Summer to Remember


"So fucking huge, and so heavy," I groaned as we kissed.

"It's big for you Kate," he said letting me know he wanted to fuck me.

Feeling my fathers hands travel up my stockings to my firm, ass then to my long, extended nipples had my pussy bursting into flames. He then went from kissing me back to sucking my inch long nipples. His mouth on my sensitive nipples drove me crazy, as they responded by sending shock-waves into my pussy.

"Oh fuck, you're driving me crazy," I cried out throwing my head back as the excitement was building inside my pussy by the second.

"Big nipples on such a flat chest.... Wonderful," he said as he sucked on my almost non-existent tits, pulling the flesh off my chest, until he released my tit then kissed and bit each of my nipples which caused me to moan. He then pulled each of my nipples far off my chest, sending shock-waves way- up into my pussy. "I love these tiny tits Kate," he snarled as he kissed around the edges of my big nipples, driving me insane.

As he was biting and stretching out my nipples he skillfully pushed my thong to the side and sent his fingers up into my pussy, which was already soaking wet from being so turned on.

"Oh fuck," I moaned, as I threw my head back from the incredible feeling of being finger fucked by my sexy father. "God, he's so confident and knows just what to do to turn me on," I thought to myself as I went back to kissing him as he fucked me, with his probing fingers.

"Umm, already wet," he said the instant his fingers went into my pussy.

"Wet for you baby," I said hoarsely, playing off his response about his huge cock being big for me. Suddenly, I felt my body start to convulse and knew I was going to cum. I lifted my heels out of the backs of my pumps and came in a hard flood all over his fingers.

As I came over his fingers I could feel his huge cock throbbing in my outstretched palm and felt the heavy liquid of pre-cum start to flow out of his baseball sized cockhead. As I came I kept pumping him faster and faster, wanting to jerk him off with me. After I came we kissed as my body seemed to go limp from the explosive climax.

"Let me take the edge off this great, big fucking cock baby. I wanna suck you off," I said hotly as I instantly squatted on my pumps and proceeded to lick every inch of his tremendous cock. When I squatted, I felt the back of my feet come out of my pumps, as my toes pushed down into the front of my high heels. My high heels never left my feet throughout me blowing him an fucking him, the entire time. His cock was so huge and heavy that it had to rest against his knee for support. It was way too big to stick straight out like my boyfriend or all the other guys I fucked. I put my palm at the base and hefted it to my mouth. It was so sexy to have to control over such a massive cock.

I started by just kissing the huge head and licking it wildly, flicking my tongue across the giant crown as I looked at him slyly. I then ran my tongue across one side, feeling sparks in my pussy from the powerful veins that crisscrossed like a giant spider web and ran along the length of his shaft, than to the tip and back down the other side.

At times I would stab his huge cock with my tongue which made it thump off his knee and bounce to the other side. My fathers huge cock was like a giant magnet, drawing my tongue to it, and sending sparks into my pussy every time I flicked at it. He groaned which sent a signal that he liked the way I was playing with his great, big cock.

"Nice baby," he moaned looking at me while I basked in the sexy play with his huge cock.

When I brought it to my mouth I realized that I would never get more than the huge, baseball shaped cockhead inside, so I knew my hands and tongue were what was going to please it. My fathers cock was so huge it was impossible to suck like my boyfriends or other guys I fucked. What my fathers huge cock needed was to be played with and worshiped, and I was more than eager to do both.

"Spit on it baby," he commanded as I looked up and grinned slyly.

"Umm, you know just what you like," I said, looking up at him slyly. "With this huge cock, anything you want baby," I said in a voice I didn't recognize, astonished by his staggering cock. I was so turned on by my fathers confidence, I instantly began spitting my hot saliva along the top of his shaft, and began pumping it through my palm as my other hand caressed his huge, hanging balls. His huge, hanging balls, the size of grapefruits, seemed perfectly matched for his giant cock and something inside me told me he could store up and shoot a real big load of cum.

"That's perfect Kate," he said which made me real happy and real hot. There was something about the way he said my name that turned me on and almost made me cum. It made me feel so sexy, and made me forget that I was his daughter. Calling me by my name made me feel more like one of his many 18 year old fucks, and that drove me wild.

Mesmerized by the size of his cock, and his huge, hanging balls, I lifted it against his tight stomach and pressed it in place with my palm. His cock was so heavy and so huge that it went a good 6 inches above his navel. It was such a powerful and staggering sight that it made me so eager to please him. I began licking all over his huge balls. They were each the size of a baseball and his sack hung down almost 10 inches.

His huge ball sack added to making his cock look terrifying. I went wild with my tongue licking his hanging sack and lifting each of his huge balls with my tongue. When I looked up I was happy to see my father looking at me with lust in his eyes. I grinned at him slyly.

"That's real nice Kate. Suck my balls just like that baby," he said as I took one in my mouth and pulled on his ball sack, stretching it out almost a foot. "Oh naughty Kate," he groaned in a deep resonant voice, as I grinned at him slyly.

" Ummm. the biggest pair of balls, loaded with hot cum for me I hope," I said in my throaty voice, as I went back to licking all over his towering shaft as I held it in my palm.

"Lot's of cum for you Kate. Lots of cum," he snarled as I let go of his huge cock, as it bounced to his knee and continued spitting all over his massive shaft, and pumping the endless length of it.

"What's it like to have a different mouth and pussy on this great, big cock every night baby," I looked at him slyly than ran the tip of my tongue over his huge crown than down the left side and back up and over the right side. He didn't respond, but groaned as he watched me tease his huge cock with my tongue.

After I bathed his huge cock in my hot saliva I mischievously flicked the tip of my tongue, over the crown of his big cockhead, like a snake.

"Umm, I like a real naughty girl," he said as I kept flicking my tongue against his cockhead, then kissed it as I looked into his piercing eyes with the slyest of grins.

"Oh trust me, I am real naughty baby, and with this great, big cock, I'm going to be naughtier than ever," I said teasingly, looking up at him with a sly grin that caused him to grin back. I then spit on his huge shaft again and took the flow of pre-cum in my palm and messaged it into his thick, veined shaft, mixing it with my hot saliva.

Abruptly, he took his huge shaft in his hand and started rubbing it against my throbbing nipples. I was delirious from the friction his massive shaft caused as it ran over my nipples, crushing the rock hard tips, bending them almost flat to my chest. I was going wild from the sensation of his big, maze of veins that ran off the sides of his giant cock.

"Oh fuck, that's so fucking hot," I moaned out loud, feeling my big, sensitive nipples go crazy from the incredible sensation of being rubbed by his huge cock. As his huge veins traveled over my nipples I felt my pussy reach the boiling point and knew his huge cock was going to make me cum, and he knew it too.

"Cum baby," he snarled. "Let those big nipples cum Kate," he said in a commanding voice. That did it. For the next minute I came like a faucet all over his huge shaft as he continued to rub it against my aching nipples.

A few seconds later his breathing got deeper and his moaning heavier. His huge balls began to slide-up into his massive shaft and it began to expand so wide that I thought it was going to fall out of my hand. I knew he was going to cum, and was going wild in anticipation of watching it explode, but I was also wondering if I should stop him and go to his room and fuck. Although my father was in great shape, he was 68 years old, and I wasn't sure if he'd recover after cumming, and all I knew was that I wanted my pussy wrapped around that great, big cock in the worst way. Sensing what I was thinking he said in a confident tone,

"Don't worry Kate. I'm going to fuck you all night.

I looked up at him slyly and grinned at the thought of him fucking me all night. Something inside me told me he wasn't lying, and I was about to find out that he could have easily fucked me for days without tiring or loosing interest.

"Oh god, I can't wait baby," I said hotly as he kept rubbing his giant cock across my aching tits.

He was moaning like crazy, and his cock was throbbing uncontrollably.

"That's it baby. Let that great, big cock explode. I know you want to cum," I chanted hotly. It was so hot knowing I was bringing my father off. The control I had over such a huge cock was so hot that I felt my own pussy begin to spasm.

"Gonna cum baby," he snarled.

"I wanna watch it. Cum for me baby. I wanna see that huge cock explode," I groaned, and grabbed his cock and pumped fiercely and for the next two minutes four foot long ropes of hot, white liquid flew out of his great big cockhead, over my shoulder, hitting the wall ten feet away.

It was the wildest and most powerful sight I ever saw, and as he shot-off I kept pumping him wondering when and if he was ever going to stop. It was as if I was siphoning his huge cock, and that he had an inexhaustible reservoir of cum. The sounds of cum splashing against the wall triggered my pussy and as I squatted on my pumps I rolled my eyes back and came in a violent rush. After he finally finished I continued to worship his cock, licking all over it and messaging it with my outstretched palm.

"I guess you didn't fuck today," I teased, looking at the staggering amount of cum that shot out from his huge cock.

"Not yet baby," he said hotly, which caused me to groan and my pussy to twitch, while he pulled me up to him.

We instantly started kissing and I was shocked to feel his huge cock throb and expand again. I could not believe that a cock so huge could recover so fast especially after just cumming so hard and for over two minutes, and for him being 68 years old. Even my brother who was out-of-his mind horny for me last week when we fucked didn't recover like this, and he's 18. I was about to find out that my father had incredible staying power, with the ability to fuck for hours and could cum again and again at will, rebounding within minutes of cumming, or if he was inside my pussy fucking, would stay rock hard.

" My bedroom or yours," I said hotly, looking at his huge cock again, already dripping pre-cum.

"Let's fuck in mine baby," he said with authority. Hearing my distinguished father use the word 'fuck' sent sparks in my burning pussy. I was so turned on by his confidence and his power. I loved the idea that I was with a man who knew what he wanted and always got what he wanted. He was so different from my boyfriend or the wimpy boys I fucked and even my brother. My father had a confidence that came from years of aggressive business deals and years of fucking, and knowing he had a huge cock.

"First let's get this sexy thong off. I have to get a taste of this sexy, wet pussy of yours," he said sternly, as he squatted down behind me and pulled down my thong over my ass then over my pumps, as I lifted each one automatically for him. Once my thong was over my pumps he threw it to the side and put his hand on my back to make me lean forward.

He than grabbed me by my hips and for a few minutes just kept spreading my ass wide than releasing it. I was groaning like crazy, knowing he was spreading my ass wide so that he could look at my open pussy.

" Beautiful pussy Kate," he said in a hot breath as he held my ass apart than ran his tongue across my throbbing clit and right between my open fuck lips.

"Oh god! You're making me so fucking hot," I moaned out loud as he worked his tongue across and into my pussy than around the rim of my ass hole. "Oh fuck that's so hot," I moaned never having felt a guys tongue on my ass hole before.

"A sexy pussy and a beautiful ass hole Kate," he said in a deep, raspy voice.

He than started running his tongue deeper into my ass hole as he pried my ass apart with his hands. My ass was on fire from being fucked this way. I was loving the sensations that flowed from my ass into my pussy and knew I could easily cum like this. My father than ran his tongue deep inside my ass than deep inside my pussy.

"Oh god, you've got me so fucked up," I howled.

Balancing on my pumps he guided my hips back and forth onto his probing tongue, making me wetter and hotter by the second. I was delirious as my father had my pussy bouncing off the walls from the way his tongue fucked way up inside me.

"Fuck, you really know how to eat a pussy, "I snarled as he guided my ass over his tongue.

"Especially one as sexy as yours baby," he said in a deep voice that sent a chill up my spine. "You have a very sexy pussy Kate," he said as he kissed all over it, filling the air with popping sounds that had me squirming. "Such a delicious pussy too," he added in a deep smoky voice, as he snaked his tongue deep inside my boiling cunt.

"Oh fuck that's gonna make me cum," I groaned as I felt my pussy and ass devoured by my fathers skilled mouth.

"A beautiful pussy and ass Kate, both with an incredible taste," he said driving me insane when he used my name. I was so turned on I started pulling on my nipples as a sudden surge erupted from deep inside my boiling cunt. "Let it go baby," he moaned as he tunneled his tongue into my pussy than into my ass.

"Ohhhh fuck," I groaned outloud,as my pussy exploded all over my fathers tongue and his mouth. Just as I was cuming he held my pussy tight to his mouth with one hand on my hip than brought his other hand to my engorged clit which sent me into a second, even harder climax.

"That's right. Let it go baby," he said out loud, feeling my pussy clamp down on his tongue as I exploded fiercely. "That's it. Let this sexy pussy cum Kate. Keep it cumming baby," he said firmly, as my legs shook uncontrollably and my high heels began bouncing wildly, as my pussy kept popping off one wild orgasm after the other, firing in rapid burst. After I came we kissed heatedly as I tasted my pussy all over his mouth. the taste of my own pussy made me real hot.

"My bedroom baby," he said in a Commanding voice that was more telling me than asking me as he took my hand and lead me to his bedroom.

"Oh fuck yeah," I moaned as we walked down the long hallway to his bedroom, my high heels clicking advertised that it was going to an incredible fuck. As we walked my heart pounded in rhythm to the clicking sounds of my high heel pumps against the wood floor. The sound of my high heels clicking on the wood floor mixed with my deep breathing, filled the air with lust. I was so turned at the thought of fucking my father and his huge, popular cock.

When we walked past the hall mirror it was the sexiest and naughtiest sight imaginable. Seeing my father, nude, with his thick white hair and his incredibly fit, slender physique, and his huge, menacing cock bouncing from knee to knee as I walked in my high heel pumps and thigh high stockings almost made me cum. He than stopped and stood behind me. It was the sexiest sight. A man 50 years older than me, in amazing physical shape and with the biggest cock I'd ever seen. I was never more turned on in my life.

"Look how sexy you are Kate, he said as he kissed my neck and played with my aching nipples. "Dressed for fucking," he added in his hot breath, taking in the sight of me in my heels and stockings while kissing my neck, which sent sparks deep into my pussy.

"Oh god I can't wait to fuck you, and that huge assed cock of yours. It's so fucking big," I moaned out loud looking at his giant cock in the mirror as it bounced, angrily from knee to knee, looking like a giant log as we continued walking to his bedroom. "Look at you. So proud to have such a huge cock," I said hotly. " This great, big cock gets you so much teen pussy. And now mine too," I said in a hot breath then bent at the waist to kiss and lick it.

" Oh fuck," he groaned as he watched me lift his huge cock than run my tongue along the sides than flick the head with the tip real fast.

" So huge....So heavy......Great big proud cock," I moaned as I as I kissed his grapefruit sized cockhead. When I released it, it smacked against his knee making a loud thud. We than kissed for a few minutes which had my pussy dripping. "Oh god, lets fuck. I need that huge, proud cock of yours in my pussy so bad," I moaned.

"Yes Kate, I do realize that I am blessed to have such a big cock, and that it is very popular with young teens., who like yourself love to look sexy and love to fuck," he said with such a confident air. " And now I'm looking forward to getting it inside your sexy 18 year old pussy," he said as he lifted me up effortlessly and took me to his bedroom, kissing me the entire way.

We never made it to the pageant rehearsal that day, both canceling our dates, and spent the next eight hours kissing and fucking in every position in his bedroom and throughout the house, as his huge cock spread me wider than it was ever designed for. My fathers huge cock reshaped my pussy and made me cum harder than I ever have. The first two hours were spent fucking really slow, like we were passionate lovers, but it was so I could adjust to the enormous length and especially his beer-can like girth of his cock.

We started our fuck with him sitting in a high backed cushioned chair with me facing him, kissing like lovers as I rested my hands on his shoulders. Pushing off my high heels I lifted my pussy right to the head of his monstrous cock and slowly dropped down on it as I spiraled my ass around, to help widen my opening.

" Fuck, that's a big, assed cock," I moaned as my pussy began letting him in.

"Take your time Kate. Let your pussy adjust real slow to every inch of this big cock," he said while holding it at the base then kissed me. "Take your time baby. Let your tight pussy adjust to it first, than I'll really fuck you," he said in a voice that sent a chill down my spine.

As soon as his huge cockhead went past the mouth of my pussy I came in a flood. I already felt so overstuffed with just the head inside me, but I knew I wanted every inch. I also knew that my father was going to want a lot more than just the head inside me. I knew by him saying, 'I'll really fuck you," that this slow fuck introduction was the calm before the storm. I knew that once he bottomed out he was going to fuck me the way he wanted, and that turned me on like crazy. I wanted to experience the same fucking he gave all his 18 year old fucks.

After almost two hours passed I had finally reached the base of his cock. During that time I would jump off his huge cock and lick him and pump him and kiss him. This time kept us really turned on and gave my pussy a brief rest. Everytime I took in another inch I would explode violently, as we kissed hard and he pinched my inch, long nipples. When I got to the base of his huge cock I groaned wildly as I saw stars and squirted all over his shaft in a violent orgasm. I was so thrilled when I reached bottom and was able to take his entire cock inside me. As I came I felt his rhythm increase and I instinctually matched his fucking with mine. He was beginning to fuck more forcefully, the way he wanted and I felt his huge cock expand which almost made me pass out. I kept spiraling my ass around his cock telling him to cum, which caused him to groan.

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