tagNon-EroticSusie Ch. 22

Susie Ch. 22


Note to the Reader: Unlike most of the Susie O'Connell chapters this one has no explicit sexual encounters.

Foggy Morning

My name is Susie O'Connell. I woke the Sunday morning after my 19th birthday party naked, with my boyfriend Corey's arms around me. I was lying in the ballroom of his father's mansion on an air mattress. Through the glass facing the pool I could see that the day was starting gray and foggy. I could barely see the fence on the other side of the pool.

Three other mattresses were on the ballroom floor. Next to us was Kaitlyn, Corey's sister and my best friend. With her was Elliot, one of Corey's friends. Then was April with her boyfriend, Chris, and Judy with her fiance, Preston. I had gone to sleep with the sounds of lovemaking in the background after Corey brought me to orgasm with wild abandon. Everyone else was still asleep.

My back was to Corey and I felt his soft body pressing against my back and butt. I turned to face him and he stirred at my movement.

"Corey," I whispered as I stroked his huge cock that I call 'the beast'..

"Huh? What is it?" he mumbled groggily.

"Corey, can we go into the hot tub? I really feel like it this morning." The hot tub on a cool, foggy morning really feels great.

"Yeah, Uungh," he grunted stretching. "Yeah, I guess so."

He moved to get off the mattress. "We can wait so you can wake up a bit more," I told him with a kiss.

He moved back to face me and closed his eyes. I kissed his eyelids, "Try not to go back to sleep."

He opened his eyes, "Oh, okay. I am tired."

"We can relax in the hot tub, when you're ready to get up." I kissed his cheeks and neck.

He reached for my breast and I pushed his hand away. "You can feel me up when we're in the hot tub," I told him knowing that this could easily turn into foreplay and I wouldn't get into the hot tub. "I must really want to get into the hot tub to decline the possibility of sex," I thought, continuing to stroke his cock to semi-hardness without thinking.

He stretched again, "I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be."

"Quiet, don't wake the others," I whispered as I rolled onto the floor. It was cold!

"Brrrr!" Corey responded as he stood up.

We ran out into the cold damp morning. I turned toward the guest house and its small hot tub. Corey went toward the large hot tub next to the pool. "This one will still be warm from last night," he called over to me. All eight of us had made good use of that tub last night.

I run to the big hot tub and got in just as Corey started the jets. The warmth felt fabulous after running naked in the cold air. Corey settled in beside me.

I laid my head on his shoulder. "Judy sure wants to have guys other than Preston," I said. Last night she had insisted that each girl get a chance at each of the guys' cocks.

"Yeah," Corey yawned, "and Preston likes other women."

"I guess it suits them but I was real uncomfortable doing that."

"Me too. Especially having my sister go down on me."

"I wonder if Judy is upset that she couldn't even get your tip inside?"

"She didn't seem upset. Do you think she might be?"

"Well, I think she maneuvered us into doing it just to try you out. So, yes, she might be."

"I hope that doesn't mean she will want to try again."

"What about Elliot?" he asked. Elliot has a cock with a bulbous tip and a narrow shaft. All of us gals were curious about how it would feel.

"What about Elliot?" I responded.

"Didn't she want to try out Elliot too?"

"Well, she hadn't seen it when she started this."

"She wasn't surprised at seeing it in full bloom," Corey said, "so she must have known."

"I think Kaitlyn and I said something about it after she started trying to get us to agree with the idea."

"Kaitlyn seemed to enjoy herself last night. Does it feel especially different?"

I was reluctant to say anything but decided on honesty. "Yes, it does. I have to admit I was curious about it and it didn't disappoint even though I only got a couple of strokes. It's like there's nothing between the ball of a tip moving way inside and the shaft sliding at my vaginal opening. However I prefer feeling the entire length of your shaft."

After about a half hour I confessed that I was hungry. "What's for breakfast?"

"I don't know. Kaitlyn made the arrangements. We need to ask her. I can always fix something in the kitchen."

"What about Rosa?" I asked. Rosa is Corey's father's live in cook and maid.

"Sunday is her day off," Corey reminded me. "I doubt my father would ask her to work just for us.

"Kaitlyn made all the arrangements," I said. "She might know."

We got out of the tub. It was still cold so we grabbed a couple of towels and ran back into the house.


Inside everyone was awake and back at it.

Elliot was on top of Kaitlyn, his butt pounding away between her spread legs. On the next mattress April had her legs spread and up in the air over another wildly bouncing butt. Judy was sitting on her guy with her back to us and wildly bouncing up and down with help from her partner who had his hands under her breasts.

Kaitlyn spotted us coming in over Elliot's shoulder. "Hi Susie," she said.

Elliot paused in his thrusting and turned his head to us, "Hi," he said, a bit sheepishly.

"Don't stop, Elliot," Kaitlyn said and he resumed, his hips moving rhythmically up and down.

Kaitlyn look over his shoulder at me and smiled, "do ... you want ... something?" she asked with a pause each time Elliot's hips reached their low point.

I wasn't sure how to respond. Corey asked, "We're hungry. Do you know what the arrangements are for breakfast?"

"We're ... on our ... own," she responded making little moans in the pauses. "You can ... go out ... or ... ungh ... or ... ungh ... Keep ... that ... ungh ... up , ... Elliot. ... ungh ... or ... you ... ungh ... can ... make ... ungh ... your ... own ... in ... kitchen ... ungh ... ungh ... ungh ... "

Corey and I went into the kitchen. As we passed the other beds I noticed it was Preston, Judy's fiance, pounding away on April and that Judy was bouncing on Chris, April's boyfriend. Judy smiled at us as we went by, "Good Morning!" she said cheerfully without missing a beat.

Corey knew the location of everything in the kitchen and checked in the fridge. "Bacon, eggs, cereal?" he asked. "There's cantaloupe, and oranges too, no grapefruit."

"I think just toast for now," I responded, "and orange juice. I'll wait for the others before having anything else."

Toast it is," Corey said, grabbing the bread. "Coffee?"

"Make enough for everyone," I answered. "I'll have some when it's ready. Did you notice that Judy and April switched partners?"

"Yeah, I think Judy's into that."

"Last night she mentioned that she and Preston attend wife swapping parties."

"I guess she is into it then. Preston too."

I poured orange juice, buttered the toast and cut it on the diagonal. We sat down at the small table in the kitchen to eat. "Not enough room here for everyone," I said. The table had three chairs and could probably handle a fourth.

"I think that's why they left one table set up in the ballroom," Corey answered. "We can all eat together out there. Do you want to go out?"

"I think I'd rather let the copulation finish out there."

not too much time passed before Judy and Preston pushed open the door, "What's for breakfast?" she asked.

"Pretty much whatever you want," I answered.

"Let's discuss it at the table out there," Corey said, "this one's a bit small." He picked up the toast and coffee pot and went out the door. I followed.

April and Chris were now in bed together but Kaitlyn and Elliot were still at it. "Don't they ever stop?" I asked to no one in particular as I sat down.

"From the sound I think Kaitlyn had a couple of orgasms last night and they woke us up this morning doing it," Judy said.

April and Chris had gotten up as we came in and April added, "Two more orgasms this morning, going for three."

"I can't believe that guy's stamina," Chris remarked.

"I can't believe his cock," Preston said.

"Well, it feels amazing inside," Judy said to him. "I know why Kaitlyn wants to keep at it. I envy her."

"I agree, it does make for a really nice sensation inside," April said.

I agreed.

Suddenly there was a series of squeals from Kaitlyn. They began in time with the movement of Elliot's hips and then came in rapid succession. Elliot kept moving up and down.

"Number three," April said.

"Five altogether," Judy added.

"Do you think they'll quit now?" Preston asked.

The squeals died away. Elliot slowed his movement and rolled to the side, his arms and legs spread, the red bulb at the end of his cock, obvious inside his condom, pointing straight up. Kaitlyn had put her knees down. Her legs were still spread apart and she began rubbing her nipples with her hands.

"You two ready for breakfast?" Corey yelled over.

Kaitlyn, rolled to the side, facing us, holding her head up with one arm, "Sure! I'm hungry. What about you," she said to Elliot giving him a nudge.

"Yeah, let me rest a bit," he said. Kaitlyn got up and came to the table but he stayed behind.

"We have almost anything," Corey said and listed the alternatives, adding, "Unless everyone decides on the same menu, I'll have to insist that everyone cooks their own."

Everyone seemed to have different ideas until Kaitlyn said, "I'm making pancakes, who wants some?" Everyone said yes.

I said, "I'll scramble some eggs."

Elliot, still in bed, yelled over, "I can fry some bacon if anyone wants it."

So, we ended up with a pretty complete breakfast, each of us doing some part of preparation and serving.


While we were eating Preston said to Elliot, "You really kept it up and kept it going. How did you manage?"

"Well, I only 'came' that first time last night. I wasn't ejaculating after that. That helped."

"My gosh, man," Preston added, "Even then, how'd you keep it up."

"I'm pretty sensitive," Elliot told him. "It doesn't take much to get me up."

"Even then, you must be exhausted," Chris said. "You kept on going."

"I'm pretty tired," Elliot told him. "But the excitement and feeling of being inside Kaitlyn kept me going. It's a lot of fun being inside her when she goes into that squeaking routine. Her vagina gives a nice massage." He smiled.

"I'd sure like to experience that," Preston said, looking at Kaitlyn.

I wasn't sure I liked where this could be going and took the opportunity to ask, "You and Judy traded partners with Chris and April?" That moved the conversation to a discussion of 'swinger' clubs.

I didn't care for that conversation either and tried another subject, "Since the 'dust up' over having guys at your house for sex, things have sure changed." I was referring to the time near the end of our senior year when Kaitlyn, Judy, April, another girl, Brittany, and I had sex sessions with several guys at Judy's house. I hadn't really seen either Judy or April since our parents found out.

"They sure have!" Judy said, looking at Preston.

"Now that you're both sexually active, how are your parents taking it?" I asked.

"Mine were upset when I moved in with Preston," Judy said, "but I told them I was old enough to do what I wanted and I was self supporting so they could accept it or not."

"How did they take that?" I asked.

"Not too well at first, but a week later my mom called and cried and apologized and now things seem pretty good."

"Especially since we announced we are engaged," Preston said.

"Do they know about your 'swinging'?" Kaitlyn asked.

"No," Judy answered, "I think they would find that a bit too much to take."

"What about your parents?" I asked April.

"They don't know," she answered.

"They don't know?" I responded. "What about last night?"

"They just know I'm at a sleep over," she said.

"They don't know it's with us?" Judy asked.

"Well they know that it's for Susie's birthday and I think they probably expect you and Kaitlyn will be here too."

"They're okay with that now?" I asked.

"More like 'don't ask, don't tell'," she said. "I don't tell them and they don't ask and we pretend everything is okay."

"What about Chris?" Kaitlyn asked.

"They know he's my boyfriend," she answered. "I suspect they know about the sex. I'm sure my mother has seen my pills and condoms."

"Don't ask, don't tell," Kaitlyn commented.

"Yes," April answered.

"What about you?" Judy asked me and Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn answered first, "My mom was never that upset about it. I even had Johnny over for sex frequently and she let us use my bedroom."

"Johnny? Johnny, the Cherry Picker?" Judy said with a laugh.

"Yes," Kaitlyn answered.

"Good choice," Judy responded and then turned to Preston. "Johnny was the last guy we did before our parents broke us up. He was fabulous! Brought us all to orgasm." Then to Kaitlyn she asked, "was he still so good."

"Every time!" Kaitlyn said.

"The Cherry Picker?" Preston asked.

"He kind of provided a service," Kaitlyn answered.

"A service?" Preston asked.

"Yes, he would deflower girls. Because of his reputation they would come to him and ask him to do it."

"My kind of occupation!" Preston said looking knowingly at the other guys.

"He didn't get paid," Kaitlyn told them. "He just did it for them."

"Like he got nothing out of it," Preston said with a laugh.

"He got really started because of us," April mentioned, shyly.

"What?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah," April explained. "We told other girls about how good he was and a couple of them asked him for sex. His reputation expanded pretty rapidly."

"He did know his way around a woman's body!" Kaitlyn exclaimed.

Elliot had been staring in amazement at everyone throughout the conversation and his face showed a sudden downturn in mood.

Kaitlyn noticed and told him, "you know your away around pretty well too."

"With that cock, you don't need to know a lot," Judy said.

"Girls!" I said to cut off the conversation which was clearly disturbing Elliot.

I segued to another subject. "He had a good teacher," I said, looking at Corey.

"And Corey also studied from the master," Kaitlyn added.

This led to a brief discussion of Corey's first time with me at Kaitlyn's request and the fact that Johnny had spent some time showing Corey how to please a woman using Kaitlyn to demonstrate.

"And the sex was so great and the cock so big that you decided to marry him?" Judy asked me.

"No, I decided to marry him because he's a great guy and puts me first," I responded while thinking, "Not that the sex isn't great and the penis isn't huge."

"You're parents seem okay with it," April commented.

"Not at first," I said. "I told them when we first had sex. They objected but I kind of told them to take it or leave it but that I would be having sex regardless. They decided to accept it. My mother almost seems to encourage it now."

"What about the engagement?" Judy asked. "My folks were a bit upset when I told them Preston and I were engaged."

I looked at Corey, "tell them about the betrothal."

He explained the difference between an engagement and a betrothal and how we committed to our parents that they could determine our spouse and the time of the marriage.

"We made it clear that we wanted each other," I said, "and they signed an agreement for us to marry."

"Woah!" Chris said. "So its all up to them?"

"Yes," I answered, "I trust them."

"I wish I could trust mine like that," April said.

I knew her parents and told her, "You can, April. Think about it. You're just afraid they might pick someone other than who you would want."

After breakfast we went out and sat in the hot tub. Corey's father and live in girlfriend, Marianne, joined us and later, when the day warmed up, we went in the pool. We were naked the entire time. Corey's' father and Marianne were too. It's the custom at Corey's father's place.

We had such a good time that we four women decided to get together for lunch every week.


During our first lunch I raised a topic that continued to bother me. "Does anyone know what is going on with Brittany?"

Judy said, "I just know she's a prostitute."

I asked, "Are you sure of that or is it just a rumor?"

"It's not a rumor," April said. "her mom told my mom that she's a prostitute."

"I miss her," I told them. "Do we know how to get in touch with her?"

"Her mom said she works Hollywood Boulevard," April said.

"I thought that was just a symbolic reference to her being a prostitute," Kaitlyn said.

"No, I think that's really where she works," April replied.

"Does her mother know for sure she's a prostitute or is she just assuming that?" I asked. "I gather they didn't part on the best of terms."

"I think she knows for a fact," April told us. "They don't stay in touch and her mother is really angry about it but it's not like her mother hasn't heard from her at all."

"I miss her," I said. "I wish we could talk to her."

"Me too," Kaitlyn added.

"We could try to find her," Judy suggested. "We could cruise Hollywood Boulevard and look for her."

Kaitlyn and I were enthusiastic. April was opposed to the idea, "too dangerous."

When I told Corey, he wanted to come with us but I talked him out of it.

The next Saturday night Kaitlyn, Judy and I drove to Hollywood and began cruising the Boulevard.

"Is that her?" Kaitlyn said only to see an over thirty hispanic with bleached hair as we got closer.

"There!" I exclaimed at another woman who turned out to be way too old.

"That's her!" we all exclaimed as we passed a young woman on the other side of the street. Judy turned around and we drove by slowly checking her out. "I think that is her," Kaitlyn said. It was too dark to be sure and she had her face turned down.

We circled the block and slowed down as we approached and then stopped. She had seen us slowing and walked over to the car. She seemed a bit surprised at seeing a car with three women but not terribly. "You girls looking for something?" she asked very sweetly. "Maybe I can help you?" It wasn't Brittany.

Kaitlyn was riding shotgun and said, "We're looking for someone," and showed her a photo of Brittany.

"Don't know her," she answered, "Runaway? Underage? Are the police involved?"

"No," Kaitlyn said, "We're just looking for her."

"Regulars?" she asked. "I can help you." She turned around. "Like me? Maybe for less."

"For less?" I said.

"Three fourths what she wants," the young woman said. "All the same parts and abilities."

"We don't want her for sex," Kaitlyn said.

"I'm still available," the young woman told us.

"Do you know this girl?" Kaitlyn said, getting back on track.

"No," she told us. "You're blocking the traffic!"

I looked around, "it's getting by just fine.

"You're blocking the traffic to my curb," she said insistently, all sweetness disappearing. Judy pulled away.

"That was interesting," I commented. "Do you suppose many women pick up prostitutes?"

"Must be some," Judy said.

"Pull over somewhere," Kaitlyn requested. "Let's talk about this."

Kaitlyn pointed out that by pretending to be customers we might get cooperation. We could just stop any of the women and ask about Brittany.

We tried that. Every couple of blocks we stopped and asked a woman about Brittany. I openly held a wad of bills in the back seat pretending we were ready to pay. That seemed to anger them so we started handing each of them a 20 when we asked if they knew Brittany.

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