tagFetishStripped and Flipped

Stripped and Flipped


The bar was open as I neared it. Thank heaven; I didn't think I could push my car much further.

It all began after the breakdown about 5 miles previous. I ran out of gas and had to push the car into town. Thankfully, the tires were still good.

I walked into the bar sweaty and smelling of perspiration. Somehow the mixture of both smell and looks caused what came next. I was almost trampled as the women in the bar tried to reach me. For some reason I did not understand at the time there were no men in evidence.

My body glistened with sweat as I am sure I needed a good long bath. To my surprise, though they didn't have a bathtub, they did have a shower. It turned out to be a strip club I had just entered and tonight was amateur tryout day. It also turned out that they needed an audience.

As I was too tired to move, and given the circumstances, I most wholeheartedly agreed to help them out.

As the first dancer come on stage I watched intently as she proceeded to dance to the rhythm of a jungle beat and strip slowly. At approximately 5 and a ½ feet tall with chestnut brown hair and with extremely toned legs she had my attention right from the start. "Cassandra" was the name she went under and she was as lithe as a ballerina but moved with the grace of a panther. She glided across the floor straight to me and then gave me the hard-on from Hell.

Cassandra may have moved like a panther but she danced like a succubus arousing her target. Lucky me, I was that target. As she moved she worked very hard to make sure that I knew how much she wanted me. Or, at the very least, she appeared to.

When Cassandra started her act she moved on the pole like she was making love to it, riding it like a rampant member and trying to get it harder than it was. Now she was seated in my lap giving me the ride of my life through my cutoff shorts. I did my best not to make it obvious what she was doing as she reached under my pants leg to my naked cock and began to tease it. Cassandra may have been an amateur dancer but she was a professional level cocktease—and she wasn't the only one working there.

The next dancer to come on stage went by the stage name of "Velvet" and it was easy to see why. Simply put her skin and moves were as smooth as velvet—both of which matched her sultry voice. Velvet's cocoa colored thighs were where I wanted to bury my face moments after seeing them. She was, like the others, an amateur but she moved like she was in the midst of a very intense lovemaking session and an even more intense orgasm had come upon her. In her native land of Brazil she was a maid. However, here she was treated better and made more money for doing exactly the same thing. Velvet, she would soon find out, could make more money dancing part-time then being a maid full-time. She slid gracefully across the floor like a snake about to attack its prey—me!

I was mesmerized by the beauty of her gorgeous eyes. It was as if she was some dragon and I was the little bird lost within her gaze. Her skin was against mine before I even knew she was there. My loose shorts again were invaded by the sliding hand of a beautiful woman but this one did not want to just tease me.

Velvet breathed the words, "2 am behind the bar. You and me," into my ear as she brought me nearly to orgasm. My ears pricked upon hearing what she said and I could not wait.

"Anything you want me to have with me love," I asked quietly.

"Just your hard cock and a large box of condoms," she replied just as quietly, "At least a couple dozen."

"I don't carry that many on me dear, but I will go out and get them and be back before you get off," I said.

"I certainly hope so. I want to get off and many times dear," she said as she groped my balls before releasing my cock.

As my car screeched tires pulling out of the lot I thought about how horny Velvet must be. Little did I suspect what was to come. The clerk, when I finally found a store, looked at me funny as I asked if they had a larger sized condom in a pack of more than 12. I could swear she blushed as I asked that very question.

"Must be a hell of a party," said the redheaded clerk with hair tightly braided going down her back.

"Nah, just fulfilling a lady's request before we get together later," I said.

"Well, not to state the obvious but, either she is excessively horny or you are in for a shock," she said.

"What do you mean," I asked perplexed.

"To be blunt, you got several dozen extra large condoms. I don't know any one woman who would need that many for an evenings pleasure unless she was very, very horny or she had a group of friends planning on coming with her," she spoke as bluntly as she'd promised.

"One could only hope," I joked.

"So, where is she meeting you?" she inquired.

"Ummmmmm, behind 'Galloway's Pleasure Palace,' after the place closes at 2 am, in the alley," I stammered.

"I see," she said knowingly.

"What, exactly, do you see," I asked sheepishly.

"Well, obviously, you don't know so I'll have to tell you. Galloway's is a honey trap," she intoned.

"Honey trap?"

"Yeah, they all act like newbies to stripping but actually they are not. Oh, and the owner of the club is not who you think it is but, rather, one of the dancers. A very wealthy one—with extremely kinky sexual desires. She, and all her girls, lure men there to turn them into their own personal whores," she said barely slowing down to breathe.

My hazel green eyes went wide.

"Whores," I asked incredulously.

"Yeah," she answered.

It was then that I surprised her.

"Good thing I am a submissive then, huh," I said.

She went blank.

"Well then I'll make you a deal. You can have the condoms free of charge—as long as I get to try you out first," she said.

With new eyes I looked her over. She was now no longer a clerk but a woman interested in being a sex partner and I started to judge her as one. Carefully I looked her up and down. Her eyes sparkled mischievously, her already large chest seemed to swell as I looked her over, her legs looked toned and inviting but, best of all, she was asking me for sex.

"Are you kidding me," I asked inquisitively.

"No, I want a submissive man to service me for once instead of getting themselves off then getting off me," she intoned.

Unfortunately, I did not have much time before 2 am was to roll around. A problem that quickly solved itself.

"My name is Laurel," she said, "and from now on I think you shall be my slave. Understood?"

"Yes Mistress Laurel," I said submissively and instinctively.

She let me into the area where she made her sales and pushed me under the counter. Somehow, without much surprise, I suspected I knew what she wanted. It became clear when she put her pussy, sans panties, right against my face.

Slowly and deliberately my tongue licked her inner and outer labial lips arousing her even more than she already was. Gradually, I pushed my curled tongue into her and, as she began to accommodate it, react to it, I began to thrust it in and out of her. She facefucked me like most men like to facefuck a cock down a woman's throat.

Mistress Laurel kept an eye on the time and, when 1:30 am finally came around, got up to leave—but not before she put a few things together. She kept me under the counter until she was ready then attached the metal choke collar she'd picked up to my throat which she then attached to a long leash. I was very much in her control now, just one tug would crush my throat and the sharp points would probably rip my vocal cords out. There was no way I'd disobey her now.

We arrived back at the strip club and got more than a few stares, not the least of which belonged to Velvet, now onstage for her last performance of the evening.

"Which one is she," Mistress Laurel intoned.

"The one onstage," I said with downcast eyes.

Mistress Laurel then signaled Velvet over.

"I know you have plans with my new slave so I will be joining you both at 2 am. Don't worry, I brought plenty of condoms," said Mistress Laurel knowingly and jokingly.

Amazingly Velvet showed up at 2 am. As Mistress explained Velvet inadvertently delivered me into her hands Velvet grinned sheepishly. All too soon she was finished with her explanation and their intense gazes descended upon me. I was a small bird trapped in the hypnotizing gazes of two large, ferocious serpents and my power to resist just drained away.

As my will to resist them drained away my eyes showed my absolute submission to Velvet and Mistress Laurel. Together or separately their slightest commands were obeyed instanteously. Mistress Laurel ordered me to remove my shorts and get on my knees as soon as we entered the alley behind the strip club. Velvet then slammed me into the wall turning me towards her as she did so and began thrusting her tongue down my throat as she knowingly jacked my rampant member. I, of course, rose to the occasion—all 9.5" of my thick cock.

Now I suppose I should describe myself a bit. I am 6' tall, 234 pounds, have brown shoulder length hair, hazel green eyes, am well muscled, have a 9.5" long, coke can thick cock and am very kinky and exceedingly submissive.

Mistress Laurel removed Velvet's hand from my cock and ordered me to stroke myself to orgasm as they watched. They leaned back against the walls and gently played with themselves as I stroked myself to orgasm so many times that I was practically raw. As my cock moved up and down alternating between slow and fast speeds, and with a gentle twisting motion, I watched the ladies pleasure their pussies with their fingers.

Velvet had had enough of pleasuring herself and had just suggested we leave when we were suddenly interrupted by a rather well-endowed female constable. It seemed that our activities had not gone unnoticed by the local constabulary. The cuffs were rather quickly locked onto all of us in the standard behind the back position. The policewoman forced us all into the back of the cruiser and as she did I heard her say, "Your ass and cock now belong to me slut."

Officer Penelope Cruz, a gorgeous Cuban refugee who became a citizen, has a slim face, is about 4' 9" tall, has toned inviting legs, well-muscled arms and an expansive bosom that measured a very full, and firm, 60DD. Needless to say I was in lust immediately and my rampant member, rapidly rising yet again, was very much proof of that. Officer Cruz's hand spanked my ass as soon as we reached our destination—which definitely was not the police station.

Penelope led us all into her residence which turned out to be a converted barn cum house. The interior space was quite open and appeared to have been sedately, and completely, soundproofed as well. We soon found out why as various homemade implements of bondage and discipline rose from the floor. Penelope, it seemed, was a master carpenter, and quite an imaginative one, as her work showed rather well.

Officer Cruz led Velvet, Mistress Laurel and I to a padded horse over which, after stripping me down, she leaned me across and locked my wrists, waist and ankles to it. My hard cock was pointed straight at the floor and passed through a hole in the horse that allowed easy access to my turgid member. Next she led Velvet and Mistress Laurel over to a rack and chained them, both naked, to each other in a 69 position. Each woman started to do what came naturally in that position and began to eat the other out—prodded on by Penelope's riding crop landing in some extremely sensitive places.

Mistress and Velvet screamed in agony at first as Officer Cruz lashed them mercilessly with one hand and took long, forceful strokes of my prodigious member with the other. Gradually their screams turned to moans and my needs came to the forefront although I was not allowed to release. Penelope played a symphony of pleasure and pain upon our bodies like one who is a composer, conductor and orchestra all in one.

When Officer Cruz pulled out the video camera none of us were sure how to respond—at least not logically—but our bodies knew instinctively what to do. She forced her nipples into my mouth and made me suck them to hardness. After getting them hard and wet Penelope then walked behind me, licked my ass slowly for a few moments, then inserted her large, thick nipples up my ass and began to fuck my ass with them one after the other.

I have to admit it was definitely not what I expected although that came shortly after as she strapped on a long, thick, hard black strap-on and took my ass forcefully. This she did only after spending an inordinate amount of time fucking me with her nipples, sucking and teasing my cock and whipping Mistress Laurel and Velvet. Held down by the cuffs there was little I could do as my virgin ass was roughly and rudely violated by Officer Cruz.

Officer Cruz did not stop with my ass though. Next she took first Mistress, then Velvet, locked their collars to me in a 69 position, after placing me first on the floor face up and bound arms and legs spread wide, and took their pussies and asses with her 15" strap-on cock. Between the pleasures they received from me eating them out and the pain they got from the officer both women were soon screaming and creaming. Was that enough to please Penelope? Not a chance!

Penelope told us, just before releasing our completely used and exhausted bodies, that she would be seeing us again soon. Only next time she would not be alone and the video we made would probably be a bestseller by then.

On the way out Mistress Laurel told me, "Sleep well tonight for tomorrow all our new lives will begin---especially yours slut!"

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