tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 01

Sultry Summer Ch. 01

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County III

Graduation and...


D.C. Roi

Chapter 1

Lois Tillman was experiencing one of the most exciting and realistic dreams she'd ever had. In that dream, her lover had cupped his hand tenderly around her breast and his fingers were twirling the nipple, what he was doing was driving her wild. And, the fact that at the same time, something warm and hard was poking delightfully into the cleft between her buttocks added immeasurably to the thrills her dream lover was bestowing on her.

Lois, a thirty-five year-old divorced English teacher at Jamestown High School, stood five-eight and weighed a hundred and thirty-five pounds, all of it well-distributed. Her body was as good as it had been when she graduated from high school. Her thick blonde hair, which was cut just above her shoulders, was a tousled mass. She had a very attractive face, with wide brown eyes, and looked quite a bit younger than her age.

She murmured softly and moved. When she did, the instrument nudging between her nether cheeks slid deeper, so deep, the tip caressed the bottom edge of her vagina. This was such a realistic dream! Even if what was happening to her was imaginary, it still felt so nice she hoped she wouldn't wake up and cause it to end!

Then, she was awake. It only took her seconds to realize the wonderful feelings were continuing. As the fuzziness of sleep left her mind, she knew she hadn't been dreaming at all. In reality, she was in the Daleyville Motor Inn, a few miles outside Jamestown. The hands doing those wonderful things to her belonged to Dennis Livingston, a young man Lois had been having an affair with for some time.

Dennis was eighteen, a shy, chubby young man Lois had known ever since he was a baby. Lois thought he had grown into a very handsome young man. And he was a fabulous lover! Her affair with the young man, whose mother was one of her best friends, began the previous summer when he spent several weeks at her house while his parents toured Europe.

During the weeks he was at her house, Lois had come to care deeply for Dennis. She'd seen him as often as she could ever since that time, but she still struggled with feelings that, somehow, their relationship was wrong.

Because they lived in towns that were quite far apart, she wasn't able to be with the young man, who was a senior in high school, as often as she would have liked to. But the school year was over and, shortly after school was out for the year she arranged for them to spend a weekend together. They had checked in to the motel the night before and she and Dennis spent most of the night engaged in passionate love-making, which was what they always seemed to do when they got together after being apart for any length of time.

Murmuring softly, Lois moved her bottom against the young man, and reveled in the delightful feelings that surged through her when his erect penis slid back and forth between her buttocks and caressed her already-damp vagina.

Dennis bent forward and kissed Lois softly on the neck. "Good morning," he said. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Lois replied. His hand continued its delectable caresses on her breast, and the maddening sensations continued to swirl through her. She placed her hand over his.

"Did you sleep OK?" Dennis asked.

Lois nodded. "Yes, thanks to you," she whispered. "You wore me out last night."

"You did the same for me," Dennis responded. His other hand slid under her, he grasped her other breast, and his fingers teasing that nipple into tingling hardness, too.

Lois's nerve endings were crackling with need as a result of the young man's caresses. "Ohhhh, Dennis!!!" she moaned, "That feels so fantastic!!"

Dennis's erection, still in the grip of her buttocks, kept gliding back and forth and teasing Lois. Her hips began to move with it and she felt dampness forming between her legs. The young man's movements seemed to get easier and she realized her juices were lubricating his erection as well as preparing her to receive him. She placed her hand in her vagina and felt the tip of the boy's hot shaft poking between her legs as he continued to thrust against her. She wanted him in her!

"Take me, Dennis!" she cried, "Don't make me wait, darling! Take me! I need you so desperately!!"

Dennis, whose need for Lois was as strong as hers was for him, pulled his hips back, shifted position, then he thrust forward again. This time, he could feel the tip of his inflexible member part the lips of her vagina, brush her clit, and almost slip into her.

The motion had an electric effect on Lois. When Dennis pulled back for another thrust, she used her hand, which still lay on her vagina, to guide the young man's swollen member into her the next time he thrust forward.

"Yessss!!!" she hissed as his massive organ slipped into her, filling her with pleasure. "Yes!!! Oh, Dennis, yessss!!! I need you so badly!!!"

Dennis's hips slapped against her buttocks as he lunged against her, jolting her body with short, urgent thrusts. She drew up her leg, laid it back over him, and locked him against her. Lois felt herself racing quickly toward release.

"So good, Dennis!!" she moaned, "So good!!! Yessssss!!!"

Dennis felt exactly the same way about what they were doing. Like his lover, he missed their lovemaking during the times they were forced to be separated. When they did have time together, he tried to make sure they got in as much love-making as they could.

His hand left her breast and slid down her body, coming to rest in the area where their bodies were joined. Her hand was there, but he urged it aside, found her clit and, holding it between his thumb and forefinger, he began stroking, as if he was jerking her off.

Dennis's caresses and the deep thrusts of his erection were driving Lois berserk!! He kept turning up the heat under the pressure-cooker of lust inside her. Every stroke of his cock, each caress, forced that pressure-cooker nearer and nearer to the bursting point. She felt Dennis's thrusts growing more urgent and that told her that he, too, was getting close. Then she stopped thinking because the top had blown off her pressure cooker of delight.

"Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!! Yesssss!!! Yesssss!!!" she cried as she was rocked by a series of explosions of pleasure. Thrills radiated through every part of her; even her finger tips tingled with joy. Her nipples were so hard they hurt, but she didn't care! She didn't ever want this to stop!

"Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!" Dennis moaned. His thrusts became frantic.

Lois felt the young man's hot juices spewing into her, bathing her insides. "So good!! Oh, God, Dennis!! That's so good!!!" she crooned as the heat and sensation of his coming added to her pleasure.

After their orgasms finally ended, they lay, unmoving, as they'd been. Dennis, his cock still hard, remained buried in Lois. His fingers were still stroking her clit, his other hand was still wrapped around her breast. An occasional shudder--a mild after-shock of the joy they'd shared--shook them occasionally, but mostly they lay still, enjoying the warmth and closeness of their loving contact.

Lois felt the young man's penis begin to soften, then it slipped out of her, tickling her as it departed her body. It surprised Lois that, with Dennis, even something as simple as feeling his cock soften and slide from her caused her thrills. That kind of feeling never happened with any of the other lovers she'd had since her marriage had begun to fall apart. And with Dennis, it always did.

Lois turned so she was facing the young man and kissed him over and over again. "Oh, God, Dennis, I've missed you so much!" she said between kisses. "I've missed you so much!"

"I missed you, too," Dennis replied. He cupped her buttocks in his hands and pulled her against him.

"I need a shower," Lois said. She slipped from his grasp, got out of bed, and headed for the bathroom. She got the shower going, stepped in, and began soaping herself.

A few moments after Lois began bathing, Dennis joined her in the shower. "You don't mind a little company, do you?" he asked.

Lois smiled and shook her head. "You know I don't," she replied. She loved showering with him. He'd shown her just how thrilling taking a shower can be, and she very much hoped their shower today would be thrilling.

"Would you like help with your bath?" Dennis asked.

"That would be nice," Lois purred. "There are some places I can't wash as well as you can."

Dennis got a washcloth overflowing with white lather, then he began to wash her, rubbing the suds-filled cloth over her bare body.

Lois felt her legs go rubbery as Dennis slid the washcloth over her. It felt so incredibly good! Ever since they'd arrived at the motel the night before, he'd had her in an almost constant state of arousal! And, even though they had already shared more mind-blowing orgasms than she could count, it hadn't taken away her desire to share more with him!

"Ohhhhh, Dennis!!" she murmured, "You sure do give a marvelous bath!"

"I have to," he replied, lathering her breast, concentrating on the super-sensitive, rock-hard nipple, moving the washcloth over softly with an insistent, circular motion.

What Dennis was doing made Lois's legs grow even weaker. Warmth flooded her, far more warmth than the shower alone was responsible for. Her loins were aflame and once more she knew the wonder of the young man's creative love-making.

Dennis loved doing what he was doing to Lois, and the fact that it had such a visible effect on her. He attended to one breast thoroughly, then the other, leaving her gasping for breath and trembling. He transferred his caresses to her back and was equally thorough washing her there. He didn't intend to leave one square inch of her flesh unwashed or untouched.

Lois again needed him badly. "God!" she thought, "I really can't get enough of him!" Dennis's sudsy caresses continued moving inexorably down her back. The nearer he got to her bottom, the harder her pulse pounded.

"You have dimples back here," Dennis commented. "I love that. I think that's really neat." He rubbed the washcloth over the dimples and felt Lois tremble. He knew his lathery caresses on her buttocks were driving her wild.

Until she met Dennis, Lois would never have believed that taking a bath could be this enjoyable. Finally, his hand moved to her belly, and began moving downward.

"Oh, God, Dennis!" Lois cooed, "You always make me feel so wonderful!"

Dennis's hand continued to descend moving inexorably toward her vagina. She never wanted these fabulous feelings to stop! She braced herself as the washcloth continued moving downward, expecting it to move between her legs. She was unaware that her hips had begun the rocking motions of sex. She spread her legs to steady herself anticipating a wild rush of sensations when Dennis began caressing her vagina.

Instead of doing what she expected him to, Dennis instead knelt and began washing her legs! He slid the lather-covered cloth from her hips all the way down to her feet, gliding over her superbly formed thigh down over her shapely calf. He did one leg, then the other, slowly, lovingly.

Lois was quivering and gasping for breath by the time Dennis finished with her legs. All she could think about was coming! She desperately needed to come!

"Make me come!" Lois begged. "Please, Dennis, make me come!! I have to come!"

Dennis finally slid the washcloth up between her thighs and began to stroke her center. She clutched desperately at the towel rack fastened to the shower wall for support as his caresses turned her legs to jelly. He moved his in a light circular motion on her labia, touching her clit, probing her quavering opening.

"Yes!!! Oh, God, Dennis!!! Yesssss!!! Yesssss!!," Lois groaned, "Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!! That's it!!! That's ittttt!!! Make me come!!! I'm...I'm commminnnggg!!! Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!" Her hips bucked against his hand as the orgasm she needed so desperately finally wracked her.

When her senses returned, Lois realized Dennis was holding her in his arms. She was weak-kneed, but felt wonderful. "You make taking a shower a sex act," she murmured. "A wonderful one!"

"I'm glad you like it," Dennis replied.

"My God!" Lois sighed, "Saying I like it doesn't come close. I don't think I've ever had a bath feel that good before!"

They finished their shower and toweled each other dry. Dennis left the bathroom while Lois was still finishing up with things she had to do. When she emerged into the bedroom, she found Dennis, wearing just his slacks, sitting on the bed. She saw his eyes moving as his gaze traveled over her nude body and felt herself blushing.

"Don't be embarrassed," he said, "you are so gorgeous! I love looking at you."

Acutely conscious of the young man's fond gaze, Lois walked toward the bed. She sat down on the bed next to Dennis and he put his arm around her. They leaned toward each other and their lips met. Once more Lois felt thrills roiling around inside her. She felt the young man's hardness pressing against her bare leg and desire began spreading through her once more.

Their kiss had to end, finally, and when it did, Lois began to kiss her lover's bare chest. It was smooth and hairless, and as her lips roved over his warm skin and teased his nipples, she heard him gasp with delight. She sucked one of his nipples between her lips and nibbled it the way he'd nibbled hers. She felt it grow hard, and felt him tremble.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Dennis moaned. One of his hands fell on her back and began a soft caress, the other sought, and found, one of her breasts.

Lois opened the young man's slacks, pulled his rigid cock out, and held it in her hands for a moment. Then she began stroking it.

"Oh, God!" he murmured.

Lois knew exactly what she wanted to do. She slid off the bed, onto her knees and took her lover's erection in her mouth. She began exploring the shaft with her lips and tongue and heard her young lover moan.

"Oh, God, Lois!" Dennis cautioned her, his voice strained, "You're gonna make me come!" He couldn't believe how good what she was doing to him felt! He wasn't going to be able to stop himself if she kept it up much longer!

Lois heard the warning, but didn't stop. Her insides were churning and she could feel wetness forming in her middle and beginning to seep down her legs. She continued to slide her mouth up and down over the young man's swollen shaft, and stroking his balls with her hand as she did.

"Please, Lois!!!" Dennis moaned, his legs trembling, "I'm so close! If you keep that up, you'll make me come!"

Lois wanted him to come! He'd given her pleasure with hands while they were in the shower mouth and she wanted to return the favor! She increased the intensity of her caresses.

"Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!! Aggggghhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!" Dennis cried, and his body began jerking and shaking uncontrollably.

Lois felt her lover's penis begin to throb, then his warm, sticky fluids were squirting into her mouth. His explosion caused a reaction she didn't expect.

"Mmmmmmmppphhhhh!!!!! Mmmmmmmppphhhhh!!!" Lois moaned around her lover's spasming pole. Her body was quivering and she felt like her insides were melting when her young lover's orgasm triggered a small, sweet one in her, too. She gulped down as much of the fluids he was spewing into her as she could, and continued to suck and lick him until he was limp. Then she relaxed, leaning against his legs, her arms around them. She could feel that him trembling.

"My God, Lois!" Dennis whispered, "That was awesome!" He bent and urged her up onto the bed. They stretched out next to each other and pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

When Dennis's hands started to move over her again, Lois was elated to discover she was responding. She didn't ever want this weekend to end! She dreaded going back to her empty house and lonely bed.

Dennis's lips captured one of her nipples and Lois moaned, "Ohhhhhhh!!!!"

After caressing her breasts and toying with her nipples for a wonderfully long time, Dennis whispered, "Turn over, on your belly."

Lois rolled onto her belly and felt his hands and lips begin to caress her back. Up and down they moved, touching her lightly, sending delight into her. The young man trailed his fingers over her skin, keeping them barely in contact, causing incredible sensations to spread through her. What he was doing felt so good, she couldn't keep still.

Then he began working on her bottom! Lois was elated by the thoroughgoing attention the young man paid to her. He caressed each buttock with the same light touch he'd used to caress her back, then he kissed each cheek, making Lois whimper with delight.

The sensations Lois was experiencing grew even more delightfully intense when Dennis began to explore the cleft between her firm nether globes with his finger. He was, as always, making her wild! Her hips began to rock and she spread her legs apart a bit, opening her middle to him. His moving finger traced the tiny pucker of her nether opening lightly.

"My God, Dennis!" she moaned. "That's incredible! It feels soooo nice!!"

He began to stroke the backs and insides of her thighs, continuing to electrify her, then his caresses moved to her vagina. His fingers slid between the well-lubricated, silky lips, and he toyed with her clit, making her gasp. Next he stroked the little expanse of flesh that separated her vagina and anus, and more jolts of excitement rushed through her.

"Dennis!!! You're driving me crazy!" Lois whimpered, "I can't stand it! It feels too good!!"

With tantalizing slowness, he inserted one finger through her puffy labia and on into her palpitating opening, which was drenched with the fluids of need. His other hand slid under her and he grasped her engorged clit.

"Mmmmmmmpppphhhh!!!!" Lois moaned into the pillow. Dennis's finger was thrusting into her while at the same time, his other hand was twirling on her clit. "Please, Dennis, I...I need you!" she groaned. "Take me!! Please!!! Take meeee!!!"

Dennis's finger kept thrusting into Lois, but his other hand hand slipped out from under her, and then she felt movement on the bed. She knew what the young man was doing. He was moving behind her, between her legs. She shook as she anticipated what would happen next. He took her hips in his hands and lifted them off the bed, positioning her so she was a lovely target for his engorged cock.

Dennis, trembling with need, moved closer to Lois. The tip of his erection brushed against her thigh, then slid between them, rubbing against her opening.

Lois felt the contact of her lover's swollen wand. "Please, Dennis!" she moaned, pushing back against him. "In mee!! Please!!!"

Then the tip of the erect member slid between her labia and began moving into her soaking wet quim. "Yessssss!!! Put it in!! Put it in meeeeeee!!!" shecried.

With a powerful thrust, Dennis lodged himself in her all the way. His movement drove her head against the padded headboard of the motel bed, but Lois didn't care. She reached down, touched herself at the point of their joining, and felt where his shaft had entered her. He began to move and she could feel the fleshy pole sliding in and out.

"I can feel you!!!" she groaned, "Oh, God, Dennis, I can feel you!" Her fingers began to twirl her clit as he drove into her. "Now!!! Oh, God, Dennis!!! Now!!!" she screamed. Her back arched and she began bucking like a wild horse as orgasm whipped through her. "Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!! Yesssss!!! Yesssss!!! Yesssss!! Oh, Godddddddddd!!!! Oh, Godddddddd!!! Yessssssss!!!!!"

"Yes, Lois, yesssss!!!! Take itttttt!!!" Dennis bellowed, "I'm coming, too!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!" He exploded his torrid cream into her.

Their bodies rocked and bucked until no more sensations remained to be partaken of. Dennis pulled his partially hard shaft from Lois and flopped next to her on the bed.

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