Sweet Seline

byHeavy Hands©

What had begun as a shitty day, had become the most unbelievable of my life.

I had been fired. Working as a night ticket clerk in the subway wasn't much good to begin with, but it had been paying my way through college... why I chose Ancient & Medievil Lore is still beyond me. The rain was pissing down, the clouds black, dreary, broiling.

I was walking past a wannabe Gothic style building, circa 1720 (I guess my A&M lore must be good for something after all), when I felt a hand grab my arm. I heard a woman whisper into my ear; "Keep walking, don't turn around." Her accent... was it British? I wasn't sure. She did, however, sound confident and serious, so I followed her instruction. That, plus the fact that the grip she had on my arm was enough to crush metal.

I should explain a bit about myself before I go on. I'm a big guy (6'6, 230 pounds), but generally don't throw my weight around. Optimistic people have called me a gentle giant, while everyone else realises I'm just a pussy. I'm generally the do-what-I'm-told, seen-but-not-heard type of guy, so when a powerful woman grabs me in the street and starts giving me instructions, I don't do nothin' else.

She steered me around a corner, picking up pace, pushing me along. We reached a street corner where she must have hailed a cab (I was still looking straight ahead, as per instruction), because the next thing I knew she was dragging me inside.

"Get us out of here," she ordered the driver, while throwing a $100 bill at him. He, of course, complied, and the tires squealed as we raced off into the night.

As I continued to resolutely stare at a point in front of me, I heard her sigh impatiently. "You can turn around if you want to now, human." I did, slowly, and must've spent two minutes just sitting there in shock.

She was a brunette, beautiful, wearing a skin-tight leather bodysuit that left nothing to the imagination. Her skin was pale, flawless and in heavy contrast with her dark hair and suit. The leather followed every contour of her body - her firm breasts, her slim waist, her long, shapely legs.

I was in love, or at least a helluva lot of lust. After that two minutes of gawping at her, she looked at me with a slightly amused glint in her eye, and said, "I'm called Seline. You're a target of a group of lycans, and they're not going to stop until they find you."

The cab screeched around a corner. "Lycans? You mean werewolves? Are you serious?"

"Deadly," she replied. "They would have had you back there, but I stepped in. You're lucky to be alive."

I may be a wimp, but I am quick on the uptake. "If they're lycans, what does that make you?"

She smiled, slowly, and I watched in astonishment as her two upper canines began to grow and extend, until there was no doubt as to what I was looking at. "You're a vampire?" I asked in trepidation. "Are you going to suck my blood?"

She shook her head in amusement, before retracting her fangs. "Sometimes you're clever and others, you're unbelievably stupid. If I were after your blood I'd have taken you to a quiet place, canted your head to the side, and slowly sunk my fangs into your exposed, luscious neck." She grinned vampyrically at my look of horror. "In reality, blood is what we vampires eat, but it is not essential, nor an irrepressible urge. It is always there, but only the vampires who we would equate to your drunkards and addicts cannot contain their hunger. We - "

She suddenly became silent, and glanced out the back window of the cab. "We have to get moving. Open the door and jump out when I say to. Make sure to hit the ground rolling."

It was perhaps lucky that I was so dumbfounded by all that was happening. I followed her instructions without hesitation or conscious thought, and after she had told the driver to slow down and ordered me out, I jumped and rolled a few feet down the rain-sodden road. She must have followed me straight after, because I felt her smack into me once I had slowed, and we both rolled a bit further. She ended up on top of me, one of my legs between hers, our faces inches apart. She looked into my eyes with... perhaps it was curiosity, before standing, dragging me onto my feet, and pulling me into the shadows of a large, decrepit old building.

The cab driver, for reasons which never became clear to me, slowed down to a stop, and poked his head out the window, looking back at where we had rolled out, possibly wondering where we had gone. We watched him in silence for a moment, her finger over my lips, a warning to stay silent.

Suddenly, three blurs flashed down the street, jumping on top of the car. As they slowed, I was able to make out that they were vaguely humanoid, but much more hairy, with wolfish heads and bodies that seemed much too muscular, like something out of a comic book.

The blurs, which I had worked out were werewolves (I told you I was fast), roared in anger when they only found the driver, sitting dumbly, looking up at them in abject terror. I don't like to repeat what I saw happen to him, but needless to say it made me rather grateful that Seline had rescued me from encountering the creatures.

The "lycans", after finishing their meal, began to sniff around, prowling down alleyways, peering into sidestreets. They were slowly making their way toward us, and I was sure they they could hear my heart's frantic pounding.

I felt Seline place a hand on my shoulder, and I ripped my gaze from the blood-soaked monsters to her perfect face. She pointed at a door behind us, which I hadn't noticed before. Above the door was scrawled the words Cum Parlour, but I didn't have time to figure out what that meant.

She silently opened the door, and pulled me inside. The interior was much different to what it looked like outside - the walls were adorned with nice-looking wallpaper, and although it was dark, the lighting was more sensual than threatening. A good-looking woman in a low-cut evening dress was sitting behind a counter, looking up and smiling knowingly as we rushed past her into the next room.

In the next room there was a party going on. There were groups of six or seven men dancing with one or two sexy-looking women wearing skimpy outfits, and the music was heavy and gothic. Seline pulled me into a corner of the room, and whispered into my ear that we had to blend in here, so we had to try and copy what the other groups were doing.

We both watched one of the women as she rubbed herself up on some of the men, her fingers brushing their front of their pants, where it was obvious that they were erect. I wasn't ready to believe that Seline would dance with me like that, but saw her face as she watched contemplatively, and was dumbfounded when she began to emulated the woman's dance.

Seline started moving her body seductively in front of me, and blood rushed to my dick. She pulled me toward her, and turned around, rubbing her leather-clad ass over my rock-hard member, teasing me very effectually.

She turned back to face me, and pulled herself close to me, her body gyrating with the music. She whispered in my ear to turn my head slowly to the left, and I did so. I saw a huge man walking through the room, wearing ill-fitting clothes, and as I noticed that he was covered in dried blood I realised he must have been one of the werewolves, back in human form. Nobody else noticed - the men and women dancing were too focused on each other, and the lighting was too dark to make it obvious.

The lycan wove among the groups of dancers, eyes searching, nose sniffing. Seline pulled my head back to look into her eyes, and I realised how serious the situation was. Although I knew I shouldn't, I kept glancing over my shoulder at the lycan, and wasn't able to keep my attention off him. Seline must have realised this, because she reached down into my pants, and grabbed my hard cock.

Suddenly, my attention was riveted onto her, and she smiled at me as she fondled my member, whispering sexy words into my ear. I was such a state of bliss that I almost didn't notice it when the music quieted, and the lights came on.

We looked around, worried, but the other occupants of the room seemed to not be surprised by it - it seemed as if this was in line with the evening's events. I watched in shock as the women in the room dropped to their knees, and began to undo the belts of the men around them. After it became obvious to Seline and I what the theme of the club was, we looked into each others eyes, and she nodded at me, and smiled.

I was dumbfounded, as she dropped to her knees, and began to undo my belt. She reached in and pulled out my cock, which was large enough to hit her on the forehead as it jumped out of its constraints. She laughed, and pulled on it slowly, giving the most exquisite handjob I've ever experienced.

She leaned forward slowling, and began to kiss the head of my cock. She flicked out her tongue to lick up a little bit of precum that had built up around the tip, and savoured it before swallowing.

Groans were building up around the room, from both the men and the women, and Seline had realised that the women were pleasuring themselves as they pleasured the cocks around them. She slowly unzipped the front of the suit, down, between her breasts, down, past her bellybutton, and reached a hand down into her pussy. She reached out with the other hand, and rubbed my cock as she swirled her tongue around the tip, and leaned under to lick my balls.

I was in heaven. I hardly noticed that a couple of guys had come to either side of me, cocks out, and were jerking off while watching Seline work on me. When she noticed, she began to rub their cocks, one with each hand, while licking and sucking my cock with more urgency, moaning as it slipped around in her mouth.

The guy to the left came first, his cum splashing down the left side of Seline's suit, dripping down over her left breast, into her hair, and sluicing down between her breasts to her belly, and then further. The guy to the right came second, his come splashing her right cheek, over her right leather-clad breast, and onto her legs.

Looking at her, covered in come, I let go. The first spurt splashed into her mouth, and she jerked back to be able to get the last of it on her face. The second splashed across her nose, the third hit her forehead, the fourth, her neck, and slid down her collarbone. The fifth landed between her breasts, and then she swooped down and picked my cock up again in her mouth, sucking the last dregs of cum from me as my knees buckled.

She looked unbelievable. Come matted her hair, and covered her flawless face, dripping down her chin. Her leather suit was caked with it, and a small stream of cum constantly made its way down between her breasts down to her pussy. She looked up at me, and opened her mouth, showing the come inside, before swallowing, and smiling. A little bit of cum dribbled out the corner of her mouth, joining the rest that completely layered over her face.

After glancing around and realising the other girls were doing the same, she began licking the come off herself, scooping it up off her face, her breasts, out from between her legs, and licking the goop of her fingers. She licked up the come-laden leather on her arm, reminiscent of a cat, and made sure that she had gathered most of it, before standing up again.

I looked into her eyes, and we followed the other groups out into the next room, where showers were set up. After we showered thoroughly and dressed, she told me that the lycans had given up, for now, and took me back to her manor. She showed me to a room, and I lied down, thought about how unbelievable my day had been, and slowly fell asleep.

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