tagBDSMSwat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 06

Swat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 06


Chapter 6. ... and Night

Downstairs, Ralph and Edward finished their glasses of Scotch in the salon. Edward glanced at his watch, and addressed his son,

"I think that our delicious charge will be ready for us now, Ralph, shall we gather our equipment and get on with our onerous duty?" He smiled ironically, as did his son. They both rose eagerly, and while Ralph picked up his ever present camera and tripod, Edward moved to a bureau and took out a large wooden box with brass handles. They moved towards the door of the salon, and Edward stopped in the kitchen to obtain a jar of Nutella, then led the way up the stairs to the third floor. The elegant nineteenth century townhome's wooden steps were steeper than is usual today, and Ralph led the way ahead of his father, who took his time leisurely climbing to the upper story, where his young charge slept in a finely drugged state, the doctored chocolate dessert having done its duty admirably.

At the girl's door, the two men stopped momentarily, and Edward rapped briskly on the dark, heavy bulk of the door and called the girl's name sharply. There was no response, and Edward used his master key to open the girl's door, which she'd taken great care to ensure was locked in her attempt to escape the demands of the men in the household she had been made to join. Stepping into the room, Edward walked around the bed and switched on the two bedside lights, casting a directed light on the girl lying peacefully drugged under the covers, her hair splayed gently across her pillow.

The men moved slowly, relaxed and confident that they had as much time as they would desire to enjoy the helpless young woman asleep under the light covers. Ralph set up his camera a few feet away from the bed toward the lower left edge, extending the tripod to its full height so the camera pointed down at the bed and captured everything that was to occur from an advantageous vantage point. He gazed through the viewfinder to focus his lens on the girl, ensuring that the length of her body would fully fit into the frame of the picture even were she to squirm sideways in her sleep. Edward placed the box he was carrying on the nightstand within easy reach of the girl, and, pulling the duvet aside, uncovered her completely.

The two men smiled down at the girl. She lay on her back, her face turned sideways away from the men, resting on one cheek. She wore the cream colored silk top and pants, like a man's pajama, which they had bought that day at Harrods, sporting a girlish cut to accommodate Ashley's feminine figure. The satiny top's short wide sleeves exposed Ashley's delicate wrists and hands. Her long slim fingers looked particularly girlish, as her nails were long but were varnished with only a demure shiny transparent coat. Her pajama pants were short as well, baring her legs just below the knees, and displaying her slim but athletic calves and her small but high-arched feet. Ashley's toenails were dark red; she'd chosen a bolder color as she had believed her toes safe from public observation. Large mother of pearl buttons on the front of the top and smaller ones on the pants fastened the shiny, cream colored fabric.

Ralph photographed her repeatedly, as Edward commented, "We're not going to waste time in exposing your body, Ashley! Let's strip you, my girl, so we can give you a thorough examination." Ralph actuated the automatically repeating shutter on the solid, professional, camera, so it would record a picture every thirty seconds, freeing him to pursue his own pleasure with the sleeping girl. He walked around to stand at the head of the bed to observe his nubile cousin.

Sitting down on the bed next to her immobile torso, Edward gazed down at the young woman supine beside him and observed carefully how the peaceful rise and fall of her chest as she breathed swelled and contracted her large, full breasts, pushing them against the shiny fabric of her top. Reaching out with one hand, Edward began threading the large buttons free of their generous buttonholes, opening them one by one the top of her night-shirt, finally pulling the two sides open unceremoniously to reveal the girl's ripe breasts, their large, darkened, areolas relaxed and spread in sleep.

Ashley's torso lay at a slight twist towards the cheek her face lay on, and one full, round boob perched high on the raised side of her body. Exhibiting the firmness of the girl's youth, it stood undaunted by gravity, exhibiting only the slightest fattening at its base as it perched unsupported. Her other mammary, turned towards the bed, hung slightly, a plump pear shaped morsel, topped by a pound-coin shaped ruby shaded nipple.

Edward and Ralph studied the girl's denuded chest, and the older man extended his arm and let the hairy back of his hand graze the lower curve of Ashley's gentle, pendulous tit, accepting the breast's soft weight and hefting it, causing it to flatten slightly along its lower curve as it the coral nipple tipped upwards.

Letting Ashley's boob hang freely, Edward turned towards the nightstand. Opening the wooden box he'd placed there, Edward removed from it two matching leather cuffs, lined in fur and sporting a number of leather thongs and small straps with which they were intended to be ingeniously attached to one another and to other objects. He slipped a cuff around each of his niece's unconscious wrists, slid home the catch that closed them, and then bound the two close together using a thong. Finally, he hefted the girl's arms over her head attaching Ashey's joined wrists to the headboard above her bed, simultaneously pushing her body around so she lay flat on her back, her breasts swaying up and towards her center. Ashley's arms lay flat on the bed, her elbows spread comfortably framing her face, her cheek nestling against her her soft pale upper arm.

He beckoned Ralph towards him. Ralph quickly moved to the other side of Ashley's bed and also sat down next to the nude chested young woman.

Each man reached out to take hold of one of the girl's defenseless breasts and began playing with it, each in his favoured fashion. The drug, though rendering Ashley unconscious, had the interesting effect, unlike true sleep, of leaving its victim able to experience sensations. It did not afford her the peaceful limpness of true sleep, but allowed her to move and react lethargically.

She moaned when her Uncle grabbed her full right breast roughly and squeezed it, letting his fingers sink deeply into her pillowy, captive orb. Ralph simultaneously pinched her soft, fat, left nipple in his fingers, drawing her breast upwards to shake the globe gently by her imprisoned nipple. Ashley's torso arched, unconsciously seeking to relieve the strain on her stretched breasts, and her arms writhed softly against her bonds. She let out involuntary, mewling, sounds as her head slowly tossed back and forth.

The camera's shutter fires at regular intervals, and unflinchingly documents her ravishers' playing freely and roughly with her boobs for many minutes. Their marauding hands prod and press, shaking and tugging at her mammaries. Her girlish globes are patted and petted, mauled, and pulled at the whim and mercy of the two delighted men who acquaint themselves with every bounce and quiver of the delicious frontal charms at their disposition.

Edward turns serious, intoning "perhaps Ashley, you need those udders milked now like an obedient cow." Even though she cannot hear him, his tone carries, as it always has when forcing her to perform one or another humiliating ordeal, the outward veneer of benevolent reasonableness, ill concealing the icy authoritarianism that mocks and deepens the shame Ashley has felt at being made to obey his perverted desires throughout her stay in the house.

Both men begin a coordinated motion, using their hands to ring the base of each breast, then roughly using the constricted ring of their hands to squeeze each tit upward, the fat globes bunching out, then slipping slowly through the fingers until Ashley's nipples reached their fingers. They each use a thumb and index finger apiece to grasp a reddening nipple and tug the moaning girl's naked tits by that convenient handle.

Again, their hands moved to the base of her breasts and repeated the motion, milking the girl's puffy, soft, tits strenuously. Her naked belly heaved and her chest writhed as they milked her. Edward quit her breast for a moment, leaving Ralph free to grab Ashley's only momentarily freed breast, and repeat the milking motion on both breasts together. Edward, in turn, opened the buttons on Ashley's pajama bottoms, and saying "Let's see you make your pussy dance for us while you're milked!" pulled the sides of her pants down baring her hips and then her lightly furred pubis.

He returned to his original position, and took hold of the breast before him, which Ralph reluctantly released. He bent his head down and placed his mouth over the girl's abused nipple, and began sucking and tonguing the nub while resuming milking the breast. Ralph, also captured Ashley's other nipple in his teeth, and nipped the bud while worrying the fleshy globe in his hand.

The effect on the girl of having her breasts sucked and milked was pleasurable to watch for the two men. Ashley twisted her chest this way and that mashing her breasts into her molesters' faces, while her legs softly writhed. The two men sucking her boobs watched her lightly downed pulse with the rocking motion of her hips and midriff. Edward reached out one hand and placed it on her daintily feathery-furred slit feeling the warmth and pulse of her crotch in his hand as waves of motion passed through her. Capturing her now turgid nipple with his teeth, Edward sank his middle finger into the velvety nest of her crotch, letting the puffy lips embrace his invading finger, holding the writhing girl's body pinned between her tit and the moist entrance to her vaginal canal.

Ralph's hand instead sought out another diversion. He placed his palm under her writhing body, cupping her naked buttocks, then insinuating his hand towards her vagina from the rear. One finger traced and forced open the rear of her vaginal slit, and his palm cupped his cousin's soft nether globes.

Ashley pulled at her bonds in her sleep as both her breasts were simultaneously suckled and her cunt was fingered from rear and front. Her lips parted and gasps issued from her sleepily, "oh... ah, ah..." in time to her cousin's clutching her ass or thrusting his fingers inside her or her Uncle's tugging at her bared clitoris.

"Fine little bitch," murmured Ralph, "feed me these big tits, slut. You like to wriggle that naughty bottom while it's being held, don't you? You liked your smacking today? There'll be many more spankings for you, little girl. You'll have ages bent over a lap being explored inside and out! We are going to enjoy stripping you naked and punishing you, feeling your flesh wriggle and pulse!"

Ralph, excited by his own words, climbs onto the bed, resting his knees beside Ashley's head. He tugs at his zipper, which slides open, and reached into his pants to extract his penis. He has to adjust its angle as it is engorged and jammed into his underpants, so he unbuttons his pants totally, opens the waistband and lets the two halves hang. His black underwear strains to contain his erection, and in fact fails somewhat as the head peeks over the waistband. The cotton below it is wet with his fluids. He pulls down the waistband of his undergarment, tucking it under his balls and freeing his genitals which bob excitedly right besides the girl's sleeping face.

It would take but a few strokes of my pen to describe to those of you in my audience interested in such anatomical details the male member which our innocent Ashley is to experience in a moment. Yet, just as her eyes are closed and she cannot see what stands waiting for her, so too perhaps we shall learn the particulars of her cousin's penis, and that of her Uncle's, along with Ashley, and postpone learning her visual reaction to them for a few more days.

Ralph reaches over to the nightstand and grasps the jar of chocolate paste. Opening it, he extracts a dollop of the sweet confection. In her drugged, semi-unconsciousness, Ashley's senses register first the alluring whiff of chocolate, followed by the gliding stroke of a pair chocolate coated fingers inserting themselves between her partly opened, plush, lips. They push into her mouth, gaining entry while leaving a chocolaty trail across the girl's lips and teeth, then pushing deeper to smear the paste on her tongue. The fingers fill her mouth comfortably, and swirl in a circular motion pushing her passive tongue around until she begins to salivate, her tongue and mouth moistening and her lips opening of their own accord to softly lap at the stickiness coating the intruding digits. Ralph simultaneously anoints his member with a chocolate coating.

Edward, meanwhile, tires for the moment of abusing Ashley's breasts, and moving down the length of the bed, grasps her legs, rolling her partially onto her hip, and revealing her bottom. He retrieves from the box a six-inch long, two-inch wide leather tawse. Steadying the girl's rear by the expedient method of reaching around her front and sinking two fingers into her vagina and forcing her to thrust her bottom rearwards. Holding her tightly by her sex, he smacks the tawse smartly down on the nearer, full, rounded, ass-cheek.

Ashley gasps at the impact of the leather on her ass. A trickle of saliva escapes her mouth, shiny and wet with traces of chocolate lacing it, and makes the skin around her mouth glisten wetly. Ralph takes the opportunity to slide his chocolate covered, sticky-sweet, hardened member between her pillowy open lips, and as the leather tawse again smacks her defenseless bottom cheek eliciting a sound between a whimper and a gasp from the girl, her cousin pushes his cock deep into her mouth.

The lightly sleeping girl registers something warm and sticky pushing past her lips and thrusting into her mouth. Her jaw widens slightly to let the hard yet velvety long object fill her mouth, bumping against her tongue and coursing its length as it settles into the back of her mouth. Her lips are distended around the intruding penis, and her tongue tastes the mixture of chocolate and a tangier, slippery fluid, sweet in a different way.

Her pussy aches where her Uncle's fingers firmly grasp her genitals, and her bottom bounces and quivers as the leather strap repeatedly smacks one bottom cheek, striping it with wide red splotchy marks which contrast with the white, unmarked further bottom cheek. The strap marks cross the one ass cheek at slight angles to one another, each long, rectangular welt showing a crisp edge, as the very sides of the leather tawse convey the greatest impact as they bite into Ashley's softly receiving bottom. Between the hard, red edges, the strap's image is painted in an uneven pink and red, patchwork of tones.

"Suckle that cock, little slut," intoned Ralph, grasping hold of her near plump breast and pulling the girl onto his cock by pulling her tit towards himself. The sweet in her mouth making her saliva flow, Ashley began an unconscious sucking motion. As if the cock-head in her mouth were a caramel, the girl's soft tongue laved the sweet-covered penis in her mouth. Ralph kneaded her breast as she suckled him, sinking his fingers into her plump tit. He paused playing with her breast occasionally to bring a finger coated with more of the chocolate to her suckling mouth, where he smeared her lips and his member afresh.

As her mouth licked his penis for its sweetened coating, rubbing the plump head with her lips and tongue, her Uncle commanded the unconscious girl's posterior. He massaged her rearward thrust vagina, placidly smacking her thighs and bottom with the leather tawse.

Ashley is caught between the searing stinging sensation suffusing her mistreated bottom and having her mouth repeatedly filled and emptied by Ralph's cock. Her tongue registers the smooth expanse of the skin of his shaft, then the abrupt ridge of his cockhead and the smooth, plum-like glans itself as it pushes in and out of her mouth.

Ralph's eyes roll in pleasure at his cousin's ministrations of his eager erection. He chides her teasingly, "You're going to be a good girl and make me come, and you're going to swallow like a good little bitch. Oh, fuck, yes, suck the juices out of me." His hand leaves Ashley's well-fondled breast to entwine itself in her hair and cup her head. He pulls the girl's face towards himself, sinking his cock in her mouth as far as his pubic hair. Ashley feels a soft, heavy weight envelop her lips and chin as it settles into her young cousin's prickly, warm scrotum.

Ralph feels the familiar sharp sweetness of sensation deep in the root of his penis. He holds Ashley's head still, thrusting slowly back and forth in the helpless girl's mouth. A brief small pulse at the base of his penis signals his impending pleasure, and a pearl sized sticky white drop squirts onto Ashley's slowly lapping tongue, pooling and spreading viscously. Ashley senses a sticky bitterness adding itself to the flavors of chocolate. Ralph thrusts strongly into the back of Ashley's mouth repeatedly, causing her to gag slightly, as his orgasm begins in earnest. Ashley feels a jerking and bumping against the roof of her mouth as the penis bucks and spasms, and suddenly her mouth is filled with a thick smoky fluid as Ralph's cockhead spurts jet after jet of sperm into her mouth, inundating her tongue and teeth, sliding glutinously towards the rear of her throat. Gobs of cum cling to her tongue as Ralph bathes it copiously.

Ashley chokes slightly as the semen that Ralph pumps into her slides back in her throat. Confused by the sweet, she swallows languidly while her tongue washes the boy's cock clean of his pearly excretion.

After a few moments spent blissfully recovering, his penis slowly softening between Ashley's parted lips, Ralph withdrew his penis from Ashley's mouth, and turned her head in the other direction. There, her Uncle's penis in its own turn awaited her ministrations.

Edward's penis was also covered with chocolate, and Ashley's mouth sleepily widened to take in the head of his cock as he laid it between her plump lips. He used one hand to guide the slick, wet, head of his penis back and forth threw the sleeping girl's lips. Ashley felt the new intrusion as her lips were pushed open to stretch around a far wider cockhead. Though the back of her mouth and throat were not prodded as they had been by her previous violator's cock, her tongue was pushed down and her mouth was effectively stuffed. He upper lip curled up and her head was forced to tilt back as the large glans parted her teeth. Ashley gurgled and her breath came raggedly through her nose as she slowly became accustomed to being force-fed her Uncle's fat member.

As his father ravished the complacently unconscious girl's mouth, relishing the angelic face enveloping his penis, Ralph moved down the length of the bedside towards Ashley's midriff. Grasping one delicious leg in each hand, he bent the girl's knees and pushed her legs open, causing the sticky lips of her cunt to separate and present her pussy helplessly to him. Between the delicate folds, Ashley's vaginal entry winked pinkly at the young man.

He examined the charming sight of his cousin, stripped naked with a cock deep in her mouth, her reddened, much manipulated breasts exposed, and her defenseless pussy gaping open to his gaze and touch. His hand went to her soft, nearly hairless, pussy lips, and his fingertips began stroking the girl's vulva. Licking his fingers for lubrication, Ralph placed a finger at the rear of her cunt and slid it forward, gliding to her tight hole, then pushing slowly but decidedly into the girl's tight vagina. The girl moaned through her nose, as she simultaneously felt the cock she was suckling push deeper into her mouth and force her tongue back and a second finger push into her pussy, stretching her open rudely, then probe her gentle feminine sheath. Ralph's fingers embarked on a circular exploration of her vagina, alternating with a deep thrusting which pushed his digits into her to the knuckles and rocked her pelvis back tilting her pudendum up, pivoting upward towards her cousin.

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