tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTanning and Teasing Ch. 02

Tanning and Teasing Ch. 02



Reading CH1 is helpful for context and character building, but shouldn't be necessary for the full enjoyment of this story.



During a mostly unscripted turn of events, Mark and his wife Karen had turned a day trip to a secluded part of the lake into a drawn-out bout of teasing the group of college kids that happened upon them. It awakened an mostly unknown erotic response from her, and while she is scared to expose herself, she does it first for him, then also for her, leading to an explosive result.


"You sent two naked men to get my wife?" he yelled, turning around and moving towards the shore as fast as the water would let him. Karen giving the college guys a peek was one thing, but he didn't want both of them naked around her, especially how she was dressed when he left her. That was too far!

Before he could take a step, Amy's hand locked around his wrist, keeping him from following the naked men heading for his wife.

"Not so fast, Mark. Why don't you stay and keep me company for a minute? Dave and Peter are my boyfriends, so I know it's OK. They both just came inside of me, so they won't even be horny for another couple of minutes."

Mark stopped in shock and turned back to Amy, his face a mask of confusion.

"Um, they are your what? And they did what?"

"Yes, they are my boyfriends. You heard me right. You know exactly what I'm wearing right now, you were staring at my naked ass when I walked down here. And while you were busy making Karen squeal, they were both fucking me right where I stand. So calm down, like I said, they will be gentlemen with you wife, even if she is naked and passed out."

"I don't know what to say. This is absolutely crazy, Amy. You know that, right?"

She smiled widely at him. "Well of course it is, old man, but you should know that life is a lot more fun when you expand your horizons. Speaking of which, you should agree with that statement, and especially today of all times. I know about this game you're playing with Karen. How you're making her wear only a skimpy ripped dress, making her flash my boyfriends, and driving her crazy wanting cock. So yes, expanding your horizons, pushing boundaries, and living a little wildly sure is fun, isn't it?"

Hanging his head, Mark wasn't sure why he was suddenly embarrassed. His head was down, but he didn't close his eyes, and a second later he forgot about that emotion, another one was taking over. The movement of Amy's shirt was too much to ignore, and he was now busy staring at her breasts. The waves were a bit higher from a light breeze that had picked up, and now both breasts were entirely visible every time her shirt moved.

"Hello, Mark, up here dude."

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to stare. But yes, today is turning out a lot more exciting than I had planned. We really didn't even plan anything more than getting a tan and getting away from everything for a few hours, and now it's been one crazy spur of the moment decision after another."

"Actually Mark, most of the time I'm a bit offended when guys stare at my tits. Today though, I'm allowing it so we can all follow your plan. Well, yours and Karen's. Why not show off a little for someone you will probably never see again? Just some teasing won't hurt, right?"

"Um, yeah? I guess so?"

"Speaking of which, right now my boys are showing off a lot for your wife. I really wouldn't be surprised if she is doing some extra teasing herself. Was she dressed when you left her?"

"Not really... Her shoulders and stomach were about the only things I couldn't see, but I don't know how much she fixed after I left. If anything."

Amy laughed "Isn't that kind of backwards? Well anyhow, maybe we can play along as well."

She dipped under water and Mark could see her blurry shape moving around with a mass of white from the only thing she was wearing. As Amy stood up face-first to push her hair out of her face, Mark's eyes opened wide to see her shirt was now gone! She walked past him to where the water level dropped a few inches, now stopping at mid-stomach instead of mid-chest. Without a glance at him, she tossed the balled-up shirt towards the big rock and Mark now saw a couple other lumps of cloth next to it. Her boyfriends' suits obviously.

After standing still for a moment to let Mark ogle her nakedness, Amy held his arm as she walked behind him. He tried to turn and watch her, but she held him still by wrapping her arms around his waist. All he could feel was her firm breasts pushing into him, then her nipples sliding softly across his skin as she relaxed her grip. His breath stuttered as she trailed her hands down his stomach and started pulled the string to untie his shorts. Assuming that he knew what what she was after, he grabbed her hands.

"No Amy, we can't do that. I'm married! Besides, they will be back in a second!"

"Don't get carried away, old man. I don't want your dick, I've got enough of that to keep me happy. You've got to get rid of these shorts to match the rest of us, that's all."

He let her hands go and she continued, pulling apart the velcro fastener and pushing the shorts down. His heart fluttered as he felt her breasts slide slowly down his back, then across his bare ass cheeks. Amy stopped and stood back up.

"I've got a better idea, Mark. I don't want your ass in my face while I take these off. Turn around for me."

Confused, he turned slowly, feeling silly as his shorts slid down to his knees. But the feeling of Amy's smaller breasts sliding across his skin the whole way distracted him, and he really hoped he wouldn't notice his cock pointing straight at her underwater. That thought didn't last long. As soon as he was facing her, she pulled herself against him again and his cock was now trapped between them.

"Really Mark? First you're trying to keep me away from your dick and now you're trying to stab my stomach with it? Tsk tsk, bad boy. But I won't tell. This time."

"OK good," he replied lightly, "we'll just keep it between us."

She laughed and slapped his chest, "Not like that, you perv. You know what I mean. Now take a deep breath."

Before he could ask what she meant, Amy slid down his front quickly, her torso tight against his front, her hands tight against his back. Then her hands were tight against his backside, her hands firmly grasping his ass cheeks, and he groaned as he felt his cock being held tightly against her face. Mark swore he could actually feel her lips and nose pushing against the underside of his cock.

Then she was gone. Mark barely had time to take a quick breath as her hands wrapped around his ankles, closing his mouth a second before she up-ended him into the water. Mark's feet pointed to the sky as his back felt the slimy bottom of the lake. He now understood what she meant when he felt Amy yank his shorts off, then he was completely bare.

Disoriented and short on breath, he went spread-eagle to gain his bearings as he finally got hands and feet oriented on the lake floor. Quickly shooting up, he coughed while trying to pull in a huge lungfull of air. He stared at Amy in mock anger and shook his head.

"You're a bad bad girl Amy. That was mean!"

"Don't tell me you didn't like it," she said coyly, taking a step towards him. She reached out and grabbed his cock noticing it was still rock hard.

"Something tells me you liked all of that more than you want to admit."

"Really, Amy," he said softly, "we shouldn't be doing this."

"Doing what, this?" she whispered, slightly stroking his cock.

Mark made a half-hearted attempt to get her to stop, but she moved closer.

"Payback is fair," she whispered, "if you want to grab my boobs you can, I've seen the way you have been staring at them. You can touch, but only for a minute. Don't get carried away though, I know you're a pervert."

Mark mentally tried to stop himself, but he failed miserably. His hands had a mind of their own as they slowly reached for her chest. Pausing as his fingertips traced around the side of her breasts, he looked behind him but still didn't see the other three yet. Mark sighed in pleasure as he continued to move his hands, fully grasping both of Amy's breasts.

"Mmm, that feels good," she cooed, "just move back with me, I have an idea."

She leaned back and he had no choice but to follow, his cock was still firmly in her grasp. Amy stopped when the water reached her shoulders, then turned around, Mark's cock still firmly stuck in her hand. His hands slipped off of her breasts as she turned, but when she stopped and pressed her back into his chest, Mark reached around her to grab ahold again.

Amy stroked his cock slowly with one hand and massaged his balls with the other as she leaned her head back to put her cheek on Mark's neck. He looked down to watch himself squeezing her bare breasts, catching the occasional blurred glimpse of her pussy as she started to sway her hips. This made him feel the cleft of her ass cheeks hit his cock head, the feeling of slipping between her cheeks was impossible to ignore.

"How does it feel Mark? You like this? The feeling of squeezing my boobs while I stroke your cock? Hmmm? You can feel it tapping my ass, can't you?"

"Mmm hmm" he moaned back to her. Mark's mind was in a fog, his hormones clouding his judgment.

"You know we are both naked and my pussy is soaking wet. From the water too. There's nothing between your cock and my pussy but two inches of water, and with one little 'oops' you could be fucking me. You want that, don't you?"

Finally breaking free of his lust and remembering where he was, Mark let go of Amy's breasts. He pushed lightly on her shoulders to make room for his hands, then with a massive mental effort, made him pull her hands gently from his cock.

"Damn it Amy, that was mean! You're just one evil package of sexy, you know that?"

She turned to him and smiled. "Well it was just a tease, I wasn't really gonna let you fuck me. Like I said, I have two other guys for that. Payback is fair game right? That was a favor from me to Karen."

Mark shook his head and smiled. "Ooh, you're bad. Speaking of which, where are those three?"

( .) (. )

When Dave and Peter left the water to get Karen, they did so with mixed emotions. They were excited at the prospect of what they were going to find at their site, but worried about what Amy had planned for Mark. They knew their shared girlfriend was a vicious tease, so her payback for Karen could get mean.

"So what do you think the odds are?" Peter asked Dave, "Once Mark sees us naked and heading out to see his wife, will he chase us down, or will Amy's tits distract him?"

"Not even a chance. This is probably the first time in years he has seen a different pair than what he's got at home. He won't make it ten feet."

Peter chuckled, "Yeah, good point, I didn't think of that. At least we know she can take care of herself and won't let him fuck her. Which leads me to his wife. I wonder how Karen will react to seeing a couple of swinging dicks walking up to her?"

"I dunno, but I hope she's as generous with her flashing as she was before. She's got a nice rack on her."

"Well we're about to find out. There's the chairs, and... Yup, she's still sitting there, I can see the top of her head poking up."

They walked up behind Karen, talking loud enough so that she didn't think they were sneaking, but it wasn't necessary because they saw she was still passed out. The guys stood on either side of her chair watching her sleep, and looked across her at each other with a huge grin. She had not bothered to fix her dress after her quick session with Mark, so they took a minute to slowly walk around her to enjoy the view. The top of her dress covered part of one breast, but the other was completely bare, and her legs were still spread wide, with her skirt bunched around her waist. As Dave knelt down in front of her to look closer, he could see the faint crusting of dried cum on her lips and inner thighs.

He waved to Peter, "Hey dude, check her out. I wonder if she was even awake when Mark fucked her."

Karen opened her eyes as she heard a distant voice. The spiderwebs cleared somewhat when she recognized the sounds of footsteps and the voices of the new friends they had made. Opening her eyes, she was shocked to see Dave kneeling between her knees, and Peter standing by her side, both of them staring at her crotch. With a slow double-take, she looked back at Peter. He was naked, his hard cock pointing at her, and it was just inches above her hand!

Just then the memory of Mark fucking her came back and she realized that she was almost completely naked right in front of these guys, and in a panic she looked around for Mark but he was nowhere to be seen! She gasped and quickly pulled her clothes together, hiding her nudity from their prying eyes. Sitting up abruptly, she looked at them again as Dave stood up to see that he was naked too, and his cock was pointing at her.

In a panic, she said loudly "What the hell is going on here? And where are your clothes? Where's Mark?"

Dave put his hands up defensively as Peter shushed her. Dave said quietly "Calm down, it's OK, we weren't going to touch you, we were just looking!"

"OK fine, but where is my husband?"

"He's down in the lake with Amy, and you were supposed to follow him a while ago. You didn't show, so they sent us up here to make sure you were OK."

She squinted her eyes in suspicion, but today, of all days, this somehow didn't seem odd. Any other day, her husband sending two hard cocks to retrieve her while she was sleeping mostly nude would seem insane! Not today though. Remembering how he wanted her to show off, she relaxed the death grip she had on her top. She didn't move it apart again, instead resting her arms on the chair, not caring if her top opened again. 'It's not like there isn't anything they haven't seen already,' she thought, closing her eyes to ignore their looks, 'crap, I forgot to cover my crotch. Oh well, they have seen that too.'

"So he's down there with Amy then? Just them alone? Isn't that..."

"Yeah, don't worry about them," Peter interrupted, "she told us to remind you that she said there would be no sex, and you were OK with her just teasing."

Her heart still pounding, she was suddenly unsure that was such a good idea. But she did remember what Amy said, and she agreed Mark did need some serious payback. She pictured him in the water with Amy, all alone, and thought 'Well him sending these guys to me, dressed like this, is different. And he knew how I was dressed when he left me. This must mean he wants to step up the game a little. As long as there is no sex, maybe I can push the limits. This time. Today only.'

Shaking her head to chase away the cobwebs, she sat up straight and rubbed her eyes, knowing it was just an excuse to for her loose top to open without making it obvious. Her parched mouth needed something and she looked around and saw her wine was gone, but Amy's cup of some vodka mix was about half full.

Pretending to ignore his bouncing cock, she looked at Peter's face. "Can you be a dear and hand me that glass? I really need to drink something."

He smirked and brought the glass over, stopping when his cock was just an inch from her arm. Peter held the glass over her, and as she reached for it, her forearm slid along it's length. Karen couldn't pretend to ignore it any longer, and she just stared, marveling at the prominent veins all across it's length. She hadn't seen a cock that hard since her and Mark were newly married.

Her staring was interrupted by Dave from her other side. "Hey, I'm feeling left out over here. My cock could use some eye-stroking as well."

Karen had intended to look at his face, but she didn't get that far. Dave's cock was a foot from her face as well, just over her other arm, the opposite of Peter's. She stared at his cock also, then back and forth between them. 'A cock is a cock,' she thought, 'but the little differences are really weird to see so close up. Holy shit, this is cool!'

Shaking her head to clear that thought, Karen finally looked up to their smiling faces. Simply to give herself a moment to get her mind back in it's right state, she closed her eyes and chugged back the drink that Peter got for her.

Tossing the plastic cup to the side she looked up to Dave's face, focusing on it to avoid dropping her gaze to his manhood. "So tell me why you're wagging your cocks in my face? You know my husband isn't far away and a yell from me will bring him running."

Dave shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno, but since you've been teasing us with your goods all day, we thought we could repay the favor. This right here is the result of what you've been doing to us. Besides, it looks like your husband is enjoying the show too. So if you don't mind, maybe we can stop being shy about it. He left you like this for us and sent us here for you, so let's continue the show."

Both men reached down at the same time and pulled back her unbuttoned top, slowly exposing her breasts to the. Karen's arms jerked up, her mind yelling at her to stop them, but she lowered her arms slowly, letting them have the view of her that they wanted. Gripping the arms of the chair tightly, she closed her eyes, forcing herself to follow her husband's wish; he had told her to let them see anything that they wanted, and that's what they were now doing. Her mind was racing with how wrong it all was, but the sudden warmth between her legs reminded her why this was. Her nipples hardened so fast in the sunlight, they stung in happy pleasure as she felt their eyes on them.

Breathing shallowly with her eyes still closed, Karen knew it was her bare body that had made those cocks so hard. The two cocks that were just inches from her, so close to her hands, her nipples, and her mouth, but too incredibly far for her to make that step to touch them.

Her pussy twinged as she heard one of them whisper "Holy shit she is hot. Makes me want to stick my cock between them and titty-fuck her."

"That, and more dude, lots more," the other replied, Karen's mind was buzzing too much to remember who was who right now.

After a brief pause, Karen felt a soft touch slide down the top of one breast, and she jerked in surprise. Barely holding back from screaming and pushing away whatever it was that touched her, she held tighter to the arms of the chair, her knuckles turning white from her exertion. Then the same soft touch was repeated on her other breast, and she moaned softly in spite of herself.

When both of her nipples were being softly stroked, she dared to open her eyes and look down. Her thighs quivered as she squeezed them tightly to put pressure on her clit. It was the only reaction she could think of when she saw two cocks gliding over her nipples. Karen slowly leaned her head back against the chair, squeezing her eyes tightly to avoid the visual overload. Her mouth hung open as she breathed deeply to keep herself under control. She wanted to scream, to run away, but at the same time she wanted them to keep going, and for them to touch her any way they wanted to.

The pressure of their cocks on her nipples faded away, but before she could look, she felt their hands on her breasts. Softly stroking to start with, leading into a full grasp, then fingers teasing her painfully erect nipples, then on one nipple she felt the warm wet suction of a mouth sucking it. Karen jerked again in surprise at a new touch. It was on her cheek! Without a doubt, she knew there was now a cock on her face! Then the other! No, she knew they could go no further, but luckily neither cock made a move for her mouth, but that didn't stop her from thinking about it.

Saying what she was thinking, she thought it was Dave, one guy said "Damn I could just see those lips wrapped around my shaft right now. Hey Karen, I wonder if you could take all of me in your mouth. Do you like to deepthroat?"

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