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Strip Basketball Game


Hi again! This is my 2nd story and to be honest I was much encouraged that my 1st story was very high rated and it was (at least at the moment I wrote this one) within best 75 stories! Thank you all! Since I do not write in my language I had much help from my friend MirageLM who is an author in Literotica. He helped me much with my English as well as on how to express emotions and to describe myself! I hope you like this story too. And since some people here asked if my 1st story (see Bar Made) was 100% true the answer is no; neither this one is 100% truth but is based on 100% truth incident and some parts actually happen. I left to your imagination to find out what was truth and what was fiction!

Kisses to all, Hellen_S


This story took place the summer of 1998 in Greece (my country) in a place called Loutraki (far away from the place I live). I was there for summer holidays with my boyfriend Mike (We have broke up now… His loss!!!). Mike liked to play basketball a lot and I occasionally join him. I play very well for a woman, though basketball is not my favorite game (I am a former track athlete and I enjoy most beach volley). One day in the afternoon Mike suggested we go to the indoor gym and play some basketball. I didn’t feel like playing, but he insisted so much (Mike did that… He was like a child when he wanted something), so I decide to join him. I told him that I will go with him, but I will not play. He agreed (He likes to play in front of an audience!)

We went to the gym expecting to find more people there so Mike could play. He usually finds some people and they play 3 against 3 or 4 against 4 shooting on a single basket. Since I wasn’t going to play I wore a skirt (kind of short, 10cm above the knees, but very loose and easy to wear), a white T-shirt and flat shoes. Since I wasn’t going to play I didn’t wear an athletic bra. Actually I didn’t wear any bra at all! Most times I like to go out without a bra. In Greece the summer is very warm and my tits enjoy the liberty to be free under my T-shirt. Furthermore, I love the looks I get from men when they realize that my tits are free under my T-shirt. Sometimes this make my nipples get harder and this attracts even more looks!

Before continue the story let me describe myself: I have black hair and my eyes are brown. I have rich, full lips, very nice teeth and a great smile (At least all my friend told me to smile a lot!). For a woman in Greece I am considered quite tall. I am 177cm high (this is something like 5’10) and rather thin, not much thin, more athletic type. I mean my arms and legs are not quite thin, but not at all fat. I weight 54Kgrs (Which honestly I don’t know how much it is but I am thin… trust me on this!) which is Ok for my height for a regular woman. My best part of my body I think is my tits. I haven’t made them nor did anything to them and I am proud of them. They are full and have dark nipples that erect themselves when I feel sexy. I used to swim topless in beaches that is allowed, but not near my hometown, or near to people I know (except very close friends). So, imagine me wearing just a skirt and a white T-shirt!

So, to continue with the story, when we arrived at the gym there were 4 people playing 2 against 2 and a couple waiting. After finishing their game Mike asked to join them and they agreed. They asked the other guy who was waiting and he said that he will play only if they let his girlfriend play too. Mike asked me to join them so there were 2 girls playing, but I said no. After some discussion and since they will be 4 against 3 and Mike couldn’t play I decide to join them.

We shot some warm up shots and I realize that it was difficult for me to play basketball wearing a skirt. I mean the cloth didn’t bother me at all, but since it kept lifting up every time I jump it showed at lot of my panties. I forgotten to mention that I didn’t wear athletic panties but a black lace semi see-through g-string.

Soon I started to enjoy the attention I got and I was feeling kind of turned on. I mean, every time I tried a jump shoot my tits bounce under my T-shirt and all the men in the basketball court keep looking at my nipples that have became really hard, like they try to pop through the T-shirt fiber. Additionally, every time my skirt rose up and exposed my naked ass I felt the air under my skirt and realized that my pussy is started to get a little wet. You know not much wet, not like I was really ready for sex, but like when is in the beginning of a good foreplay!

After a long warm up during which all the guys kept offering me the ball, in order to look under my skirt when I jumped, we formed two teams 3 boys in each team and 1 girl. I was in the opposite team than Mike. Then they decide that our team would keep their shirts on and the other will have to remove theirs (so to distinguish between team members). So all people in our team remain clothed and all boys from the other team took their T-shirts off. Since no-one mention to the girl in the other team something, she also took her T-shirt off. I was surprised, but she wore he bikini top underneath so it was ok.

Her action had an immediate effect on the men. I mean she completely took almost all their attention for a couple of minutes. During the game some of them they tried a few times to rub against her and when she got the ball they move their hands higher on her body.

On the other hand when I got the ball they manage to stand behind me, so to have a clear view of my ass when I was shooting. I bet they loved to watch the tan lines of my bikini and my white buttocks that were in antithesis to my darker skin in my tanned thighs. The other girl didn’t played a good level of basketball, so she didn’t ask for the ball many times and most times she pass the ball rather than shoot, but still she was getting much attention! The attention she got made me kind of want to get even more attention for myself!

The first game was a disaster for our team. It was also kind of funny for me. They way I was running and jumping up and down they all could see my naked butt (since the g-string didn’t cover it a bit and the skirt was always flying). It was also obvious to all that I didn’t wear any bra, since my tits were also bouncing up and down inside my T-shirt.

During the game I could feel the men looking at my bare ass while I was shooting the ball. This make me feel very sexy and started to turn me more on. My nipples had become erect and hard from bouncing in the shirt. Since I had prespired due to the game now the men could see my nipples poking through the thin material of my damp white T-shirt. This cause them to stare at me more than the other girl and this attention make me feel better, sexier and like a star getting all the attention. Since we lost 21-4 (I scored 2 points out 4 of my team!) we decide to switch some players (so the game will be fair). Our team took Mike (he is really good) and gives a not good player and also told me to go to the other team so to be kind of even (since I was better player than the other girl was).

After mixing up the teams, Mike had to wear his T-shirt and so the other girl. The guy who exchanged with Mike took his T-shirt off. I tried to let this be forgotten (that I was still wearing my T-shirt), but the girl ask me to take off mine too. I looked at Mike and he smile and looked away. I knew he was teasing me and he was expecting me to tell everyone that I wouldn’t do it since I didn’t wear a bra.

To everyone’s surprise, I said: “Ok, but please excuse me… I didn’t have my bikini underneath” and before they tell me anything I took my T-shirt off and toss it away. My tits bounce free and I stood there topless.

My dark brown nipples and round aureoles were in antithesis to my white firm tits. Although my tits were a little tanned there were quite whiter than my rest of my skin. This is because I had quite a few chances to swim topless – its perfectly legal in Greece and most girls are dare enough to do it- but in many occasions I had wore my bikini top too. My tits are medium to large size but my nipples are quite big and since they stood up very erected it offer a very impressive view to the men!

All men stared at my tits and it seemed like an eternity until someone speak up “come on lets play”. During that time I stood there somehow enjoying the attention I get, but somehow regretting the decision to strip my self and kind of wanting to put my T-shirt on again. Felling like a movie star with all men putting 100% of their attention at me finally was the thing that kept me from dressing again.

The next game was very fun. My team was passing me the ball very often and almost all the guys that play against me they used any excuse to “accidentally” touch my tits. First time this happen my heart beat like crazy. I mean it wasn’t from the basketball but form the excitement that a strange man was actually touching my naked tits in public! I felt some how embarrassed but also very exited.

This made my pussy throb and get wet and caused my heart to race. Since I didn’t react to the first man touching my tits, all the others got more courage and started to “accidentally” touching my tits too. I was thinking “God what I am doing? I must stop the game and go dress”, but I was too turned on to stop. My nipples were very erect. I could see that Mike had also a hard on.

When this game ended I told him that I noticed that he had a hard on and he said that he was enjoying this very much and he admitted that he was very turned on too. He also told me that the only thing better was to do it totally nude. I told him that I would do it if he wanted me too, but how? I could not just say to all “My guy thinks that is very erotic to play nude, so do you mind to strip and play nude?” So Mike came up with an idea.

During the break between games he broke the 2 buttons from my skirt leaving it staying in place only from one button. When all people return from drinking water we started the next game. The first time I took the ball, Mike manage to be near me, grabbed my skirt and “crassssstsssssssss” the last button broke and the skirt fallen down.

The game immediately stopped. I took the skirt in my hands and without covering, check it. I told anyone that is damaged and I could not wear it and play. They all looked very disappointed and Mike told me “Come on! Is like wearing a bikini! Besides you will play better this way. The skirt was interfering your moves!” I pretended to think about his idea and finally agreed. I thought that was the plan Mike had in mind.

So I found my self playing basketball wearing only a semi see-through black g-string. After playing a lot and the game was 17-17 (the game ends in 21) Mike stood behind me and told me “Here it goes!” and before I could ask him what he meant he grabbed the triangle behind my g-string and broke the little fiber that holds it. I was found myself totally nude!

I screamed “Eeeeeee” and all looked at me. I hid my shaved pussy with my left hand and told Mike “You are totally goofy! Look what you did! Can’t you be a little careful… You idiot”. I immediately covered my pussy with my right hand and I started to walk toward the bench we left our cloths and told everyone that the game ends here. I could feel my clit erect and peeping out from between my pussy lips. I knew that the others could realize that I was wet and sexually excited. I started walking towards the bench doing this slowly and moving my butt very slowly.

Then Mike told me: “Come on! Sorry… but can you play a few seconds? Its 17-17”. I turn around and face him (and all the others) still covering my pussy with my right hand. My nipples were very hard at the thought that I was totally nude in front of everyone. All the guys were staring at me and my hand that was the only thing covering my pussy.

The other girl was also looking at me but she had the look “you are such a slut”. I told Mike no, but all the guys kept telling me to continue to play. I could see that most of the men were also had erections. I pretend that I didn’t want to spoil the game, but I also didn’t want to play in the nude, but I acted like I was considering it. They all told me to play, since the game was important (Since it was so important why no-one offered my to wear spare clothing from the many they have?).

I played hard to be convinced, but while I was telling them no, I had already moved my hand to my side allowing all a perfect view to my pussy. I did it casually like it happened while talking and didn’t notice that I had uncover my pussy. My pussy was then in clear view for anyone to see the shaved skin around the red outer lips and the thin line of unshaved silky hair just above it. The moment they all saw my shaved pussy and my clit thought the lips spread open from excitement, nobody said a word and all started to breath more heavily and watch silently. Their stares at my naked pussy made my nipples ever harder (I could not believe that they could get as hard as that). My heart was racing with excitement.

Finally I agreed. I started to play all nude basketball in front of 5 people (4 guys and a girl). That was very exciting mixed with emotions of humiliation. I felt embarrassed and turned on at the same time. During the game the guys touched me several times both on my tits and between my legs. It was very embarrassing to feel strangers’ hands slipping between my legs and feeling my privates, but also made me feel very erotic and sexy. During the game a guy even managed to caress the thin triangle of my pussy hair and run his finger between my pussy lips! The game took forever to end, since they all spend more time looking at my pussy rather than playing basketball. Finally our team won (I scored all 4 remaining points, since no one else was willing to end the show I was offering).

After the game ended instead of going directly to the showers I make some relaxing exercises by spreading my legs while all people were watching me. Since I was stretching my pussy was completely exposed. I laid there spreading my legs apart and letting all men watching my wide open pussy, my inner lips and my clit. I was so turned on that I wish that Mike could fuck me right there in front all of them, or even all of them take there turns on me.

I wanted to scream “please fuck me I am so turned on”. Of course I didn’t scream anything but Mike must have sensed that I was ready to do something beyond the limits (at least his limits), so he dressed and lifted me up too.

I wore my T-shirt and realized that my skirt had no buttons to hold it and that I didn’t have panties underneath. I didn’t shower and we both rushed out of the gym. Walking back to the hotel was half a mile (on a road busy with traffic) and during this walk I was holding my skirt with both hands while Mike kept lifting it up!

When we reach the hotel we were both wild. Mike started to fuck me before even enter the room and we both were very turned one and enjoyed the most of it.


Well that was my story! I wish for more encouragement that will help me to write more stories! And honestly I am enjoying this very very much!

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