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Before I start I would like to say that if you are offended by people enjoying a varied sex life then don't read on. I love to tease, love sex and always have and I am lucky enough to have a guy who is as fond of showing me off as I am of showing myself off. Some people seem to have a problem with this and have left abusive, judgmental comments, sorry but if the stories upset you then why do you visit Literotica?

Perhaps after reading the stories you feel guilty for getting excited and giving yourself a hand job? (There are worse vices), or is it jealousy? I told myself that I would stop writing but I can't for very long because it gives me pleasure to relive the experiences that we have.

Sorry but it's just the way I am I guess...


What I like best is what some would call an 'innocent' or 'soft' tease. Going out in mini skirts without panties or wearing blouses already unbuttoned to my waist is not really teasing...everything's on show, although it is sometimes fun.

What I find a bigger turn-on for both myself and guys is when they get an 'accidental' glimpse of something they're not supposed to see.

I try to give them that impression of being unaware that I am exposed to keep teasing them for as long as I can, building up the tension and letting the butterflies build in my tummy until I am trembling with excitement and can't stand it any longer.

It makes it all the sweeter when I give it away that I knew they were looking.

For example I don't sit in a restaurant with my skirt hitched up and my legs spread, I'm subtle, letting them catch a glimpse of inner thigh or a flash of panties, restrained until the time is right to nip in the ladies and remove my panties, my stomach doing somersaults when I return and see the look on their faces as they try to sneak a look at my panties...but see much more.

Sometimes I do go out without panties to tease, but with a flowing sheer skirt or one that just long enough so that guy's believe it's a total accident when they get a flash.

I just find it sexier that way.

And after all I am doing it for my pleasure.

Lately when I undress I do so in front of a window, the house across the way has been rented out to students. One day while getting ready to go out I was walking around the bedroom in my panties and bra and saw them peeking out from one of the upstairs rooms directly opposite, an obvious gap in the blinds giving them away.

They were there again the next day obviously noting what time I usually left for work and hoping for another glimpse.

The next morning I decided to give them a show.

Leaving the blinds open just enough so it didn't look as though I was trying to be seen I laid my clothes out on the bed, keeping one eye on my nosy neighbours, sure enough the blind was soon twitching and I could make out several faces.

When I was sure that I had their attention I slipped off my dressing gown as normal.

This time though I had nothing on underneath, taking my moisturiser from the dressing table I dribbled some on my chest and slowly rubbed it into my breasts, circling my fingers over the firm flesh and briefly tweaking my nipples between my finger and thumb. Next I placed my leg up on the edge of the bed with the outside of it facing the window, dribbled moisturiser along my inner thigh and proceeded to rub it in with long slow strokes. Swapping legs I now stood with my inner thigh facing the window repeating the process this time working my fingers up until they rested on my shaven pussy.

Twisting my knee outwards I knew that at that moment I was completely open and on display to them, my pussy was wet with the thought of them standing there hard at the sight of me and it was all I could do not to bring myself off then and there...but I could not be late for work...so I would just have to wait until later.

When I eventually left the house I gave a little wave up to the window.

That night when we were out having a meal I told Steve.

We couldn't stop talking about it with Steve admitting it turns him on if I give an 'accidental' flash in public and when I let other guys see me naked.

He agreed with me when I suggested that guys enjoyed glimpses of nudity that slowly become something more rather than direct nakedness.

We began to fantasize about scenarios that would allow me to show off just a little at first, but being able to maintain a sort of innocence about the situation while things progressed slowly to me being naked.

The chance came one Saturday afternoon when I was out on the deck sipping a cool drink, sunning and reading trashy celeb magazines. The chime of the door bell broke the quiet calm and with a sigh Steve went to answer. I heard a commotion then to my surprise one of our old friends Jake poked his head around the conservatory door, he had moved away with one of our other friend Terry when the firm they worked for had opened another plant and offered them both senior positions.

We had not seen them for months and he wasted no time in helping himself to a drink, settling down in a seat opposite me.

"Hope you don't mind but I have brought a guy I work with down with me, his Sister is interested in buying my old house and I wanted to make sure the guys I had been rented it to hadn't wrecked it."

He had left the poor fellow waiting in the car so Steve went to invite him in.

I suddenly realised that I was lying out on the lounger in a somewhat less than modest bikini about to meet one of Jakes friends for the first time, I thought about going to get changed but decided the best thing to do was stay where I was, besides there was nothing on show that Jake hadn't seen before. At the time I was just relaxing and enjoying the Sun so showing off didn't even occur to me.

Steve fixed drinks in the kitchen then introduced Jakes friend Sam, he tilted his glass towards me and said "Hi."

They came out on the deck and joined Jake and I, Sam made polite conversation he was very well-spoken, slim and fit looking which I found out was through a love of rowing and tennis.

We chatted, topping up drinks when needed and caught up on news and gossip.

Sam was sitting right across from my lounger sipping his drink, now and again sneaking a look at my breasts whenever he though I was distracted talking to Jake.

"I am so sorry that Jake left you out in the car, it was incredibly rude of him."

I said.

"Hey that's not fair." Jake replied. "Knowing you guys I thought it best to check that you were decent and not up to anything."

Steve gave him a friendly punch him in the arm as we laughed, Sam I noticed had gone a little red as if he knew what Jake was joking about and it got me thinking.

Sam did not seem the kind of guy who stares at your chest while he's talking to you.

The question was, had Jake been telling him stories?

If so that might explain the sneaky looks.

The idea that he had was a bit of turn-on for me, but it was not an ideal turn-on situation, if I had made anything of it the whole thing would have been far too obvious and besides, although I was kind of enjoying the attention I felt a little too self-conscious to really be able to relax.

Steve and I don't drink a lot but as he had opened a bottle of wine I was enjoying a glass with the two guys, Jake had been a little disappointed at having to watch how much he drank until Steve promised to drive him back home, we ordered a takeaway and Steve opened another bottle, we ate our meal outside which I washed down with another large glass of red so I had a pleasant buzz on as we made our way inside, the days warmth fading as the Sun began to set.

The banter had been getting more and more 'naughty' as Jake regaled us with tales of what he and Terry had been up to, streaking through the new offices as a bet and continually mooning the office block across the way, the office girls opposite encouraging them by holding up score cards.

Wanting to change out of my bikini I began to excuse myself but Jake stopped me.

With a cheeky grin he asked.

"Before you go is that the bikini you wore on Holiday?"

Steve started laughing as I blushed, he was referring to a story I had told him and Terry when I was drunk. It had been my first 'nude' adventure and they had conned the story out of me in a silly game of truth or dare.

It had happened like this.

With some persuasion I had plucked up the courage to go topless on the beach for the first time, I was surprised at how good it felt and from the bulge in Steve's shorts he was enjoying it too. The admiring glances from passing guys was making me feel deliciously sexy, especially when the same guys kept walking past, slowing their pace as they passed. A naughty thought came to me, if they were enjoying the sight of my naked tits then how would they react to the sight of me naked on the sand?

With a sudden burst of confidence I turned on my stomach and untied the straps of my bikini bottoms carefully pulling them free, thrilling to the feel of the sun on my bare ass. I handed them to Steve telling him I did not want tan lines.

The look on his face was priceless.

With my heart pounding I lay there with my thighs squeezed together, I knew if I opened my legs just a little that everything would be exposed.

I have never been so scared or so excited

When it was time to walk back to the hotel I didn't want the feeling to end.

Carefully I pulled my sarong across my buttocks and fastening it around my waist so that I would be covered as I knelt up, I put on my bikini top but stuffed the bikini bottoms in my bag.

Steve had a huge grin on his face as we walked, hanging back several steps then catching up to informed me that the sun was making the loose material of my sarong slightly transparent, I looked down as the breeze pressed it to my legs and my heart skipped as I realised that the thin material had moulded to the shape of my body, my bare mound clearly outlined...I might as well have been nude.

A group of guys hanging out at the Hotel entrance did a double take wondering if they had seen what they thought they had seen, my stomach flipped every time someone stared at me, my breath was coming in shallow gulps nervous at being near naked in public, but also very, very excited.

We finally got to our hotel, Steve put his arm around me in the elevator and squeezed my hip, my heart was beginning to slow a little and I felt so sexy that when we reached our floor I gave him one more treat.

As I stepped out of the elevator I unfastened the bikini top, dropped the sarong and walked all the way back to our room... naked.

"I suppose you have told your little friend all about that?" I asked.

Sam coughed as he choked on his drink, I had my answer.

Feigning anger I placed my hands on my hips

"What else have you told him you little shit?"

Sam was now bright red, obviously Jake and Terry had been filling him on my adventures. Jake started laughing holding up his hands.

"Hold on there it wasn't me it was Terry, you know what he's like when he's drunk."

Turning to Sam I said

"What else has he told you?"

He looked at over at Jake then to Steve.

Steve keeps himself in shape and can look quite intimidating when he gets what I call a 'pissed off doorman' look on his face, the poor guy didn't know us as well as Jake and must have been wondering if he was in trouble.

Very quietly he said.

"Not much really...just that... and sometimes you like to take photos."

He drained his glass and looked between me and Steve waiting for a reaction.

Steve burst out laughing.

Sam's eyes almost bugged out of his head as I walked over and sat in his lap linking my hands behind his head; he sat ridged not knowing what to do.

"Would you like to see the Bikini I wore that day?"

Jake jumped in. "If he's not game then I would like to see it, ever since you told me and Terry about it I've been trying to picture how you looked."

To Sam's relief I got up and walked over to Steve, whispering in his ear.

"Is the camera charged?"

His grin gave me all the answer that I needed.

I quickly showered to freshen up, powdered and moisturized; I had been to the salon for a wax that very morning so my legs and pussy were nice and smooth.

Finishing off with a few squirts of light musky perfumed on my neck I went into the bedroom to find a bikini. I wanted one similar to the type I had worn on holiday but not as skimpy, one that would actually stay on in the water if I went swimming rather than the thin strips of material I wore to the beach, I wanted to look my best for the guys but at the same time not give too much away.

Choosing one as close to the pale blue as my beach number as I could find I finished off by tying the very sarong I had worn on holiday around my waist, checked myself in the mirror, took a deep breath and headed down stairs.

Trembling slightly with the anticipation of what was to come.

The guys were seated in the lounge area when I came back down, I watched them chatting for a few minutes before catching Steve's attention, it could have been due to the guys chatting or it could be Dutch courage from several more glasses of wine but Sam looked at lot more at ease. Steve explained that we had once played a game called strip photo with a couple we met on Holiday. Each of the guys would take turns in getting his partners girl to pose while removing an item of clothing for each photo.

The evening had not gone any further than taking photos with a little light nudity but it was one of the experiences that helped build my confidence. Steve came into the kitchen area and handed me a drink, I was feeling a little light headed and giggly from the wine earlier and I downed it pretty quickly, which is unusual for me. I passed him the empty glass and stepped into the lounge.

Jake gave a low whistle and waved the camera.

"If you are game I would like to kick things off by taking the first shot."

In answer I coyly posed side on holding the sarong up high.

He clicked off a shot then held the camera out to Sam who again looked nervous and unsure of what to do.

Steve stepped in.

"If you want to join in its Ok we take it in turns think up poses we would like to see Jules in, don't worry if it is something she is not comfortable with it she will let you know, just relax and have fun."

He hesitated for a moment then said.

"Ok I'm cool, but remember this is new to me, what kind of shots are we talking here?"

Jake answered before I could speak.

"Think glamour shots and you won't go far wrong."

Sam looked up at me and I nodded.

He looked the camera over for a second then said.

"Let's see you with the wrap open please."

Turning to face him I opened it up the wrap.

He lifted the camera and fired off two shots checking the screen before holding the camera out to Steve who was sitting back on the sofa.

"That's alright I'll pass thanks, you two knock yourselves out, have fun."

Jake took the camera from Sam.

"You know I imagined that bikini a little smaller."

He said with a cheeky grin.

"There's a bit more of it than I thought there would be."

Fastening the sarong back around my waist I said

"That would be because this isn't my beach wear; it's my swimwear you pervert."

"There's no way that I am hanging out everything for you to drool over."

I hesitated enjoying his look of disappointment.

"Well not right away."

He waved the camera and grinned.

"We will see about that."

"It's my turn so for the next shot kneel down...then lose the top."

There was no way that he was going to win that easily, turning my back to him I unfastened the bikini top letting it drop to the ground.

Covering my breasts with my hands I turned back and knelt down.

"Hey no fair, move the hands." Jake protested.

I shook my head.

"Sorry but you never said where the hands had to be."

"Next time," he promised and took the shot.

He passed the camera to Sam who took it with a slightly shaky hand.

"Are we all sure this is Ok?" He asked.

"Only I'm not too sure of what I should ask you to do."

I smiled to put him at ease.

"Well it's obvious that Jake is trying his best to get a look at my tits, is that what you would like too Sam?"

He looked at Jake who was still grinning like a loon.

"Sure yes...but not straight away, can you move your arm over your chest so that we can just see them peeking out a bit."

I looked over at Steve; we were right when we guessed that most guys prefer a little tease of what's to come rather than a straight on full frontal assault, prolonging the suspense.

It was different for Jake because he had seen me before, but this was all new to Sam.

I slipped one arm over my chest, dropping my other hand so my one boob popped out over my arm.

Sam took his time framing the shot, obviously taking his time and enjoying himself.

As soon as the camera clicked Jake grabbed the camera back.

"Bloody hell Sam I thought you would take all night, let's stop messing around and get Jules to show us what I have been dying to see."

He grinned, "Ok babe lets see them both...and no tricks this time."

Laughing, I took my time in standing, doing a little twirl and pulling the sarong around my chest as I turned my back to them then slowly opening it up.

"That's the shot I wanted."

Jake blurted out.

"Hot shit they are as fine as I remember them."

I sashayed back and forth giving them plenty of time to take in the sight before covering up.

It was Sam's turn again; my stomach gave a little flip as I wondered how brave he would be with his next shot.

Would he ask me to lose the sarong, lose the rest of my bikini or would he lose his nerve. I was secretly hoping he would choose the bikini bottoms.

The crotch was getting too damp for comfort, besides I could have more fun with the sarong being able to tease them for longer.

Sam fiddled about with the camera; we could all see how nervous he was so Steve eased the tension by refilling everyone's glass, the break as welcome as the cool wine.

I gave them a few minutes to finish their drinks, but was keen to carry on.

"Ok guys. How do you want me?"

Sam looked over to Jake for help.

"It's your turn dude, there's only two items to choose from."

Sam shrugged.

"Look this is the first time Ok; I don't want to push my luck."

It was obvious by his reluctance to ask what he wanted me to take off so took the decision out of his hands by stepping out of the room and slipping off my bikini bottoms, retying the sarong with the knot at the front, the only thing covering my pussy now were the bits hanging down, the least amount of material possible hiding me away from their eyes.

Walking back into the room I knelt down and eased the sarong over my thigh, nudging the part that was hanging down from the knot to one side so that it revealed a tiny part of the juncture where the soft skin of my inner thigh starts to lead to more interesting places.

It would be obvious that I had left the bikini bottoms on the floor and that I was now nearly naked.

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