tagLoving WivesSusan Tries Swinging

Susan Tries Swinging


It was one evening, over a glass of wine, that she started it. “I’ve never tried a bigger one, so I don’t know what it would be like”, Susan said. With a giggle, she continued, “you never know, it could be quite nice.”

“What are you saying?” I answered, surprised. “Are you thinking of trying someone else out? Got anyone in mind?”

“Hmmm,” she giggled again. “Alan, it’s been a very long time – our 22nd wedding anniversary is coming up and we went out for three years before we got married, so it must be 25 years since I even saw another cock – and as you know, there were only three before you, anyway, and none of those were even your size.”

“What on earth do you mean, not even my size – you’ve never complained before!”

“No, I’m not complaining now, you know I’m not – it’s just that I sometimes do wonder what a different lover might be like. Simple curiosity, that’s all. You know that I love sex with you and your dick is more than enough for me, especially now you don’t go away on business so much. But sometimes I think that something, or someone, a bit different might be fun to try, you know?”

I let those words hang in the air for a while, while I tried to work out where she might be coming from. Susan is my age, 45, and well-groomed, still attractive and we both work hard to stay in shape. Our sex life had if anything improved lately now that we had more time on our hands. But I would also be the first to admit if pressed that a little more adventure in that department wouldn’t go amiss: I hadn’t ever strayed, but I had been tempted. However, I love my wife and I’d always thought that she had a zero-tolerance attitude to infidelity - “one strike and you’re out” was likely to be the rule. So this line of discussion was very surprising. She had recently returned from a short holiday with two girlfriends, so maybe this was prompted by a girls’ discussion – heaven only knew what they chatted about on their own. Trusting my instincts, I went with the thought:

“I think you’re winding me up. Do Beth or Jill fool around with other men?”

Susan exploded with laughter. “Heavens, no – Beth says all that is behind her now and Jill is always complaining that Chuck is over-sexed. I don’t think she likes it all that much, really and Chuck apparently is very keen on sex. She says he always wants it at the most inconvenient times and what she calls his ‘bloody great dick’ is always rearing up at her, ready for action. I think maybe she’s missing the point”, Susan giggled again, “it sounds great to me!”

“The things you girls talk about when you’re away together – what have you been telling them about us?”

“Oh, not much. But seriously, don’t you ever think of sleeping with another girl, just for a change?”

Again, I tried desperately to think where we were headed here. Susan had certainly drunk quite a lot, but I had the feeling that this wasn’t just the booze talking. She’d been thinking about this.

“No, frankly, I don’t. Well, maybe I think about it sometimes, who doesn’t? But it never crossed my mind that you’d consider going along with an idea like that.”

“What about Jill, don’t you fancy a tumble with Jill? Think of those huge boobs!” Suddenly, the penny dropped. Susan fancied Chuck. Jill had described him as a 21st century stud with a cock beyond compare, and she wanted a piece of the action. They’d certainly flirted before; I’d caught the odd glance, but never thought much of it. He was thinner than me, definitely in the “tall, dark and handsome” bracket, and he was smooth as glass. They lived about half an hour’s drive away from us.

I had never thought of Jill sexually, but she was pretty and with, well, let’s just say, a full figure. Stalling again, I protested “But I’ve never seen Jill’s boobs!”

“She was sunbathing topless on holiday, they’re bloody enormous, I can tell you. You’d enjoy it.”

“But, Susan, it’s impossible - the only way that I could ever get off with Jill is if we swapped partners with Jill and Chuck!” I was actually quite worried now; Susan had never, ever thought along these lines before, but when she got an idea into her head, it’s hard to shift. And Chuck was a good-looking bastard with a capacious sexual appetite and a huge cock, apparently. The chill wind of serious competition had started to blow and I wasn’t sure how I’d compare.

There was a long pause.

“Well,” said Susan, seizing the moment and smiling sweetly, “now that you suggest it, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. Let’s sleep on it, shall we?”


I wondered if that was to be the last of it, but Susan was right back at it when I got in from work the following day.

“That idea of yours, the swap with Jill, I haven’t been able to get the thought out of my head all day.”

I wanted to resist. I should have spoken up, insisted that this wasn’t my idea at all but I knew my wife when she was on a mission. I was really unhappy at the prospect. I couldn’t get comfortable with the idea of her and Chuck together. Actually, I didn’t really want Susan making out with anyone else – I didn’t want to risk our marriage. Surely Susan, deep down, would feel the same?

Or so I hoped. The following day, after work, came the next bombshell.

“Jill came over today; we had some wine and I mentioned your swap idea. I think we’d be doing her a favour, get Chuck off her back for a day or so. But she wasn’t too keen on the idea of the four of us in the same place, so we came up with a plan. Jill will come over here at half-seven on Saturday evening and I’ll go over there. We’ll both return home on Sunday morning.”

“Susan, you can’t mean this Saturday, surely?”

“Well, that was what Jill and I agreed – we’ve not got anything on this weekend and it was your idea in the first place. It’s too late to change it now.”


Despite my reservations, the plan was in place and Susan followed it to the letter. After all, she said, it had been my idea all along. On Saturday, she visited the hairdresser and then the beautician – where, I knew all too well, her usual treatment involved a very neat and tidy “landing strip” bikini wax. By 7pm on Saturday, she was ready to go, looking more gorgeous than ever in a linen skirt and light cotton shirt.

I caught her by the hand on the way out of the door. “Darling, do be careful. You don’t have to go through with this, you know.”

“Don’t be silly, Alan, it’s all arranged. See you tomorrow. Bye.”

During the next half hour or so, I put some wine on ice, while I tried to put the thought of Susan and Chuck together out of my head. I also wasn’t very much looking forward to my end of the deal, frankly. Jill and I had never quite hit it off. I wasn’t at all sure how I was going to keep the conversation going throughout the evening and I couldn’t see us getting it on for a moment. But if Susan and Chuck did connect, and his reputed wonder cock lived up to its billing, who knew what kind of a Pandora’s Box we might have opened?

After a while, I heard a car pull up outside, and Jill rang the doorbell. She was wearing a white shirt, thin enough for me to make out the lines of a pretty white bra supporting her substantial breasts, and a loose navy blue summer dress. I let her in.

“Hi, there – come on in.” To my surprise, she pulled me into a hug. “I hope you’re OK with all this, Alan”, she said. Before I could respond, she continued breathlessly “I feel that it’s all my fault. It’s just that Susan mentioned that she didn’t get as much sex as she’d like from you, and Chuck always seemed to be bugging me, so it just seemed to make sense to get them together.”

“Jill, would you like a drink – I think I need a large one. There’s wine, but I’m going to mix some gin and tonic, OK? Then we’ll talk about it some more.”

I wanted to ask whether she was worried about the implications of tonight’s events, whether she was as concerned as me that Susan and Chuck might want to carry on their affair, but it all seemed irrelevant – we had arrived somehow at this point, and we’d just have to deal with it from here.

“Has Chuck been with other women since he married you, Jill?”

“No, I don’t think so, but I don’t really care. To be honest, it doesn’t worry me that much. My first husband was an endless philanderer and I still loved him despite it – it was only when he finally got snared by that bitch who persuaded him to leave me that we split up. Chuck spends a few nights a week up in town when he has to work late, but I don’t lie awake worrying what he might be up to. I enjoy the night’s sleep. Boy, you make a good gin and tonic – let’s have another, can we?”

I mixed another round of drinks – the gin was hitting the spot, but I still couldn’t get my mind off events over at Jill and Chuck’s house. Had Susan and Chuck gone straight to bed, or were they, as we were, having a drink and a chat first? No, I felt sure that they’d be already into an initial bout of rampant sex. I couldn’t see them wasting much time now they had the chance. To be honest, I was struggling to resist the temptation to drive round there and break them up.

“Come on now, Alan, snap out of it – it’s done now, no going back. Try not to think about it. So what did you get up to while we girls were away?”

“Not a lot, really – a couple of days in the office, went to the gym, not much else.”

“And don’t you miss Susan when she’s away? No dolly birds around? What do you do for sex when you’re all on your own?”

“Well, I suppose I do what most men do when there’s no woman around.”

“Yes, I read somewhere that nearly all men masturbate. I tried a vibrator once, couldn’t stand it! What do you fantasise about, when you’re wanking?”

“Gracious, what a question! Er, I suppose my fantasy would be about watching people.”

“Watching them do what, exactly – do you mean like watching a girl stripping?”

“No, I meant watching them make love, to be honest – I’ve always thought that would be very exciting, especially if they didn’t know I was there, but I’ve never had the chance, never done better than a video, I suppose.”

“Video? Do you mean you watch films of people screwing – I thought that was illegal.”

“No, they’re legal now, and these days they’re on DVD. But for heaven’s sake, don’t tell Susan – she’d kill me if she knew.”

“All right, deal – but only if you show me one, I’d like to see one. Go and get it now!”

As I walked through to my hidden stash of DVDs, I wondered which one she might be least offended by. I settled on an old gonzo movie by Ben Dover, dating from before the times when full erections were permitted by the censor. There’s an episode which always turns me on, when he meets a girl watching a cycle race and persuades her that he needs some film for a documentary on cycle clothing. A few minutes later, despite some very realistic resistance from the girl, she’s sucking his cock, even if it is hidden from the camera by her hair, and the clip finishes with the memorable line – put that fucking camera down and come here and screw the arse off me! I was sure that the girl was in fact an adult movie actress, but the overall effect of aggressive and ultimately successful seduction was highly erotic.

I sat down on the sofa beside Jill as the DVD loaded and used the remote to find the track. Sure enough, she was taken in as I had been at first, as Ben successfully wheedled the clothes off the girl and achieved his aim. “It’s amazing, how turned on she got so quickly. She looks desperate for it! Come on, show me another.”

This time, I went for an amateur selection but the film was newer and I knew that there would be no hiding the erections behind a screen of hair, this time. As it happened, the couple in the first clip were French, which added a degree of exoticism as he shagged her from behind standing up, she took him in her mouth and finally he took her up the arse. Jill was gripped once again by the film, her breathing quickened and the points of her swollen nipples were clearly visible through her top. I rested my hand on her thigh and said “this is getting to you, isn’t it?”

“Oh, shit yes”, she breathed. “It’s incredible. I can’t believe they let people film them doing it, but it’s so exciting to see. Look at her face, she looks as though she’s coming again.” The film moved on to a young couple, clearly being filmed by a third person in the room; Jill’s breathing quickened again and she let her legs fall apart, as her hand reached down towards her crotch. “Let me,” I whispered, as my hand ran up the soft skin at the top of her inner thigh. I slipped a finger inside the leg of her knickers and could feel straight away how wet she was.

“Look at them now,” Jill breathed. I did and the couple on screen were engaged in an energetic soixante-neuf.

“Do you like oral?” I asked her.

“Er, well, I don’t know really, you see, I haven’t, not for ages,” stuttered Jill. “OK, let’s put that right for a start,” I said, as I knelt in front of her, ruched up her skirt and drew her knickers down while Jill lifted her bum off the sofa to let me.

“Your pussy looks fantastic, Jill, all puffy and gorgeous,” I said, as I leant forward and began to lick and kiss her swollen lips, which parted to reveal a prettily pink set of inner folds. As I ran my tongue up and down her inner labia, I slipped a finger into her pussy and curled it towards me, gently stroking the upper inside of her very wet cunt. “Ahh”, Jill moaned, “that’s fantastic, don’t stop, oh shit, keep going …” This was rapid progress indeed – Susan would need many minutes of this to reach this point, and very rarely came this way.

I slipped a second finger into her and began to flick and lick around the nub of her swollen clitoris and not many minutes afterwards, Jill came like a flash flood, bucking and rolling beneath me, both hands wrapped around the back of my head.

“Fuck, that was good”, she gasped, “where on earth did you learn to do that?”

“Come on”, I said, “let’s go to bed.” When we got to the top of the stairs, I couldn’t face our bedroom and chose instead the spare room, where Jill undressed quickly and jumped under the covers. When I had finished removing my own clothes, my hard-on jutting out in front, Jill said “Wait there a minute. No, don’t cover him up – hands by your sides.” I did as I was told, and she said “You’ve got a great body, you know, you’re not so tall, but you’re very broad, kind of solid. And your dick is nice and chunky, too. Wank it for me, go on, like you do when you’re on your own.”

I slowly reached down and took my cock in my right hand. I slowly stroked, up and down, as the bulging round head protruded obscenely out from my foreskin and back again. I could feel my dick swelling even further, it seemed impossible that it could get any larger.

“Now come here”, instructed Jill “I can’t resist this,” and I walked towards the bed as she leaned down and took the head of my cock between her lips, licking around the top as though it were a soft ice cream. I reached beneath her to stroke her tits, rolling the nipples between finger and thumb. “God, I’m wet”, Jill moaned. “My pussy’s beating, I can feel it.”

“Lie down on your front,” I told her and as she did so, I knelt between her legs on the bed. I could see the swollen lips of her pussy parted invitingly but for the time being, I began a firm and steady massage, down over that generous backside, to the inside of her thighs. As the rhythm became established, I let my fingers press just on the outer edge of her pussy lips and Jill began to lift back towards me in time with the movement.

After a while, I could hear Jill's breathing quicken again, and I gently pulled her hips up towards me, so that she was now up onto her knees and elbows. Taking my cock in hand, I rubbed it up and down her wet crack, then circled her clit with my slick knob.

“Oh, fuck me now, Alan, for heaven’s sake” Jill begged, panting. I thrust my dick into her glistening fanny and began to shaft her steadily from behind, doggy-style. Holding onto her hip, with my free hand I rubbed the cheeks of her arse, and ran the tip of my thumb down the crack of her bum, until it reached her sopping pussy, where I squeezed it in alongside my pistoning dick. Now moist, the tip of my thumb played between her fanny and the pink rosebud of her arse, forced up and down by the motion of my body.

As our pace began to quicken, I reached round to her boobs, hanging down and ran my fingers across the nipples, which throbbed and grew under my touch. Once again, Jill seemed to be ahead of me and she began to rise towards her orgasm. With one hand still firmly on her hip, I continued to saw backwards and forwards, looking down at the full length of my cock on each backward motion and then buried to the hilt as I thrust forwards once more. I reached underneath her with my free hand and gently brushed her soft pubes, feeling my way to her protruding clit – one touch was all it took as Jill again throbbed through another orgasm.

When she had stopped shuddering, I slipped round in front of her, sitting up with my back to the headboard. “Sit on me,” I ordered.

“Oh no, I can’t possibly, not again,” Jill moaned, but I grasped her hips and lifted her bodily onto my cock. “Shit, you’re so fucking hard. Your cock is so fat, it’s spreading me too much, oh fuck, I’m going to come again, oh shit …”

“This time, Jill, I’m going to come as well, in you, right up inside you. Are you nearly ready for my come?”

I buried my face in those gorgeous boobs swinging in front of me, turning from side to side to suck each throbbing nipple in turn between my lips. Then I leaned back a little, enjoying the view, as Jill’s magnificent breasts swung and bobbed as she rose and fell on my cock. I reached down and placed my hands firmly on her hips, using each thumb to tighten the pressure around her clit just enough, I was sure, to take her over the top again.

Sure enough, Jill began to slam into another set of convulsions which rocked her body and rippled all the way through her cunt, up and down my dick. “OK, here it comes, I’m coming now, Jill, feel it now, I’m coming,” I jabbered as my spunk shot and shot over and over again deep into her.

Slowly, we both came down from our peak, and I lapped gently at the trickles of sweat between her boobs as I hugged her. We lay down side by side and recovered our breath, as we both drifted off to sleep.

The following morning, it took me a couple of moments when I woke to remember where I was – in the spare room, with an unusual partner lying beside me on her back. But I had another massive hard-on, and I began to stroke Jill’s boobs very gently. Her nipples responded almost at once and before long those long eyelashes fluttered open. “Sssh,” I whispered, and reached down to stroke the soft inside of her thighs. Her legs parted slightly as she drew her knees up, so I slid my legs beneath hers and slipped my rigid cock into her warm and moist pussy, as I reached down to massage her soft pubic mound. I reached my finger down to the slickness of her cunt, drawing the wetness towards the upper part of her slot and her eager clit. Once more, she reacted very fast and started to whimper in her now-familiar way, but this time I was ready, and accelerated, and we came together, quickly and quietly.

“Shit, that was amazing, Alan, I feel fantastic. What a night’s sleep and more orgasms than I’ve had in years!”

“Jill, it’s been great, but you really need to go soon, Susan is going to be back before long. I’ll run a bath for you now and I’ll have breakfast on the table downstairs when you’re ready.”

After a while, a radiant Jill emerged downstairs. She was only half-way through breakfast when I urged her out of the door “Jill, you must go, Susan will be back soon – we’ll see you before long.”

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