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Teach's Darq Secrets


Sarah Dickens sat alone at the table sipping her coffee. Around her mums and their young children went merrily about discussing the holidays and shopping. It was such a foreign concept to her: family. She had grown up in a string of caring and decent, if not permanent, foster homes. Her mum had been a drunken slag, who vacillated between beating and neglecting her young child. At the age of four, Sarah had been taken into care following a particularly brutal attack that left a nasty burn scar over much of her back. Even twenty-three years later that scar had faded very little.

Her first home had been with a very nice older woman, who had grown children. But less than a year into the placement, Mama Grace had fallen and broken her leg. She had been unable to continue to care for Sarah and had instead moved into her son's. So began Sarah's odyssey in care that would continue for the next twelve years. Fifteen foster homes and five social workers later, Sarah had entered an independent living centre while finishing her A-levels.

At university, Sarah could almost blend into the crowd, except at holidays like these. When her friends scampered home to their families, Sarah remained virtually alone, save for the rare international student whose budget was too tight to allow them to return home for the holidays.

Now as a reception teacher, Sarah both loved the chaos of the season and lamented it. During the days leading up to it, Sarah lived vicariously through her students the joys of the celebration. Her class always worked hard on their part of the Christmas play and made home-made decorations for the huge tree that graced the corner of the room.

But Sarah dreaded with a deep emptiness the final day of school for it heralded the bitter end to the holiday fantasy, which she had built around the twenty-seven young lives of her students -- her children. It stood as a stark reminder that she had only borrowed them; that they must return each night, each weekend and each holiday to their real families. Something she had never had.

Of course, the other side of the coin was that although Sarah could easily empathize and form close bonds with the children, her early relationships or more accurately lack there of had resulted in a profound lack of trust, which resulted in the early demise of her two attempts at adult relations. Her first relationship, if you could call it that, had been with another girl at the independent living centre. It had actually been more like friendship because the sex actually ended it all. Then her final year in university, Sarah had given into the repeated pleas of one of her best friends for something more. But once again, the sex seemed to sour what had been one of her closest relationships. Even though she and Jack still kept in touch with the occasional email or phone call.

"You are even more beautiful than your pictures." Sarah was woken from her day dreaming by the cool crisp American accent.

Her eyes lifted to meet the dark black ones ensconced in a distinctly handsome dark coffee color face. He was tall; his head completely shaven as well. For half a second, Sarah once again wondered at the folly which had brought her on this seemingly crazy errand. Aware that her silence was now bordering on rudeness.

She shook her head just a bit as if to clear her mind, "Actually I was just thinking that I have completely lost my mind and should get the hell out of here." Sarah tried to make her excuses. "I'm sorry I wasted your time like this." Her eyes dropped to the floor.

His large hands wrapped softly about her upper arm as she made to rise. He leaned forward and brushed a soft kiss across her cheek. His lips were against her ear; his voice deep and hypnotic when he whispered, "You are every man's fantasy of the innocent little school marm. God, I want to fuck my baby into you so bad."

At that moment, Sarah's legs would not have worked if she needed them to. Her fingers tightened into little fists at her side as they always had when nervous. All the bravado of one hundred and seven emails and hours upon hours of online chats instantly vaporized.

Although they had both talked about this meeting, teased about the things they would do to one another; his words brought home to Sarah the truth. This man, this gym jock, the dark Adonis before her was way out of her league. With her limited sexual experience, she could not fake her way through the next two days.

Collapsing back into the booth, Sarah tried very hard to think of a way out of this incredibly uncomfortable position in which she found herself. It had been the desperation of yet another holiday alone that had driven her to such an uncharacteristically brash action as taking a train over seventy-five miles to meet a virtual stranger for sex. Unprotected sex. She was certain that her psychologist would have a complete field day with the Freudian and Jungian implications of her behaviour.

Staring into the almost empty cup of hot chocolate, she tried to summon even a tiny bit of the brashness, which had come so easily in the written word. Not that she had not had the same reservations when she woke up this morning. On the short walk to St Pancreas train station and every single mile that the train drew closer to Cambridge. She had rehearsed all the cute lines she might try.

The reality of the man before her was too much. And the fact that she had actually seen photographs of the more intimate parts of his anatomy hidden in those loose jeans made her even more uncomfortable. Sarah had just assumed somehow no one on those naughty sites were real. But the man sitting before her was very much real and very much resembled the pictures he had emailed. If others things did?

A pub would have been a better choice for a meeting place, Sarah thought, forgetting for the moment that she never drank. Without consciously thinking Sarah's blue eyes drifted to the crotch of his jeans as he pulled out the chair in front of her and straddled it.

His deep chuckle drew her eyes back up to his handsome face then. "Yes, those pics are real too, Teach." His answering wink sent Sarah's pale cheeks an even deeper shade of fuchsia, if that was possible.

Sarah was not certain what to say then, as if she had been sure of anything for the past few days. The only thing that had driven her on this crazy escapade at all was Britney. Her god-daughter turned two soon. Ever since she had been born, something inside of Sarah had grown restless. Britney was the only child of her best friends Kasey and Todd, both of whom were teachers at the same primary school where she had worked since finishing university.

It had been their first day as well. The three of them had just naturally become close. Of course, that closeness had grown into something more for Todd and Kasey. And most of the time Sarah was happy for them, especially when Britney was born. From the moment that she had held the tiny little café-au-lait baby girl, one of her deepest held beliefs had come into question. Sarah had always thought that children of her own just were not in the cards, but she could no longer deny the want and yearning inside her.

This past weekend Sarah had kept Britney so that Kasey and Todd could have some time alone. In fact, it was the pain of lifting her sleeping body into her mother's arms, another parting, which had driven Sarah to this rash behaviour in the first place. And it was that thought which she had to hold onto.

As if reading her mind, he spoke again. "I promise, Teach, if this is really what you want, then you could not have found a better guy. Like we talked about in the emails, you can walk out that door right now. I won't stop you. It's totally your choice." Picking up her pale hand and bringing it slowly to his lips, he brushed a soft kiss across her knuckles like the almost prefect gentleman he had been on-line for the past six weeks.

"But then you won't get the baby you want." His smile widened as he lowered his voice to just above a whisper again, "And I won't get the pleasure of your hot, wet, tight cunt wrapped around my cock for the next two days. And trust me, Teach, I am so hard for you right now it hurts like hell."

Sarah felt it then. His other large hand running lightly up the inside of her stocking covered thigh under the table.

Darq_B_Baller: Wear sexy blk stockings and garters 4 me the 1st tym. No knickers. I want 2 touch your shaved pussy under table.

His erotic words came back to her as he seemed to do exactly what he had written in his email weeks ago. Sarah waited, wondering if he would carry through on it. She felt her body responding as it had to the mere typed words, her cunt getting even wetter. She did not have to wait for long as she felt a thick finger brush across the top of her mound.

Darq, the only name she knew him by, since they had agreed to stick only to screen names, shifted in the wooden chair, which appeared too small for his bulky six foot, six inch body. His screen name was as Sarah came to discover in honour of his former profession, basketball player. Leaning just a bit closer into her, his finger actually slipped between the folds, brushing lightly across her wet and swollen clit. Sarah knew that she had to make a decision soon...logic or need.

His whispered entreaty, "You wore them. And you are as wet as I am hard. Teach, you better run for that damned door now or let's go to my flat around the corner before I slip my finger inside you to see just how tight you are. If I did, I think we might both come right here."

Sarah simply nodded her strawberry blond head. She reached for her ruck sack on the floor next to her, not that it contained much. Other than a few recent purchases from Ann Summers, including several varieties of lube. Even as she toyed at adjusting its weight on her back, she was not sure what her answer would be. But the bereft and wanton ache between her legs as Darq drew his hand back told her the truth. "How close is your flat?" she whispered looking at the beige carpet.

The low growl from Darq told his response to her answer, "Not fucking close enough, right now."


Sarah tightened and released her tiny fists over and over again as Darq worked at the lock. The building was impressive; an old factory or stable of some type. As with so many buildings in this part of England. It was dark, large and imposing; seemingly steeped in history. As if a courtier in the Royal household, he stood to the side, bent at the waist and with a gentle hand at the small of her back ushered her in.

She did not have a great deal of time to look around though. Her impression was of massive oak beams, stone and intricate woodwork. But before she could begin the myriad of questions about how he found such an amazing place for his workshop and home, his full dark lips moved over hers. The most amazing and tantalising part was that only their lips and tongues touched. He made no move to hold her or touch her body any where other than the soft tasting and nibbling at the corners of her mouth. Sarah backed up until she felt cold stone behind her. The wall kept her weak knees from buckling under her lover's onslaught.

When her lips parted to moan at the intimacy of what should have been a simple kiss, Darq seized the moment like a valiant warrior protecting his queen. His tongue invaded her mouth. Only then did he bring his hand up to wrap tightly through her reddish-blond tresses. Pulling softly, he positioned her innocent mouth for further seduction. But still he made no attempt to touch her anywhere else.

Sarah felt as if her whole body was on fire, but especially the wet patch of nerve endings hidden in the folds between her legs. Remembering his brief touch in the café, she moaned into his mouth, needing something more than his mere kisses offered. She could almost feel him smiling against her lips.

"Little Teach want something?" he whispered into her mouth.

Sarah whimpered as she arched her petite body against his. Her small breasts ached even more as her nipples tightened in the lacy black bra with the slits which allowed them to protrude through. They rubbed painfully against the rough wool of her jumper.

"Please..." she sighed against his full lips that tasted of dark desire, chocolate and something in her innocence she could not even fathom.


Darq teased her more, "Then you're gonna have to take it, Teach."

He knew that he was pushing her. But he needed to know that this was her choice. That he was her choice. He was playing a game far beyond this woman-child's experience. And if some part of him felt the pangs of guilt in his deceptions, he pushed them aside. Assuring himself that he had her happiness as much in mind as his own.

His only attempt to persuade her was to return to her sweet little mouth. But this time, instead of the drugging and boldness, he only licked softly along her bottom lip. When she answered the challenge by bringing that tiny little hand to the front of his jeans, he practically collapsed against the wall, pinning her there.


Uncertain where she found the boldness, Sarah wrapped her fingers about his cock through the material. Her eyes opened wide when she realised that her fingers could not reach completely around it. Her green pupils dilated further when she ran her hand along its length. It seemed those pictures were extremely accurate, she thought. It seemed too that her fingers might never reach the tip. It was her turn to smile though as Darq growled like a bear when she lightly squeezed the head of his cock.

"Take it out, Teach," he commanded in his deep American accent. His dark eyes held her gaze as if challenging and searching her soul. "If you want my baby, then do it."

The gravity of his words only added to the eroticism of the moment for Sarah. The idea that not only was this already the hottest sex of her life, but that it would also get her the baby she so desperately wanted was almost too much. She could have sworn that she felt a warm wetness dripping down the inside of her thigh as she fumbled with the row of buttons on his jeans. The whole thing seemed to take forever, she thought in frustration. Why didn't the man just do it himself, she thought as she whimpered again with her rising need.


"That's it, Teach," he groaned against her soft lips as he felt her finally dispense with the last button.

"We have to take what we want in life, baby. You know that." He used images he knew would challenge this tiny package of bravery. He was not sure how much further he could take this game. How much further the innocent little Teach would go. Or how much more he could tolerate. But he needed to find out with this woman, who had fascinated for longer than even she knew.

He pushed the guilt back once more. He would manage whatever complications arose later. But for now, he had what was most important. The woman he loved in his arms.


Sarah was driven onwards not only by his words, but perhaps even more so by pure lust. After all those teasing emails and pictures, she wanted so desperately to see for herself. She needed to feel his cock in her hands. She was delighted to discover that Darq had gone commando, not certain at all she would have had the skill or the nerve to tackle any more layers of clothes.

She was the one, who growled when she felt the heat of it. His pulse beat strongly along the length of it. Running her hand deeper into his tight jeans, she found what she knew from the photographs and their conversations was the uncut head. Carefully she drew her hand back out the leg of his jeans; bringing with it the thing which had fascinated and aroused her since she received that first email all those long weeks ago.

When it finally popped free of the confines of those jeans, which Sarah had noticed as they walked moulded to a very hot ass, she almost could not breathe. It was everything in those photographs and more. As she felt the heaviness of it in her tiny hand, she slid slowly down the cold stone until she knelt on the rough-hewn natural wood floor.

She ran the unbelievable soft skin across her face slowly almost worshipfully. Oral had been the one thing in which Sarah felt she excelled sexually, having gained a love of it during her first lesbian relationship. She ran her tongue teasingly along her lower lip as she stared boldly up into his dark face.


Darq braced his large hands against the wall. He had a feeling he might be needing the support, because at that moment his little Teach looked anything but innocent. Her amazing green eyes were glazed with lust as she quite expertly ran those tiny white hands up and down the length of his hard black cock.

He groaned. Damn, she seemed to have just the perfect amount of pressure and rhythm. It was as if she instinctively knew what he liked, mirroring the movements he had used so many times over the past few weeks to as the Brits say wank after another long night of racy messaging with her.

But what he very much doubted Teach realised was that crouching as she was on the floor with her legs slightly parted, her short black mini-skirt that he knew she had bought just for him had ridden up. It revealed the lacy garter clips and sheer black stockings that were the fruit of their on-line shopping trip to Ann Summers. It also revealed more than a bit of her neatly shaven and glisteningly pussy.


Sarah smiled up into his gaze as she pointed her tongue and tasted him. Slowly she drew back his foreskin with her hands and ran her tongue about the whole girth of his black cock, a first for her. She inhaled deeply. His fresh, crisp scent spoke of musk, the raw wood that surrounded them and with which she knew he worked daily, and something so dark and mysterious she doubted she could ever name it. With a boldness that surprised even her, she swallowed his cock. Well, about six inches of it anyway. Considering her only other male lover's cock had been considerably smaller, she was very pleased with her accomplishment.


Darq collapsed forward further using his forearms now to support his substantial weight as he closed his eyes and threw back his shaven head. He knew he could not allow the little vixen to play much longer. He was as determined as she was that his seed find the tiny egg that they both knew waited inside her. It was the first step in his plan to bind this remarkable woman to him. Forever. And he was not about to lose sight of that.

But for a single moment he enjoyed the tease; remembering another picture he had emailed her. A cum bath as they would say, a black man beating his cock and spraying his cum across the pale white skin of his lover. It had been a tease to see just how serious his Teach was. He had followed the picture with a challenge.

Darq_B_Baller: 1 request...will u do this? the last day...i want 2 cum all over ur pale face and tits

The words brought his mind back to the moment, but this was not their last day together. It was their first. Drawing back to his full six foot six height, he laced his fingers through her soft strawberry hair and drew her head back until he heard and felt to his toes the audible pop of his cock slipping from between those soft, sweet lips.

"As much as I love that, Teach, what you're doing now won't get my baby girl inside you." Cupping her head firmly but tenderly, he lifted her off the cold floor.


Sarah had imagined this moment almost from the first. Yet not a single one of those fantasies, which she had used along with her pocket rocket to bring herself to orgasm as she looked at pictures of him, could come close to this moment. He was as the song said: a hero larger than life. His presence filled every nook and cranny of even this massive and historic locale. His erotic words hung in the still crisp air between them.

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