tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 04

Succubus Ranch Ch. 04


Elyse Alcott was looking for fun, something she had been missing over the past couple of years of her life. Over two years ago, her husband had passed away in a car crash and her life in Montana had become nothing more than work and home for the two years since.

The money from the life insurance and other motorist insurance had paid the bills easily enough, and what was left over had helped her keep the house; but without children to occupy her time, she didn't have any company besides her friends. Even those seemed to disappear after Mark passed away, though. They were all friends of his and had seemed cold to her since she married him fifteen years earlier. Some had even tried to say it was her fault that he was unable to stop before hitting the oncoming drunk tractor-trailer drivers rig, coming in the wrong direction.

Elyse had spent two years in the small town she and her husband called home, living her life to nothing, and having nothing to show for it. That was the only excuse she could come up with taking on this wild adventure that she was doing. There could be no other reason that she was where she was at this moment.

It all began when she decided her thirty-ninth birthday would be her turn to enjoy her life and made plans to visit Las Vegas. She figured that if she couldn't have fun in the so-called Sin City, then she was destined to end up an old spinster in a tiny town in Nowhereville, Montana. Upon arriving to the city, she did all she could with the money she had brought with her.

Her first night, she had lost over $500 at the tables before giving up and returning to her room. The next day, she watched a couple of stage shows and enjoyed the entertainment, occasionally throwing a coin in a slot machine here and there. By the time she was returning to her room the second night of her seven-day vacation, Elyse was noticing more and more couples around the tables and bars.

Going up to her room, alone, she felt like the world was crashing in around her, closing her off to that one sense of feeling of love that she had been missing since Mark passed away. That night, as she lie in her bed, her tears of solitude drying on the pillow that she clung to, Elyse dreamed that Mark came to her hotel room. He looked just as he did the first time she met him.

In her dream, his short brown hair, lightened from hours of working out in the sun on his fathers ranch, wafted in the breeze of the hotel room door as he closed it. His smell came struck her senses as the breeze from the moving air brought back her urges of wanting to hold him again. She got up from the edge of the bed and ran into his arms, the mixture of his cologne, fresh air he worked in, and his sweat surrounded her as his arms engulfed her in a tight embrace.

Elyse began to cry again, as her head rested in the nape of his neck, where her lips kissed him several times.

"Why? Why did you leave me?" she cried into his neck. "I need you Mark. I can't live without you anymore."

His hands caressed her back, and then stroked her long auburn tresses, straightening her curls before they would bounce back into place.

"Shh. Hush now, honey," he told her in his deep voice. "I'm here now to show you how you can live without me. Just let me hold you for awhile, first."

Elyse pressed herself into him and pulled herself tighter against him. His arms tightened around her and welcomed her trembling form and let her wracking sobs of despair rush through her. When she was finally able to control her tears, Elyse loosened her grip on Mark and felt his grip take release its bear hug on her. Leaning back, she looked into his eyes and saw that he had been crying as well.

"Oh, baby, don't cry," she raised her hands to his cheeks and started to wipe the tears off of them. "You know it'll just make me cry again."

"It's okay, Lyse," Mark leaned into one of her hands, kissing its palm while using his pet name for her. "I'm just glad to get to see you again before I have to return."

"No. NO!" she gripped his head between both of her hands. "You're not leaving me again! You're here with me now; and you're not going away again!"

Taking her hands in his, he pulled them away from his face, kissing each one before sliding them down onto his chest. "Lyse, feel and know that I can't stay," he said, putting them both over his heart.

Elyse could feel his hard chest muscle underneath the thin black t-shirt he was wearing. She thought it was nice at first feeling him like this, and then she noticed that was all she felt. There was only his hard chest, but nothing else. Mark didn't have a heart beat underneath his flesh.

Elyse pulled her hands away and placed them over her mouth, shaking her head and whispering "no" into them. Mark quickly took her into his arms again, and held her as the realization grabbed her heart and crushed it under the truth of his passing.

When she was able to get her breath again, she asked him, "Why are you here?"

"Like I said, I'm here to show you how you can live without me. You need to find someone else in your life that will give you the love that I once did, someone that can please you as I did, maybe even better."

"No one can make me as happy as you did, Mark. You were always my love and always will be."

Mark pulled her away from him, looked into her brown eyes, and spoke as if he were reading her mind.

"I'm not talking about finding someone to marry, silly. What you need is someone that will make you feel as good as I used to. Here," he spun her around so she was facing the bed and away from him," look at yourself in the bed."

Elyse looked at the bed and was surprised to see herself lying there, a pillow held tight in her arms, a bulge under the covers where she knew there was another pillow between her legs. She watched her sides rise and fall in a slow rhythm as she was taking deep breaths in her sleep. As she stood there, Mark's hands rested on her shoulders and began to slide down her arms.

Elyse noticed suddenly that she was standing naked in the room and could feel Mark's nude form behind her, as well. His hot breath was blowing across the bare skin of her neck and shoulder. His rough but gentle hands slid under her arms, along her upper ribs and came to cup her breasts in them. His fingers began to gently rub her nipples, causing her to take deep breaths.

Elyse under the covers started to stir in her sleep, her legs tightening around the pillow that was between them. Elyse standing in Mark's arms raised her arms and placed them around the back of his neck, leaning into his embrace. He kissed up her neck to her ear, causing goose bumps to rise all over her skin. As he nibble don her ear, a moan escaped her; and his hot breath blowing into it was pushing her deeper into the desire to have him again.

Mark's left hand released her left breast and began to stroke its way down her slim stomach toward her now moistening pussy. Elyse returned the favor by bringing her left arm down, inside his arms and reached for Mark's cock, finding it as hard as she always enjoyed it being. When his hand reached her light brown patch of hair below, it ticked her nerves down there before his fingers found the exposed nub waiting for his attention.

Elyse, both the one standing and the one lying down, moaned and ground into whatever was between their legs. Mark's breath began to pick up pace as she started stroking his hard cock in her hand. He continued to bring her closer to an orgasm with just strokes on the outside of her labia and along her clit, along with his suckling kisses and nibbles on her earlobe.

"Now do you understand what you are missing, Lyse?" his voice, deep and raspy with the pleasure she was giving him. "I will leave you a sign of where you can go to get the pleasures you've missed all these years, even pleasures I wasn't able to give you before."

One of his fingers just barely passed her lips before pulling back out again. Elyse under the covers groaned with frustration as the standing Elyse let go of Mark's head and grabbed his hand at her crotch.

"Please, honey, please," she begged. "Don't tease me. I need this. I need you."

The rough tip of his thumb rubbed against her clit, and then pressed into and wiggled it around, while another finger swiped between her lips again.

"Promise me you will go to this place, Lyse. Promise me you will go there and let your desires be fulfilled. I promise you that you won't regret it, my love."

Elyse ground against the hand that was teasing her like it never had before. The other hand continued to play with the breast it had captured, pinching and pulling at the nipple. Shocks of pain and pleasure were gripping Elyse and pushing her to the edge of orgasm. She could envision it being a cliff with just her heels resting on the ledge. Every second, Mark's mouth and hands pushed her just one centimeter further but they also kept her from falling over it.

Elyse under the covers was now on her back, her right hand on her breast; handling it roughly as her other hand was down at her crotch, driving several fingers into the grinding hips. The sight of herself doing that was erotic and brought standing Elyse closer to orgasm, as well. She rocked harder on Mark's hand between her legs as she finally gave into him.

"Yes. I promise, honey. I promise to go where you tell me to, just please...stop teasing me like this."

The ringing of the phone screamed in her ear and Elyse sat bolt upright in the bed. Angry at the interruption, she snatched the handle off the cradle that was holding it and barked into it.


"I'm sorry to disturb you, ma'am, but we have a package at the front desk that was just delivered for you," came the apologetic voice on the other end. "It's marked urgent and we were told it must be delivered immediately. Would you like one of our bellhops to bring it up to you?"

Elyse took a couple of calming breaths to let her frustration subside. Looking at the clock, she noticed it was just after three in the morning, then gave the man on the other end of the phone an affirmative.

"I'm sending...um, are you new here?"

"I'm sorry," queried Elyse.

"Not you, ma'am. Just a new employee I don't recognize. I'm sending up Mack, ma'am. He should be there in just a few minutes. We do apologize for the interruption of your sleep."

"It's okay," she lied. "Goodnight."

Hanging up the phone, Elyse threw back the covers and was surprised at the sight and smell that hit her. For just a brief second, she smelled Mark waft through the air, then she was hit with her own musky odor. Looking down, she noticed that her panties were soaked with her juices from being so close to orgasm but not the release she so badly needed. Thinking about the dream that had put her in that state, Elyse let out a moan of need again, letting her hands return to her breast and crotch.

The sudden rapping on the door surprised her and she looked at the clock. It has only been two minutes since she hung up the phone and the bellhop was already at her door. Quickly getting up and putting on the complimentary robe, Elyse walked quickly to the door and peered through the peephole. Sure enough, a man in a monkey suit was standing there, holding a large envelope in his hands. The name tag on his broad chest said he was the Mack that they were sending up.

Elyse opened the door slightly and reached her hand through the small opening for the package. Mack placed the package in her open palm, his fingers just touching her skin. The hardly noticeable contact sent a shock through her body and caused her desire to flare up again. She didn't know why she was doing it, but Elyse opened the door wide.

Mack stood there on the threshold, looking directly into her eyes. She had the feeling that if not for the bellhop uniform, he would look either more at home as a pimp or street thug. But there was something inside his look that made her think about a dog that had been fixed.

"Hold on and let me get you a tip." She turned her back to him and walked into the room, hoping to get the man into her room. Her need for a man was causing her to think irrationally; but she wanted and that was all that seemed to matter.

"That won't be necessary, ma'am," Mack spoke, his voice somewhat reserved, as if he was trained to be respectful to all women. Something must have happened to this man in his past, she thought. "I'm well compensated for this delivery."

Never taking his eyes off her, not even to look at what skin she was purposefully showing through her partially opened robe, Mack turned and started to walk away. Walking quickly to the door in hopes of getting him to turn around, Elyse peered down the hallway he had walked. To her amazement, Mack was not in sight.

"What is wrong with me," she spoke to herself, thinking about how she was going to try and seduce a complete stranger. She closed and locked the door, went back into her room and sat on the foot of the bed, looking at the large envelope in her hands.

Ripping the top of it open, she poured the contents onto the bed next to her. A key ring, with one key and small electronic device on it, hit the bedspread first, followed with a smaller envelope and something that looked like a legal document. Picking up the keys first, Elyse saw that it was a car key and the alarm/auto lock device for one.

Her curiosity peaked, she picked up the paper first and saw that it was a rental agreement for a new Ford Mustang convertible. Elyse looked at the signature and nearly let out a yelp of shock. It was Mark's signature, and the date it was signed was that very day, just two hours ago, when she was dreaming of him.

Tears started to flow again as she stared at his signature, not understanding how he could have signed for something so long after his death. Looking through her blurred vision, she reached for the smaller envelope and opened it, trying not to get her tears on it. Pulling out the folded piece of paper, she found it to be directions, but didn't give a name to the final destination.

Elyse decided this was too much of a mystery to sleep on. She made up her mind that she was going to drive to this destination; and find out what it is that Mark wanted her to discover.

As she neared her destination on the map, Elyse kept getting a strange feeling that something just wasn't right. With each click of the odometer, she felt something like a weight on her shoulders, as if it was trying to keep her from getting any closer to her destination. About ten miles from her destination she saw a man on the side of the road holding up a sign like a hitchhiker would have. She wasn't going to stop and drove by, but she took a good look at the man and read his sign, curious who would be trying to get a ride at three in the morning and where they would be trying to get to.

His image flashed by, but it seemed to burn into her retinas. He was wearing old sandals on his feet, almost torn. His blue jeans were frayed around the cuffs with hole around the knees and along the legs. His shirt was un-tucked and flapping in the warm desert breeze. The pullover shirt was a dirty grey long-sleeved pullover t-shirt. The man's face had not been shaved in about three or four days. His nose was straight and his hair seemed far too long and dirty for the blonde color it probably should have been. His eyes, however, seemed to be full of knowledge and seemed to pierce into her soul as she was just beginning to pass by him. His dirty hands held a sign that said: TURN BACK!

Thinking that it was a strange sign, Elyse continued her sixty miles per hour cruise to the place on her map. As she looked at the map, she began to feel that tingling sensation between her legs again that she was feeling inside the hotel room after waking up from her dream. The something strange caught her eye.

Up ahead, about two miles from the last hitchhiker was another one, holding up another sign. As she neared this one, she began to worry that she might be going mad. He looked nearly the same as the last one.

He had the same old sandals, but with less wear and tear on them. His jeans were dirty, but there were no holes in them that she could tell. His shirt was still un-tucked, but the gray was a bit brighter than last time. The edges of the collar and sleeves were not frayed like the last hitchhikers. This time the face was shaven clean, but it still looked dirty along with his hair. But the eyes were the very same eyes as before. They still pierced into her soul, making that tingling sensation between her thighs disappear as she looked into them. The sign, held by still dirty hands said: "IT IS NOT TO LATE!"

As soon as she passed the man, Elyse felt the lust strike her in the chest. Her nipples were instantly hard with need for touching and her lips felt a fierce desire for passionate kisses. The jeans she was wearing felt soft on her thighs and seemed to caress them every time she moved her legs together to try and suppress the growing desire in her crotch. That feeling began to fade as she neared another hitchhiker on the road about two miles after the last.

This one, as she grew closer and passed him had more cleanliness to him than the last two did. His sandals were clean and seemed to be golden. The man's jeans were no longer dirty or frayed and full of holes. His shirt was now whiter than it was earlier, almost as if it had been just washed. His face was very clean and smooth to look at and his hair looked like it shined with its own light. His eyes were full of their own piercing light when she caught a glimpse of them, driving away all the lust that she was feeling before, including the slight tickle that was still crawling along her skin. This time his sign, now on what looked like a large slate board and written with heavy gold chalk, said: "DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER!"

Less than a second after she passed the man, the heat returned to Elyse's loins. She could have sworn that her pussy's lips had swelled and were kissing the silk panties that she was wearing. Her legs began to scissor open and closed, keeping the silk rubbing along her lips and clit. One hand left the steering wheel to rub her body, first starting at her breast, reaching between her blouse's buttons and into her bra to cup her breast, playing with her nipple and squeezing it. When she pulled her hand out to reach for her groin, a flash of light appeared just a short distance ahead of her.

Only two miles from her destination, and the hitchhiker was there again after that flash. He seemed to be full of light, from his golden sandals, bright but tanned skin, to his beautiful face and piercing eyes. As soon as she looked into them, the feeling of such pleasure disappeared, leaving Elyse's mind clear of its insisting need for lust. Her body hungered for that feeling still, as she pulled her eyes away from his for the split second to read his sign before she passed him by: LAST WARNING! TURN BACK NOW!

Elyse foot left the gas pedal, ready to stop for fear of what she was being warned about; but as soon as she passed the man and she could no longer see him, the lust returned with a vengeance. She was instantly on the verge of going over the crest into orgasm. Her hand grabbed her crotch and rubbed it vigorously, as she ground her hips into it. A large sign up ahead told her that a place called The Succubus Ranch was her destination. She didn't care about the connotation of the lithe devil-woman figure the neon lights meant. All she knew was that she had to cum; and she had to cum now.

Reaching the driveway, she pulled into the parking lot, drove straight to the building and parked right up front. Not caring who would see her, she ground her hips faster and harder against her pressing hand, both legs pressing together, keeping it trapped between her thighs. Her feet were both pressed hard on the brake pedal as her other hand shoved its way into her shirt and played with her breast.

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