tagErotic PoetrySweet Sable Toy.pt 1.Words of grace

Sweet Sable Toy.pt 1.Words of grace


Sweet Sable Toy
Part One..Words of Grace.

So calm,
Yet within that hidden fire
For age,
A most glorious,
Enraptured pyre
Amnesia lays its grip
To soothe pastiched
Errors slip.

Ice and fire,
Those symbolic poles
To life,
Each cherished goal,
Mystic darkness
My own,
Contradicting light.

We burn,
Smoke and flame our whole,
A yin
and yang,
a striven whole,
my need,
her want,
my want her need,
her greed my hunger her hunger, My greed.

Her history,
Cast aside even beyond her years,
My memories easy twice,
The span claimed as hers.
Even tribal lore, fact, and ways,
She sets aside
In persuit of feral passion plays.
She yearns the press of servile grace,
And offers all, her core,
Sweet tits, ass and face.

She stands as one in more,
Fuels deep needs so raw.
That sweet knowing,
Sight of others grace
Empowers her need
Enlivens pace,
To call her on with heady vice,
So she might more and more entice.

So feline,
Black pelt,
Glossed and soft,
Such darkling velvet wings on which I soar aloft,
To drink,
And gorge,
Freely take my fill,
Raging calm
Conflicted peace,
Where’re, whene’re, all passion spills.

She owns in measured marks,
She wields
Liken to arcane powers , dark.
Her dances,
Arouse such gentle rage,
Her touch, in service
Would conquer any age.

And how perfect she,
When prone
Or bent,
When bound .
Or tautened
Displayed , in eager intent,
She flexes every very atoms being,
In offered Wantoness
This sweet slut’s
Sensual preening.

Might whisper,
Of graft or guilt,
I smile and choose wherein to hilt,
Such acts those many might label rude,
Those sweet honoraria they condemn as crude
She denies even those who share her skin
She pleads for that she needs as if food,
She begs for the sweet sustenance,
Of her own, self-sought,
Joy sought and found in sex , enslaved,
So willing,

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