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Supernatural: Castiel and Meg


*This is a short story based upon one of my absolute favorite television shows- "Supernatural".

*Please remember that this (and all stories published on here) are automatically copyrighted to me. If you wish to reproduce any or all parts herein, just ask for permission.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, Castiel (Cas) is an ex-angel and Meg is a demon. If this offends your sensibilities...read something else.

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Castiel kept glancing over his shoulder, checking to see if he was being followed. What he was doing, or about to do, broke every fundamental rule of Heaven. 'It's a good thing I'm no longer an angel,' Cas thought ruefully. Never in his millennia of existence had he ever thought this would happen: banished from Heaven, his Grace stripped, powerless...human. All because he believed in, and had actively assisted, Dean and Sam Winchester in their quest for an alternative to Armageddon. He had grown fond of them-no longer looking at humans as inferior beings-but as the marvelous, awe-inspiring, creative and cunning beings his Father had created. Shrugging the depressing thoughts away Castiel turned his mind once again to the task awaiting him. Should this go as planned, well...it might be a revolution the likes of which neither Heaven nor Hell had seen before.

Walking through the woods Cas finally saw the old wooden cabin where the meeting would be held. Circling it, he looked for signs that anyone was waiting to capture-or kill-him. Finding no one he softly stepped up onto the porch and walked to the old oak door. Turning the knob he entered into the main area which consisted of a sofa, wood burning stove with a stack of wood beside it, a table and chairs which looked original to the old cabin, and a large hand carved bed. Despite the sparseness of furnishings, it was homey in a simple way. Dean and Sam had shown him the cabin as it was one of their bolt-holes for emergencies. The last time he was here had been with them, Meg and Crowley-self named King of Hell.

Shaking free of his reverie Cas went over to the ancient woodstove and began a fire to ward off the chill in the air. It wasn't quite winter yet, but the nights were no longer as warm. Taking off his trench coat, he threw it over the back of one of the dining chairs then proceeded to get the percolating coffee pot set up and placed it on the woodstove to heat. Memories flooded his mind-of Dean and Sam, of the pain and pure determination to win that permeated their entire beings; of Meg, the surprisingly helpful demon with a wry sense of humor that hid the pain in her beautiful brown eyes; of Crowley and his machinations to conquer everything, though he could be helpful at times...if doing so helped his cause.

Cas sat at the table, waiting, hoping against hope that he would not be disappointed in the outcome of this meeting. There wasn't much he could do to defend himself now that he was purely a human and no longer one of his God's warriors. Dean and Sam were, in what spare time they had, teaching him to shoot and Castiel already knew hand to hand combat. But that wouldn't do much good against someone-something-who wasn't human. Not when he was used to having the power of Heaven and no longer had that 'mojo' as Dean referred to it.

Footsteps sounded on the front porch. Cas sat up straighter and gripped the handle of the sawed-off 12 gauge leaning against his chair under the table. But as the door opened, he saw there was no need to worry. Meg walked in with her long dark, curly hair floating like a cloud, her eyes darting around the one room. Even though she was a demon, Cas couldn't deny her simple girl-next-door appeal. If he'd been born human and had met her...but he hadn't. Casting that thought out of his head, Cas rose to greet her.

"Don't worry, there's no one else here. Did anyone follow you?"

Meg gave him that look; the one she seemed to reserve for anyone who was fool enough to doubt her ability to do anything she needed in order to survive. Including changing sides in this war they were fighting. "Well, they did try to follow me. Unfortunately for them, I wasn't in the mood to play follow the demon to a secret rendezvous. I'm assuming, since you're sitting here comfortably that no one trailed you either?"

"No. I was very careful in coming here. The consequences of anyone finding out about our meeting would be dire," Cas told her. "Coffee?"

"Only if you've got something stronger hidden in this shack to add to it," Meg replied.

Castiel poured two cups half full of coffee and sat them on the table. He went to a cabinet and grabbed a bottle of Glenfiddich scotch then brought it back to the table where Meg had taken a seat.

"I do not, as yet, know much about human alcohol. Will this make it "strong" enough for you to drink?" He asked without deceit or sarcasm.

"You know, that might just make it bearable to sit here and talk about being a traitor to my own kind. Thank you, Cas."

Cas added a few drops to each cup and sat down across from Meg. In surprise he watched as she continued to fill the cups to the brim with the strange Glenfiddich liquor. "Does that make the coffee more palatable?" he asked.

Meg laughed; a delightful, hearty sound that sent a shiver down his spine and caused a surprising reaction in the front of his pants. Surreptitiously, Cas reached down to readjust the proof of his unhealthy and aberrant desire for a fallen one. He may no longer be an angel-and proof of that was straining against his pants-but that didn't mean he would have sexual relations with a demon. Even one as pretty, smart, devious and arousing as Meg was.

"It absolutely makes it more palatable, honey. Try it and see for yourself," Meg dared him. She was hoping to do than talk during this meeting. In fact, if she had her way, there wouldn't be any talking done tonight at all. From the first time she had seen Cas is his 'meatsuit' she'd wanted him, even knowing that he was an angel-and therefore her natural enemy-hadn't kept the desire at bay. Over time it had just grown stronger and tonight she was going to assuage her curiosity and lust.

Meg watched as Cas shrugged philosophically and took an experimental taste of the coffee. Watching his beautiful blue eyes widen as the scotch and coffee hit him was so amusing that she took a drink and held the cup in front of her mouth so Cas wouldn't see her smiling at his astonishment. He looked up at her, his face reflecting the surprise in his eyes and took a second, longer drink.

"This is good, no wonder humans overindulge in the fruit of the vine," Cas whispered in awe. "I can understand, if all alcohol tastes this good."

Meg nodded her agreement and poured them both a second cup. They sat at the table talking about nothing important until she could tell that Castiel was slightly drunk. Just enough so that his inhibitions would be lowered, but not so much that his performance would be affected by the alcohol. She had come by earlier in the day, scouting the area, and made the bed up with clean sheets. After all, the Winchester's used this cabin and she had no idea the last time the bed had been made. They may be handsome, but they just didn't compare to the man in front of her. Castiel's dark blue eyes were what some would call "soulful", filled with emotions which could barely be guessed at and his wavy dark brown hair begged to have her running her fingers through it while he pounded into her.

"I don't know about you, big boy, but this chair is uncomfortable. What do you say we take this over to the bed?" Meg asked as she stood up and made a show of stretching her arms over her head and bowing her back which thrust her breasts out and emphasized her small waist. Castiel's eyes were unwillingly drawn to the sight of Meg's slim body displayed in front of him. Everything about her fascinated him: her full pouting lips, her dark hair swinging around her shoulders and back, her tight ass encased in snug jeans and especially her beautiful breasts that were causing his mouth to water. That reaction was again happening in the front of his pants, they felt way too tight and very uncomfortable.

Cas raised up to walk over to the bed and felt a bit light-headed, a very disconcerting effect. "I think I over-estimated the potency of this alcohol. It's strange, I've watched Dean empty an entire bottle by himself and he didn't appear to suffer any side effects. However, my head does not feel correct. Is this normal?"

"It is for someone who isn't used to drinking. The Winchester's, and Dean in particular, are not good standards to use in this case. I think you'll feel better if you lay down for a bit," Meg stated. "Let me help you."

Cas was nonplussed by her offer of assistance, but decided to acquiesce for she had more knowledge of this situation than he did. Besides, the chance to lay in a bed next to this demon whom he had desired for so long was too much to resist. Meg came over and looped his arm around her slim shoulders and slipped her arm around his waist, hugging his body tightly to hers. The feel of Meg's delectable 'meatsuit' next to his own had Cas drawing in a harsh breath to try and regain control. Unfortunately, Meg had already seen the proof of her effect on him. It was hard to hide the reaction that his 'meatsuit' was having-the bulge in his tan trousers gave voice to his forbidden desire and lasciviousness.

Meg helped Cas to the bed, her eyes on his trousers and her mouth watering for a taste of him. Once they got to the edge of the bed she "accidentally" tripped and, keeping her hold on Cas, fell onto the bed. They landed with Cas on top and her legs on either side of his body. A rough growl tore free from his chest as she pushed her hips up, rubbing against his hard dick.

"Meg, I...I can't...I've never..." Cas stuttered out, trying to think while her luscious body was beneath him, pressing, fusing them together.

"Your host, Jimmy, access his memories of sex. I need you Cas," Meg said, her breath softly grazing his ear. The stimuli caused a reflexive action and his hips thrust down which made Meg's legs wrap around his thighs. This tilted her hips up and the heat coming from her pussy, through their pants' to his dick had his head spinning and his breathing coming in short bursts. He'd never felt so...alive before.

In the next instant Meg's soft lips were kissing up and down his neck, her teeth nipping at the skin causing most conscious thought to cease in his brain. Groaning at the loss of contact, Castiel pushed his chest off of hers and supported his upper body by his arms. "That is not what I meant, Meg. I have watched porn, I do comprehend the basics of sex. I just have never had sex before. Personally. With a woman."

"Is that what's worrying you? Cas, I don't care if you've never actually had sex before," Meg told him sincerely. "Just kiss me, please, before I die of lust for you."

Not giving him the opportunity to change his mind, Meg grabbed his hair in both hands and brought his mouth down to hers. Oh! This man definitely knew how to kiss!! His tongue swirled around hers, invading her mouth and fanning the flames of desire. Soft lips pressed against hers and her fingers tightened in his hair, holding him, not letting his delicious mouth part from hers. He tasted of springtime and fresh fruit, of sunshine and hope; everything that had never been Meg's and she was already addicted.

Castiel was shocked at how _good_ Meg felt, smelled and tasted. He didn't think he would ever get enough of her, but all they had was tonight. His lips pulled away from her mouth and left a path of fire down to her neck where he tasted the skin, sucked at the frantic pulsing artery and, bit by bit, worked his way ever downward. Her mouth and neck might be deliciously arousing, but Cas wanted more. His hands came up and cupped her breasts-they were perfect! His mouth watered for a taste of the plump globes, so he raised her shirt-Oh, thank the Heavenly Father-she wasn't wearing a bra! Her stared entranced at the bounty before him, amazed at how delicate and lovely her breasts were. Slowly his hands softly caressed the delicate flesh, around and around, dragging his fingernails over the aureole and nipples. Watching the way her nipples puckered and raised to meet his fingers fascinated Cas, but pretty soon that wasn't enough for either of them.

Meg's breath was short and stilted, coming in panting gasps as Cas played with her breasts and nipples. Never before had a man taken such time with her and Meg was enjoying the novel experience, even as she felt her juices leaking down her slit in anticipation of his touch. The thought of his hands, fingers and especially his mouth on her throbbing clit made her moan in desire; her hips thrust upward, caressing his stiff and unyielding dick, letting him feel the heat he was bringing to her body. Meg couldn't think and she couldn't care less if she was never able to think coherently again.

"Cas, please...please, I need to feel your mouth on my tits," Meg whispered, afraid of breaking the spell they were both under.

Dark, vibrant blue eyes looked up into hers and she could see her desire reflected in those orbs. He held eye contact as his mouth descended and took one nipple into the moist heat, swirling his tongue around the ultra-sensitive peak, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her entire body and causing her toes to curl. Meg's head fell back onto the pillow as she moaned, the eroticism of the sight of Cas' mouth on her tit combined with the delicious feel of his tongue flickering over her taut nipple too much to take in.

Desperately, Meg's fingers grabbed his head and held Cas to her while moans and grunts of pleasure poured from her. Her hips involuntarily and unconsciously pumped up and down, her body expressing without words what it wanted...needed. When he left her breast she almost cried out in agony, then she felt his warm breath blowing on her other breast. Meg sighed in relief, but it was short lived. Cas started licking her nipple like it was a lollipop, dragging his tongue up and down then sideways, but never taking her nipple into his wonderful mouth. Suddenly Meg felt his teeth gently biting and tugging, pulling and stretching her nipple and breast-nothing had ever felt so good. Pain and pleasure intermingled until he abruptly let go then lowered his mouth back down, sucking her nipple hard into his mouth. The unexpected cessation of pain and the increase in pleasure had Meg crying out in delight, shouting Cas' name as she held his head to her breast and ground her hips into his.

This man, ex-angel, knew more about giving pleasure than he thought he did. Meg was out of her mind with desire, repeating his name over and over again, unable to complete a full sentence. She didn't even notice that his hands had moved and unzipped her jeans until she felt Cas slide her them over her hips, down her legs, off into the floor where Meg had kicked her sneakers.

Sitting up on his knees Cas looked at Meg; a bit of black silk, drenched in her juices, was all that separated him from seeing her beautiful body bare. Tenderly he started to pull them down when Meg stopped him. Looking up in dread, afraid she was going to stop him, Cas waited for her to speak. "They're Velcro...on the sides...right here," Meg breathed as she showed him how the ingenious design worked.

"Amazing," Cas stated as he took over and peeled the Velcro apart on the other side. "You're beautiful, Meg. Perfect."

He gazed down onto Meg's bared body, legs spread so he could appreciate every single inch of her. Tentatively Cas reached one hand out and slid a finger through her folds to the sopping wet heat of her pussy. This single action caused a flood of juices to pour forth and soak the intrusive finger, which led to an interesting question in Cas' mind. For the answer, he brought the digit up to his mouth and licked Meg's cream off. Closing his eyes in ecstasy he savored the warm taste of her, moaning deeply as he thought of something he had seen in many of the pornos he had watched.

"You taste...like...strawberry," Cas said, in between licking her juices off his finger. "I love strawberries."

Cas scooted down the bed until Meg's legs were on his shoulders and he was face to pussy with the heart of her. He licked up one labia and down the other, circling-but not touching-that sensitive clit which was standing up begging for his attention. Meg let loose with a sound that he heard clear down to his soul; a raw proclamation of primal desire, as if an untapped well of sensual hunger had just been pried open. Smiling, satisfied with her reaction to his initial, tentative touch, Cas once more leaned his face forward. He parted her labia with his fingers, opening all of her to him, looked her in the eyes and told Meg, "You are gorgeous, I could just stare at you all night."

"But," he continued, "If it is alright with you, I would much rather taste and feel you."

"Yes! Please, Cas!" Meg's voice was throaty with desire and hoarse from all the moaning she had already done.

Wasting no more time, Cas bent his head down to her parted lips and thrust his tongue in as far as he could. Ah! Her juices and taste made his head spin and his mouth watered for more. Holding Meg's hips down with his arms, his tongue darted in and out, up and down, back and forth. He sucked her plump lips into his mouth and then gently bit them while rubbing his whiskers across her engorged clit, humming in satisfaction at the delicious taste of her pussy. Looking up Cas was surprised, yet delighted and incredibly aroused, by the sight of Meg's hands caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. She smiled down her body at him and it was the greatest satisfaction mixed with humility that ran through his entire being.

Wanting to further explore, Cas decided to 'up the ante' and concentrated solely on sucking her clit into his mouth, then gently biting it. At the same time he stroked her lips, gently parting them with his fingers and caressed her inner lips. Slowly, one by one, he inserted three fingers into her pussy. Her saturated pussy was so tight and felt so very good as Cas pumped his fingers in and out, turned them upward to press against her G-spot. He was pleased that he was able to stroke her desire to greater heights and render her wordless through his actions. He watched as Meg's head fell back, her breathing got rougher and she started fucking his fingers in time with his thrusts.

"Oh, Cas...that's it....please..." Meg moaned, barely able to form words through the haze of desire coating her body. Then, in a rare moment of clarity, Meg remembered that she hadn't gotten her wish to see how Cas tasted. And she wanted that. She wanted his cock in her mouth. Wanted to see how he responded when she licked his balls while his dick was being constricted by the tightness of her throat.

"Cas, stop, please...there's more I want to do," Meg begged the man who was currently giving her such incredible satisfaction.

Looking up quizzically, Cas said, "You wish for me to stop? I thought you were enjoying my ministrations. Did I do something wrong?"

"If I enjoy much more of you doing that...I'll explode from pleasure," Meg told him honestly. "There's something I've been wanting to do for a long time now. I think you'll like this. Come on up here next to me," Meg told him, patting the mattress beside her.

Cas moved from between Meg's thighs up the bed to sit with his legs crossed in front of him, facing her. Meg sat up on her knees and reached out to unbutton Cas' shirt. Being this close to his face, staring into those incredible blue eyes, looking at his full and sensual mouth, she just couldn't resist bringing her lips to his for another soul-searing kiss. Their breath and moans mixed together, just as their tongues rubbed and enticed each other.

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