Sweet Sweet Revenge

byMany Feathers©

On Monday I went to work and was feeling pretty damn good about the weekend when the telephone rang.

"Thomas Andrews" I said answering.

"Tom? Silvia." And suddenly I shivered like a cold had suddenly descended down upon me. And the worst part was, I had no one to blame except for myself. I should never have invited her to call me at work.

"Hi Silvia." I said, trying to maintain my composure and keep my voice in a professional business like tone at the same time.

"My...aren't we uptight in the morning." She began.

"Listen Silvia, I know I said you could call me at work if you wanted to talk, but I really have to say that having thought about it...it's not really a very good idea after all....I think."

There was a brief pause, and I was hopeful she'd agree with me and simply hang up. Unfortunately she didn't.

"Remember what I said? I really do miss you Tom, and maybe it really was a mistake."

I had yearned for a long time to hear her say those words to me. And even during that first year of our divorce, I still hoped to one day hear them. And now that I had, those old feelings for her came rushing back, but only for the briefest of moments, and only because I had the briefest bitter satisfaction of having heard them, even if they no longer meant what they once would have meant to me.

"Have you still got the cabin?" She asked suddenly. A question that caught me off guard, as I immediately assumed she was back to wanting to purchase it from me, and under the circumstances, I was half tempted to do it.


"I was thinking that maybe we could meet up there this weekend....and talk."

I wasn't stupid; this WAS my ex-wife I was dealing with here. "Why do we need to go up to the cabin just to talk?" I questioned, already knowing the answer of course.

"I thought being away from everything would give you and I a chance to sit down and discuss things, and what better place to do it?" She was offering. "You and I had some great times there." She added softly.

I was tempted....I really was. And if it hadn't been for the fact that Cindy and I were beginning to piece together our own marriage I might have been more than simply tempted.

"Let me think about it." I replied, having no intention of doing any such thing. But I felt like I needed a little more time to come up with some kind of a response that would end this encounter with my ex once and for all. "By the way Silvia, you still interested in buying the cabin?"

There was a brief pause on the other end of the line. "Maybe....." She said finally. "Though my finances aren't the best they've been, if you're serious about selling the place, I might be able to swing it. How much are you asking for it?"

What Silvia didn't know was that over the past ten years I had slowly purchased surrounding property's to ensure the seclusion of the cabin remained intact. By now I had well over a hundred acres that extended pretty much in every direction to keep everyone else out and away from what was once my fond family retreat.

"Oh, I don't know....the cabin and the property it's sitting on is easily worth two hundred thousand." I told her, which was an underestimated cost by a considerable amount, but I didn't want to scare her away from a possible offer either. I could have easily sold it to someone else for considerably more, but suddenly I had an idea kicking around inside my head that I wanted to think about a little longer before I decided to actually act on it.

"I'll let you know on Saturday." She told me. "See you at the cabin in the afternoon." She continued, and then suddenly I was listening to the sound of the dial tone. Obviously her intention was to keep me from begging off from meeting her, which I could still easily do, standing her up with no way to gain access to the cabin as it was securely locked up. But I also knew that Silvia thought better of me than that and was gambling on the fact that I'd actually be there.

"No more secrets." I told myself on the drive home from work that night. I planned on telling Cindy of my bumping into my ex-wife at the dealership, along with today's telephone conversation. I wasn't trying to hide anything, and I certainly wasn't about to do anything without Cindy's full and complete knowledge of what I had in mind, something of which I'd been kicking around all afternoon.

"You want to do what?" Cindy asked excitedly after we'd sat down for dinner and I had begun to fill her in on everything that had happened, and had been said.

"I don't see the point in keeping it any longer." I told my wife. "You don't enjoy going up there anyway, so except for during the hunting season, it really isn't being used the way it was intended to be."

"Yes...but isn't that a little drastic? And besides, Silvia might not be able to even come up with the money." Cindy responded.

"So....if she doesn't, or can't, then maybe it's time to put it up on the market. You've asked me before if I'd consider selling it, and then maybe build a new one someplace else on the properties. I've been thinking about it, and with all the new land we've purchased, there are a few choice spots that would be ideal to build you and I a new place on."

That had always been a point of contention between us over the course of the years, that fucking cabin. Cindy hadn't pressed it that hard of course, she knew how much it meant to me and that it had been something of a family retreat, though for the most part....was more of Silvia and mine's little hide-away.

We both sat in silence for quite a while after dinner was over. I could tell that Cindy was mulling things over in her mind, as was I. I still wasn't a hundred percent sure I was still even going to meet Silvia, let alone try and pull off what I'd been considering. But I was more interested in the fact that once Cindy had been made aware of everything that she was giving it as much thought as I was.

"You need to sell her." Cindy began.

"I know that....I'm not that worried on the cost...What I thought I'd do...."

"No Tom, that's not exactly what I meant." She said interrupting me. "You need to convince Silvia that things aren't the way they are number one, and number two....keep her off balance just enough that she doesn't see it coming, and can't react to it afterwards."

"And how do I go about doing that?" I asked her. "You want me to actually plan on meeting her there? You know damn well what she'll be expecting if I do. And though I'm not the least bit worried about giving into her, I'm afraid all that will do is piss her off and she'll be suspicious about my selling her the cabin."

"I think it's time you and I discussed something else Tom. Something that needs to be said, and will have a direct impact on what it is we're both trying to do here. But before we do....I want to show you how much I trust and love you."

Suddenly Cindy stood and began removing all of her clothing, she'd already cleared off the dining room table, and suddenly placed herself upon it. Something I'd teasingly suggested a number of times, but something in which for whatever reason she'd never been willing to go along with.

"Fuck me Tom. Fuck me long...Fuck me hard...but more importantly, fuck me now!" She demanded.

And we did. I'd managed to give Cindy two very satisfying orgasms as I stood there on the floor sliding in and out of her extremely wet pussy as she lay on our long elegant dining table. When my own orgasm approached, Cindy wanted me to pull out of her and shoot my joy juice all over her body, something else she hadn't been particularly fond of my doing. I was so excited by the time I actually came that I literally drenched her, covering her breasts, tummy, and pussy with copious streamers of my jism. To my additional delight, I then watched my beautiful wife take my essence and smear it all over her body, rubbing it into her skin, and then using some of it to actually masturbate with, where she then came again for me in a very sensual and amazing way. I'd never actually seen her play with herself though I had known she did on occasion of course, but actually seeing her do it, and seeing the way she did it had me hard, horny and anxious to make love to her again, which we did, though this time comfortably in bed together.

I was standing outside on the balcony from our bedroom enjoying an after sex smoke when Cindy came out to join me. She was full of surprises. In all the years we'd been married, she'd never shown the boldness that she'd suddenly started to show. And though it was late, with all the lights off inside the house, Cindy's appearance next to me in the nude was a bit of a surprise. The chances of anyone seeing us this time of night was remote, but never the less, Cindy's standing there next to me was an immediate reminder that things were changing between us.

"I think it's time I told you what's been bothering me, and how I think it might actually help us resolve this little problem of ours." Cindy began. I felt her hand reach out and softly grasp my now flaccid penis, but she stroked it without the intention of arousing me, just as a way of keeping an intimate contact with me as she began to tell me things that I had only suspected on the one hand, and on the other, gave me insight into her feelings that I could have never been able to understand on my own.

"Did you know that Shelly was married for a few years before she and Frank were?" She'd begun.

"No...I didn't know that." I told her. "I didn't think either one of them had been married before."

"Well it's Franks first...and hopefully only marriage, but yes...Shelly had been married to another man for a few years previously. She once told me how she had gone through some real emotional difficulties after her break up, and it was Frank who suggested something to her, which she found shocking until he told her why. Afterwards....after she did it, she and Frank were finally married and she never had any problems with it again after that."

Cindy had my curiosity aroused now, and so I stood there listening to her without interruption as she continued to pet my penis as her way of maintaining contact with me, and ensuring that I was giving her my undivided attention.

"What Frank told her to do....was to fuck her ex-husband one last time."

"What?" I near shouted in surprise. "You can't be serious!"

"Hear me out." Cindy said. "I said the same thing when Shelly told me. But then she explained what happened afterwards, how she felt, and how it changed everything for the two of them for the better afterwards. It took me a while to think on it, and finally come to grips with it. But after I did, I had to agree and saw how that it worked for them, and how now.....it just might work for us too!"

"Cindy...listen, there's no way........."

Cindy squeezed my prick effectively cutting me off. "No...I'm serious, listen to what I have to say, just the way I did. And after you've had some time to think about it, you'll know that I'm right."

I stood there in stunned surprise, but decided I'd at the very least listen to what Cindy had to say before reasoning it out with her as to how it was a very bad idea. Maybe afterwards, she'd see it my way and give up on this silly idea of hers. On top of which, I also figured I was going to need to have another little chat with Shelly and tell her to quit giving my wife these weird ideas.

"For starters....I know you truly loved Silvia....."

I immediately began to speak and interrupt her, but Cindy squeezed me once again, and put her fingers to my lips, hushing me up simultaneously. "You wouldn't have married her if you didn't Tom. And I also know the divorce was hard on you, more than what you've ever been willing to tell anyone, or willing to admit too. I also know that in time, before we met even, that you finally came to grips with it, but that it never really gave you any peace. There had been so much hurt, and so much pain.....and longing. Longing for what would never be again, and that was a wound in your heart that never fully healed. And even after you and I met, eventually married....I knew that even back then when you gave me your heart, your love....it wasn't as complete, or as fully given as it should have been. You were afraid to give yourself completely as you once had. And I can understand that."

Everything Cindy said struck home like a blow to the gut, and I was immediately uncomfortable as though she'd somehow managed to open up the secret vault in my mind and read every note and every scrap of paper I had put thoughts to and locked away, hopefully forever. Now....she was rummaging around in there tossing out all these memories and forcing me to read them all over again.

"So what happened with Shelly?" I threw out, wanting desperately for Cindy to get off this particular train of thought as quickly as possible.

"Well, Shelly called him and told him that she wanted to see him, and came right out and told her ex that she wanted to sleep with him. And so....they arranged an evening where they could be together, and she did exactly what she intended to do, "fucked his brains out" as she put it. After which, she felt all these long felt pent up emotions suddenly evaporate away. It was as though this burden she'd been carrying ever since their divorce had suddenly been lifted away. When Shelly left the hotel that night, she "knew" she would never again wonder...or feel curious about the "what-if's" and "what might haves" had they stayed together. She knew then and there that she could marry Frank, and never again look back and leave a piece of herself behind that she couldn't honestly and totally give to him. You see Tom, that's what I've been resenting all these years, and I didn't really know it until Shelly pointed it out to me. I've known you've wondered those things....I've known that every time you go up to the cabin you think of her, and I've harbored resentment towards you because of it, even though I didn't know that I was, or even why. The only thing I could focus on, because it was a tangible, physical thing...was the cabin. Which is why I hated going up there, and why I've always wanted you to get rid of the place."

"So you think if I were to fuck Silvia, that the same thing would happen to me that happened to Shelly? Is that it?"

Cindy merely nodded her head yes.

"And how's that supposed to help us with the other half of the equation." I asked her.

"Well....that's where I come in." She said simply. "And that's how we sell Silvia on the cabin, and convince her to buy it, and trick her into thinking that there's more to this than meets the eye."

Cindy then laid out for me in specific detail what her idea was. And though I sat there listening to her incredulously, I actually began to see the wisdom of it, even though it was the wildest thing I had ever heard of in my entire life.

"You're serious!" I said when she had finished.


"I need to think about this." I told her.

"I know. And you will. And when you have, you'll see I'm right." She said. "And that's how we'll solve both problems in one fell swoop! Now...you think you can get this up again one more time tonight?" Cindy asked huskily.

And to my surprise...I did.

With less than a week to go before Saturday arrived, there was a number of things I had to do before hand if we were going to pull this off. Not the least of which was calling Silvia and informing her we were on. But...there was a 'catch' to that too as Cindy would also be there, though she wouldn't know that exactly and I hoped that I would be convincing enough over the phone that she wouldn't suspect anything either.

Once I had arrived at work I immediately called her.

"Silvia?" I said after she'd answered. "There's a minor complication regarding Saturday." I told her.

"Oh? So you HAVE decided to meet me though?" She queried.

"Well yes, but there IS one small little problem. And to be honest with you, I'm not sure how you'll react to it, but truth is...there's no way around it for me."

"What's the problem Tom?"

"Ummm, well...you see, I was supposed to be meeting my girlfriend at the cabin this weekend, and as you know there's no phone up there. When we initially talked about it, she'd mentioned that she had a weeks vacation coming and wanted to know if it would be alright with me if she went up a little early to spend some time with herself, you know, hiking, reading...that sort of thing. So you see the problem is...she's already there and I can't very well do anything about that now." I heard what was a slight gasp of surprise on her end when I had mentioned the word "girlfriend".

"Tom! You naughty little boy you!" She said enthusiastically. "I would have never thought such a thing of you." She began. "But yes, I can see where that complicates things just a little bit."

"Now came the hard part." I thought to myself. And like Silvia said, trying to sell something to her that was so out of character for me was going to be very difficult and still make it believable.

"Yeah...I know. People change Silvia. I certainly have. You might not be interested in meeting me anyway; you don't know me any more like you think you do. I've had a number of girlfriends over the past few years, and...I like to party, you know, threesomes etc. Sometimes with other guys even..." I had to take a breath and swallow over that one. Silvia had expressed a fantasy of hers to me years ago that she wanted to experience a threesome with me and another guy, but not simply for her pleasure though that was apart of it...but that her curiosity included seeing me doing something with another man.

"Wow Tom....you really HAVE changed haven't you?" She stated excitedly. "Is this girlfriend of yours open minded?" She asked.

"Bingo!" I thought, and I laughed nervously. "Well yes, matter of fact her girlfriend was supposed to go up with her in the beginning, you know...so she'd have some company until I got there, and then the three of us...." I let that one hang.

"Oh my. Hmmmm, well now that certainly IS interesting. You don't suppose she'd be willing to allow someone else to join your little party do you?"

"I guess not....no in fact, I remember her telling me that if I knew anyone else...."

"Well then....sounds like we don't really have any problems after all do we?"

"No...guess we don't, as long as you're ok with it?" I questioned. "Oh...and Silvia? I can bring the papers with me for you to review and look over while we're up there if you're still interested."

"Matter of fact Tom, I've managed to arrange financing already. And even arranged for an appraiser to go up and look at the property."

I'd already known she would do that if she were serious, so hearing her say that didn't surprise me. "Sounds good....though you'd better tell him that it won't be me meeting him there, as I said...Debbie's already there and I'm sure she'd be happy to show him around the place. I'll messenger over a cover letter that he can take with him so that Debbie won't be too surprised whenever he shows up."

"That should be fine." Silvia agreed. "So...we're set for the weekend then? What about your wife?"

"Oh Cindy? She's going to be out of town visiting her mother this weekend, that's one of the reasons I planned this with Debbie as I knew no one would be suspicious of anything."

"Smart. Still Tom, you have shocked me a little. I would have never thought you'd do something like that."

"Well Silvia....I was thinking about getting together with you sometime too you know...just wasn't sure how I was going to get out of this weekend thing is all."

"That's true." She laughed. "Ok then, see you up there sometime Saturday afternoon. See you then Tom." She managed in her sultry voice that she enjoyed using whenever she thought she had something special to look forward to.

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