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Submissive and Willing


'This gorgeous married lady is a genuinely submissive lady who would love to answer Mails from men who appreciate her sexy body, and would like to tease her and instruct her into doing naughty things!! Any notes/comments will be forwarded to her by Hopebeach, and she promises to answer each reply if you leave your Mail address.'

Submissive and Willing!!

It was only Wednesday morning but Fran, the attractive 35 year old wife, was nervous already about the coming Saturday night. Her husband, Jake, had made a full confession to her the night before....what else could he do?

Jake had been to a casino with friends and chalked up gambling losses to the tune of $3000. There was no way he could pay that sort of debt on the spot and he had been brought to the casino boss's office to try and come to some arrangement! He begged and pleaded for time but could give no guarantee as to when he might be able to settle the debt. Suddenly the boss had said,

'Are you married?'

'Yes....why do you ask?'

'Get your wife to get some snacks and some beers in.........me and two of my colleagues are coming to your house on Saturday evening. I'm going to give you a chance to repay the debt.....but I want your wife to be there.....right?' It wasn't a request, it was just a firm statement. 'Write down your address.'

The two men talked for a few more minutes, but Jake was soon dismissed, shivering and shaking at how deeply into serious hot water he now found himself. He lay awake that night, sweating and going over every eventuality. The following evening, he had found it more than difficult to try to explain to Fran what exactly was happening. It was bad enough trying to tell her that he was in debt for $3000, but he also had to tell her that they were going to have visitors on Saturday night........the boss of the casino and two of his cronies.......and that Fran had to be there!

'Why?' she asked. 'Why have I got to be here? What the hell have you got into, Jake?' Worried thoughts initially wafted through her mind but she tried to convince herself that things would even themselves out and somehow her husband would come to some arrangement with the casino.

'I don't know, honey, I really don't know!' Was Jake lying? 'I'm going to try and recover my debt and the boss man says he wants you to be here to keep us in beer and snacks. We have to do it, honey.' Nothing more was said, but both husband and wife spent the next few days worried about their future......and their marriage!

Fran had married Jake when she was still a virgin and only 18. She certainly was an attractive young woman, standing at 5'5 with a shapely figure, wonderful breasts, dark brown hair that she sometimes tinted blonde, lovely legs and a firm, tight ass. She had stayed loyal and true to her husband, but as time went on, Fran's maturity had given her more confidence, a wider outlook on life and she had come to realise that her sexy body was something that attracted other men (and perhaps other women for all she knew).

She had worked her way up to become the manager of a retail store and it was only a short drive away each day in her car. This job had given her independence and responsibility and she was able to meet with a multitude of different people during her working day. Much of the time, customers and visiting staff members would try and engage Fran in conversation, perhaps teasing her, attracted by her feminine qualities and her shapely body.

Although Fran remained loyal to her husband, there were occasions when she found herself attracted to some of the men, young and old, who tried to charm her, and often, in her imagination and fantasy, she would think about what it would be like to 'enjoy' the attentions of another man. Perhaps she might be whisked off to a smart hotel, wined and dined in style before being taken to a huge, comfortable bed where she could finally experience another male body....another cock in her mouth, another tongue licking her soft pussy, and finally another hard cock stretching her aching cunt to give her the thrilling fuck that she fantasised about.

In spite of her thoughts, and even though the marriage had lasted more than 16 years now, she remained in her cosy, happy marriage, like millions of other women, and her fantasies remained just that.....fantasies.

Right now, Fran didn't have the time, or the inclination, for fantasies. Her mind went over and over the thought of her husband owing $3000 to the casino. God, what the hell was Jake going to do about it? How the hell were they going to repay that sort of cash? Please God that Jake can win some hands of cards on Saturday, Fran prayed to herself.

They lived in a quiet little town on the eastern side of the US, with only one or two other houses close by, and it wasn't very often that they had visitors on a Saturday night, but this weekend was going to be different. Fran could hardly concentrate on her managerial duties at the store on Thursday and Friday but on Saturday, she and Jake decided to go to the local superstore to get all the goods they needed. They bought plenty of beer, pizzas, chips, cookies.....anything that was going to keep the visitors happy. Then, on the drive home, Jake suddenly said,

'You know we've got to keep these guys happy tonight, don't you, Fran? I don't want you to worry but we should try and act natural and go along with their wishes. If I can win some of the money back and they get plenty of beer to keep them smiling, then things might not be too bad.....and I hope you can look pretty too!!'

'Christ Jake,' Fran started, her patience running thin. 'Don't I always look pretty when we go out or have company? You know I'll do my best!' Nothing more was said as Jake became more and more nervous as the time approached. The men were due at about 8pm and by then, Fran had the kitchen all decked out with the food and the crates of beer under the table.

The kitchen was on the upstairs floor where the bedrooms and living room were, but the main family room was downstairs with the bathroom and garage, and this was where Jake was intending to host his guests for the evening.

Jake was pacing up and down all the time, but at about 7.30, Fran went to the bathroom to shower and then back up to her bedroom to change for the evening. Even then, she had butterflies in her stomach, and at about five past eight she could hear a large saloon pull up in the drive-way. She tried to peer out of her bedroom window to see the men, but all she could see were a big, black Cadillac and three figures moving quickly to the front door.

As she carried on getting ready, she could hear voices down below in the family room and then, suddenly, her husband called up the stairs.

'Fran, honey, are you ready? Can you come and join us as quickly as you can?' Fran could tell the tension in Jake's voice and knew her presence was required as soon as possible. She had another quick look in her long mirror, slipped her high heels on and decided that it was 'now or never.' The men could hear the high heels clipping down the stairs and then the door to the family room opened and all four men were staring at her entry.

She could immediately tell who the boss was...the man in charge, the one with all the say, the one who would decide her husband's fate. He was smiling and sitting back in the most comfortable arm chair. He took his time but looked at Fran from top to toe in a very relaxed manner. She felt he was mentally undressing her and all she could do was stand there in all her innocence!

Her nipples began to harden in her tiny top, she was nervous as hell, and the silence was deafening. '

'I'm Joey. You must be Jake's wife...I heard him call you Fran...well, hello Fran. It's a pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for inviting us into your home.'

Although he was lounging back in the armchair, Fran imagined him to be shortish, about 5'8/5'9, stocky with a bit of a paunch belly and at least 60 years old. His hair was jet black and she figured he had some Italian or Latin blood in him......just the type to run a casino, Fran thought. She tried to be the friendly hostess.

'It's a pleasure, and thank you for coming!!' she smiled weakly, even though she was well aware that Joey had invited himself rather than being invited.

Fran was also aware of the other two men in the room with her husband. They were both standing close to Joey and were also immaculately dressed in dark suits. They were introduced as Eddie and Buck. Buck was probably in his mid twenties, about 6', broad shoulders with a beautiful black face and gleaming white teeth. As he was introduced by Joey, he gave Fran a nod of the head and a dazzling smile. He too hadn't failed to notice the sexy body of the only woman in the room.

Eddie was older, probably mid-fifties, about 5'10 but also well built with dark hair and a hardened look in his eyes.....no, you definitely wouldn't argue with these guys, Fran thought!

Joey carried on, all the time moving his eyes up and down Fran's shapely body but occasionally directing his words to Jake who was standing, nervously, close to his wife.

'Now, you're in a very difficult position, Jake.....I presume you've told your gorgeous wife about the money you owe the casino?' Fran and Jake nodded affirmative, not wishing to add to the conversation. 'Well, I'm glad we can sit down and work it out like proper adults......and I'm glad your wife is here to help us solve the problem!' and there was a smirk all over Joey's face as he uttered these last words. 'I tell you what. Why don't you go and bring some food and some beers, Fran, while Jake and I have a little chat.'

Fran almost ran up the stairs to obey the head man. Within 3 minutes, she was back in the family room with a tray of chips and nuts and sandwiches, and a bag full of beers. By now the four men were sitting round the oblong table, one on each side. Fran put the food and drink on a trolley and pushed it to the side where Joey was sitting. She could see that already a playing card had been dealt to each man.

'Now you're here again, sweetie-pie,' Joey grinned,' we're going to turn the cards over. Highest card wins.......and it's worth a thousand dollars!!' He said it with such a smirk on his face and he knew the feelings that would be going through Fran's mind. Already $3000 in debt, her husband was dicing with another $1000 on just one card.

'Oh my God,' she murmured under her breath. 'Jake, are you sure this is the right way?' she tried to reason. 'Can't you offer to pay it off each month, or something......or even work some time at the casino to pay it off?' Joey was quick to retort.

'Can you think of another way, then, Fran?' with yet another smirk all across his face. 'We don't need any more staff at the casino.......and we always give a man a fair chance of getting evens! Or do you have something else in mind, sexy lady?' Again he looked her body up and down, taking in the shapely legs in the high heels, the tight skirt and the little top which beautifully accentuated her hard breasts.

Fran began,

'Well, I......,' but Jake interrupted her.

'It's the only way, honey,' and he quickly turned his card over....an ace, and he couldn't be beaten. As the others all turned their cards over, Joey laughed and said,

'Well, there's a $1000 you've saved. Now you owe us only $2000. Same again.....only this time, we double. Turn the cards over for $2000.' Fran took a deep breath.

'No, no......Jake, you only have one chance in four.....and you could be owing $4000 in a matter of seconds!' Joey was watching her all the time.

'Your wife seems pretty sensible, doesn't she? She seems to be pretty worried for you, man. Say, honey, why don't you come over here,' and he beckoned the sexy wife over to his chair. As she nervously got to his side, Joey's hand grabbed hers and he kissed the back of her hand. Fran stood silently at his side and suddenly his hand let go of hers and dropped to her thigh.

Fran could feel the thick, podgy hand suddenly caressing her leg and then the hand moved slowly up her thigh, under the little skirt and it was soon on the cheek of her ass, on the curve where it joined the top of her thigh. She felt nervous, frightened and excited all at once. Jake was sweating and suddenly defensive.

'Hey, Mister, I didn't say you could.........,' but Joey quickly put him down.

'I don't think you have any say in the matter, loser!' and there was venom and contempt in his voice as he carried on caressing the delectable ass. 'Tell you what, we turn over the cards, and if you win, then we're evens and we leave you alone with your pretty wife!'

'You don't have to do it, Jake.......it's OK, it's OK,' murmured Fran, and the gentle hand on her bottom was touching her in such an erotic way that she didn't move an inch. The look on Jake's face, though, was one of rage. Right in front of him, the boss man was groping his wife and there was nothing he could do about it!

'Turn over the cards,' Jake suddenly blurted out, hoping against hope that he could bring the night to an end. He started by turning over a 10 of Hearts. Then there was a four, then an eight and then, finally....God, Jake was wet with sweat. It was all down to Eddie, who gently toyed with his card, before slowly turning it over to reveal a...........King of Spades!!

Jake gulped and Fran's heart beat hard in her chest. Suddenly, her husband was $4000 in debt and the world looked a bleak and unforgiving place. Joey, Buck and Eddie had the faintest smiles on their faces.

'Again?' laughed Joey. 'Double or quits, Mister? Either zero bucks or you're in for $8000.' His hand was now on Fran's panties, running his fingers across the thin material, squeezing the hard cheeks of her ass, running up and down the insides of her thighs. Joey let the silence linger for a little while longer and then he said,

'What does wifey say, honey? Do you let your husband play on or........!' This time it was Fran who interrupted.

'Christ no....we couldn't afford the original $3000.......we certainly can't afford $8000....oh my God.......Jake, put away the cards. I'm sure we can talk about......talk about....oh my God,' and the fingers up her skirt were touching her in all the right spots, and she could feel the dampness starting to trickle into the front of her panties. Jake tried to protest.

'Now listen here, you guys! You can't.........!'

'Oh yes we can, punk! You don't have much choice. I think your wife is right! Eddie, put away the cards, and let's talk about the options. Let's have a proper look at this hot looking woman. Why don't you slip off that skirt, young lady......I think we'd all love to see more of you,' and his hand continued to caress her sexy bottom and Joey waited.

'Christ, you guys......you can't just order my wife around in my own house, 'cos if you think.......!! Jake was trying to sound masculine.

'Why don't you just shut the fuck up,' growled Joey. 'You are way out of your depth now, big boy. You owe us $4000 and there is just no way you can pay it back......even your wife says so. So you just stay quiet, and we leave here at 10pm. If....and it's a big If.......if you keep that big mouth of yours quiet and sit in that armchair over there in the corner, then 2 things might happen. One, I don't get Eddie and Buck to give you a good hiding and, Two, I might just cancel the debt you owe us! Understand?'

'And you expect me to just sit in the corner while I let you...........!' protested Jake. His wife almost shouted at him.

'Do it, Jake. The man's right....there is no choice, so do it, honey....go and sit down and have a beer. It's going to be OK....it's going to be OK.' She gave Jake a kiss on the cheek and almost led him across the room. 'Right, Mr Joey, Sir. It's 8.45. You're leaving at 10, and you're going to cancel that debt, aren't you?'

'I can see you've got some sense, honey! Now, about that skirt?' and he looked the glorious body up and down again. Fran took a deep breath, and slowly began to unzip the short skirt. Jake sat nervously in the corner, sipping a beer, and watched his wife submit to the first order from the three men. Buck, Eddie and the boss man relaxed back in their chairs as slowly the skirt slid to the floor to reveal Fran's wonderful legs and her stunning ass in little, tight panties.

'There, that wasn't too difficult was it,' grinned Joey. 'Just come a little closer again, will you baby?' As Fran inched closer to Joey's chair, his hand snaked out again to run up and down her shapely thigh. This time, it caressed up to her panties and meandered across her delectable ass and then under and between her legs and onto the front of the thin material. His fingers began to slide up and down the front of the panties, right on Fran's pussy lips underneath. He could feel the wet lips, he could feel them open, and heard a little gasp from the sexy wife.

Jake went to get up from his chair but Eddie quickly rose and moved towards the angry husband threateningly! Jake sat back down, knowing there was virtually nothing he could do. They could all see Joey's hand sliding up and down on Fran's pussy and then his fingers eased the material aside and he was playing in the soft pubic hairs.

'Feel nice, honey?' gloated Joey. 'I can tell by the way you're getting wet that you like it......she likes it, guys, eh! Open your thighs some more, baby!' Fran was trying so hard not to enjoy the touches to her body, and she didn't reply, but the gentle stroking on her cunt lips and across her clit were beginning to work. Her thighs slowly inched apart as she stood before the boss man, feeling every stroke of his podgy fingers.

She had known no other touch since her wedding day except that of her husband. She had always been obedient and submissive to him, even if her mind had often thought of unspoken fantasies, just like millions of other women. Although the situation she was now in with Jake was horrendous and frightening, Fran silently told herself that this was the only way. She couldn't argue with Joey or his friends, and right now, with gentle touches sliding seductively inside her panties, she didn't want to.

Jake had brought all this on himself with his stupid gambling! They had argued on numerous occasions previously about the way he lost money at the casino, and now they had finally reached the point of no return. If he had to sit in the corner while his wife was at the mercy of three leering men, Fran thought that at least it might finally bring Jake to his fuckin' senses. She sighed again as Joey eased his finger right down between her sodden cunt lips.

'Ummm,' moaned Fran, and her feet eased apart a little further.

Jake, sweating in his seat, and sipping furiously on his beer, knew that he was powerless to alter proceedings. He was outnumbered, three to one, and he knew that further protest was futile. He had always controlled Fran in her behaviour, particularly where sex was concerned, but now another man was playing with his wife. He had often made Fran wear sexy clothes for him, she would suck his cock when he wanted, and she would even dress in sexy clothes so that Jake could watch other men admire and lust over her when they went to a bar.

Knowing that other men were looking at his wife, enjoying her firm breasts and her shapely legs in a short dress, always gave Jake a thrill and, like a lot of men, he often fantasised about watching his wife with another man. But now....Christ......now it was happening for real. He was having to watch his wife at the hands of a little, podgy guy and he didn't know whether to laugh or cry! He thought being cuckolded only happened to other men, but he might have to endure the humiliation himself just in order to deal with a gambling debt.

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