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A few weeks ago when Jonni and Ross were camping and had visited the "Magic Waterfall," Jonni had reminisced about the days when she was quite an accomplished water-skier. She had competed through University and in her married life, the family had had a boat and did a lot of water sport holidays. She had only periodically water skied since the marriage ended and she had not even thought about it since her leg had been amputated.

But on the day she and Ross did the boating, she was reminded of her former interest. It occurred to her that water skiing is a sport where TWO legged people compete when they are on only ONE ski! So, it seemed reasonable to expect someone with one leg, who used to be a pretty skilled skier, to be able to once again ski with one leg on one ski!

At the time, her reminiscences were just "filed away" for later use, but last week, Barry and Liz McShayne, old friends of Ross', offered their magnificent, lakeside house, boat, and Groundskeeper to Ross for a couple of weeks starting next week. Ross had no classes at the University and Jonni's garden and landscape design business could be put on hold for two weeks. The two of them were planning to hide away at the McShayne "Mansion."

Co-incidentally, Jonni's daughter Illean and son Jason, had scheduled a summer visit with their Mom during those two weeks. They had heard about Ross. Ross and Jonni knew that the inevitable meeting between beau and babies, which they were in fact anticipating with pleasure, would best be accomplished on neutral territory. And so, Jonni had invited the kids to visit her and Ross at the McShayne's house.

The year after Jonni's leg was taken, the kids were a huge help in supporting her and making it as easy as possible to face life at 43 with only one leg to stand on. She had insisted that they "help get her on her feet (oops foot) again" and not pull any punches with her. They were her reality sandwich and in spite of the large insurance settlement, they made sure that Mom go on the amputee's version of "standing on your own feet." Almost a year after the accident, Illean, the eldest, moved away for a good job and her brother joined her while he went to school. All three agreed that Jonni had gained much of her independence back and the next steps would best be left to her alone because it was likely to involve a man!

Over the last 3 months, Jonni had told both of her kids about Ross. She had told them how wonderful he made her feel, how "able" in so many things she felt when with him, how safe she felt in his arms and how seriously she was thinking about a commitment to this man. Of course the version she told Illean and Jason was a lot less interesting a tale than the same things she chewed and whispered into Ross' ears every time they were together.

Jonni and Ross had five days to get used to the house before the kids arrived. Jonni was anxious because she was unable to water ski without at least a 3rd in the boat and she honestly trusted Jason's helmsmanship in a boat more than the rookie boat-driver, Ross. She was also anxious, as was Ross, about the upcoming introductions. But Ross hid his nerves by concentrating on everything about Jonni that he loved and enjoyed so much. He told her that no matter what the kids thought of him, he loved her dearly.

And for 5 days, Ross and Jonni enjoyed total relaxation, stimulation and arousal as they explored the sauna, the Jacuzzi, the Greenhouse and gardens and the surrounding area from the boat that was moored off the Gazebo. Those five days were great days of discovery and adventure:

In the sauna they both discovered that co-mingled sweat was as good a pleasure lubricant as was an original Kama Sutra oil of love.

In the Jacuzzi, Jonni discovered that pulsating jets of water on her stump and her sweet pussy could bring her to an orgasm! When she made this discovery, she was sitting with her back to Ross' chest and he was gently manipulating her soapy, soft breasts. When she unexpectedly came, Ross clasped her tightly to his chest and rocked her body with aftershocks of pleasure.

In the Greenhouse, Ross helped Jonni see how the Orchid is THE MOST SEXUAL plant on earth. He pointed out to her, the two sets of dew dropped plant-lips that pave the way to the "plant's clitoris", and the convoluted texture of those lips, and the sensuous colours. Jonni wobbled on her crutches and leaned back into Ross' arms as he continued the "orchid lesson" at the same time he fingered his student's own sweet orchid.

In the gardens they discovered at least three "secret spots" that were conducive to the most intimate of moments and sensations. At the first discovery, the hot afternoon sun just naturally led to them undressing and savouring the sun on their bodies. The second time they explored the gardens, Jonni slipped a bottle of rubbing and loving oil into her shorts. When lathered and stroked on to each others body, the combination of the sun and the oil produced a warmth, in and on their bodies, that kept their sensations at a razor's edge of delight. On the third day of "garden exploration," a term they now joked about as being a CODE WORD for "unbounded rapture, pleasure and sensation," unbeknownst to each other, both Jonni and Ross omitted underwear in their daily dress. So when they found "the spot", their hands quickly found special spots on each other's body that needed massaging and manipulation with silky soft, warm oils liberally applied by each other to each other.

The boat allowed them to discover an "insanely wonderful," small restaurant in an out of the way bay less than 30 minutes from "Mansion." Together for dinner at this spot, after two hours of delicious Vichyssoise, Caesar salad, perfectly cooked Calamari with lime sauce and a glass of fine wine each, the two of them returned to the boat intoxicated with love and desire. On the short trip back to the pier, Ross removed Jonni's left crutch from her wrist and snugged her tightly to him around her left side. Bound together as they were, they did a slightly rough version of a three legged walk through the grounds. They used the awkwardness of the "walk" as an excuse to stop often under the moonlight and neck.

Back at the pier, Jonni grabbed her crutch from Ross and confidently swung to the boat. She sat low on the gunwale, swung her spectacular long leg into the back deck of the boat and heel toed her way forward to the helm. As she started the engine, Ross loosed the lines and shoved off. Squeezing in beside Jonni and draping his arm long over her shoulder so that his hand was able to hang down and tickle her nipples Ross vibrated his body warmth to Jonni in the cooling evening temperature. She tossed her hair back into the wind as the boat moved away from the dock and she cooed. She pulled Ross into a small kiss and warned him that she needed to pay close attention to the darkening lake and the navigation lights so they could make it back and be ready for tomorrow's arrival of both Jason and Illean on this, their last night alone for about a week.

She promised that when they arrived home, she would slowly undress Ross and herself and dance naked for him. He showed his approval of the plan by nuzzling her neck and licking her ears as the boat plowed through the darkness on its way home.

With night-caps beside them and a very sensual Pet Shop Boys tune playing, Jonni pushed herself off the couch after first stealing a deep kiss and hopped to her foot. She hopped round to face Ross and slowly began massaging her thigh and love regions. She cooed about the softness of the material that her pant was made of and as she clasped her short stumpie, she noted how it perfectly filled the stump pocket she had sewn in to the slacks. She stretched the short remnant up and as forward as she could thrust it all the while massaging and kneading the remaining muscles and bone.

With a deft move, Jonni slipped her hand into her waste band and began fingering herself. Hopping and heel-toeing to keep her balance, she whispered to Ross that "this is much more satisfying when it is your hand here but right now, you are just going to have to wait your turn." She began peeling her pant down from her waist after unwrapping her stump from its pocket and kicking it a few times. She bent further and further down as she sensuously unwrapped the pant all the way down to her ankle. At that moment, she was bent double immediately in front of Ross and he was able to lean forward and kiss the crown of her head. She straightened and pulled Ross from his seat.

"Hold me tight, my love and lift me."

Ross snuggled and lifted her and Jonni flicked the pant off her right foot and wrapped it tightly behind Ross' upper thigh and squeezed him to her. Their lips met in a strong passionate kiss. Jonni slowly uncurled her leg and perched herself down again. She gently pushed away from Ross and lowered him back to the couch. She began playing with the straps on her halter-top blouse and thrusting her breasts forward, teasing Ross to reach up and grab!

In quick succession, Jonni's top, bra and panties were on the floor and she was dancing a serpentine rhythm as she licked her lips and swayed back in forth in front of Ross.

It wasn't long before the two of them took their drinks and settled into the Jacuzzi where Jonni had another orgasm. Ross promised her at least one more before the night ended because he was "going to lick every drop of sweetness from her passion pit, and bring her to an explosion of pleasure," he cooed into her ear.

"I love you so much Ross. I want you to know that whatever my children think after tomorrow is less important than you and I. I love you and I want you more than I have ever wanted anything in my life." They leisurely embraced. They cuddled and hugged in the tub. At one point, Jonni was able to float her empty left side onto Ross' huge cock. Sitting in the tub, conjoined by their sexes, Ross whispered how wonderful it felt to have his cock inside Jonni's sweet woman-ness. Together they thanked God that they had found each other and been given the perfect pleasure of each other's sensuousness and desire. They dreamily played with each other until it was time to dry off and snuggle together in bed until morning.

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