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Teacher's Pet


Rose sat in front of the computer screen sipping her third beer while rubbing her wet pussy under her panties, as the characters in the story she was reading are loudly fucking in a bus station rest room.

The action in the story is hot, but what really has her pussy dripping is the anticipation of who will piss on whom, and how, as the urgency in her bladder is causing her clit to tingle. You see, this is her favorite place on the internet to read golden shower stories, and Rose is a piss whore.

Or at least she "was" a piss whore in her younger days.

Her mind starts to wander from the characters in the story to her first accidental introduction to wet sex. It was in her first year of college, the night she met John.

They were both naive 18-year olds away from home for the first time, but when they ran into each other at the freshman mixer, there was an immediate spark between them. They stood at the punch bowl and talked the entire night, enjoying the sweet juice as they learned all about each other.

John was enjoying the punch as much as the conversation, because it was obvious to him that someone had been spiking it with alcohol without the knowledge of the administration. Rose had no idea, since she had always been a "good girl", and would never consider drinking before reaching the legal age of 21. After all, this was a small, conservative teachers university in the Midwest, where a girl's reputation was as important as her grade point average.

As they talked, they learned that they both from rural New York, growing up in towns that were about 20 miles from each other. They both had the same aspirations, to teach high school, although the priority for Rose was clearly her studies, but John's priorities were to fully enjoy his newfound freedom and independence.

And while Rose talked and drank her punch, John drank in every curve and detail of her young frame. Rose was the typical librarian type. Nobody you would give a second look to in passing, but if you did stop for that second look, you'd be pleasantly surprised. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a loose pony tail, and her large frame glasses hid her smooth freckled complexion. She was wearing a high-collared white blouse and a simple grey cardigan, but even under those conservative layers John could make out the curves of an ample bust that dropped to a thin waistline, then dovetailed nicely into a pair of firm breeder hips. Her knee-length wool skirt followed the shape of her long legs, and draped nicely over the mounds of her tight behind.

While imagining what she looked like underneath all that wool and suppression was intoxicating to John, Rose was actually getting intoxicated by the mixture of liquor in the punch. Being the gentleman, John offered to walk her back to her dorm room, and Rose graciously accepted.

The spiked punch not only melted Rose's defenses, it intensified the spark of sexual energy that she immediately felt upon meeting John, and soon they found themselves tearing off each other's clothes and falling on her dormroom bed, like a two-headed naked octopus with their arms and legs furiously exploring each other's bodies.

Rose had had just a couple of sexual experiences in high school, but mostly with clumsy boys who were only interested in getting their own rocks off. John was a little more experienced, so he knew how to take his time with a woman, and knew that bringing her to orgasm first usually paid huge benfits later on. So Rose had no idea what to expect when he started kissing down her flat torso.

When his lips first touched the burning flesh between her legs, she thought she had died and went to heaven. John sensed that this was a new experience for her, so he took his time kissin, licking, and probing her moist pussy with his tongue, feeling the tension in her legs and stomach melt away with each moment. The more she relaxed, the more he expanded his attention to the other pleasure centers of her being.

He reached up with his right hand and started massaging her left breast, twisting and tugging at her erect nipple. An involuntary moan escaped her lips and instinctively her legs parted wider. John then moved up and started running his tongue over her fully exposed clit, this time causing Rose to gasp loudly and clamp her thighs tightly against his head. Nobody had ever touched her clit before except for the handful of times she masturbated herself, and the feeling of his hot wet tongue on her sensitive nubbin was shooting fireworks off in her brain. She felt self-conscious about the increasing amount of moisture between her legs, as it trickled out of her cunt and ran down between the crack of her ass.

As Rose felt the first orgasm ever provided by a person not named Rose building up in her loins, she was also cognisant of another sensation, the urgency building in her bladder from all the punch she had enjoyed at the mixer. However, there was no way in hell she was going to ask him to stop, since it felt so good and she didn't want to kill the moment, so she directed all her concentration to letting herself cum, and figured she'd just dash off the bathroom immediately after to take care of her urgent need to pee.

Well, that was her plan anyhow, until the index finger of John's left hand started moving up the slick crack of her ass, and probing her tight, young asshole. Lubricated with the copious fluids leaking from her swollen pussy, John's finger slipped into her ass up to the first knuckle and that was all she wrote for Rose.

The thoughts and self-doubts were running through her mind as fast as the electrical sensations that were screaming through her pussy and ass. "How could she be naked in her dorm room with a guy she just met?" "Good girls don't fuck on the first date." "Who knew that getting your pussy licked could feel so good?" and "OH MY GOD, THERE'S A FINGER IN MY ASSHOLE??!!"

The waves of orgasm took control of her body, and she grabbed John's head with her hands and just started bucking up and down off the bed. At this point she didn't care if he thought she was behaving like a cheap whore, she just knew she liked the feeling his tongue and fingers were providing and wanted to eke out every ounce of pleasure from the sensation.

As she came down from her orgasmic bliss, she started thinking of how to excuse herself to run to the bathroom, as John's head was still lying on her thigh as he gently rubbed her legs and tummy. Just as she was about to speak, John leaned forward and gave her a peck of a kiss directly on her clit, which sent a charge of energy though her body, and cause a brief spurt of piss to fly out of her, hitting John directly in the face.

She was mortified.

She really felt a cosmic connection to John, and thought he felt it too. She was already very worried that she might have blown any chance for a long term relationship by going this far on the first date, but now she accidentally pissed on his face, and she just knew that he would never speak to her again. However, nothing in her young life could have prepared her for what he did next, and what she allowed herself to do.

John just smiled up at her, wiping her urine out of his eye, and then brought his finger to his mouth and licked it clean. "More please" was all he said, and he bent back forward placing his open mouth directly over her cunt. She didn't know if it was the liquor, the orgasm, or her intense need to relieve herself, but in that instant, she fell in love with John and gave in to his wishes.

John felt his mouth fill up with her tangy urine and couldn't believe he was actually experiencing this naughty fetish that until now, he had only read and fantasized about. He had tasted his own piss, but nothing could compare with the flavor of this first mouthful of someone else's, especially since he was pretty sure he was falling in love with Rose. He eagerly swallowed only to have her fill his mouth again. "Damn, that girl drank a lot of punch" he thought to himself, as he detected a slight hint of sweet cherry in her golden fluid.

Coming back to earth, the reality of the situation came crashing in on Rose's brain, and the morals and ethics of her conservative upbringing started closing in on her. Here she was naked on her dorm room bed with a total stranger, pissing in his mouth. "Who AM I?" she thought to herself, as the suppression and guilt was too much for her, and she lept out of the bed, leaving a trail of piss all the way to her bathroom, where she slammed and locked the door, where John could hear her sobbing.

It took 45 minutes for John to talk her out of the bathroom, and they stayed up through the night, talking about the incident, but mostly talking about themselves, and getting to know one another. John assured her that he did not think any less of her for what they did, but on the contrary, felt so much closer to her, since she had fulfilled one of his biggest fantasies. Around 4am they finally fell asleep in each other's arms, and it was the start of a beautiful relationship.

Rose and John dated steady, and along the way, Rose really developed a taste for John's piss and they had lots of wet sex throughout their four years at the university. They married shortly after graduation, and both got jobs teaching at a small Catholic High School about an hour from Rose's home town.

Fast forward seven years, to where Rose is now sitting, playing with herself in front of the computer screen.

She and John are still married, and working at the same high school, but she hasn't seen a lot of him lately. While Rose is still teaching English, he has risen to an Adminstration level, and he has been fighting to save the small school from closing. Enrollment has been dwindling over the years, as the economy and religious apathy have taken their toll on the small town school. The Diocese had announced earlier in the year that they will be closing three schools, and so John had been working very hard with the Board of Directors on a presentation to make sure that their school was not one of them.

John and Rose still love each other, but over the years the fun and adventurous sex had fizzled into weekly routine love making on Saturday mornings. The pressures of John's job had diminished his sex drive, and the thought of both he and Rose losing their jobs if the school closed made it even worse. It had gotten to the point where the Saturday morning sex had dried up too, and Rose felt as though she was losing him.

Rose was supportive of John's situation, but also had her own needs and desires, so she would find herself frequently playing with herself on these lonely nights that John would be working late, mixing in a little pee play, reminding herself of the carefree days of their early years together. She had just realeased the first burst of piss in her white cotton panties, as the girl in the story was pissing on the face of the stranger she just fucked in the bus station bathroom. The woman in the story was leaning over to take the stanger's cock in her mouth, and Rose was preparing herself to cum along with them, rubbing her clit faster and harder beneath her now went knickers.

And then she was interrupted by the ringing of the phone.

"DAMMIT" she said to herself, continuing to finger her clit while letting the call roll over to the answering machine. Just as the first wave of orgasm hit her, she heard John's excited voice on the machine.

"GREAT NEWS ROSE!" he shouted, almost shocking her out of the throws of her orgasm. "We just heard from our contact at the Diocese and our school is not one of the ones being closed!"

The the relief of hearing this news intensified her orgasm, and she flooded herself with her piss as she continued to vibrate her fingers over her clit.

"One bit of bad news though hun..." John continued, "I have to stay for a couple more hours to finish this presentation. I've sent everyone else home, and it sounds like you're already in bed, so I'll be home just as soon as I can."

"Oh no you don't" Rose thought to herself, needing much more than her fingers to truly celebrate this outstanding news. She tidied up the mess she just made and decided to surprise him at his office and help him enjoy this good news in the same way that she just had.

And she knew the perfect way to surprise him, as she headed to the basement.

Rose remembered the out of town Halloween party they got invited to last year, at the house of an old college friend. Since they were away from home, they could indulge their naughty side, so she dressed up as a school girl, and John dressed up as a priest. She had her hair done up in pig tails, and the brightest red lipstick she could find. She wore the same large framed glasses as when they first met, and carried a large oversized plastic lollipop. Rose had borrowed one of the Catholic school uniform skirts and rounded out the outfit with a plain white button down blouse. She remembered how hot it made him as she teased and flirted with John throughout the party, staying in school girl character the whole time. Later that night, they fucked each other like rabbits that night, doing their best to be quiet since they were staying in their friend's guest room. She really wanted him to piss on her in her school girl outfit, but they couldn't risk fouling up their friend's sheets and mattress.

Rose knew she still had the school uniform skirt somewhere downstairs in one of the storage trunks. When she found it she shrieked with joy as she slipped it on over her still damp panties, and was proud of herself that it still fit. Still naked from the waist up, she continued to search through the trunk until she found the grey wool knee socks, saddle shoes and even the big plastic lollipop. She collected all the items and ran upstairs, feeling her nipples ache with anticipation at the nasty and delicious plot she was hatching in her head.

The skirt was already dangerously short for a woman her age, and she rolled the waistline a few times so it barely hung down below her moist and tingly crotch. She pulled on the knee socks and saddle shoes, and walked around in front of the mirror, giggling at how her white panties showed with each step she took. She pulled her hair into pig tails and overdid her makeup like a naughty school girl would. Finally, she selected the sheerest white blouse from her closet, and put it on over her bare chest, buttoning only the bottom three buttons. She admired herself in the mirror again, turning from side to side, pleased with the view. Her breasts, which were almost completely visible through the half open shirt, were still firm and pert after 7 years of marriage, and she could clearly see her dark and hard nipples through the thin material of her blouse.

She grabbed a large bottle of water, the lollipop and hopped into the car, driving as quickly as possible to the school, but being careful not to speed, because it would be very hard to explain this outfit to Randy, the elderly sheriff in this conservative rural town, and one of the volunteers at their church. Thinking about how everyone in town would just die if they knew how kinky she was, she couldn't help but let out another small blast of piss, re-dampening her panties as she drove.

John was busy working on the presentation, so he barely heard the faint knock on his door and the mousey voice saying "excuse me sir." When he looked up and saw Rose standing there in that outfit, his mouth hung open and his cock immediately sprang to attention.

"I just got sent down to your office by my teacher for having an accident in her class" Rose continued, swaying her hips from side to side as she spoke, knowing that John could see her tits jiggling beneath her blouse and the faint yellow stains on her now sopping white panties.

Remembering what a piss whore Rose developed into during college, John new exactly what she had in mind, and with his presentation nearly finished, he decided to play along. "Come in and take a seat young lady" John said in his sternest School Administrator voice, not bothering to tell her to shut the door, knowing they were the only two people in the school at this hour.

Rose walked over to the wooden arm chair that sat in front of his desk, and plopped herself down on the seat, and they both heard the squishy noise as her wet ass his the chair. She sat with her knees together and her feet angled out to the sides, and nervously wiggled in the chair waiting to hear what her punishment might be.

She looked around his office and saw the empty coffee pot on the shelf near the window, and a few empty water bottles on his desk, so she knew John had a lot to drink tonight as well. She was just hoping that he hadn't taken a bathroom break in awhile.

He hadn't.

"So you had an accident, did you?" he asked, as he slowly walked around his desk to stand in front of her. She could see the bulge in his khaki's so she knew her little game was having its desired effect on him. Even at this late hour, he looked so handsome in his crisp white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up, collar button undone, and tie loosened around his neck. His face was covered with a five-o'clock shadow, and his muscular frame carried only a few extra pounds from back in their college days.

"I didn't mean to....honest" she pouted, "I thought I could hold it until the end of class, but then I started having nasty thoughts and before I knew it I was wetting myself in the middle of class." The kinky thought of actually wetting herself in class back when she was in her small town high school sent a surge of energy through Rose's pussy, and John saw her nipples push more urgently at the sheer covering of her blouse.

"And just who were you having these nasty thoughts about?" John asked, pretending like he didn't already know the answer to this question.

"You sir" was her reply, and she clasped her hands behind her head, thrusting her breast toward him.

"Show me", he commanded.

"I couldn't" she teased, "won't that get me into more trouble?"

"You're going to get what's coming to you young lady, now SHOW ME!", John again commanded, putting a little more authority into his voice.

Rose drew her feet together, placing the soles of her saddle shoes on each other, which forced her legs to fall wide open, and her skirt to ride up her thighs and collect at her waist.

"Is this what you want to see sir?" she asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him as she spoke.

"You know what I want to see." John retored, his deep blue eyes fixed on the thin damp sheet of cotton covering her pussy. He could clearly make out the curls of her pubic hair through her panties, and the folds of her sweet cunt, as she had a delicious case of camel toe.

Slowly, her piss started to leak out of her and through the material of her underwear. John dropped to his knees and began sucking her piss out of her panty covered cunt. He couldn't believe that he let the stress of the job and the school closure situation get in the way of enjoying this kinky pleasure with his wife these past few years. He felt guilty, but only for a moment, because the throbbing of his cock in his pants, and the salty taste of the warm fluid filling his mouth reminded him of just how much he loved his wife.

"You are a nasty piss slut, arent't you?" John said while rising to his feet. Rose was trying to figure out if he was talking to her or her school girl character, but realized that it didn't matter, since the answer was the same. She pinched off her stream, trying to save it up for later, and enjoyed the feeling of sitting in the puddle of her piss that had collected on the wooden chair.

"Does that make me a bad girl, sir?" she said, as she licked her lips and started undoing his belt and pants.

"Well, let's just see how bad of a girl you really are." he replied, as she had now worked his pants down to his knees and was holding his throbbing cock in her hand. She stroked his cock lightly, still seated, so his cock was at her eye level.

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