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Sweet Submission


She was bound before him in the most alluringly submissive position, a remarkably stunning vision as she lay on her back, her arms stretched high and held firmly captive by cold, metal manacles that were attached to the headboard while her long legs were spread to an almost painfully wide degree…shackles connected to a bar that hung low from the ceiling lifted her firm bottom several inches off the bed, leaving her most intimate areas exposed to his heated scrutiny as he loomed above her, clearly comfortable with his dominate role as he savored seeing her so wonderfully vulnerable and defenseless; her usual walls were stripped away, she had nothing to hide behind as her hazel green eyes flashed fire she would have certainly put into angry words, had he not insisted on inserting a ball gag into her beautiful but far too defiant mouth.

Displayed as she was, he could see his suspicious about her had been right all along; her body was indeed pure perfection…her breast gloriously sculpted ivory mounds capped with pink nipples he was eagerly looking forward to tormenting into hard, aching nubs…it was a thought that made him smile as he slowly allowed his eyes to journey over her, taking time to admire her belly that wasn’t rigidly hard but soft and supple, the way a woman’s belly was meant to be; she had ample hips and an ass that literally made his mouth water and his hand ache with the need to spank her milky white cheeks until they were stained a faint, but painfully pleasurable crimson.

With her head resting against a single, under stuffed pillow, her rich, ebony hair was an inky black waterfall, dark and glorious in contrast to the white sheets…to his delight, he had discovered her sweet pussy completely bare; it was a marvelous sight as she tried but failed to shift, clearly unnerved by her susceptible situation and quite likely, he guessed, she was still hating him for having blackmailed her into this…into this ordeal she simply had no desire to be in…she had called him a heartless, merciless bastard for forcing her to grant him sexual liberties with her body, but he had simply smiled at her rage before assuring her that, in time, she would be begging him to use her body for not only his utter and complete delight, but hers as well.

It had been obvious to him that she hadn’t believed his assurance as he had guided her from the foyer into the guest room he tended to use for such sexual conquest; it was a room he kept well stocked with the sensual toys he was rather eager to introduce her to…he found it delightful to watch her eyes grow wide as she had looked around the room, taking in the bed…the shackles that had already been placed there…color had drained from her face the moment she spotted a well cushioned punishment stool standing erect in one corner and he had been almost certain she would bolt for the door when she noticed the wall directly to her left ordained with whips and harnesses he knew she would find most enjoyable, when all was said and finally done.

Leaning against the closed door, he had kept his voice firm and his expression bland as he ordered her to face him and slowly strip; he demanded that she take her time, that she keep her eyes open…he had sensed the urge to argue swell inside her, but she had somehow managed to resist the urge, choosing to glare instead as she carefully slipped her feet from her shoes, reducing her height by three inches before she reached for the hem of her breast hugging red sweater with hands that trembled as she lifted it over her head with hesitant motions…her pale flesh was revealed to him, her bustling breast encased in a black bra that barely concealed what she clearly detested allowing him to see.

With a deep breath she drew in an obvious effort to build her resolve, she allowed the sweater to fall to the floor and when she paused, seeming somehow confused as to just what her next move needed to be, he firmly instructed her to take off her skirt; it was a black garment that lingered several inches below her knee, concealing far too much leg for his taste and he was more than pleased to see it slowly slid over her hips and thighs…he was pleased to see that her panties matched the bra he ordered her to shed, once the damnable skirt was cast away and his cock swelled hard and eager against his unbuttoned jeans as he watched her heavy breast appear before him for the first time, lush and flawless and quite possibly, the largest and most beautiful he had ever seen.

Not waiting for his command, knowing what he wanted next, she hooked her thumbs into the hemline on her panties and bending at the waist, she pulled the final article away from her body; she could feel heat burning her face and her hair fell around her shoulder in a tangled cascade he found glorious as he pushed away from the door and when he did, she instantly tensed.

A smile lingered on his lips as he approached her, knowing he had her off guard as well as uneasy; she was normally so reserved and serious…with him, before the evening was over, she would be neither of those things…she would be wild and wanton and begging for him to fulfill the needs he intended to awaken in her sweet body; she would forgive him for the underhanded and harsh means he had used to bring her here once it became apparent to her what he had to teach her.

Pausing before her for a brief moment, he firmly instructed her to lock her hands and place them motionless behind her neck; he next order that she spread her legs wide and with disgust flashing in her eyes, she did just as he said…he had already laid the rules out before her, telling her what he expected, that he held all power and control…she had agreed to his terms, a reality she forced herself to hold in mind as he nodded in approval at her stance; it seemed to him that his sweet captive had the grace and certainly the beauty it took to be a most natural submissive, though he dared not say as much to her as he slowly looked her over before circling her several times.

Her skin flushed, just having him observe her with such intensity; he had a suspicion that she was innocent on many levels, an intriguing thought he hoped would prove true, as it would mean he could sculpt her budding sexuality in every possible manner.

Leisurely, taking his time, he drank in every detail she had to offer; he wanted to do all he could to burn this first moment into his mind; he knew for a fact that she was not what one would call comfortable with her body…like far too many women, she had it in her mind that bone thin was beautiful, when just the opposite was true…she was his ideal, his idea of pure perfection and he savored having her before him, bared and beautiful and he smiled at her sharp, startled intake of breath when his hands came to rest on her waist, his fingers ever so slightly pressing into her flesh.

It was the first time he had directly touched her and her skin was satin soft, warm to the touch…he slid his palms to her hips and back up again as she held her breath; he knew, even if she didn’t want to admit it, that she felt the pull between them…she had felt it just as strongly as he had, from the very first; he had seen it in her eyes the first day, when she had been introduced to him as a key figure in the accounting department at the vastly prestigious advertising firm that had successfully lobbied to bring his skilled talent to New York, from the Chicago based office where he had made quite a name for himself, creating some popular ads that made certain powers ranking above him realize that their New York market could benefit from his expertise and his clear devotion to his job.

Receiving the grand tour from the firm’s east coast senior partner, his first day had yielded many introductions, some that made impressions, a few that didn’t leave much mark in his mind, but none had hit him quite as hard as hers…seeing her from the first time as she stood beside her desk, lost in a file that held her attention as he and his guide stood inside her door for a long moment.

It wasn’t until the senior member tapped a light knock against the open door that she looked up, clearly startled in the instant before she smiled; her smile could have beckoned a lost ship home in a fog thickened storm, it was so bright and natural, unassuming and rather sweetly innocent…one look at her told him she hadn’t a clue that her sexual magnitude was astronomical as she extended a hand he shook while keeping his eyes locked on hers as the older gentleman explained her position at the firm, simply saying that her name was Rachel Baxter, a very skilled accountant who had come to work at the firm shortly after she had received her degree at NYU, three years prior.

An undeniable, electric like charge had passed between them when her delicate hand was firmly wrapped in his larger one…Jack Sanderson had known in an instant that he had to have her…had to…his mind had instantly been consumed with wanton images of her open and yearning for release only he could grant, yet he had kept his attention to her simple and purely professional that first day, easily sensing that he would have to take certain measures with Miss Rachel Baxter, a reality he managed to confirm completely a week into his new job, when a colleague, naïve to Jack’s sexual appetites and his attraction to Rachel, eagerly explained that, while several staff members had made efforts to see the lovely, raven haired beauty outside the office, none had ever had any real success.

It seemed, according to the surprisingly accurate rumor mill, that Rachel was a truly wonderful paradox; she as a remarkably bright young woman with a sweet manner, everyone who worked with her adored her quick wit and cheerful nature, but she was also shy, to an extent, in the fact that she never dated or gave any indication that she had a social life, other than occasionally hanging out with friends from work.

One guy Jack spoke to reinforced the theory that Rachel was somehow ill at ease with her lush figure, as she was always on some odd diet, trying to shed weight she did not need to shed, in Jack’s opinion, something he intended to make certain she fully understood, once he had her where he wanted her, in his bed…her image forever filled his mind, endless nights passed with him stroking himself to orgasm while wondering what it would be like to have Rachel’s lips wrapped firmly around him as her sweet tongue licked his shaft and her hands played with his balls.

The simple need to be settled into his new surroundings prompted Jack to allow three full months to pass before finally made a move, slipping into Rachel’s office just before five one Friday evening to ask if she would like to have drinks with him, maybe dinner to follow and as he handed the question to her, the inertest in her eyes had been obvious to him…yet she had still said no…she didn’t feel it was a good idea for them to socialize with one another outside the office, as they worked close together, with her overseeing several budgets on projects he was managing.

It was a simple, safe, and most certainly reasonable excuse, on her part, for that, Jack had to give her credit, and he would have, had he not known it was complete bull; more than once he had seen the way she looked at him, she was far too innocent to hide the desire she felt…it shimmered in her eyes directly into his, giving him all the encouragement he needed to continue his pursuit. Vigorously. He asked her out again. The following week and again she turned him down…it went on that way for two months as he tried to figure out just what made Rachel Baxter tick; he sensed there was a piece missing in the puzzle, it was a nagging sensation in his gut he couldn’t quite shake…it compelled him to do some more digging and it yielded more information regarding Rachel, a new story about her and a guy from the firm that she had dated, shortly after she had come to work there.

His name had been Rick, he had since moved on to a firm in Atlanta, but Rachel had apparently fallen fairly hard for the charm he turned her way, only to find out he was going to be married; their affair had lasted about three months and it seemed Rick informed her that she had simply been a last, premarital conquest…his fiancée, a thin, blond model hadn’t known anything about Rick’s final affair, though he hadn’t had a problem telling Rachel that the woman he was to marry was far more his type than she could ever be…hearing the details gave Jack a greater insight into what he was up against and it made him understand that he would have to employee desperate measures if he wanted to knock down Rachel’s walls and set her passions free.

It was harsh, he knew, what he had in mind, but he had to do something drastic, so the plan devised itself rather simply; all it took was a little careful maneuvering to get his hands on several accounts she headed personally…he changed a few numbers, just enough to make it appear that something was amiss, then he calmly called Rachel into his office, telling her he had a business matter to discuss.

She was a vision, sitting across from his desk in a black pantsuit with her hair pulled back, professional and cool as she tried to ignore the pull between them while he began to tell her that there was a problem with her work; he showed her the accounts he had tampered with and as expected, given that she was innocent, she told him there was a mistake…all she needed was time and she could easily fix whatever was wrong…it was the reaction Jack had anticipated, a fact he casually threw out as he perched on the edge of his desk, his eyes on hers as he told her just what he had done.

There was shock in her expression, followed by anger that bordered on a murderous rage when he finally told her why…told her that he had set her up because he needed rather intense leverage, to make it clear to her just how determined he was to have her in his bed; he laid it all out as she gasped in disbelief before calling him a bastard…she made it clear she wouldn’t have anything to do with him under such circumstances, he was worse than merely evil, in her eyes…she threatened to go to a senior partner, but he quickly pointed out how insane the story would sound.

It took some fight from her, to have him paint a picture of he said verses she said, it made her ill listening to him…she cursed herself for having ever thought him attractive and even more so for still feeling a sexual charge each time he looked at her; he was handsome in a way that frightened her, his blue eyes the most intense she had ever seen, perfectly paired with dark blond hair and a classically flawless build…her attraction to him had nearly made her come in her panties on more than one occasion, but that was a reality that Rachel did not allow herself to consider as he went on to explain that the problem with her records could and would disappear if she simply agreed to give him one passionate night.

He laid out for her just what he wanted, what he would expect, that she would be required to hand total control over to him; he didn’t minus words in informing her that he liked sex intense and wild…he didn’t play the gentle game, there was no fun in that, a lesson he intended to teach her, if she agreed to meet his demands and he felt certain she would, as she glared at him while he wrote his address down on a business card and handed it to her, along with coolly issued instructions that she be at his house the following evening at seven o’clock if she were willing to submit to what he wanted.

He deliberately chose to have her come to him on a Saturday night, hoping that she would be willing to stay with him for the remainder of the weekend; he had some serious and some decedent expectations in mind when it came to Rachel, to what she could and would be, once he stripped away her foolish insecurities…it would take time and passion, but Jack was more than committed to both and he became all the more so when Rachel arrived at his house, her green eyes filled with anger when he opened up the door to smile at her, telling her he was pleased with her decision.

“I don’t give a fuck.” It was the first time he had ever used such language. “I think, the fact that I am here, tells you that I have agreed to do this, for the sake of a job that I just happen to love. I want that clear. This is for me. For my career. I am not here because you want me, or because I think for such much as a second that I will enjoy this, and I…I want you to know I hate you and I hate this.” It was a rather impassioned speech, each word as it left her mouth carried more fire than the last, telling him she did indeed possess the spark he suspected, all he had to do was generate it into a sexual blaze that would consume him and her into a blissful inferno.

Opting to ignore her rage, for the moment, he simply closed and locked the door and ushered her into the awaiting room…after ordering that she strip, he told her in very explicit detail how he wanted her to display herself on the bed; as he had secured the shackles to her wrist and ankles, she had glared at him but said nothing, until he retrieved the ball gag that caused her to shake her head.

“Is that really necessary?” It was clear she didn’t care for the idea.

“I am afraid so. It’s a prop I really like.” He set down beside her on the bed. “But I can assure you, I will remove it, when the time is right.” His eyes promised many delights to come, but Rachel clearly didn’t believe it as she obediently opened her mouth, allowing him to fasten the object into place…he had then moved to the edge of the bed to stare down at her for a time, needing very much to drink her in…savor her…she was so much more than she had yet to realize, but Jack swore to himself that would change, before the evening as over as he again moved to sit beside her and she turned her head, her eyes on his as he reached down to brush a stray strand back from her face…her throat worked as she swallowed hard in what he suspected was a vain effort to tamper down the heat boiling inside her as he gently trailed his knuckles along her cheek.

Leaning forward, he pressed his lips tenderly to her eyes; he kissed his way down her face, to her neck as he breathed her name and her body tensed.

“Let go, Rachel.” He sighed the instruction. “Don’t be afraid.” His hand rested on her belly that quivered at his touch; he knew the desire was coming to life in her and it made him smile as his lips moved from her neck to her left breast, the breast nearest to him and without warning, he took the pink orb deeply into his warm, wet mouth and the instant he did her back arched.

Encouraged, more aroused than he could recall having even been in his adult life, he began to suck with an even greater vigor, his fingers pressing into her belly while he flicked his tongue against her nipple; he heard a groan escape her as the nub began to harden under his expert ministrations…she was even more responsive than he had anticipated, her flesh so sensitive to the touch he was pleased to give as he briefly sank his teeth into her breast just long enough and with just enough pressure to create a slight sting that he then quickly licked away before shifting suddenly to straddle her trembling hips, allowing himself access to her right breast that he attacked with sensual gusto.

With his thumb and forefinger, he tugged on her already throbbing nipple while his tongue tortured the other; he picked and rolled the bud as Rachel began to wither beneath him, unable to battle back her reaction to his touch…he pressed his denim clad erection into her soft belly, forcing a whimper from her as he lifted his head from her breast that glistened with his saliva…her cheeks were flushed and while she wanted to believe it was hate that reflected deep in her haze green eyes, Jack knew it was passion and need and it made him smile as he took a moment to cup a breast in each hand, lifting the satin flesh as he molded it with his fingers like ivory clay.

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