tagNon-EroticTale of the Gun Bunnies Ch. 03

Tale of the Gun Bunnies Ch. 03


Ladybug, armed with the knowledge of her grandfather is currently looking to hunt down and kill her friend's corrupted personality. To destroy a side of her that imagines herself as something greater, part of a master race destined to rule the world and crush anyone opposed to her commands.

At this point of the day, most of the guards were eating, while a handful was manning watch towers and key choke points. Two guards turned the corner, laughing about the Jew bitch they ran a train on (although this wasn't how they actually said it, Ladybug's mind translated it as that) earlier that day. She raised her weapon and sent four rounds at them, dropping them dead in their tracks.

"1 in the heart, 1 in the head," she thought to herself, daddy would be proud. Although she was heavily outnumbered, she wasn't out gunned. She had a plan, she needed to cause a distraction in order to help reduce and distract the number of guards. Her mind quickly devised a plan, though she couldn't tell if it was hers or something her grandfather cooked up while there. She made her way to the railway station, where new comers would brought in to be processed, like cattle. The whole idea shook her very core, and made a mental note about becoming a vegetarian. Any guards she encountered she either hid from or killed.

The people were quick on hiding the bodies for her, even though she had to bribe some of them with food she had in her doggie backpack. The 13-foot tall barbed wire fence was no match for ability to jump over. In the astral realm, she managed to clear a 50-foot tall fence easily during training sessions. As she approached the guards were more tense and ready for action. As she approached, she was forced to duck and weave as the guards, apparently alerted to her presence, shot back.

Their weapons thundered lead death towards Ladybug, but with the precision of 21st century technology and training to match, the guards were slow to react as she shot them down as they attempted to take her life. The shots trigged the general alarm, and Ladybug knew more guards would soon follow. Most of the camp's prisoners were either in their huts or hiding from the gun fire she started.

"No point sneaking around now!" she said in German. She quickly sized up the situation. The bland brown fleck stone buildings were a sharp contract to the wooden structures the prisoners were forced to live in. She found a place she could bottleneck guards at, the location was where the train tracks reconnected back into the main rail line. Fishing through her backpack she pulled out a tripod, then the .50, and finally a laser targeting device (which the label said so). At great haste she managed to her crew served weapon, attach ammo and rig the targeting device up to it. The speed of which she assembled the weapon would have impressed the most hardened of infantry soldier. She flicked the modern device on, and invisible lasers shot out in a 360 degree direction, looking for signs of movement. The device hooked up to her weapon, was designed to fire at anyone or anything in range, with the exception of her. The sentry gun was ready to kill.

She took a leap and landed on top of the nearest building. Looking down she saw guards running to source of the gunfire. The sentry gun took care of those who came too close. Most of the guards failed to notice a 19-year-old Vietnamese girl in a Japanese school girl clothes jumping from building to building. Those who did notice silently gunned down. She stopped to take a knee. Even though her skills were allowing her to kill the guards, it was taking at least 3 shots to bring them down. She recalled the time when her father scolded her for being too far away from the target when she first learned to use a hand gun.

"Accuracy decreased as distance increased, this isn't one your Jap cartoons (anime) or shitty commie (Hollywood) shoot'em ups! Even if you are firing from an elevated height your accuracy still goes down!" he would say, and often. She put her side arm in her holster, and fished in her backpack for something with a bit more reach. She pulled out her sniper rifle, she affectingly called her AWP. She was happy her old friend was back in her hands. Because this weapon wasn't magically enhanced or blessed in any sort of way, the Judges (or customs as the Gun Bunnies called them) were not interested in it at all. She made another note to thank Firefly for leaving it in her goodie bag, and her father for the helpful advice. Then an idea occurred to her.

"If I can access my grandfather's ability to speak German, what else can I access?" she thought to herself. Her eyes looked around, although the guards were hunting for her, none of them were checking the tops of the buildings, and she would be safe if she laid low for a bit. She closed her eyes, the sentry gun booming loudly in the distance, and tried to pull up her father's memories. His basic training, his tours in Vietnam, him meeting her mother (she cursed herself for going too far with that one), and the training he did back in the states. Only a few seconds passed and yet she had the skills of decorated war veteran.

"If daddy had those memories, what did mom have?" She concentrated on them. Her mom, learning for the first time, was a South Vietnamese officer. She was trained to kill communists, when she was introduced to her father. She then assumed the skills she learned. Pushing back further, she learned of knowledge her maternal parents used to survive. The skills they employed against the French and the tactics they used against the Japanese in WW2. The memories and skills came pouring in, as she sat there soaking it up like a hungry sponge.

After 45 seconds she amassed what her family had done for centuries, fight the impossible battles, and win. Ladybug soared from building to building as she made her way closer to the guard compound. She brought the weapon up to eye level and used the scope to pick out targets. If she did this right, they would scatter all over the place, trying to figure out where the shots were coming from. She emptied several magazines of ammo, killing guards running for cover. Her shots were angled just right and would ricochet them in such a way it would appear they were being fired from the ground or behind their targets.

After a random number of shots fired she would move to another position, to further confuse the SS guards. The guards continued to fire in all directions, some of them hitting innocent prisoners. Other prisoners obtained weapons from fallen guards, and were using them to liberate parts of the camp. What the prisoners lacked in training they made up for in tenacity. The guards began fighting a losing battle and could only hold out for so long. Ladybug knew she had to make her move.

The thundering sounds of weapons were all around her, stray bullets and shrapnel from grenades more than once came close to her. She did her best to calm her fears, not knowing if she died here would she be killed in the earth realm, too? She tapped into her father's training to push those fears aside. She found two camp prisoners crouched behind a crate hiding from the gun fight.

"You want to live?" she asked, and they weakly nodded. "Then you need to fight." She sounded back giving her sniper rifle and extra ammo to one of the stronger men. She then pulled out her Glock pistol; it was back to close-combat fighting again.

"Where is the commander's office at?" she asked in German to the prisoner she gave her weapon to. He thin male pointed towards a brown brick building. She took off in that direction. Before reaching it she soon ran into three SS guards, hastily assembling a crew served machine gun. One white-phosphorus grenade later and they were being burned alive.

"That's for my great aunt who you cooked in an oven, assholes!" she cursed at them. Realizing that probably came from her grandfather she headed back to towards the building. Guards quickly took up hasty fighting positions in and around the building. Various muzzles were pointed out the shattered windows, searching for targets. To get a better look inside she pulled out her laser range finders and peeped through them. The guards were moving about under the orders of the female (could tell by her figure) commander. She flicked the switch on her item, and it showed the heat signatures of everyone inside the building, and their respective power levels. The strongest level was that of the female giving orders, most likely Queen Bitch. She raised her weapon and fired off several noiseless shots through the wall.

The shadow rounds ignored annoying obstacles such as non-magical body armor, protective cover and even walls. She dropped guard after guard as the female ran out brandishing her enhanced German zip gun. Ladybug knew she would have to move. Instead of the overweight crossing dressing black female in a flower print dress a young voluptuous dark skinned female came out of the building at top speed. Her berserker battle cry made Ladybug's hair stand on end, as she was screaming bloody murder and foaming at the mouth.

Queen Bitch was different; her black Nazi SS leather uniform hugged every tight curve on her body. The machine gun trailed elemental rounds behind her as the death's head insignia on her black hat grinned evilly at Ladybug. The tight skirt that hugged her body didn't seem to slow her down as she ran off after Ladybug. The elemental rounds zipped past Ladybug as she ran at top speed, away from the mad woman. Queen Bitch was firing wildly at Ladybug's silhouette as they both turned the corner.

Ladybug's mind raced for ideas as she was being chased by the Chef Oberaufseherin (title of the highest rank a female SS officer earned in WW2) Queen Bitch. Then she an idea came to her. Ladybug turned the corner and was in a building that was U-shaped, she was cornered, or so it would appear. Queen Bitch caught up to her, her weapon shaking in her arm pointed at Ladybug. Ladybug threw down her weapon and demanded an honor duel (Rule #1 of the Gun Bunny charter – Never back down from a fair challenge). She held up her fists in defense. Queen Bitch bit her lip, drawing blood, trying to consider the implications of the challenge. Queen's finger toyed with the trigger in her weapon, but then throwing it down thereby accepting the challenge.

(Rule #2 – When in doubt see rule 1)

Queen pulled her SS officer dagger, which was the first time she ever saw her use it, and held it up its tip pointed at Ladybug.

"I'll have you know, my original weapon I learned to fight with was a dagger," Queen said switching hands back and forth with the dagger, clearly telling Ladybug she was ambidextrous.

"What the hell happened to you?" begged Ladybug, her feet shifting position. Trying to get a better position for attack, then Queen rushed her aiming for her throat. A quick slash as Lady ducked the shot, narrowly getting hit. Queen recovered from her aimed swing and slashed again, this time finding Lady's arm as a target. Electric pain shot through her arm, as she tried to recover. This time Queen was on top of her, knife near her throat. Queen held it firm as she used her might trying to carve up Lady's neck. Lady took her right leg, and wrapped it around Queen's leg, then with all her might, pushed up on her hip flipping Queen on her back. Lady then moved her legs to Queen's hip, preventing the same kind of attack she just used. Both women fighting for control of the dagger, then Queen loosened her grip on the blade, as Lady fell forward. Queen with a light use of force pushed the lightening dagger up and over her head and into the dirt, Queen then was able to bring her knee up and knocked the wind out of Lady's diaphragm. She rolled over gasping for air, as Queen stood up.

She reached in a weapon pouch and produced her Luger pistol. The magic weapon was slow, but it packed enough force rip an angry bear in half with one shot.

"With my victory here, I will be able to complete Hitler's master plan and exterminate all the other weaker races!" Queen said as she pulled back the trigger. Ladybug had one chance to walk away from this. She twitched her finger; the almost non-visible fishing line that stretched from her leather fingerless glove to her Glock instantly pulled the weapon from against the wall to her hand. Queen's was able to squeeze off one shot, while Lady was able to fire off three rounds. Both Lady and Queen instinctively rolled to one side. The bullet intended for Lady missed by inches. Only one bullet of the three bullets managed to hit Queen, but it was enough to make her spin around and hit the ground. Ladybug fired off three more rounds at Queen Bitch, before she could return fire. This time three more bullets connected.

Ladybug stood up, and pointed the gun at Queen's head. "I release you from your hate," she quietly said as she fired the final shot killing her one time friend and current rival. The world faded out and Ladybug appeared back in the Judge's hall.

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