tagInterracial LoveSuburban Mom Ch. 02

Suburban Mom Ch. 02


Sherry leaned all the way over the table and put her right knee up so Sean could have a good view of her puckered asshole again as he pumped deep and hard once more. She encouraged him to pound harder and to play with her asshole. Soon she groans in another powerful orgasm with his big cock in her pussy and his finger buried deep in her slightly chubby white ass. She's so hot that just seconds later, she's over the edge, again cumming loudly and lost in the moment. This really gets Sean going and he starts thrusting harder. Sherry can feel his heavy black balls slapping against her flabby white ass.

She is sprawled across the table, knocking off the flower arrangement and place mats as her young black lover fucks her furiously on the kitchen table. At this point, she rolls over and lies flat on her back with her knees back and her hands over her head holding the edge of the table to brace her self. The suburban mother started telling him how much she wanted his hot, young black seed deep inside of her, his animal like cock tugging at her swollen pussy lips again as he plunged in and out of her in the long, deep strokes of a man with a huge cock and experience to please the ladies. They are really deep into the rhythm of fucking and they can be heard throughout the house with him slapping into her hard, as well as the sound of the table creaking loudly under them.

Sherry could not help but be turned on by the fact that she was having sex with a student, the star athlete who had befriended her son Kevin and had seduced her. "Uhhhhh...fuck me please...Sean..." the older woman panted. Sean loved being able to pleasure such a sexy older white woman as she was. This woman had haunted his recent dreams, whose sexy white legs lured him, to wonder just what was underneath her conservative skirts and soccer mom slacks. In fact she reminded him of the character from 'Desperate Housewives', the one who chose to stay home and raise her rowdy kids. Sean's mind harked back to the day when he first met Mrs. Loxterkamp, the way that she looked in the doorway with those all covering shorts from Wal-Mart. She always seemed to pop up in his youthful sexual fantasies ever since working as yard boy for her family. Mrs. Loxterkamp was all that the eighteen year old wanted that last year in high school.

Things began to heat up in the kitchen quickly. Mrs. Loxterkamp loved the way Sean worshipped her lovely white ass. He had her bent over the kitchen table, freshly fucked, her arms stretched out knocking off more of the place mats and the flowers that her husband had given her for her fortieth birthday that her family recently celebrated. She turned around and he pulled off her already rumpled skirt so that she could show off her backside for him. She leaned over the table, reaching back with both hands, spread her cheeks wide apart and blurted out, "Eat my asshole!" He does as she says and he began to feast on her sensitive, tightly-puckered, pink anus. Sean jumped at the opportunity to do such a kinky thing with his once innocent suburban mom that he was now having his way with so lewdly in the kitchen, that had earlier been the setting of there first erotic encounter when he first took liberties with her. "Ohhhhhhhh..." was all that Sherry could say as Sean expertly worked his young tongue. Wisely he used his long fingers to work her clit and within minutes he had his "friend" Kevin's mom writhing with delight on the kitchen table.

She turned around and straddled his legs so she was close enough to reach back and play with his big cock again. Sherry couldn't stand it for long. She just loved the feeling of his huge black cock splitting her and filling her up. She stood up and put a leg up on the chair so he can pump her deeply from behind. He was so tall that she needed to climb up on the table for a more comfortable angle. She watched him pump between her legs, seeing his heavy balls sway to and fro with each thrust. Sherry loved that you could actually hear how sloppy wet she was.

Sherry then wanted to see the action a little better, so she rolled onto her ass and he slipped his cock back into her. She could hardly describe how hot it was to see that thick black rod just gliding in and out of her tight white pussy, with her swollen, pink lips tugging at it. She put her bare white legs up over his shoulders so she could grip his cock even tighter. Sherry could not believe that she was letting this young black kid mount her the way he was. Like a lustful animal he threw her lovely long legs over his chocolate coal shoulders. Lovingly centering his manhood into the sweet crevasse where the sexy pillars of Sean's lust filled dreams had teased him for so long. He managed to work his mouth onto her toes, sending a sexual current to the middle-aged woman. She gazed up at him from her submissive position and took a mental picture of her black lover taking her white toes into his mouth while pleasuring her with his thick tool. She remembered the feeling of feeling his swelling dick with her foot the day that she fell on a crack in the driveway, and finally foot fucking him with her feet earlier in the kitchen. The young black stallion could not wait to please his white lady.

And please he did, all morning long to Sherry Loxterkamp. Between watching, hearing and feeling his cock slipping in her swollen pussy, Sherry got lost in her fifth orgasm, moaning loudly as she came. There was something very kinky and naughty about getting fucked by a young, horse-hung black stud right on her own kitchen table! This just whets her appetite for more. She leaned forward to kiss him and he picked her up off the table and bounced her on his shaft. This was a very intense moment for the both of them. Guttural groans are heard echoing off the kitchen walls, as the wanton white mother gave into her deepest fantasy, and bounced herself into an intense orgasm that made her toes curl like never before.

Then he wanted her from behind again, as he slid out so she could turn over. He admired her gaping hole and flooded lips...mmmmmm! They stopped for a brief moment to kiss and change positions. She begs him to fill her up with his creamy load and starts pushing back onto his cock, sending her into yet another orgasm as he continued to plunge into her. Sean grabbed her ass and started to pull her furiously onto his cock, thrusting hard and fast. You could see her pussy lips stretched wide around him. Soon he is heard groaning as he begins to cum, and unload his pent up youthful lust, deep inside of Sherry's ivory pink body.

"Ohhhhhhhh Godddddddd, baby, uh, huh,...you're my slut!...uhh...ahhhhhhh!" Was all that he could yell.

He slowly slipped his cock out and a long, thick rope of cum pours right out of her and falls on the edge of her well used breakfast table, and they heard it splat loudly on the kitchen floor. Then as she leaned up on the chair to support her now shaky legs, even more sperm started to ooze and stream out of her. Sean smiled at the "cum bubbles" form around the gaping pink hole of her pussy.

Sherry looked down and noticed his huge soiled, spent cock still growing halfway down his leg. She reached down and took hold of his pleasure giving black manhood and rubbed his 10" cock with her dainty white hands, which had never known the feel of a real man's cock. She was in awe of his growing hard-on. Sean was a young athlete who had plenty of love to give her still. She really started to get turned on when she noticed that it was so long that the head was lathering itself once again, dangling, and peaking out of its sheltering skin, eager to enter her womb again. She is soon enjoying an appetizer...a set of big, black balls that are nice and heavy with his virile young cum. She knelt down in front of him to suck his nut sack as she held his massive cock. Then he sat down to enjoy her sucking his huge ebony pole for awhile, getting him rock-hard.

Sherry then laid his lean body down on the kitchen floor and began worshipping his manhood with her innocent mouth. This married white woman was now letting the young black kid slap her mature white ass, the extra years of her ass shook like an ivory gelatin, as she performed the fallacious act on the young man. Sean just moaned approvingly, looking down to see this white woman turned fuck slut suck his raging black cock. He loved the way her tongue felt, tasting and working over his eager pee-hole. Although she could not fit the entire thing into her mouth she made sure to lather it with her tongue to get it shiny and wet with her saliva. She worked at her own pace, using her dainty white hands to help pleasure his shaft. Sherry took in the musky male odor of Sean's crotch that had mixed with her vaginal juices. The scent drove her wild with more lust, noticing that her husband never had that smell, even at his sweatiest.

Sean ran the fact in his head that just a half-hour ago this white lady was a middle-aged white woman, a teacher, married, and had a kid his age. If they were to be caught at that moment, he thought, he was sure to get lynched one way or another. But, as he looked up at the time on the microwave oven that had so often baked Sherry Loxterkamp's family cookies, he knew that he had all of the time in the world.

After cumming in the beautiful white lady's mouth on the kitchen floor. Sean decided that he wanted to spend the entire day with her, or at least as long as he could until Kevin and her husband Jim were expected to come home. Sherry looked deep into her young lover's brown eyes and was enraptured by them. Keeping his gaze on her eyes, Sean swept her up into his strong arms, letting the lady's lovely legs dangle from his embrace as if they were newlyweds. Sherry knew that this thought was an impossibility, since she was this young man's employer, not to mention a "happily" married mother. Sherry Loxterkamp was a typical soccer mom type woman, a conservative person by nature; her mind could not process what was happening. Sean scooped Sherry into his arms and took her through her house up the stairs all the while kissing her deeply, leaking there love juices all over their faces, wantonly tasting each other's love, while passing the tender, posed pictures of the Loxterkamp family, all smiling in more innocent days, as the sinful interracial lovers walked up the stairs.

Sean made his way into the first bedroom he saw, which was Kevin's. "Ohhh nooo, not here Sean..." the shocked woman yelled in shock. Her black lover had no intention of listening to her protests. He made his way into her son's bedroom.

As they entered Kevin's bedroom, Sean carefully placed her on her feet facing him in the center of the room. Sherry's skin ran pink as her pale skin gave away her body's secrets. Sean looked deeply into her blurred eyes. He knew that he had won, that he had now had his prize right where he wanted her. The lust for his black cock was what drove the church-going white lady to fornicate with the young athlete. The truth was that Sherry Loxterkamp hadn't, couldn't stop thinking about Sean. Ever since that fateful day when he answered her husband's want ad for a handy man to fix up the yard. Even after knowing that her son Kevin and he went to school together, she still could not get herself to stop thinking about the way Sean's ebony body was sculpted to perfection, the way sweat beaded off of his head and skin. Often in the shower wondering what his black skin looked like all lathered up against her wrinkled skin.

They kissed passionately, exploring each other's bodies with their lips and hands. Both of them enjoyed the contrast of their bodies. His, strong and chiseled, dark as the night, and towering with confidence over her shy, demure white middle-aged body, stained with the occasional freckle and wrinkle. Her body had let gravity take over. Sherry stood in front of Sean in all of her naked shame. Her ravaged labia open, she faced up at the nude black boy in front of her, taking in his snake like appendage which came to life for her. Sherry felt so flattered that Sean really did feel a desire and a need for her. This was a feeling she had never truly felt as a woman who had been married so long.

Sean didn't care if she wasn't as nubile as the girls his age; he liked the kinky fact that she was older and married. Although only 18, Sean was already experienced in the ways of love. He knew early on in his sexual development that he was going to be a kinky "mother" fucker. He was now, as he let Kevin's mom kiss him passionately while standing in front of him after just having the hottest sex in their lives. Sean loved holding her pudgy white ass, massaging her ass cheeks. It felt like a fleshy piece of pizza dough. He loved to hear her moan each time he slapped it.

Mrs. Loxterkamp trembled in anticipation for what was to come next. Sean was an athlete, a true black specimen of a man. He could do whatever he wanted to her. "Kneel." He demanded of her. Trembling in lust filled delirium; Sherry knelt before the young black man. An erotic high rushed through Sean's body as he watched the formerly prim and proper white lady do as she was instructed to do. Her blue eyes sparkling as brightly as her wedding ring. He took wicked delight in watching Mrs. Loxterkamp drop to her knees in her son's bedroom. "I know what you really want..." and with that he turned around for her to face his smooth, muscular black ass. Sherry knew that this was her breaking point. This was her initiation into her deepest sexual desires, a real turning point in her life. Yet, she began to lean into Sean's smooth black ass and puckered up to kiss the most forbidden of places.

She could not hear the phone ringing and the machine picking up. The voice over the machine was that of Principal Wilson asking for Sherry, inquiring why she was not at school this morning. If he could only see the reason that she decided to play hooky from her teaching duties? She asked herself while wantonly kissing Sean's black ass. Her tongue slowly, then lustfully, explored the crack of his young black ass. "UHH...you are my nasty little bitch." Was all the young man could blurt out.

She was ready to pleasure her hung young lover in any way that she could. This meant being a desperate housewife with the sexiest secret of all—interracial sex.

He playfully threw his middle-aged lover onto her son's unkempt bed like she was a doll. She continued to kiss him in her son's bed, amongst all of his teen-age things, including intimate family pictures, and the occasional athletic pictures of her son. Sean quickly lowered his head down to her dripping wet, hairy crotch. He began to lick at her labia. "Stop Sean..." was all that she could say while her body gave way to the young man's eager tongue. Sherry began to have tears of sexual ecstasy run down her face knowing that she was carrying on an adulteress affair with Kevin's team mate Sean. Her skillful lover expertly worked her into a messy, orgasmic moment.

Sean moved up between her legs and kissed her passionately on the lips as his dick began to enjoy the friction of Sherry's hot pussy. He entered her fucking her deep. They made love to each other right there in Kevin's bed. She made a note to herself that she would have to have time to wash the sheets before her son was to come home. Then she quickly gave back into her lust and pleasured herself with Sean. The bed creaked with the rhythmic motion of Sean's thrusting as he fucked Sherry, reaching deep into her soul. He loved looking into her eyes and seeing the deep desire and honest love that she had for him at that very moment. "Oh Sean...I love you so muchhhhh..." was all that the lusty woman could say. He loved the feel of her legs rapped tightly around him as he worked her body over, all the while kissing her with true passion that derived from his pent up feelings for her.

He knew that she was on the cusp of cumming again. He timed his volcanic orgasm to hers. The lover's rode out there mutual orgasms for five-minutes. Sherry burying her nails in her lover's black ass, as he took in the smell of her dirty-brown hair. They lay in their love juices for some time that afternoon.

"Why me?" she asked him as they snuggled up together in her son's messy bed.

"Because you're beautiful." He replied while kissing her neck.

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