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Taken - Sonja's Story


Note - This story was co-written by MasterAaran and myself. Our long-time editor has edited it for us. Dialogue in this part of the story is completely in Russian


Sonja kicked off her heels as she entered her house. It had been another long day, and she didn't feel like cooking after it, but she didn't really want fast food either, so she flipped through her list of delivery menus, then gave a laugh. "Mog by takzhe tol'ko zakazat' ot moyego l'ubimogo mesta," she mused to herself and picking up the cordless phone, she dialed the number she knew by heart.

A familiar voice answered the phone at the other end, and she sighed in pleasure at hearing it. She had been forced away from her favourite things over the last few years due to a major case that had been on-going against the Russian mafia presence in the state.

"Nicolai, dorogaya moya. YA propustil vashu voshititel'nuyu pischu... Da, dorogaya moya ... ya hot'at zakaz Basturma, Griba i Kashi Grechnevoj krupy Luka - shalot, Klassicheskogo gruzinskogo salata, Zelyonye Schi i nekotoroj SHokoladnoj Vodki... Vot - moj novyj adres..."

"Sonja!" Nicolai answered on the opposite end. He was grinning ear to ear as he spoke with her, even though she couldn't see it. She had been a long-time customer, and a regular buying from his delivery business, when the recent trouble with the mafia started. Over the last several years, the government had cracked down heavily on any and all traces of mafia that they could find. Every few weeks for the first year or so, there would be news of another cell that had been taken down. Eventually, they tracked it down to the 'Boss' himself, who had been captured and taken to trial. If it hadn't been for his brother, none of them would have escaped arrest, but the cunning new leader had expertly thrown the police off of the trail of the remnants.

Though no one, especially as low as Nicolai, knew exactly what had happened, it was rumoured that the new boss had even turned in members of some cells in order to protect others. Either ways, the commotion had finally settled down and business was back to normal...except for a few loose ends. The boss had put a hit order out on all members of the witnesses and jury that had taken part in the trials. All male members were to be assassinated, all females, if they were young and pretty enough, were to be taken. Poor Sonja was on the "Take" list... and unfortunately, Nicolai had been named as the contact that had to do the deed. For this reason, as soon as he heard her voice, he picked up his cell phone and dialed a number which would send an automatic tap from the business phone to the phones of two of his mafia companions.

"YA vyvedu vash zakaz i prinesu eto neposredstvenno, milaya moya!" He said into the phone. "Poka v priblizitel'no polchasa!"

"Do vstrechi, Nicolai," she said, hanging up the phone. Knowing she had a little time, she went to her bedroom and changed from her work clothes and took a quick shower. The warm water sluiced over her naked body, making her sigh in pleasure. She washed her hair then sighed, wishing she had never seen any of the horrible things that sent her into hiding, far from her friends and family.

After a few minutes of relaxing under the hot water, she turned off the taps and reached out, grabbing a towel before drying off. Slipping into her favourite fluffy robe, she dried her hair under the towel. Going to the bedroom again, she pulled out a pair of panties and slid them on, admiring her long, shapely legs as she pulled up the silk thong. She then pulled on some sexy lingerie, loving how the silk felt against her skin and the way wearing it made her feel, even though she had no one to wear it for. A black silk robe slid over her outfit and draped over her curves to complete her outfit.

Hearing the doorbell, she smiled to herself and hurried to answer it. "Nicolai!! Lyubimaya!! Stol' horoshij videt' Vas," she said after opening the door, and kissing his cheeks. "Ya tak silno skuchal pa tibe!"

He stood there smiling at her as she gave him the customary kiss on the cheeks that she always greeted him with. He felt a small pang at what he was about to do, but after all, it was his 'job' and she was a hottie. He had long dreamed of being with her as more than an acquaintance or friend and now was his chance. Sonja would never be the same when they were finished with her. What she couldn't see, was that his two associates were on either side of the door, pressed against the wall. Still, he had to play his part, "Sonja! Vy - nakonec domoj! Rad za tebya!"

Nicolai stepped inside her home, and as he did so, took in her clothing. She was dressed in a sleek silk robe that played upon her body excellently, accentuating all of the right parts. He held out the container with the food inside letting her take it from him. As she took it and turned for a moment, he beckoned with one hand. The two other men from either side of the doorway stepped into the entry. They were Trevor and Ivan, two fellow Russian mafia heavies.

Ivan was tall, stockier than Nicolai, but any extra bulk appeared to be all muscle; a pistol was strapped under his arm in a shoulder holster. Trevor was a bit shorter than Nicolai, but much wirier, and clutched a knife. Both wore white tank-tops and camouflage jeans, and both had the same insignia tattooed on their shoulders, that of the Mafia, a curvy woman lying under crossed pistols and surrounded by the Biohazard symbol. Just before Nicolai had arrived, Trevor had cut her phone lines from the junction box, so even if she tried to call the police, it would do no good.

Taking the container, Sonja smiled, "YA ne doma vse zhe, Nicolai. I ya somnevayus', chto ya kogda-libo budu v sostoyanii pojti tuda. Ne v konce koncov eto sluchilos'." She turned towards the kitchen, unaware of the other two lurking behind Nicolai. "YEsli tol'ko igrayet bol'shuyu rol' v moyej zhizni teper', Nicolai. YEsli tol'ko ya ne videl to, chto ya uvidel. YEsli tol'ko, kotoryj proklinal prokurora, ne imel, nahod'at men'a."

Under her breath, a string of Russian curses slipped through her lips and she laid her forehead against the wall. "Mne tol'ko zhal', chto eto nikogda ne ne sluchalos', i chto ya byl doma. YA toskuyu bez moih druzej i moyu sem''u. YA propuskayu govoreniye po-russki. Kak silno ya khachu etovo!!" With all the years Nicolai had known Sonja, while she seemed in control, he could hear the tremor in her voice, a faint wavering that told him she was near a breaking point.

That tremor in her voice gave Nicolai an idea, one he acted on without hesitation. He slipped up behind her, his hands going to her waist, holding her gently. "Sonja, ti takaya krasivaya," he whispered into her ear as he leaned down to her. Catching her chin as she turned to look at him, he leaned towards her luscious mouth, claiming it in a kiss as Sonja turned in his arms. Against her lips, he whispered, "Ti ne odna, Sonja. Vsyo boodet harasho. Tol'ko dover'ajte mne, Sonja."

She seemed to have lost all reluctance and reservations. He felt her melt into his arms and his kiss, and he pressed his advantage, letting his lips trail across her cheek to her neck before returning to her lips. He pressed her gently back against the wall, and his hands moved to the belt of her robe, untying it and slowly pushing the silk apart so that his hands could slide through and his fingers come in contact with her barely covered skin. His hands moved from her sides, up her back to her shoulders where he slipped the robe from her shoulders and then took a half step back to stare down at the lingerie that she was wearing. "Ne boysa, Sonja... pozvol'te mne pomogat' Vam..."

Behind the entangled pair, Nicolai's companions were snickering to themselves as they entered the house more fully and waited for the right moment to move.

She smiled up at him. "Da, Nicolai. Da. Ty tak nuzshna mne." Her attention was wholly on Nicolai and thus, didn't see the other two stepping into her house. She gave a small sigh as he stared at her in her lingerie, making her mentally pat herself on her back for not wearing a plain pair of shorts and t-shirt tonight. The way his eyes roamed over her sent a thrill of need through her. Her black panties left little to the imagination down below, but the top... Her top just covered the tops of her nipples, leaving the top of her breasts bare, and had a pink tie holding it together below her breasts, laced up tight. The sheer black fabric showed her figure off to perfection though.

"I Vy dolzhny imet' men'a Zon'aoj..." He could barely keep himself from her, this sexy woman in front of him. He made up his mind then and there that no matter what happened; he would keep her for himself. She would be his, he would beg his brother if he needed... but there was no way she would be left to the whorehouses and brothels that was the fate of the other women. That would not stop her from her current fate though. He smiled down at her, "YA hochu Vas so mnoj... Navsegda, Milaya Moya ..., yesli tol'ko eto ne dolzhen byl byt' etot put'..." His fingers ran from her shoulders to her ass, cupping the panty-covered flesh and drawing her close to his body. Her clothing, smell and attitude were driving him crazy.

Had Sonja pulled herself away from Nicolai, she would have seen the other two men, now with their shirts and boots off. They were preparing to rape her, as was the plan, before taking her away.

Sonja looked at him, his words making her wonder. "CHto vy imeyete v vidu, Nicolai? Bud'te kakoj put'?" With his hands on her ass, gripping her firm globes of flesh, she couldn't pull away. She started to turn her head to the side to see what he was talking about, but before she could, his lips claimed hers again, keeping her attention on him. Her arms slipped around his neck as she pressed against him, a low moan slipping from her as he held her close, his mouth ravishing her own. Her eyes closed as she melted against him, her hands sliding down his shoulders and over his back until she got under his shirt. She gently tugged at it, pulling it from his pants and sliding her hands against his skin.

Nicolai was becoming lost in the feelings of her touch, and her taste. He struggled to keep his mind on the job and not on the woman herself. He cursed himself for waiting so long, and yet he wouldn't have wasted these last moments with her for the world. As she began to slip his shirt from his pants and rub his back, one of his own hands left her ass to reach up and gently grope her breasts.

At last, he broke the kiss, "YA sozhaleyu, Zon'aa ..., no Vy vidite ...., Vy peresekli liniyu, kogda Vy skazali prokuroru vse, chto Vy znali ..., yesli Vy priyedete spokojno i ne budete borot's'a, to ya budu videt', chto Vam ne vred'at..." He moved just enough that she could see his weapon-wielding companions in the background.

Sonja moaned softly as his hand found her breasts and started groping them. Her back arched, pressing her covered slit against his clothed groin, as she practically begged for more. His words, though, acted like ice water on her libido, and she opened her mouth to scream in fear. 'Guns and knives!' she thought she had gotten past that, long past.

Instead of screaming though, she broke down, flinging herself at Nicolai, hiding her lack of clothing from the others. "YA ne sdelal, Nicolai. Pozhalujsta, paver mne. YA ne govoril im nichto," she said, sobbing against his chest. She knew what happened to anyone double crossing the Russian mafia. She would rather kill herself than end up the way they did.

Why had Nicolai been sent after her? He wasn't Mafia. At least, not that she knew of. She trembled against him, knowing what was about to happen, but she knew she had to face the issue. She also knew that if she showed any more of her fear than she already was, her fate would be much worse. She took a deep breath, pushing away from Nicolai, flipping her hair back over her shoulders as she looked up at him. "Ya vas harosho panimayu, Nicolai. I ya hochu, kto by ni yavl'ayets'a otvetstvennym teper', chtoby znat', chto ya ne pobezhal ot moyej sud'by. Sdelajte to, chto Vy budete. Tol'ko ne ozhidajte, chto ya prostit legko. YA ne sdelal nichego nepravil'no. YA ne govoril im nichto. Oni skazali mne."

He held up his hands, "YA skazal Vam, Zon'aa ... sotrudnichayet, i ya udostover'us', chto Vam uzhasno ne vred'at, i Vas ne budut posylat' bordel'am." He waved the men forward, taking hold of one of her hands and squeezing, "Ya obespechu, chto Vy - rudniki i nichej drugaya..." He stepped back from her and finished stripping off his shirt. Trevor laid the knife down on the table in front of the couch, and Ivan followed suit with his gun. Both could tell that they would have no trouble with her to the point of needing to use violence.

Nicolai was evidently the leader of this band... and he had been told by the boss himself that if he pulled off this job and one other, he would promote him to the second-in command position in the mafia, which held considerable power, enough to protect Sonja from the horrible fate of so many other women. "YA ne mogu meshat' etomu sluchit's'a teper' ..., no ya mogu zaschitit' Vas pozzhe..." he said, stepping away from her and kicking off his boots.

Sonja trembled, even as Nicolai held her hand, then let go to strip his shirt off. Her eyes remained on him, not even looking over at the other two. She knew that the method of dealing with female snitches in the Russian Mafia was to gang-rape them, then force them into prostitution. She also knew that the groups sent to gang-rape them were all part of the Mafia.

The one that laid down the knife though did not strike her as a Russian. In fact, she thought he might just be a thug member. That level of the Mafia did not have as strict a prerequisite for membership as the main Mafia. She had seen the lower levels including everything from Russians to whites to blacks and Hispanics. So, this one must be white, since he didn't look Hispanic or black to her.

She fought against her fear, not wanting to give them a reason to say she was resisting them, though Nicolai knew she didn't want this. He could read her face better than anyone she knew, and while she was behaving, the situation scared her more than anything else ever had; even the whole trial and the hiding forced on her by the FEDS.

It didn't take long before they were all stripped down; even Nicolai was naked now, standing before her. But where they didn't see, he could. He saw the terror in her eyes and in the slight flare of her nostrils. He had always cared for Sonja, and had nearly begged his brother not to put out the hit on her... but here he was, and they knew what had to be done.

Of the three, it was clear that Ivan had the largest member. It only made sense really, that it fit with the rest of his bulk. But yet, mostly hard as it was, he was only just over six inches long. Trevor may have been shorter in stature, but otherwise, he had become known as, "Dlinnyj" or "The Long One." His cock when hard measured out to 10 inches, though had only half the girth of Ivan. Nicolai could safely be said to fall directly between them, both thick and moderately long. His was a cock that could be said to be a handful to any woman lucky, or unlucky, enough to have it enter them.

Nicolai made the first move, stepping back to her to grip her arm rather roughly and jerk her across the floor toward the others, who instantly stepped forward as well. Gang-rapers such as them didn't much care where the girl was when they took her, so the floor or bent across the table was good enough for them.

As he forced her to move, he was thankful that he had been there. If it hadn't been for his connections to Sonja, she would have simply gotten a group of thugs that would have totally used her then taken her back to one of the many hidden brothels to be sent immediately into the rings. Because he was here, he would be able to keep his promise to her, and protect her from that fate. Not to mention that he had been able to pick two men that he knew personally owed him favours, and would obey him without question.

Sonja gave a low cry as he grabbed her arm and dragged her to where the others were. The closest thing to where they were standing was the kitchen counter's rounded end. It was a small breakfast bar and she found herself bent over it before she could say much. She closed her eyes, not wanting to the others to see her fear as she was forced down over the cool granite countertop.

The bottom hem of her lingerie slid up over her ass, revealing the thong underwear she wore under it. The black panties matched the top she wore, though there was no pink tie in front to match the pink lacing up the front of the top. Her firm, shapely ass was divided by the black fabric, drawing the men's eyes to it.

As she was placed across the countertop, all eyes turned to the ass that was now presented to them. Her head would hang over the other end, perfectly placed for one of them to get a blowjob while the others used her lower holes. Before either of the others moved though, Nicolai held up a hand, speaking in thick Russian, "Nikto ne trogayet yeye, poka ya ne delayu ..., Vy znayete, chto ya zarezerviroval yeye! Vy, vozmozhno, dolzhny podavit' yeye."

Ivan immediately backed off, but Trevor didn't, not understanding Russian. He got the gist fast though when Ivan grabbed his arm and motioned for him to grab one of Sonja's to hold her down. The two accomplices moved to the opposite side of the countertop and gripped her arms tightly, forcing her to stay where they put her. Nicolai's hands moved to her legs, caressing up from the backs of her knees to her thighs. He let out a deep breath as his fingers caressed her ass then, and felt her warmth as he brushed aside the thin lingerie and hooked his fingers into the band of her panties, pulling them down her ass and pushing them away.

Sonja felt the two grabbing her arms, holding her down as Nicolai moved behind her. Her body quivered as he stroked the back of her thighs with his fingertips. She had to stifle a low cry as she felt him pulling her thong panties down, baring her entrances to him. While she appreciated that he was going to be her first, she hated that her first time was going to be like this, a rape.

"Nicolai, byt' nezhnym. Pozhalujsta. YA ne hochu nenavidet' eto bol'she chem nado. YA .. YA nikogda ne byl ni s kem do."

Nicolai let out a small gasp as he saw her slit come into view. His hands gripped her ass-cheeks gently and pried them apart, baring her inner star to him, and showing off her cunt much more fully. She was such a beautiful woman, he nearly couldn't imagine that he was doing this to her. "YA pojdu medlennyj dl'a Vas Zon'aa, Moj Rebenok... Vy - rudniki otnyne," he said to her, then moved so that the swollen head of his cock was pressed to her slit. With a small hump, he pushed inside, finding the way blocked by her hymen.

When he felt the proof of her innocence, he looked at the other men, "Eta suka yavl'ayets'a polnost''u moyej ..., Vy mozhete imet' yeye rot dl'a ispol'zovaniya teper' ..., no yeye boleye nizkiye otverstiya - rudniki tol'ko. YA uvelichu vashu platu..."

Sonja gasped as she felt him pushing into her, only getting a couple inches inside her before a low cry slipped from her. He was right at her hymen, about to take her virginity. She pulled forward, not wanting this to happen like this. She knew it was going to hurt, and... What did he just call her?

"SUKA? Vy tol'ko pozvonite mne suka, Nicolai? YA dumal, chto oznachalo dl'a Vas bol'she, chem nazyvat' suka! YA ne kakaya-to sobaka! YA kl'anus' ..." Her words were cut off as Ivan grabbed her head and pushed his length into her mouth, shutting her up as he moved her head on his cock, forcing her to suck his length.

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