sky whimpered softly from the pain of his thrusts but soon her body responded to his and pleasure began to build low in her stomach, just as she began moving with him Hawk groaned deeply as he thrust into her roughly and shuddered as he cum.

Hawk moved off Sky and readjusted his clothes, he glanced at her where she lay without moving where he had left her, he looked around for something to tie her wrists and ankles with, finding nothing handy he grabbed hold of the shirt she wore and tore it off her roughly before ripping the front of her light top.

Hawk pulled the remains of her clothes off of her and threw them out the back of the panel van before turning his head to look at Sky, she was whimpering softly as she huddled against the back of the passenger seat, her arms clasped around her up drawn legs in an attempt to hide her nakedness. "Try running away like you are now! If that don't stop you I'll let whoever finds you have you for several days." Hawk said harshly.

Sky remained silent and motionless but tense waiting for whatever he planned to do to her next, Hawk climbed from the vehicle, slammed the rear door closed and headed back towards the group of men.

Hawk noticed that Brad and Ren were among those still gone looking for Sky and Jake was standing off to one side watching him with an angry look.

"You shouldn't have done that." Jake said darkly when Hawk walked up to him.

"Am I supposed to let her try to run off whenever she wants?" Hawk demanded angrily attracting the attention of several of the men near by.

"You don't have to torture her!" Jake snapped.

"The bitch is sure as hell going to. . ." Hawk started angrily.

"Sky! Her name is Sky! You want a lover you had better start treating her right!" Jake snarled softly as he stepped forward to stand toe to toe with Hawk.

Hawk fell silent as he saw the anger in his face. Both men turned away as the sound of several bikes approaching broke the morning stillness, four bikes came to a halt near the other bikes.

Ren got off his bike and looked around, he saw Hawk standing near Jake and looked for Sky. Seeing the back of the van closed he headed towards the van and jerked the rear door open when he reached it before disappearing into the back of the panel van.

Hawk swore as he headed towards the vehicle in fast angry strides, he just reached the back as Ren climbed from the rear of the van. Hawk saw the raw fury on Ren's face and didn't have time to stop or defend himself before Ren delivered a hard right to his face.

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