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Tax Time


Jan didn't demand my attention near as much as I may have liked, but one thing is for sure, whenever she did it was a memorable experience. When I saw her number on my voice mail my dick got hard just thinking about the incredible times when she had made me her slave or her bitch as she preferred to call me.

She was an accountant and it was tax season, demanding much of her time left little opportunity for her to tease and torment me.

It was after normal business hours one night and Jan and one of her clients, a woman was working on tax issues. It was complicated, time consuming, and both Jan and her client Susan were becoming mentally exhausted and slap happy.

Jan suggested they have a glass of wine and take a break for a little bit, but was surprised by her Susan replying "What would really take the edge off would be to have a guy come do a striptease for them" Really" Jan asked her. Hell Yeah Susan responded.

Well it just so happens I know a guy who might be available if you're serious Jan told her. "You know a male stripper Susan asked" he is not exactly a stripper, but he will do what I tell him. "I am intrigued, tell me more" well all work no play makes Jan a dull girl, so I have this guy who I call on from time to time to shall I say, entertain and pleasure me.

"You mean like a slave?" exactly Jan said. He does whatever he is told, and he loves every second of it too.

Susan had been a client for a long time and thought she was making this up, she just could not believe that Jan had a slave. "Oh come on, you're lying" Susan said. "I am telling you the truth. "What is he ugly, fat, what's the deal with him?" He is someone I have known for a long time, nice looking, nice dick; he just likes it when I make him my bitch.

Susan said, "Call him"

A few minutes later, I answered my phone. "Hello Bitch I heard when I answered, you have 30 minutes to be at my office, then the phone went dead.

"What did he say? Susan asked. All he said was hello smiled Jan. "You think he will really come? Jan just smiled and said you can bet on it. "$20 says he won't show Susan told her. "I'll tell you what said Jan, make it $50 and not only will he show, but I'll bet you he will be wearing a sexy woman's thong panty too"

"It's a bet" said Susan. And they shook hands on it.

My phone rang as I was on my way to Jan's office, "Where are you" Jan asked me. About 5 minutes from you I told her. Stop at the mall on your way, go buy yourself a thong panty and be wearing it under your pants when you walk in my office, or don't bother to show up" click went the phone line.

Jan's office was next to the mall so it wasn't a problem to go buy a ladies thong, so I picked out one I thought she would be happy with, paid for it and went back to my car where I removed my pants and underwear and put the thong on.

I felt pretty silly walking in her office wearing a thong, but every time she made me do something contrary to what I would normally do I just became more addicted to her, and more excited at the same time.

I approached her office, not knowing fully what to expect, but I was very excited. I knocked on the door and she instructed me to enter.

I was pretty surprised when I saw a colleague or client in the office with her. My initial reaction was disappointment, thinking will nothing will happen now. I assumed she had shown up in the last minute or two after Jan had called me.

But that reaction was quickly replaced with shock and embarrassment when she gave me a commanding glare at simply said "Get Naked"

I hesitated for just a second, looking upon her, I knew if I didn't play by her rules she would simply escort me out, and that the object of my kinkiest desires would be over. She had made it very clear to me that she expected my full submission and if I could not give her that I should it was all over.

I began taking my clothing off when she raised her hand without really looking at me indicating she wanted me to stop. I felt immediate relief, however it was very short lived. She turned on her radio and instructed me to strip to the music, and "make it sexy too bitch" she added.

I am not a bad dancer, but stripping was not something I had experience with. But I knew I better do a good job.

Jan and her associate who she introduced to me as Susan were whispering to each other and laughing, which added to my embarrassment.

I was down to just the panties' I had just bought, which were barely able to contain my hard dick. I had never seen her friend before, and she had not really said anything, just watched in amazement at the scene before her. Jan looked at her and said "Pay up" I didn't know what they were talking about but Susan gave Jan $50.

Jan motioned for me to get on with it, which I knew meant that it was time to lose the panties.

I danced around a little more for them and removed the panties in as sexy was as possible. Susan had an expression of pure amazement, while Jan had her normal look of cool confidence she had whenever she took control of me.

They were whispering back and forth to each other, laughing at my predicament while I continued to sway to the music, my hard dick bobbling up and down. "You're right it is a big one" Susan said.

About that time Jan told me to start Jacking Off, "But don't you even think about Cumming" she told me.

I slowly started Jacking off, I was so horny, I really wanted to speed up my hand and shoot a big load, but I knew better. "Come closer" Jan told me. She was sitting next to her friend, "Watch this Susan" Jan said, and she grabbed my dick, stroked it a few times then took her finger and rubbed it across the head of my dick. I was dripping pre cum, and she took her finger to my mouth, held it just and inch from my lips, "What do you want Bitch? Come on tell me and I'll give it to you" I want my cum please, please feed me my pre cum I begged her.

Susan gasped when I said that, "Oh my gosh, you make him eat his own cum" "Tell her what you did last time bitch, tell Susan what a obedient little bitch you are, tell her what you did for me"

"I came on her tits and licked all my cum off them"

"OMG that is the kinkiest thing I have ever heard of" Susan said

I was still slowing jacking off, and Jan fed me my pre cum, getting more and more off my dick and rubbing it in my face, across my lips, my tongue, my cheeks, she was covering my face in my precum.

Then she started whispering something to Susan, and I heard her say "there is no way he will do that". "Same bet" Jan asked, you're on Susan told her.

I didn't know what they were talking about, but I knew one thing for sure, it would add to my humiliation, and it made me more excited.

"Just keep jacking off, but don't you cum" I was told.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming and my audience could tell. "You want to cum don't you bitch? You want to cum so bad for me don't you, beg me, beg me and maybe I will let you cum"

I started pleading and begging for her to let me cum.

"Beg me properly bitch, get on your knees and beg"

I got on my knees and was begging Jan to allow me to cum. "Where are you going to cum, I don't want your man juice all over my office, I would let you cum but I don't want to have a mess........unless, well you could cum in your hand I guess"

Yes I'll shoot it in my hand, I promise to catch it all I won't let it make a mess in your office, please just let me cum Ill catch it all I promise you, I told her.

"Ok, you promise you will catch it all, every single drop? Yes I promise

"Ok you have to catch it all, and then...... you have to hold it in your hand, and lick it all up too" If you want to cum, that is the rule.

"Go ahead, fill up your hand bitch, you love it, Susan wants to see what a obedient bitch you are, I am going to make you eat every drop of your cum while we just watch you"

Ohhh, I started squirting, shot after shoot, catching it all in my hand, I had to cup my hand over the end of my dick to catch it all, and it just kept cumming out. I was so horny I shot a huge load.

My hand was covered In cum, around my fingers, on my wrist, I am not sure if it was my biggest load ever, but it was the most I have ever had in my hand that was for sure.

"Look at all that cum in your hand, your such a naughty bitch, just look at it, now bring your hand close to your mouth, stick out your tongue bitch and swirl it around in your cum, don't swallow it just lick it, get a good taste before you eat it all for me" I did as she told me, "Very good, now put your lips in it too, get it in your mouth real good and nasty, now get a mouthful but don't swallow it yet"

At this point I had licked it, rubbed my lips in it, and had a mouthful of my own cum. And my dick was getting hard again.

"Show us, show us your cum in your mouth" Jan told me. "Now swallow it and come here" I was still on my knees and crawled to Jan, she raised me to a standing position and took the arm of my cum filled hand, traced one of her fingers around the cum and rubbed it on to her lips, and then gave me the most erotic kiss of my life.

When she broke the kiss she took my cum filled hand, and brought it to my face and rubbed the rest of my cum in my mouth, across my lips, and then all over my face. It was everywhere.

"We have some work to finish up, you can stand in against the wall while we finish" and if you dick gets soft while we wrap up I am going to spank you so you may want to make sure you keep it up"

With that I went to the back of her office and watched the 2 of them finish the tax work. I knew that they had to be pretty horny from making me perform for them. It was easy keeping hard; all I had to do was think about what might happen when they finished their work.

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