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Textual Healing


**My first foray into writing. This is a series of genuine text (SMS) messages sent between my husband and I. Capitilsations of You, and i as lower case defines the respect that each is granted within our D/s partnership**


What if I want to tie you down to get My dick in really deep?


Mmmmm yeah, that'd be good. Struggling to get free, but not being able to, feeling You spit on my ass to lube me up, legs tied back, splayed, each hole waiting for Your use


Driving My entire length into you until you beg to be allowed to cum, gushing all over your calves


Oh god it makes me so wet when You say things like that! Hot, frequent gushes of silky wet cum pulsing from my pussy, slicking the skin where our bodies meet, crying out, growling almost, head thrown back as the climax rips through me, my ass tightening against Your thick cock buried to the hilt in me


It'd be about then that I pull out long enough to slam a dildo in your pussy before jamming My cock back into your ass


Feeling the huge stretch as You fuck both my pussy and my ass, i spread my legs wider, accomodating You. The friction where i can feel Your throbbing, hot dick rubbing against the dildo's girth is incredible. i feel a deep spasm of lust knowing how it must feel jammed in tight against another cock


After a few deep thrusts My cock swells. Pulling out, I pull the dildo out as well, before shoving it in your ass, coming round to your face with My engorged dick about to squirt the thick creamy cum. Looking at you I growl "beg for My cum, you cheap slut. Beg for it with a cock in your ass."


Already desperate to please You, cheeks bright red from the many orgasms i've had, Your words make my body flare with pleasure as i rock back on to the dick in my ass. my eyes are slightly unfocused, but i keep them respectfully downcast, lust filling my voice already hoarse from crying out.

'Please, my lord, please let me take You in my mouth, I want to feel your load fill it, want to swallow Your cum, some spilling out over my lips, down my chin, onto my breasts?'

i risk a quick glance upwards, blue eyes wide, wanting.


Grunting I thrust my cock towards your mouth.

"Take care of it, girl"


i smile a little as Your cock passes between my waiting lips. Tasting the combination of my ass, my pussy and my cum, along with your pre-cum, i moan softly at how good it is as i run my tongue over Your head. i suck gently, so eager to please You, rapidly increasing the suction.


Sighing slightly, I nudge forward, pushing to the back of your throat, eager to cover your tongue with My seed.


i take a deep breath, knowing how difficult it'll be, i push against You, Your dick hitting the back of my throat. i gag, a slight choking sound, and my eyes begin to water. Yet still i continue, knowing how much it pleases you. Bit by bit, Your cock slips down into the hot tightness of my throat. I gag again.


Feeling your throat contract, I grab your head and, growling, inexorably draw your head down until your nose is crushed against My pubic bone, My cock completely enveloped.


my moan of both lust and suprise doesn't come, unable to draw breath. i am slightly afraid, but trust You implicitly. I wonder to myself at how good it must feel to You, owning me so primally, robbing me of speech, of taste, invading my mouth so deeply, and i shiver with desire


Shivering slightly, holding you in place, I don't withdraw and thrust. Instead, my hips rotate, grinding My length in your throat. As unconsciousness nears, I moan, withdrawing from your throat, bringing the head of My cock just on your lips.


i feel a heady dizziness as my lungs fill again. Eagerly, i part my lips, my tongue poking out in searching of Your swollen head once more. Swirling around it, i marvel at how honoured i am to be the object of Your lust. Unsure of what You wish of me, i continue lapping at the tip of Your hardness.


Looking down at you, I move my hands to the sides of your head.

"Here it comes, girl".

Slowly I push My entire swollen length between your lips, forcing it into your throat. After a mere moment I begin to withdraw, My hot seed spilling onto your tongue, coating the length of it in short, energetic spurts. Groaning, I pull My manhood from your mouth, a final thick gobbet of cum splashing diagonally across your lips.


The smile on my face as i feel the rhythmic clenching of Your muscles as you cum is damn near ecstatic. my eyes widen at the force with which Your first spurt hits the back of my throat. i moan, tasting that wonderful, musky, uniqueness filling my mouth. i swallow your load eagerly, though there is almost too much to manage without it spilling over. my thighs clamp together, squeezing at the hot wet ache between them, bringing minor relief. Feeling the last line drawn by Your release across my lips, my tongue flicks out, skimming across the top, then the bottom. Gathering Your seed into my mouth, i savour the gift you've given me: the proof that my body, my mouth, my eager submission pleases you so greatly.

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