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Tall Cool Drink of Water


It has long been my fantasy to have a long term, meaningful relationship with a woman like her…this is not a work of fiction, but a narrative of events (even the failures) which, hopefully will continue to nurture and develop as time progresses…

It has been a while since I last talked with her, too long to be exact. We'd chatted briefly on various groups that we are both members on the internet. Last time we met, it was over a breakfast while I was traveling from far Eastern Washington to the Seattle area about two years ago. Since then lots of things have changed, some for the better, some for the worse…this was one for the better.

I am working as a consultant in the construction industry now, and one of the jobs I was working on took me to her hometown. It's a small city (in Eastern Washington, most are) just in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains. This is rangeland, cattle country, where the favorite sports are football and rodeo, not necessarily in that order. It's hot in the summer, chilly in the spring and fall, and winter is anyone's guess…sometimes mild, sometimes wild…but always interesting; just like her. Let me describe this lady- about 6 feet tall, slender with dishwater blonde hair, shoulder length or a little longer, kissable lips, intriguing eyes that see beyond the surface, intelligent, articulate, independent with wisdom far beyond her years-someone who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it. In short, a tall cool drink of water for a thirsty man.

Me, I'm married, but I am not monogamous. Polyamorous is more like it. I do love my wife and home life, but since the accident several years ago, we haven't been intimate. Divorce, out of the question, but be that as it may, let's just say that I enjoy things that life brings my way. I don't fancy myself as a "gift to women"; I'm not that disillusioned, but, I'm not afraid to make friends with benefits along the way. I've been told that I'm easy to talk to, and have a good shoulder to lean on, (and sometimes that's what's really needed) - someone who has been around the block a time or two and can listen.

I made contact with her about a month ago telling her that I would be in town for a day…darned construction meetings anyway…and would like to see her for a cup of coffee and a chat. She'd been through a lot since I last saw her, (kept up with things through an internet group where she posts messages) including a trip to Thailand for a major alteration (Nip/Tuck ain't got nothin' on this one). It was something she had been longing for, a change that was a long time in coming, something to make her whole. When I first met her she was a little reserved, sure of what she wanted but unsure of how to accomplish it. Now she's self-confident, proud of what she's accomplished and looking forward to beginning life over again, this time as her true self, inside and out.

We met late in the afternoon in a small coffee shop located in an old building downtown. Getting there first, I ordered by decaf, read the local indie paper, and waited with trepidation. I didn't know exactly what to expect…would she be happy or cautious, accepting or defensive? Then she arrived, rounding the corner with a presence that told me she was doing well. We said hi, ordered a drink for her, and took a small table in the front to chat.

I looked into her eyes and said "Are you happy now you did it?"

"Yes" was all she said. And that was all I needed to know. She had changed for good, leading inexorably down a new path in life. Some would say this path was predestined; some would shake their heads in wonder, while others would never understand. Me, I wanted to get to know the new person better and share in her new life. We talked of life and her life-altering trip, shared some aspirations and dreams and parted with a hug after about an hour. She was on my mind while I drove back to my hometown.

I was back in town all last week on the job. Not knowing anything about lodging or the good places to eat, I emailed her to ask. No recommendations on lodging, but she had several for good places to eat. When I travel, I like to have something different, foods and experiences that I cannot get at home and she was offering me some. I am not a bar-hopper or big party type person, just quiet interludes in life…you know, good wine, good food and great company. I called her at the office and made a date…she suggested a little bistro with great wine selection in the downtown area…a real jewel. We talked on the phone for a while, and then made a date for after work, about 8 in the evening when things are quiet (in this town, sidewalks get rolled up at 10).

With heart thumping in anticipation, I arrived early and got a table for two off to the side and waited. Then, there she was, white furry jacket, blue-green blouse and jeans…elegant yet simple, just like her. We chatted for a bit, the usual "How'd the day go" type stuff, but I wanted to get to know this complicated lady better. Drinks were ordered (she had one of the sweet, umbrella in the glass types) and I had scotch, neat. We talked about life, what she wanted to do, challenges she faces and how she plans to overcome them…I saw a radiance and confidence shining through as she explained the opportunities ahead. We talked about our personal lives, what we did in the past, our families, room-mates, and other things we often share with friends. I felt comfortable around her, and she seemed comfortable in sharing with me…it felt good. We delved deeper into our private lives and feelings and she surprised me with a comment about her sex life…or lack of it. She trusted me enough to share that tidbit, even though in an offhand manner, and I too opened up. The evening was over all too fast, through two hours of conversation and dinner and we were the last customers in the place (remember, the sidewalk rolling crew?). As we parted, I had my arm around her and we shared a quick kiss in the chill of the evening.

That night, I could not get her off my mind…I must have re-lived dinner and the conversation ten times over, dissecting each word and phrase in my dreams. I tossed and turned and decided that I wanted to pursue this relationship further, if she did too. All too soon, the week was over and I headed back to house and home…but a part of me stayed in that cowboy town.

Now it's back for another few days of work and a chance to see her again. What would life bring…I didn't know, but I knew what I'd like to have happen…a quiet dinner and some deep conversation, then back to my motel. We talked about her school and how the weekend went…then I took her hands in mine and looked into her eyes.

"What?", was all she said.

"Nothing," says I, "just sitting here thinking about a beautiful lady and what I'd like to do with her."

"I've thought about it, and I re-read your email several times, wondering what I want to do", she said, "and I've decided that yes, I want it too." Her eyes were searching deep into mine as she spoke those words, and it seemed as out souls touched. With that, I paid the check and we walked to our cars, arm in arm.

As we entered the room I stepped behind her, enveloping her in my arms. She reached for my hands, laying hers over mine and hugging them tighter to her midriff. I leaned into her and slowly kissing her neck and shoulder. She moaned lightly and turned her head towards me, tongue slowly licking her lips as she looked into my eyes. I lifted my lips to hers, lightly grazing them as I pulled her closer to me, melding our bodies together. I felt her shiver against me as she pursed her lips against mine, slowly kissing me deeply. As I responded, I felt her move her sweet, supple butt into my groin, as if searching for something.

"Turn around" I said, "and look me in the eyes."

She turned slowly, raising her arms and placing them around my neck. Her eyes searched my face, not knowing what to expect, but searching for some telltale sign of what was to come. I pulled her closer to me and whispered in her ear words she longed to hear.

"I want to let you feel like a complete woman, to let yourself go free and enjoy your new self", I said. "I want to let my hands caress your body, to kiss your sweet lips, to make you shudder with pleasure and feel the love you deserve".

"I don't know what to do, this is all new to me" was her reply. I said, "I want to make love with you."

Her eyes searched my face again, looking for something that would break the spell, but it wasn't there. I leaned forward and lightly kissed the tip of her nose, bringing my hand up to caress the back of her head. I moved slowly and kissed each of her eyelids, feeling them flutter under my lips gentle caress. With my hand, I tilted her head back and kissed her deeply, tongues doing battle as we both paused to breathe again. As we separated, I gently bit her lower lip and drew it out towards my mouth with a light suction.

"Let me massage your beautiful body, caress you like you know you want to be caressed, and let me bring you to the heights you desire". Her breath quickened with my remark and her lips searched out mine again. "Guide me, tell me what you want me to do."

"Oh God, Yes, but I don't know-this is all new for me" she said, breathing into my mouth as we locked lips again. Her arms tightened around my neck and her breathing became shallower and more ragged.

As I moved her towards the bed, I caressed her neck and shoulders, letting my fingers drift across her cheeks and lips before dropping them to guide her back onto the mattress. We lay there, together, slowly kissing, letting our hands explore each other's bodies, gently caressing and tickling, raising the anticipation of what was to come. My fingers drifted to the buttons on her blouse. I felt her shiver as I slowly began unbuttoning and dragging my fingers slowly across her neck and chest. I see her breasts heave up towards me and I lightly fit my palm around one, lightly lifting and exerting pressure. She leaned into me, increasing the pressure on her breast, and sighed with contentment.

"Please go slow, it's been a long time since I've had these feelings" she whispered in my ear, then gently nibbling it as she giggled. "Are we crazy or what?' she followed…

"Must be or what?" I replied, "because I know I'm not crazy with these feelings for you." She reached around and started to help me undress her, slipping first the blouse (damned buttons were hard to undo) and then the rest of her clothes off like doing a slow striptease as we lay on the covers..

"Do you like what you see?" says she. I nodded slowly as my eyes drank in her beauty.

As I leaned over her supine form, I grasped her shoulders and start to knead the muscles, working my way across her back. I nuzzled her neck causing her to cringe with excitement as her breath quickened.

"Just relax and enjoy this," I whisper in her ear as I heard a slight giggle and a sigh. I griped the muscles at the base of her neck and felt her tense up, then relax as my fingers worked their way around and the muscles released like rubber bands as they snap. I massaged my way down her back, tickling lightly as I reach her sides, eliciting some squirming in an attempt to get away from the fingers. I slow my tickling and change the stroke into a light caress and let my hands drift towards her lower back and over her ass to her legs. I reached for the back of her bra (another obstacle) and then she was lying there, presenting those lovely breasts to my mouth to suckle and lick.

"You're the first one to see these", she said, "with the exception of my doctor". As I caressed them with my fingertips, all I could do was mutter "beautiful" under my breath.

She hesitated a moment, then coyly turned towards me, blushing from her forehead to her stomach, the red flush deepening on her chest. I ran my thumbs over her forehead and eyebrows, kneading my fingers across her temples as I caressed her. A sigh escaped her lips as I felt her relax in my hands. I moved my fingers across her cheeks and chin then lightly dragged my fingers across her lips. She searched for them with her tongue as I caressed her, then caught one of my fingers and sucked it into her hot, wet mouth forcing a groan from my lips.

"You don't know what you're doing to me" I said. "Oh yes I do" was her reply as she giggled and sucked my finger deeper into her mouth. I leaned down and replaced my finger with my lips, kissing her deeply again, both of us moaning into each others mouth.

"Show me what you like and I'll make you happy".

"I'm still learning." was all she said. She took my hand and placed one on her breast, covering mine with hers. She moved her hand over mine, mimicking a kind of milking action with the palms, then, sighing, lightly I pull upward on a nipple. I looked at her face and saw it contorted in a lustful gaze, her mouth opened in a silent "O" as she was caressed. I took my time, kneading her breasts for several minutes as I heard her breath get more and more ragged with each move of my hands. We explored for many minutes, and then I let my hands drift towards the sweet juncture of her thighs. She placed her hand over mine again, and I felt the gentle thrust of her hips upward to meet my fingertips. I paused, and got some lube, gently rubbing it over her clit and around her vagina, then I heard her gasp as my finger made its way into her. Her hands reached to my cock and she caressed it in her hand as I continued to massage into her.

After more mutual caressing and kissing, she moved down my body, and took me deep into her mouth. The heat and wetness was almost more than I could bear. I enjoyed her oral caresses, but then reached for her and pulled her back up my body and kissed her deeply.

"Tonight is for your pleasure", I whispered into her ear, "not mine. Tonight is a chance to explore and enjoy for you. I want nothing from it but to see your eyes sparkle deeply with newfound joy."

We hugged and kissed some more, eventually drifting off into a contented sleep, me spooning her luscious form. Warmth on warmth, I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer and resting my lips on the back of her neck so I could softly kiss and lick as she slept. Her hand found mine, we interlocked fingers and squeezed, safe and content in each other.

I woke early, and reached over her supine form, gently waking her with kisses and caressing her breast. She opened her eyes, and I kissed her deeply, slowly arousing her from sleep.

I leaned over her body and took one of her breasts to my lips and kissed it lightly, circling a nipple with my tongue and then slowly sucking it into my mouth. Her chest heaved up with the increase in sucking and I heard a small moan come from deep within her body. I removed my lips from her breast, I dragged my lips and tongue down her body towards her hips. I felt them lift up towards my lips as I journeyed southward and a groan escaped her lips.

Just as I got below her navel, I lifted my head and, using my thumbs and heel of my hand, put pressure on her lower stomach, alternately pulling and pushing the skin on her groin tighter and then letting it relax. I felt her hips beginning to thrust upward with my manipulations then saw the muscles in her stomach begin an uncontrolled rippling motion.

"I know this is new to you, but tell me what you want me to do to let you cum", I whispered as I pulled away from her lips. She put her hands on my shoulders and guided me down her body, and as I neared her groin she placed a hand on the back of my head and pulled me towards the juncture of her thighs.

"I don't know what I like, so just go slow and kiss me down there, love me please" she groaned as I reached for her with my tongue. I slowly licked and kissed her, then moved her legs onto my shoulders as I probed deeper. I looked upwards to see her head rolling from side to side, nostrils flaring and breathing rapidly. My face is buried between her thighs and her hand is pushing my head deeper into her as her hips thrust back and forth, my nose acting like a little cock as it rubs on her. Her heels dug into my back and hands pulled my hair, forcing me deeper into her treasure filled grotto of love. I probed into her pussy with my tongue and ate her for many minutes, flicking deep inside, then lightl over her clit and back again. Her hands continued to guide me over her body, experiencing new pleasures and luxuriating in them.

She pulled me upward and began a series of kisses and tongue probes that left us both breathless again. I lay between her spread thighs, and thrust myself into her. Alas, it was not to be what we both wanted.

"Damned diabetes" I said, as I went soft, but continued to rub our groins together. She and I rolled over, her straddling my hips now, and I saw a passion in her eyes as she mounted me, riding me like a kid on a new horse. We continued the thrusting, but neither of us could achieve that ultimate pleasure, this time. She lay back and pulled my face to her breast, breathing deeply. I lay my head on her chest, listening to the rapid beating of her heart as the deep breathing of contentment overtook her. All too soon, it was time to get up and start the new day. We lingered in bed, kissing and hugging, then succumbed to the tasks of getting ready to face the world again.

We don't know where this might lead, it is all so complicated and yet a wonderful new journey into the unknown. I hope we can share it for a long time, but if it is not in the cards, then we can still be friends… no… more than friends…that deeper level of two people who passed in the night and shared a journey together. She began her journey over ten years ago, I joined her journey about two years ago, and we continue down the path life leads us on to. You see, when we met a couple of years ago, she was a he…and now she has begun her new life as a complete woman.

Comments are welcome…but since this is a narrative of what really happened, I can't change the story or dialogue or outcome, and I won't take "literary license" to spice it up or make it contain more sex. In a way it is a catharsis, a way of letting my innermost feelings out and expressing a love for a unique, beautiful lady…By the way, I know I didn't give her a name, it would not do justice to her to give her a fake one for the story and I could not use her real name, as I respect her and what she has gone through over the past 10 years.

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