tagLoving WivesSue's Time to Play Ch. 01

Sue's Time to Play Ch. 01


This is a true story and the names have been changed.This is my first time at writing stories, let me have feed back.

I am a married woman that has been asked to fuck but never did until today.

My name is Sue, 42 years old, never had but one cock and I have been married almost 25 years to a very loving man name Bruce. Our marriage has been great. The sex has been very good, we fuck like 2 or 3 times a week. During our lovemaking we share our fantasies with each other and talk dirty during our love making.

Bruce fantasy is for me to go to a hotel with him and watch me fuck another man. Then he wants me to go get plenty of cock and after a good fucking email him with the juicy details. He wants me to bring a cream pie home for him to eat and then fuck me. My fantasy is to meet in a hotel with another married couple and let Bruce watch another man fuck me. Then I would watch Bruce fuck the other wife. My other fantasy is to be gang-fucked. He says he will watch me get fucked one day. I told him to set it up and I would go with him. He hasn't yet.

I was 18 and a virgin on my wedding day. Before I met Bruce the only sex I had was letting the boys feel and suck on my tits. I even had felt of their hard cock, but I saved my cherry for the man I would marry. Bruce is 10 years older than me. He was married once and he is well experienced in the sex department. He has a 8 inch cock and very thick. He taught me everything about giving and taking oral sex, fucking in different positions, but I wouldn't let him fuck me in the ass or swallow his cum.

To make our lovemaking even better, we email each other and talk about our fantasies, we even talk dirty to each other when we make love. Bruce emailed me about a woman that he had fucked and at the time I thought it was a make up story to get me hot and horny for that night's lovemaking. I asked him how many times he has fucked during our marriage. He told me he has fucked 24 times with 15 women. I still thought all of this was to get me hot, wet, and horny for him. When we make love, I want him to tell me the juicy details about the women he has fucked. This makes me hot and I have some strong orgasms.

Bruce owns a small construction company in a small town in Georgia. I work as a nurse in a hospital in the city that is close to where we live. We live and own a house in the country. When we remolded our house he built him an office with a door leading to the room from the outside. I never had been into his office even though it had another door inside of the house. Bruce kept both doors locked. He had the only keys to the locks. At nights he would go into the office to do some work or so I thought.

I found out the truth one day when I was home and Bruce surely thought no one was home. We have 3 teenagers that live at home. They were in school or either at work. I had gone to work, but since the census of patients there was low I opted to come home. Before coming home, I went by the local tire center to get new tires and have my oil changed. Roy, the owner offered to take me home and then bring my car to me when the work was done. Every time I met Roy, he would give me a hug and tell me that he surely would like to fuck me. Today was no differ, he asked and like the other times and the other men that I knew wanted to fuck me, I told them I didn't do that, but if I ever changed my mine I would give them a call.

I went into the house and no one was home and started doing some laundry and housework. It was about mid-morning and I went outside to do some yard work when I heard voices. Bruce was walking to his office door and had a woman with him. I recognized her as the lady that ran the Dollar General in town. Her name was Ruth. What would she be doing with Bruce here at our house. I knew she was married to John, who worked with the town water department. They had kids as old as ours. She was about 40 years old and today she was wearing a very revealing top that showed a lot of her tits, and tight jeans. Why was she dressed like that and why was she with Bruce?

From where I was they would have to look really hard to see me. But they weren't looking for anyone to be home. Bruce had his hand down her blouse and she was giggling and I could tell she was getting hot. I was stunned!! I didn't know what to do!! My heart was beating fast and I felt sick.

They came on toward the office door and Bruce reached above the door and got a key to unlock the door. I was glad I saw where he left the key. They went in to the office. I can't tell you how hurt I was at this moment. I felt violated that he was taking another woman into our home. I now knew that the stories he told me about fucking other women were true.I had to find out what was going on in that room. The closer I got to the window, which I saw was raised a little, their voices could be heard.

Ruth was moaning and with the blind raised a little I could see into the room. They were both naked and Ruth was lying on the bed with Bruce eating her pussy. After watching him eat her, I begin to get really excited and wet myself. I watched as Ruth had her ogasm and then she took Bruce's cock into her mouth and begin to suck it. She soon had most of it in her mouth and was giving his cock a good sucking. I never could take much of his cock in my mouth and I would never let him cum in my mouth. The first time I had spit it out. Here he was getting what I wouldn't give him.

I watched as she laid down on the bed and told Bruce to fuck her. Fuck me hard!!!!!! I need to feel your cock in meeee!!!!!! O, yes baby that's it, shove it home...aaarrrrgggghhh that feels so good. Fuck me!!! Fuck me!!!! I saw Bruce begin to shove his cock in and out of Ruth's hungry pussy. Ruth was into it now as she begin to moan and I could tell that she was close to cumming. She screamed as she came, scratching his back as she did. O baby cum in me I need to feel you cumming in me. I'm cumming!!!!!!!and I saw Bruce withdraw and lay down next to Ruth.

I backed away from the window as not to be heard. They soon left, not knowing that I had just seen and heard them fucking. I was somewhere in being really pissed off and at the same time, I good feel the wetness between my legs. What was I to do?

Divorce? No, I didn't want that. So I sat down in my chair and thought things out. I now knew Bruce was cheating on me. Surely Ruth was not the only one. Remember he said that he had fucked 15 women. I must admit the scene I had just saw had made me horny.

I went to the bedroom and got my 10" x 2" vibrator out of the drawer. I got naked, laid down on the bed and begin to insert it into my hot pussy. Then it dawned on me that I could fuck to. During our marriage there had been about 10 men that had asked me to fuck, and I had always told them that I don't do that. Even Roy had asked me just this morning..

O yes, Roy should be calling anytime to tell me he will be bringing my car home. It was then that I decided that I would begin to fuck and get the cocks that I wanted. Bruce would even get his cream pie. I would be sure that he ate the cream pie before he fucked me. I took the vibrator out of my pussy and put it back in the drawer. Then I went and took a shower.

I knew who the men were that had asked, they would soon be getting my pussy. But, Roy would be first.

Then the phone rang.


Sue this is Roy, we are finished with your car.

Can I bring it to you now?

Yes, you can.

Roy will you bring it and then let me drop you back at the shop?

Well, I can get one of the other workers to pick me up.

Roy, I want you to fuck me...


Yes Roy, I want you to fuck me!!

To be continued...

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