tagMind ControlTeacher Undressed Ch. 01

Teacher Undressed Ch. 01


During the summer William worked with his uncle, helping out with a stage act. Uncle Samuel was a hypnotist, and he was pleased to see William had a natural talent. Back in school William made a presentation to the class, as a part of an English Language lesson. He had been the only one to volunteer, so he nervously introduced the subject of hypnotherapy.

The teacher was reluctant to joined in, for obvious reasons. He promised not to make her do anything silly, and assured her it was a scientific demonstration to show how the subconscious worked. He avoided telling her anything about the stage act, and that it was a bawdy men's show. When the class encouraged her with promises to work hard, she agreed.

Miss Grant was relieved when it was over, after he merely established she couldn't move an arm while under the influence of hypnosis. What she didn't know was that her mind had been prepared for further suggestions.

"The class will now write a report on William's demonstration. The report should be in the style of a newspaper article. No Julian, it doesn't have to be in columns. Get on with it then," Miss Grant firmly stated.

While reading William's work a certain phrase was encountered. An instruction followed, with the order to consciously forget reading the paragraph.


Next day she walked into class wearing a light summer dress. This was totally unlike Miss Grant, who wore trouser suits. The dress was short, and low cut, though still well within the school dress code for teachers. As arranged, William's fellow students made no comment about the unusual attire.

Miss Grant taught the extra class after school to help the six guys to pass a necessary English Language exam. She was pleased with their attentiveness after battling to gain their interest.

After the class William had never been so popular.

"Come on Will, you can do more than that!" Julian encouraged.

"Yea, man, she's a real eye full. You've got to get that top undone!" Brian enthused.

Brian was fascinated with tits, so this remark hit home. It was dangerous to fool around with a teacher, or anyone else, as his uncle had explained. Still, it was an interesting idea. If she looked uncomfortable he would have to call a halt to the game.


Next day he left a note on her desk, and watched avidly as she read it. She dropped it into the waste basket, as though it didn't exists.

"Miss Grant, would you help me with this paragraph, it doesn't seem right," he asked.

Instead of asking him to her desk, she walked over to him. Bending low over the book, she pointed out improvements. The guys behind her were making gestures, barely able to keep quiet. The hem wasn't outrageously short, though enough to show off her thighs.

William was staring down her cleavage, revealed after a couple of buttons had been undone. The commands were going well. The others in class asked for help too. She smiled at them, while unaware that she was showing off a deep cleavage, and too much thigh.

He figured she would be comfortable dressed like that away from school, so it wasn't outrageous enough for her to fight the commands. He didn't want to go much further, in case she snapped out of the influence and became angry with him. He could be expelled for such an outrage against a teacher.


The next day she walked in looking perfectly calm and ready for the class as usual. William wondered if she had followed the instruction left on her desk at lunch time. It had been risky leaving it there, as someone else could have read it. They wouldn't be influenced by it, but would wonder what was going on, and the game would be over.

She dropped the bag beside her desk, then decided something was needed. Facing away from the students she bent over to retrieve a book. She bent over with a straight leg bend, as instructed. The dress was shorter and a lighter material than yesterday. The guys quietly gasped on seeing she was wearing stockings held up by suspenders.

That was Julian's idea. William waited for something else to happen. She sat at her desk, flicking through a book. After a moment or two, she sat back and began waving it before her, with her head craned back. Long dark hair hung over her shoulders, and she spread her legs apart.

She put the book down to flick open the top button, then another. William had been fervently wishing for that. During the day she had been wearing a slip under the light cotton dress, but she clearly wasn't now. Just before this class she had removed it, as instructed.

The guys were trying to concentrate on the books open on their desks. Eyes kept on returning to the teacher with her legs spread, leaning back, fanning herself. She was an attractive thirty-one year old woman, with an hour glass figure. It wasn't her figure that attracted them, it was that she was a teacher, and they were controlling her.

"Could you help with this paragraph, Miss Grant?" William asked.

To his delight she popped another button, and walked to his desk. She leant closely over him. To his surprise her breasts were fuller than expected. In those staid business suits it had been difficult to tell. He managed to keep his eyes off her tits, some of the time. The instruction not to notice their stares was working.

After reading the paragraph she stood up looking unsure of what to do. This was it. She had reached the limits of her co-operation. If she snapped out of the influence now he would be in big trouble. It wouldn't take much to associate him with what she had been doing. Getting his teacher to flaunt her body in a lewd way wasn't just a matter of expulsion, it was probably illegal.

He gulped from the tension of waiting for her reaction. The guys didn't help one bit, for they were intently staring at her.

"I feel hot, is it just me?" she asked.

"Yes, Miss, its hot in here," Julian agreed. Speaking too loudly from nerves, he shut up. The others were too nervous to speak, they just nodded their heads.

The frown on her face said it all. She was wondering why she was undoing another button on the dress. Two more had it undone. "I'm not sure," she quietly murmured, to no one in particular.

William only just caught what she said. He was staring at a glimpse of bra between the open folds of the dress, unable to take his eyes from it.

"I shouldn't. Why am I? It is warm in here. . . Though, maybe, it's acceptable. Perhaps it's alright. It is warm in here," she murmured.

She walked to the corner of the room, shrugged off the dress, and hung it up on a coat hook.

When she turned around every one, including William, heavily sighed. She was short and slim, with large firm breasts. The sensible underwear covered her body more than a bikini would, but it was more impressive for being underwear. A teacher standing in class in her underwear was more thrilling than a naked woman at the beach.

"Could you help me with this paragraph?" William managed to croak.

"Didn't I already? I guess not. Of course," she murmured, looking confused.

Bent over his desk he couldn't help ogling her breasts, which were almost in his face. He wasn't even aware of his friends staring at her ass. The paragraph was soon read through. It emphasised again that she would be unaware of the instructions, and would be perfectly comfortable in this class whatever she wore, or didn't wear.

"You'll all need to be careful with section three. It's tricky, so I'll show you how to interpret it," Miss Grant stated. She was perfectly at ease once more, and felt comfortable in the normal teaching routine.

Stepping up to each of the guys in turn, she bent close over their desks to read their assignments. Each guy had a close up view of her tits while she bent over their work. With a straight leg bend, the others received a grand view of her rear. Her peachy ass was covered in a sensible pair of panties, pulled tight when she bent over. Receiving a pleasant smile, and an eyeful of her tits, produced enough tent poles for a camping vacation.

Again after class the guys gathered around William with ideas. Most had to be refused as being too outrageous.

"We've got to keep this to ourselves. No one must know, or the game will be over," William warned them.

"OK! But you've got to carry on, it's just so fucking brilliant," Brian enthused.

"You've got to get that bra off," one of them demanded.

"Slowly. That's the plan. It's got to be gradual, or she won't go along with it. No, I can't get her to do just anything! She has to be comfortable with it," William hesitantly said. He was wondering why she was submitting to this at all.


During a morning break he sneaked into her classroom to leave a note. It was a bit risky, but he felt an overwhelming urge to go through with it. At lunchtime he hung around the parking lot, wondering if she would respond to the latest instruction. Sure enough she drove off, and he hoped it was to a mall.

The end of school couldn't arrive soon enough for any of the class of six. 'Easy Six', they called themselves.

She walked in, hung up the dress, and turned around.

"It's nice to see I have your full attention. Enthusiasm for class work will help you in the exams. They are important to your future, so work hard, and concentrate," Miss Grant stated.

Something about the class had bothered her recently. She couldn't grasp what it was, though a class of eighteen year olds were always up to something. Avoiding work was honed to an art form. If only they would spend as much effort on class work as they did on avoiding it.

The determination to be firmer with them was working. She had their full attention, and meant to keep it for the rest of the hour. She stood with hands on hips with a determined look on her face. Feeling confident, she was completely unaware of being dressed only in underwear, and high heels.

At lunch time she had driven to a mall to buy a friend's birthday present. Just before the class started she forgot about the friend, and changed into the new set of underwear.

William was mesmerised by the sexy image, as much as his friends were. The red bra matched the pair of panties and suspender belt. Instead of the comfortable old underwear she wore before, these were filmy, lacy, and racy. The stockings had a silky red sheen to them. He was disappointed not to have suggested she buy a pair of red high heels, as the black flat shoes she usually wore looked out of place.

The guys played their part by not ogling her, not that she would notice. They took notice of William's instructions as much as their teacher was. Their incentive was not to spoil the show. If one of them had broken the rules, everyone else would have pounced on him.

As usual she walked among them to check their work. It was a good idea to do this as it made them feel able to ask more questions. She felt happy to oblige them, as they were responding so well. They were working hard, and paying attention to what she said. Their eyes were glued to her with interest, which was a refreshing change from the usual bored expressions.

"I'm glad to see you are so interested in English language. Your enthusiasm is heartening," she said, at the end of the lesson.

As they filed out she slipped the dress on, gathered her things together, and left school for home. The first couple of weeks it had been difficult to gain their co-operation, as they disliked the idea of extra lessons. Now she felt glad to have taken on the class. The extra pay was welcome too.

It was Friday and she planned a quiet weekend. May put the dress and under-slip in the wash, together with the usual white sensible underwear. The new red underwear she completely ignored, as though it weren't there.


On Saturday she ate the usual muesli for breakfast. Rabbit food her ex-boyfriend called it. Glancing in a mirror she stopped short of the bedroom. She wasn't wearing a housecoat, just underwear. It wasn't that warm. She checked the air-conditioning to find it was on, and functioning.

She shrugged and went to the bedroom to finish getting dressed. There was no one in the house, so it didn't really matter that she had absently roamed around in her underwear.

"I must be getting sloppy from living alone," she mused.

She hesitated going into the underwear store, as the displays were too racy for her. It wouldn't hurt to look. Besides, she needed to try harder to please when she met someone new. Her ex had criticised the way she dressed, and tried to encourage her into more sexy underwear. Perhaps if she had he might still be around, and helping with the mortgage.


The new week began as it had left off Friday afternoon. Their teacher wore a dress instead of a trouser suit, which was removed and hung up. The red underwear was still impressive, but they had the urge to move on to a more daring show.

Standing by Williams desk, Miss Grant pushed a hand behind her back.

"Are you all right, miss," William asked.

"I've an itch I can't reach," she complained.

"Let me help, I'll scratch it for you," he offered.

The guys stared unseeing at their books with crossed fingers, hoping this would work. Out of the corner of their eyes, craning toward William, they saw her perch on his desk. They watched him scratch her back. They all knew what the plan was, so held themselves in check, hoping for more.

"That's fine, thank you William," she warmly said.

Continuing on her rounds she again stopped by William. "Oh, bother. That itch is back, could you?" she asked. "You don't mind?"

"Sure," he said, sounding very unsure.

He scratched her back which would have been thrilling, except he had a more daring plan.

"I can't get at it," he quietly said.

"Bother. This thing is in the way. The itch is driving me crazy," she complained.

His teacher faced him while perched on the edge of the desk, in the new flimsy, red underwear. Her hand was clasping the catch between the cups of the bra. A frown furrowed her brow, and her eyes were just slits. A deep unease crossed her face, and her hands were trembling.

This was a dangerous moment. She was obviously fighting the suggestion.

"I, I, shouldn't, really, but. . . It's driving me crazy," she whispered.

He watched the fingers deftly pinch the clasp. She held the bra together for a long moment, then let it slip, to dangle in the fingers of one hand. She turned around to sit on the edge of his desk, facing the class.

Her breasts sagged a little, which they all noticed without criticism. Every movement was seriously studied, as though it might be an exam question. 'How large are your teachers breasts, and how firm are they?' That would make the exam more popular.

"Hope you don't mind scratching the itch, its driving me crazy," she murmured.

Unable to reply, he rubbed and scratched her bare back. It would be his turn to see her breasts, just as soon as he satisfied her. The others watched her squirm with pleasure, noting every wobble of the impressive breasts.

At last she stood up, so he could briefly see those lovely tits balanced above him. She covered them up while trying to clip the bra back on. It was no good, she wouldn't be able to, however hard she tried.

"Can I help," William suggested. He held out his hand which shook slightly.

"What? I, I'm not sure. Why? It's my. . . I must put it on. I can't seem to. I need help. Help me," Miss Grant said, sounding vague and unsure.

A fleeting idea that it was wrong to be handing her bra to a student faded away. The command to let William help her began to win her over. She couldn't fix it, so it was kind of him to offer his help. She handed him the bra, looking worried.

She bent over his work making suggestions, while his fingers fiddled with the bra. His eyes were on her breasts hanging before him. The nipples brushed his book. He needed to do more than brush his cock. It ached with frustration. It was then that he decided to push her as far as possible, and damn the consequences!

"It'll take me awhile to fix this. Before the end of class alright?" he promised.

Her eyes were transfixed upon the bra. "I should be wearing it, not showing it in class. . . It's wrong. I need to wear it. Please help me. I need you to fix it," she murmured.

"Don't worry, I'll have it fixed for you Miss Grant,"

"OK. Thanks," she said, still intently watching him fiddling with the bra catch.

The worried look creased her face, as she reluctantly walked back to stand by her desk. She took a deep breath, raising the large breasts up. The display was impressive. The guys couldn't avoid looking at her with expectant faces.

"The results of the last test were excellent. You all did very well. I'm pleased with the attention you have paid in class," she firmly stated. The worried look cleared, as she relaxed into the usual routine.

When she bent over them to look their work over they had a close up view of her large breasts. She gave a little wiggle while bent over Brian, and he sighed at the sight of them jiggling. They were so close he could have leaned forward to kiss a nipple. Everyone had been warned to keep their hands away from them. Pushing her too far, too quickly, would ruin everything so they kept to the deal.

They avidly watched her ass wiggle while bent over. The thin lacy panties gripped her ass tight. The stockings and suspender belt wonderfully framed her peachy ass. As she walked around the classroom the panties pulled up between her cheeks. While bent over Julian's desk, she ran a finger under the back, to pull them out of her crack. He nearly cum on seeing them pulled tight over her pussy lips.

When she spoke to one of them they looked directly at her, rather than looking away, the way adolescents tended to do. She was pleased with the way they avidly paid attention to lessons. By the end of the hour she was in no doubt that she was doing the right thing. Though she was still wondering what it was that had caught their imagination.

"See you all tomorrow, same time, same class," she quipped, as they filed out.

They were pleased to see her standing by her desk, seemingly calm and confident, even though she was naked above the waist.

After class William agreed with their outrageous ideas, or at least some of them.

"Wow! What a pair," Brian laughed.

"Nice nipples," Julian agreed.

"No touching guys. She's bound to snap out of it, then we are all in trouble," William warned them, yet again.

"Come on Will. They're so great, they've got to be fondled. I don't know how I kept my hands off them," Brian complained.

"We'll see how it goes. You have to promise me, when I decide to call it quits, that's it," he firmly stated.

"Sure, you're the boss," Julian agreed, and the others confirmed the deal.

"Whatever you say, man," Brian reluctantly nodded.


Miss Grant walked in and casually undressed, as though removing a coat in winter. William figured he had better put some restrictions on that action, in case someone was in the classroom. If they heard someone in the corridor she would automatically walk into the storeroom.

In the frilly brief red underwear she walked to her desk. She put a hand up her back, and cricked her neck, trying to get at an itch. She unclipped the bra and dropped it into her bag. The itch disappeared.

"Nice to see you all here early. I really appreciate all the hard work you're putting in, and the excellent concentration in class. Well done everyone," Miss Grant said.

"Thanks, Miss," Brian brightly beamed. It took him a moment to realise she was mistaking their attention to her body for concentration on work. She was right in a way. William and Julian had them working hard at lunchtimes, and even over the weekend. Still, if it kept the sex bomb happy, why not.

She picked up the note from William's desk and read it on her tour of desks.

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