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Supernatural: Discoveries Ch. 01


Author's Note: This story is based upon the TV show Supernatural and its characters, Dean and Sam Winchester, all of which belong to Eric Kripke and the CW network. There is a plot so most of the sex doesn't occur until part 2, but I think the wait is worth it. The story can easily continue if people like it, so please let me know.

Dean Winchester knocked back his third tequila shot in one smooth swallow, savoring the burn as the fiery liquid slid down his throat. He checked his watch again, wondering where the hell Sam was. His younger brother, better at the book shit than he was, had driven to the next town to do research on the demon they were hunting. Dean had stayed behind to learn everything he could locally about the rash of gruesome murders that had been happening in the area. Of course he'd finished doing that over two hours ago and was now stuck in this dive with nothing to do but drink – which really wasn't a bad thing when he thought about it.

Turning his back to the bar and leaning against it, he scanned the room with his piercing green eyes. The place was dead, with only a few tables and barstools occupied. There wasn't a hot girl there, which really pissed him off since he was horny as hell and really needed to get laid. If he had to clean his own pipes one more night he was not going to be happy. He was just completing his bored survey of the room when he stopped cold.

In the back, bending over a pool table to line up her next shot was the most smokin' hot babe he had ever seen. A mane of long blonde hair spilled over her shoulder until she tossed it behind her with an impatient flick of her head. He couldn't see her face clearly from this distance but got an impression of high cheekbones and a refined jaw. He watched as she caught her full lower lip between her teeth in concentration. His eyes slid down her slender neck to a pair of full tits that were falling out of her tight, black tank top as she leaned over the table. His gaze continued down her body to stop at what he thought was a perfect ass – firm but shapely. After lingering on that particular part of her anatomy for a minute or two, he almost reluctantly finished his perusal down her long, jean-clad legs to her high-heel black boots. He felt his throat and his balls tighten in response, and he knew that he had to have her.

As she sank the ball and moved around the table to make her next shot, he got a vivid mental picture of standing behind her and bending her over that pool table, naked. He imagined filling his hands with her round ass cheeks and sinking his big cock into her hot, wet pussy, fucking her so hard her luscious tits rubbed roughly against the green felt. His dick hardened just thinking about it, and he had to forcibly get himself under control. He shook his head slightly as if to clear it. As hot as she was, he couldn't believe how immediate and intense his reaction had been. He ordered another tequila and downed it in a quick gulp to steady his nerves, then scowled.

"C'mon, Dean," he thought to himself, "get a grip. It's not like she's the first chick you've ever picked up in a bar."

He started walking casually towards the pool table, watching as she sank the eight ball and stood up with a smile. Her rival groaned and handed her fifty bucks.

"Thanks," she said. "How 'bout another game? Double or nothing."

The guy she'd just beaten glared at her and said, "Yeah, right," before stalking away.

She shrugged and shoved the money into her front pocket. "Oh, well. Can't blame a girl for trying."

Dean stopped a few feet away and said, "I'll take that bet."

When she turned to see who'd challenged her, his heart skipped a beat as the full impact of her beauty hit him square in the gut. She wore hardly any makeup, just some mascara on impossibly long lashes and wine-colored gloss on her mouth, but she was breathtaking. Her oval face held large, almond-shaped eyes that were green like his, but a few shades darker. A straight, aristocratic nose sat above a wide mouth with full lips that begged to be kissed. He couldn't stop himself from imagining how those pouting lips would look and feel around his dick but pushed the thought away when it began to throb again. Her tits were so high and firm he knew they had to be fake, not that it really mattered. Her tiny top and low-ride jeans revealed a flat stomach with well-toned abs. A tiny waist flared out to curvy hips that tapered back down slender thighs. She was without a doubt the most sexiest woman Dean had ever seen and he wanted her, badly.

But he wasn't about to let her know that, not until he got her into his bed anyway. He smiled his most charming, sexy smile, inclined his head in the direction that her recent opponent had gone and said, "Some guys are such sore losers."

Her emerald eyes sparkled with amusement. "And are you," she smiled, revealing perfect, white teeth, "a sore loser?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I rarely lose."

She grinned even wider. "I guess we'll find out soon, won't we?"

He walked closer and looked down at her, because even with heels she was still several inches shorter than him. "And what makes you so sure you're going to beat me?"

She tilted her head back to gaze up into his eyes. "I'm very good."

He inclined his head forward slightly and saw in her eyes that, for a split second, she had thought he was going to kiss her. And was disappointed when he didn't.

He smiled to himself and replied, "So am I."

They stared at each other until the sexual tension between them became palpable. It quickly turned into a contest of wills because neither of them wanted to back down, but she finally broke the powerful connection by picking up her pool cue. She did it casually, but he knew she had felt the electricity just as much as he had. Hell, the air had practically sizzled. He knew right then that she wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her.

She moved away to put some quarters in the pool table to start a new game. "Wanna flip for break?"

Dean took off his leather jacket and hung it over the back of a nearby chair, then grabbed a pool cue from the wall. "You can break," he said and started racking the balls. He wasn't trying to be a gentleman with the offer. He just wanted to see how good she really was and watching someone break gave him a good indication of the person's skills. That and he just wanted to see that gorgeous ass bent over the table again.

She chalked her cue and lined up her first shot, again having to toss her hair behind her shoulder. "Bloody hair," he heard her mutter to herself.

He personally thought her hair was as magnificent as the rest of her. Reaching to almost the middle of her back, the thick, honey-colored mane was streaked with lighter blonde strands, making it look like she spent a lot of time in the sun or a good hair salon. Dean's fingers curled as he envisioned wrapping handfuls of it around his fists to hold her head in place while he fucked her red, wet mouth with his cock. Or seeing it tumble around her shoulders as she rode him wildly, her body convulsing uncontrollably as she came again and again.

He was jerked back to reality with a loud crack as the cue ball broke the other balls apart, scattering them around the table and sinking two low balls. He saw her small, smug smile as she walked around the table considering her next move. He was impressed; she knew what she was doing. His admiration however soon turned to worry as she quickly sank one ball, then another. She was really good. He mentally shook himself to clear the lewd images from his brain and get his focus back on the game.

Dean was starting to think he wouldn't even get a chance to play when she finally missed a bank shot and he sighed silently with relief. He chalked his pool cue as he assessed the remaining balls on the table; he still had all seven while she had only two.

He gave her a cocky grin. "Let's see if I can even this up a little."

Dean bent over the table to make his first shot, which he sank with ease. He felt her eyes follow him as he moved around the table sinking ball after ball. As the fifth ball dropped into the side pocket, he knew that she was the one getting nervous now. Still, she didn't try to distract him by leaning over the table to give him a great view of her tits like some girls did when they were losing, and he admired her for that. As he sank a sixth and then a seventh ball he thought, "I'm gonna sink into you just as easily, baby," and his own balls tightened again in anticipation.

Unfortunately, the thought was enough to throw Dean off his game. He looked in stunned disbelief as the eight ball hit the bank on the side of the pocket and ricocheted out to the middle of the table.

"Dammit!" He couldn't believe that he had missed that shot, and he only dimly heard her quick exhale as if she'd been holding her breath. He stepped back from the table and watched resignedly as she took the opportunity he had given her to sink her last two balls.

He was already pulling two fifty dollar bills from his wallet as the eight ball dropped gently into the corner pocket.

She grinned as she took his money and had the grace not to gloat openly, although she couldn't resist saying, "That was close. For a minute there I thought you were going to win."

Despite being pissed at himself for letting his dirty thoughts distract him, Dean couldn't help but grin back at her. She was just so fucking sexy. His dick started to throb again, reminding him why he had wanted to play pool with her in the first place. And it wasn't to get her money.

"I took it easy on you. This time I won't be so ... what are you doing?" Dean stopped in surprise when Alex glanced at her watch and reached for her short, black leather jacket. Slipping it on, she pulled her long hair out from underneath the collar. "You're leaving? I didn't get a chance to win my money back yet."

He didn't give a shit about the money. He wanted her so badly now he could barely stop himself from hauling her up against his hard body and kissing her into submission. The thought of letting her leave was killing him and he almost moved to block her path, but through sheer willpower he stayed where he was. Dean had never let a woman know how desperate he was, and he wasn't about to start now. Even if he was in physical pain because of it.

She smiled up at him sweetly, as if she knew exactly what he was thinking and was amused by it. "I just gotta go to the little girl's room. I wanna touch up my makeup and it's in my jacket." Her smile faded as she gazed up into his amazing eyes, her breath catching slightly. The heat between them blazed to life again in seconds.

Now he did move towards her, stopping only inches away. He lowered his head to take her mouth in a slow, scorching kiss but frowned in confusion when she abruptly backed away. Dean scowled and tried to grab her because he thought she was playing games with him and it pissed him off.

He stopped when she laid a manicured finger on his lips and whispered, "Hold that thought. And when I get back," her eyes twinkled again as she rose up on her toes to whisper in his ear, "I'll be happy to take some more of your money." She winked at him brazenly and pivoted away, walking towards the bathrooms next to the bar. He stared at her ass the entire way until she disappeared behind the door marked "Whores."

"Classy place," he thought absently. His entire body was tense, and he honestly wondered if he'd be able to make it through another game without dragging her into one of the bathroom stalls and fucking her up against the wall. He smirked when he realized the irony of his thoughts. "Yeah, classy."

He strolled over to the bar and ordered another tequila. While he waited for her, he started fantasizing again about all the nasty, dirty things he was going to do to her. He was trying to decide how many times he'd make her come before satisfying his own lust when Sam appeared at his side out of nowhere.

"Dean," he said anxiously, "we gotta go – now."

"What? Why?" He looked at Sam in irritation, thinking, "Jesus, another crisis. Always another crisis." Dean thought his younger brother was way too serious, about everything. He wished he'd lighten up and have some fun once in a while. Hell, he didn't even think Sam had gotten laid since his girlfriend, Jessica, had died in the fire last year. He could've fucked that chick Sarah they'd met at the auction house in New York but he hadn't. Dean still thought Sam was an idiot for not banging that hot piece of ass when he had the chance. He personally wouldn't have hesitated to fuck her brains out, not that he'd ever tell Sam that. "What's the big emergency, Sammy?"

Sam leaned closer to Dean and lowered his voice. "I know where the demon's nest is and according to my research it leaves to kill at midnight, so if we don't go now we'll miss it."

Dean checked his watch. Quarter to twelve. He hesitated. "Are you sure, Sam? I mean, are you absolutely positive?"

Sam didn't understand why Dean wasn't out the door already. Usually he was itching for a hunt, but right now he looked like he never wanted to leave the bar. He noticed that his brother kept glancing at the door to the women's bathroom.

"Oh, shit," Sam thought with exasperation, "another girl. Always another girl." No matter what town they were in or what supernatural thing they were hunting, Dean was always looking to get laid. Sam thought his older brother was way too reckless, about everything. He didn't stop to think before going after a demon or spirit; he just burst in with guns blazing. With women he was even worse. Dean went through girls like other people went through toilet paper; he used them up, threw them away, and moved on to the next pretty face in the next town. Sam personally didn't think it was right to treat women that way, not that he'd ever tell Dean that. "Of course I'm sure. You doing something better right now?"

When Dean still hesitated, Sam got fed up. "Dean, if we don't go now someone else is going to die tonight."

Dean looked back at the bathroom door. Finally with a scowl he called the bartender over and said, "Did you notice the blonde I was playing pool with earlier, the one who just went in the bathroom?" The bartender just gave him a look. "Of course you did. Look, when she comes out, could you tell her that I had to leave for a while but that I will be back and to wait for me. Can you do that?" Dean held out a fifty dollar bill.

As soon as the bartender agreed to pass on the message – after taking the fifty –

Dean went back to the pool table area to grab his jacket, shrugging it on as he headed for the door. As he passed Sam he said over his shoulder, "You coming?"

Sam shook his head and followed Dean outside to the Impala. As they headed towards an abandoned house on the edge of town, he looked over at Dean. "So what's her name?"

Dean glanced at him. "Who?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "The blonde in the bathroom. The one you played pool with. The one you asked the bartender to give the message to, to wait for you."

Dean cleared his throat. "I don't know. We never got that far."

Sam scoffed and shook his head. "Now you're not even bothering to get their names before you fuck them?"

Dean glared at him. "I would've gotten her name if you hadn't shown up and dragged me out of there."

Sam glared back. "Oh, I'm so sorry that our demon hunting and saving lives is getting in the way of your getting laid.

They pulled up at a dilapidated building. Dean put the car in park and muttered under his breath, "You're just jealous."

Sam was getting out of the car but sat back down and stared at him incredulously. "What'd you just say to me?"

"I said you're just jealous 'cause I get all the pussy I want and you don't."

"I could get laid if I wanted to, Dean. I just don't happen to have the need to screw every pretty girl I see."

"Okay, I'll rephrase it then: you could but you don't. You didn't even try to get with that Sarah chick, and I could tell she was into you. You could've had her in a second if you'd wanted, but all you did was kiss her goodbye."

Sam sighed and looked out the window. "With Sarah it was ... just the wrong time, I guess."

"Fine, it was the wrong time with her but that was months ago, Sam. Are you telling me that you haven't met a single girl you've wanted since Sarah? And I'm not talking about love and commitment here; I mean just some hot, sweaty, raunchy hardcore sex with a smokin' girl. I mean, c'mon, man. You gotta be sick of jerking it by now."

Sam shook his head in disgust. "Just lay off me, will you?"

"Fine. Whatever. Can we just get this done?"


They both got out of the car and went to the trunk, where they loaded their guns with silver bullets. Creeping through the front door, which was ajar and hanging off its hinges, they were sickened by the smell of death and decay the minute they stepped inside. Dean urged slightly, tasting the tequila in his throat again, but he forced it back down as they made their way from what had once been a kitchen into a hallway. Keeping their guns aimed in front of them they moved silently, searching every room off the hall until they reached the last one at the end. When they looked in, they were both shocked by what they saw.

A dark figure, silhouetted by the dim light coming through a broken window, stood across the room, seemingly oblivious to the hulking creature skulking up behind. The stranger stood between them and the demon, making it impossible for either of them to get off a shot.

Then, almost simultaneously, three things happened. The demon, having gotten close enough, slashed at its victim's head with a huge hand tipped with vicious-looking claws.

Dean and Sam, unable to shoot at the thing for fear of hitting the person instead, both yelled at the same time.

"Behind you!"

"Look out!"

But just as the beast's talons sliced through the air to decapitate its prey, the figure dropped quickly to the floor and in one continuous, fluid movement pivoted to face the creature while at the same time raising both arms and standing back up. The sound was deafening as two gun clips were emptied into the demon, which jerked and shuddered from the impact of the bullets hitting its body before dropping like a lead weight to the floor, dead.

They watched in stunned silence as the figure stood there looking down at the thing while the smoke and acrid smell of gun powder dissipated in the air.

Dean found his voice first. "Wow. That was really something." But as he continued to watch the stranger, he sensed something familiar in the person's graceful movements as the two guns were re-holstered under a short jacket.

Just then, the moon came out from behind the clouds, illuminating the room and everyone in it. Even as Dean recognized the halo of honey-blonde hair, he refused to believe what he was seeing because what he was seeing couldn't possibly be true. But his mind reeled and his stomach clenched as the person turned towards him fully, fixing her emerald eyes on his shocked face. Her wine-red lips broke into a wide smile when she saw him.

"Thanks." She sauntered up to him without breaking eye contact until she stood inches away. For the second time that night she rose up on her toes, brought her lips close to his ear and whispered, "Told you I was good." Then she stepped around him and walked out of the room.

Dean stood stone-still, feeling like he had just been sucker-punched. Sam, having watched the exchange between his brother and the hot mystery blonde, looked at him with a mixture of bewilderment and interest. "Do you know her?"

Dean just closed his eyes, the muscle in his jaw twitching.

To be continued ...

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