tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 04

Summer Vacation Ch. 04

byD.C. Roi©

When Tommy got up Sunday morning he discovered that he and Aunt Karen were no longer alone. His cousin Kim had arrived home in the wee hours of the morning while he was sleeping.

Kim gave him a bright smile when he walked into the kitchen. "Hi, Tommy," she said.

Aunt Karen was making breakfast, so the young man went to the kitchen table and sat down. "Hi, Kim," he replied. He was surprised she was up already, given how late she'd gotten in. His cousin looked a lot better than he remembered her looking. Her skin was dusky, just like her mother's and gave her the appearance of a year-round tan. Kim's hair was dark brown, though not as dark as her mother's. She was probably five-two or three, but had a very voluptuous figure just the same. She wasn't classically pretty, but she was striking, and knew how to use makeup to highlight her best features.

The outfit his cousin had on that morning really displayed her tidy figure. It was a short neon green halter top and snug acid-washed jeans. When he looked across the table at his cousin he couldn't help himself, his eyes were drawn to her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra! Her nipples showed through the fabric of the top. He grabbed his orange juice and drank it down in one swallow.

Kim watched him smiling. She had a bemused look on her striking face, as if she knew exactly what he was thinking. That rattled the young man. Things weren't at all what he thought they would be here at his aunt's house. First he learned that out his aunt is screwing around, now his cousin is giving him hot looks. He thought the summer was going to be boring. It looked like it was going to be anything but boring, in fact, it was getting kind of weird.

Aunt Karen turned around, looked at the two teenagers, and said, "I don't suppose either of you would like to go to church, would you?"

Neither of the young people did.

"Well, if you aren't going to church, what are you kids going to do today?" Aunt Karen asked cheerily while she put a platter of scrambled eggs on the table then sat down.

"I called Connie and Carol right after I got up," Kim said. "We're going to the beach."

"You could take Tommy along," Aunt Karen said.

Kim gave her mother an exasperated look and said, "Mom!"

Sure his cousin didn't want him tagging along to spoil her fun with her friends, Tommy decided to do her a favor. "Ah...I have other things I need to do today, Aunt Karen," he said. "I'm meeting some of my friends downtown."

After breakfast, Kim left for the beach and Tommy headed down town. He planned to meet some of his friends and hang out. He hoped they might run into some girls. "I probably won't be back until late," he told his aunt when he left. "I'll get lunch and dinner somewhere."

"You sure?" Aunt Karen asked, sounding a little concerned.

Tommy smiled at his aunt and shook his head. "Don't worry, Aunt Karen," he said, "I'm not gonna starve. I've got money, I'll get myself a burger or something, I promise."

He took the car and spent the first part of the day with his karate instructor, Master Kwan, working harder than he'd ever worked.

"You are working very hard today, my son," his sensei commented as he watched his star student go through one strenuous routine after another.

Master Kwan was an Okinawan, a tiny man with white hair, a white beard, and wrinkled facial features who had lived in the United States ever since the end of World War II. Tommy wasn't sure how old his instructor was, but he was old enough to be the wisest man the young man had ever met. Tommy regarded his sensei with both awe and affection.

"I have much on my mind, sensei," Tommy replied. The discipline required by the various moves helped clear the young man's thinking. It also drained a lot of pent-up energy from his body.

"Have you changed your mind about the competition we spoke of the other day?" Master Kwan asked. "You would win the tournament easily. I have no other student as skilled, or determined, as you."

Tommy shook his head. "My folks, especially my Mom, wouldn't like it if I competed," he said. "Besides, you know I do not do study the martial arts to win trophies, Sensei. I do it because it benefits me in other ways."

"Ah," Master Kwan said. Smiling, he nodded sagely. "That is as it should be. You have learned the most important lesson. Karate is for defense, not aggression. I respect your wishes, my son. You are one of the wisest students I have ever had."

"Thank you, Master Kwan," Tommy said, bowing deeply. "Your comments honor me." Heartened by his sensei's praise, he worked even harder.

After finishing his workout, Tommy drove to the mall, met some of his friends, and hung around for the rest of the day. They talked about girls a lot, but didn't do anything about it. Finally, approaching terminal boredom, they went to a movie.

As he'd promised, Tommy called Aunt Karen and told her he wouldn't be home until late. She thanked him and told him what a good nephew he was.

The movie they went to was a martial arts film. Tommy enjoyed it, but found the portrayal of the karate expert star a little unrealistic. Master Kwan would have a conniption if his students behaved the way the guy in the film did. Tommy was sure he could whip the movie star without breathing hard.

After the movie, Tommy and his friends had a soda and some ice cream, then he drove them home and went home himself. He parked the car next to the garage and walked around the back of the house, planning to go in the back door.

A light was on in Kim's room. Knowing he shouldn't, Tommy made his way to the window and looked in. Kim lay on her bed, nude. The young man felt his heart begin to pound. She had a fantastic body! She didn't have a tan line, either! Tommy kept staring in the window. He knew what he was doing was wrong, maybe even a little perverted, but he couldn't tear himself away.

Kim appeared oblivious to the fact she was lying naked in a well-lit room with the blinds open. Maybe, since her room faced the back yard, she thought she didn't have to worry about anyone seeing her. Tommy watched her examine herself. She took first one lovely breast in her hand, brushed her thumb over the nipple, and her mouth opened a little and a shudder went through her.

"God!" Tommy thought, his heart slamming against his ribs, his cock hardening, "She's playing with herself!"

Kim let go of her breast and slid her hands up and down over her body. The window was open and Tommy could hear her purring with delight. She caressed her shapely legs from her pretty feet, along her well-formed calves, to her full, firm thighs. As she did, her cousin could see her look become more and more feral. She was turning herself on! He couldn't believe what was happening! First he got to see Aunt Karen and the minister screwing, now this! Maybe it would be a neat summer after all!

Kim caressed her breasts again, teasing the nipples until they stood up like little fingers. Unlike his aunt's breasts, which sagged a little, his cousin's were proud and firm. They were perfectly shaped, as far as Tommy was concerned. He swallowed hard and shifted position to make things a little more comfortable for the swollen shaft in his pants.

When Kim spread her legs, Tommy gasped. The foot of Kim's bed was pointed toward the window and that allowed him to see between her legs and gave him a clear view of her vagina! Except for pictures in magazines and that dirty movie, he'd never seen a woman's vagina before! In the short time he'd been staying with Aunt Karen, he'd seen two of them!

Kim slid her hands over her flat belly, between her legs, and began toying with herself. Her fingers moved up and down in the slippery gash and her body began to move. She slid a finger into herself. Her hips rose off the bed and a soft moan came from her lovely red lips. Once again, the young man found himself clutching a cock which had swollen to unbelievable proportions, or at least felt that way.

Kim's hand was twirling in her middle now. "She's playing with her clit!" Tommy thought as he feverishly watched his cousin's body writhe and buck. His first-hand knowledge of female anatomy was non-existent, but he read a lot. He had a considerable store of knowledge, but no practical experience. The attractive young woman's hand continued twirling her middle and her motions grew more and more fervent. Then she reached for the nightstand next to her bed, opened the drawer, and pulled out something.

At first Tommy wasn't sure what it was his cousin had taken out of the drawer, then he saw it more clearly. Kim had a dildo! He gulped and began stroking his cock. His pants were too tight, so he opened them and pulled out his swollen organ. This was too much!

The dildo looked just like a real cock, but it was black! Wide-eyed, Tommy continued to stare though the open window while his cousin slid the tip of the large black object up and down between the puffy pink lips of her excitement-wet pussy. The more she teased herself with the device, the more insistent the movements of her body became. She was moaning almost constantly and her hips rose and fell as the muscles of her legs tightened and released. The young man kept watching, stroking his cock as he did.

Slowly, Kim slid the huge black tube into herself and her hips went wild. While one hand thrust the fake cock in and out, the other whirled on her clit. Her eyes closed, her head rolled from side to side and the muscles in her legs quivered.

"Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh! Uhh! Uhh!" Kim grunted, her body trembling as if she was possessed.

Tommy's hand was a blur on his cock as he watched his cousin experience ecstasy. Without realizing it was going to happen, his insides exploded and his seed gushed from him, splattering to the grass. He bit his lip to keep from crying out and leaned against the house to steady himself.

At last Kim relaxed, leaving the dildo protruding obscenely from her pussy. Tommy finally found the strength to stand, pushed his now-limp cock back in his pants, and zipped himself up. He looked in the window, wondering if there would be more to see.

Kim put the dildo, which she had obviously taken from herself, back in the drawer, laid back, and pulled the covers up over her lovely body. Then she looked toward the window and smiled the same smile Tommy had seen at the breakfast table. Finally, she turned out the light.

Tommy was too scared to move when his cousin looked toward the window. Her knowing smile bothered him. Had she seen him? If she had, would she tell? What would Aunt Karen think if she found out he was a Peeping Tom? On wobbly legs, he turned and headed for the back door, let himself in, went to his room, and went to bed.

Exhausted from his karate workout and recent voyeurism, he fell asleep quickly and slept soundly.

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