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"Will you come on, Kayla!" Will Tucker called out to his friend, Kayla Bryant, who was trekking through the dirt path that wound through the multitude of forest trees. It was a cloudy day, and the sky looked like it would produce rain in no time.

Their college class was going on a 'Nature Expedition' as the teacher had called it. They were supposed to be collecting samples of dirt and analyzing it for various forms of plant life, but they'd somehow gotten lost.

Will sucked his teeth and unzipped his Hollister hoodie, already getting hot. He'd show her what being slow was punishable by. Their teacher provided mini water guns to break up dirt, but most of the kids had been using them as personal artillery.

"Keep your damn shoes on! I'm coming!" Kayla huffed, still walking. Will took refuge behind a tree and awaited her to make her entrance. When he saw her, he instantly began squirting her. She ran away, half pissed, half playful.

"Asshole!" She threw her stupid little ecosystem guide at Will and rolled her eyes. After she wiped her eyes, she took off her jacket and wiped her face with it. "You play too damn much!"

Looking at Kayla with his piercing blue eyes, he pushed aside his cutesy little blonde bang that reeked of a true scene/emo kid and blushed. "Sorry." As he stepped toward her, he smiled. "You know I can't resist screwing with you." He looked at Kayla as she continued to dry her face off. She was definitely pretty with her long, natural black hair, pretty brown eyes, and sexy deep chocolate skin.

"Uhh, I can't stand you," Her smile radiated as Will leaned in for a hug. She backed away. "No." She barked, holding up a finger. "We're lost as it is, anyway."

This whole trip was stupid. Just an excuse to get away from a lecture, as far as he was concerned. He and Kayla had only taken the class as a means to get an easy credit.

"Oh my God, I hope there ain't any ticks in this forest." Kayla began scanning the dirt around her, as if the ticks would magically sprout.

Will grabbed her waist and smiled. "It's okay. I'll protect you from any bugs." All of a sudden, he felt some cold wetness against his white shirt. "What the--"

It was Kayla's payback. She began squirting the mess out of him, drenching his hair, his face, and even his favorite pair of Gap jeans.

"Okay, okay!" He yelled, holding his hands up. They blocked most of the water. "You win."

Kayla laughed, turned the gun up, and blew on the tip, like a cowboy. "I just owned you, sucka!"

She could own him anytime she wanted. Will and Kayla had been best friends ever since their freshman year. There was always sexual tension between them, but since they were just friends, they didn't count it as anything more than harmless flirting. However, things were getting more awkward and intense these days, especially since they were both finally single again.

"So um," Will looked up. "God, I feel like I'm in Paramore's video for 'Decode.'" He shivered underneath his soaked t-shirt and began rubbing his arms up and down.

"I know, right? I'm half expecting Hayley to come out here and start singing." Kayla put in.

Will scoffed. "No, you just wanna see Robert Pattinson." Will teased, turning to Kayla.

"Whatever. Besides, I've moved onto Taylor Lautner. Should we be finding the class now?" Kayla bent down to get her jacket that she dropped when she was getting Will back. Will immediately began checking her booty out. It was nice and round and thick, and he tried to keep himself from going over and grabbing it. In a playful manner, of course.

"Yeah. We should." Just before Kayla stood up, Will brandished his gun again, crept slowly in the slightly moist dirt, and got Kayla back, just as she was about to stand upright. He soaked her white t-shirt until her nipples poked out underneath the shirt. And then he got a bit aroused.

"What the fuck!" She wiped her shirt and her face again.

"I can't help it! You're just so," He examined his gun, "hittable." He didn't even mean it to sound that way.

"Ha ha!" He pointed to her shirt. "It looks like you have eyes under your shirt."

Kayla laughed and then pushed Will away.

"You hate me now?"

Kayla was silent.

"Gimme a hug."

Kayla said nothing.

"Please?" Will made some idiotic face that cracked Kayla up, and she hugged him. Her erect nipples poked him in the chest, and he became even more aroused.

"Now kiss me!" Will tried to get Kayla's lips, but she wriggled out of reach and pushed him away by shoving his face out of hers. "Go away, fool."

"Come on. You know you want to!" He followed Kayla until she relented.

"Okay, fine. Mwah. Happy." She'd given him a simple peck on the lips. Will still looked sad, so she said, "Fine." She placed her hands on his shoulder, looked at him deep in his eyes, and kissed him for real. Will kissed back. For real. When their lips parted with a resounding smack, they were still eyeing each other. Will couldn't keep his eyes off of Kayla. She was beautiful, and he'd just begun to realize it.

Kayla was stunned, as well. At this moment, she knew they were waaaay more than just friends.

"Kiss me again," Will leaned in and the two began making out. Will's tongue parted Kayla's lips, his metal tongue ring tickling her mouth. The tongue ring that he'd constantly defended as not being a symbol of his sexuality. Will was the straightest guy at Jogaton University, practically.

Will's hands began feverishly grabbing Kayla's behind. He moved onto her thighs, which he really liked. He squeezed and rubbed them until she began moaning gently.

"Ooh, I like these a lot," He said to himself, as he continued feeling her shapely thighs. She licked her lips and resumed kissing Will. Will had gotten Kayla so excited, and he was ready to see her naked body.

"Lemme take your shirt off." Will gently peeled her wet shirt off of her body. She went braless today, as he could see. Since she was barely a B-cup, it obviously didn't matter to her. Breasts weren't exactly his thing, anyway. He was more of a leg/butt guy.

He began kissing and licking the nape of her neck, slowly working his way down to her cherry-sized nipples. As soon as he began sucking, Kayla moaned. She tapped him and said, "Get it with the tongue ring."

He followed her order and began stimulating her nipple with his tongue ring, which sent her into a frenzy. To finish her off, he gently stroked her crotch and sent her into an orgasm.

"Where's that damn blanket I had in my bag?" He looked around, penis erect, trying to figure out where it was. When he found it, he lay it on the soggy ground and beckoned for Kayla to sit on it.

Kayla sat down and watched as Will's cold hands massaged her thighs before he unzipped her shorts and slowly slid them off of her statuesque legs. After he slipped out of his t-shirt, he went in to kiss Kayla's seductive lips. Will slid his long tongue inside Kayla's mouth and she sucked on it before unzipping his jeans to see what was going on inside.

"Oh, I've been waiting for this for, like, ever." Will watched as Kayla slid down his jeans, and then his plaid boxers. Kayla honestly didn't see how Will's last girlfriend, Anna, dumped him, because if anything, she could've stayed for the sex. Will was definitely packing.

"Good thing you're not a virgin, huh?" He bragged, sending Kayla into a laughing fit. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down on top of her. His hands caressed her vagina, with its stiff and curly pubic hairs before he slid a cold finger inside of her. In and out he slid his finger until she was launched into yet another orgasm.

Kayla watched as Will sucked his finger and then said, "Yummy." It turned her on. She sat up and Will beckoned for her to 'taste herself.' She did, sucking his finger as if it were a cherry lollipop.

Little droplets of rain began to fall on the young lovers. A breeze picked up, as well. Will looked around and watched the trees sway in the wind. He listened closely for a clamoring group but heard nothing.

"What is it?"

Will shook his head. "Nothing." He kissed Kayla. "Just making sure no one's coming." It took him a second to resume lovemaking because he was so entranced by Kayla's body. Kayla seemed to be enamored by Will's as well, as she traced a finger around his burgeoning six pack.

"I always thought you were sexy as hell." She ran her hands through Will's slightly soggy blonde hair and smiled. "And that you looked like Lucas Till from that lame ass Hannah Montana movie."

Will laughed to himself and pushed Kayla back onto the blanket. He whispered, squeezing one of her breasts, "Before the rain picks up, I wanna taste you."

Kayla chuckled. "You already did."

"No, silly girl." Will parted her legs. Kayla watched his head lower, his beautiful blue eyes holding her gaze up until his tongue ring began stimulating her already fattened clitoris.

Turned on, Kayla grabbed her breasts and massaged her nipples while he worked his magic.

Will must've taken on a course on pussy eating, Kayla thought while she fought to keep her moans to a minimum. He flickered his tongue, vibrated it, went up and down, inside of her vagina, and even sucked on her clit. After about three consecutive orgasms, Kayla's heart was beating like she'd run a marathon.

"Oooh, come inside me, Will. Now. Do it now!" Kayla practically ushered him into her vagina, his erect penis missing at first, hitting her walls and then her clit before he was properly welcomed. His thrusts were powerful yet slow and Kayla dug her fingernails into his back. As pale as he was, she knew they'd be there for a while.

"God, you're so tight!" Will experimented with different methods of stability. First the blanket, then Kayla's hair, and finally her sweaty, plump thighs. He watched as Kayla's tongue caressed the tops of her teeth, and was then satisfied that Kayla was fully enjoying his penetration.

They stopped their thrusting momentarily when Will and Kayla went back into make-out mode and ended up laying down on the blanket again. Kayla arched her back while Will continued plowing into her, loving the feel of his now-warm body against her skin. She got off on everything. The smell of Will's Axe cologne mixed with sweat and the rainy odors around her. Even the weird feel of the rain lightly showering her felt good.

"Oh, Will!" Kayla let out some weird moan that made Will laugh a bit, and when he heard her shrieking at the top of her lungs, knew his job was done. Shortly afterwards, he released his cum inside of her and collapsed on top of her, breathing and sweating out of control.

The feel of Kayla running her hands through his fine hairs tickled him a bit and made him relax as he lay on top of her. Kayla whispered into Will's ear, "Hey, can I ask you something?"

Still trapped underneath the weight of post-coital bliss, Will refused to get up. Instead, he answered, "What?"

"Does this mean we. . . You know, go together?"

Will pondered the thought for a second. Just because they'd had sex--real, raw, passionate sex--did it mean they were now going steady?

It made sense. He and Kayla were basically best friends, and the fact that they'd had sex in the forest of all places could either make or break everything. But Kayla was a joy to be around. She was hot, sexy, and funny. Not to mention that ass. . .

Instead of responding, Will did what he'd normally do. Act a fool. So he grabbed the water gun near the blanket and squirted Kayla's naked body until she pushed him away. While the gesture left a question mark in her head, she took it as something more positive than negative.

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