The 5 V's


"Delta 754 getting in at 5:30pm, why don't you just drive by baggage claim about 6 and I should be outside with my bags."

"See you then Ron, Bye"

I didn't remember much of that flight back to Cincinnati.


I was standing outside having a cigarette when Diane pulled up in the Seville. So much for "instruction following" on her next annual appraisal I thought to myself as she popped the trunk for my suitcase, and I slid into the passenger seat.

"How was the flight, and before you get pissed I got Shadow at the kennel on the way to your house. He was fed there. And I love this car."

"How much do I owe you for the kennel?"

"Nothing, I used your spare Visa Card you keep hidden in your desk drawer."

I decided to delete my mental entry about her instruction following and just simple write "efficient as all get out" on the annual employee appraisal. Diane drove a little on the fast side on the way to my house, but I didn't say anything. I lit a cigarette for her, as I didn't want her to take her eyes off the road. I filled her in on the happenings in Atlanta. She wasn't at all surprised. We pulled into my garage about 30 minutes after she picked me up. I asked her in for a drink, but she declined. Shadow greeted me at the door, which was his custom. I looked at the mail, glanced at the newspaper, poured myself an "Absolut" Vodka over ice and cried

The following day at the office I delved into the back mail. My thoughts of the impending divorce took center stage most of the day. I reviewed contracts, checked out my savings plan balances, and added up my total net worth should I get a loan for the business buy out. If I mortgaged the house, and robbed the savings plan, I could possible come up with 750 thousand. Even if I sold off some my "toys", 800 thousand would be the top end. I was pretty sure that any appraisal of the business would go higher than 1.6 million. Things didn't look too good.

Diane called on the intercom, "Ron I have a coding problem, could you come out here please."

Slightly annoyed, I wondered what the hell I could help Miss Efficiency with, and walked out of the office towards her desk. Sitting in front of Diane's desk was a positively striking woman.

"Ron this is Brenda Mallory, Brenda this is Ron Webber. "

I reached out my hand to Brenda and she shook my hand with a firm grip. I could feel her long fingernails on the bottom of my hand. Brenda had dark red hair, shoulder length and stood about 5'6" tall with blue/green eyes. What is this woman doing at my agency? She's gorgeous I thought to myself. I cut my stare short to return to the business at hand.

"Ron, I think I have the coding here wrong. Would you look at boxes 15 to 20?"

I looked through the coding that Diane had input. Brenda was very well qualified for every office position ever created. She was 37 years old, divorced with one kid, no problem getting babysitters, on good terms with her ex-husband, and a smoker. I didn't see any problems with Diane's coding at all.

"I don't see anything wrong with your coding Diane" as I reached across Diane's fingers and hit the update/enter button and the computer took it no problem.

"There ya go Diane, it took it. What error message did you get the first time you tried?"

"The screen just went blank on me Ron. Damndist thing I ever saw."

I said "Nice to meet you Brenda Mallory, I think we can find you some employment within a week or so." I would have liked to stay and stare at Brenda for another hour, but thinking that would be rude, I excused myself and returned to my office. I sat back in my chair and looked out the window. Before too long, Brenda walked out to her car in her long black leather coat. She was sexy as HELL. She was driving a red Taurus four door. I watched the door close behind her, there was a pause, then the window came down part way. A plume of smoke exited the window as she backed out of the parking space. What I wouldn't give to be in the passenger seat with her right now. My short fantasy was quickly interrupted.

"Knock knock", Diane said as she slid through my office door. "Is that not the sexiest woman you ever saw? If I ever decide to become a lesbian I will look her up. What did you think?"

" So what was wrong with your terminal? Coding-schmoding, you wrote most of that stuff on the last upgrade."

"Nothing was wrong with my terminal. I wanted you to meet Brenda and for her to meet you. Just playing a little cupid for you, didn't you enjoy the meeting? And...we talked about dating and she is not seeing anybody right now."

"Diane, have you ever stopped to think that I might just be a little gun shy right now? I haven't dated anyone in 15 years, and with a "Brenda" type woman, I guy like me would be asking for rejection."

"What's wrong with a guy like you? Brenda types all have one thing in common Ronnie-know-it-all, they all are looking for a great guy who treats them nicely, is honest, and all the other great qualities you have. So when are you going to call her?"

" I'll think about it. OK"


Sometimes life just kind of steers you in certain directions. Like when you walk out the front door and have a pile of snow falling on your head. You know you are going to have a bad day. Tuesday morning I got the appraisal report on the business. Open market, 3 million minimum. Shit. Later that same minute, I got a call from Jack Richfield. Kate had given him a call with the numbers on the business and she would like me swing by his office and sign the papers and get them filed in court. Basically, I had 30 days to come up with a million and a half dollars and buy her out. If I failed to do that, the business will be sold to the highest bidder with each of us getting half. Jack told me however, that the 3 million was a "locked price" and even if I couldn't come up with the loan, and the business sold for more than 3million, Kate would only get 1.5 million. Being a lover and not a fighter, I went by Jacks office and signed the papers. He filed them with the court later that afternoon, and 30 days later the divorce would be final. What fun oh joy. I was so tired of this divorce shit I could just scream.

I was gazing out my office window when a red Taurus pulled into the parking lot. God is that Brenda Mallory I thought. I watched intently as the door opened. Nah, short bald guy going into the Realtors. Get a grip Ron, what have you got to loose. I opened my lap drawer on my desk, inside was a print out of Brenda Mallory. I picked up the phone, dialed her number and listened to it ring.


"Hi, is this Brenda Mallory?"

"Yes it is" Such a soft voice. God I could picture her.

"This is Ron Webber at Webber Staffing services, and I think I have a position you might like."

I sat back in my chair and took a mouthful of coffee to calm my nervous throat.

"Hi Ron, Hmmm OK I guess. But don't you usually buy a woman a drink first before you try her in different positions?"

Coffee went everywhere!!! Across the desk, my file cabinet, out my nose. She must have sensed what had happened and she continued on.

" I think it's so interesting how dating has changed over the years. So efficient. Just call the girl up, tell her what position she should be in, and boom. She just drops whatever she happens to be doing at the time and off ya go." I'm laughing now almost hysterical, and having trouble catching my breath.

"Brenda, stop, please! My sides hurt and I have coffee all over my desk, my shirt, damn I even splattered the door." This time it was Brenda's turn to laugh.

Giggle cough giggle.

Her voice was so soft. I paused for a minute.

" I would like to buy you a drink if your available one evening this week"

I deliberately chose my words. Had I used "free" instead of available it would send her off into another tangent.

"Tonight would be just great. Do you know where Fred's Bar and Grill is? It's close to the intersection of Rybolt and Taylor Roads"

"Freddie's, sure, my golfing buddies like that place. I need to change clothes after work but I live only ten minutes from there down on River Road. How does 7:30 sound?"

" Of course you know that I live in Bridgetown about 2 miles from Freddie's, but then you know all kinds of things about me don't you?"

"I would say the advantage lies with me,... yes. See you at 7:30"

I pulled into Freddie's about 7:25 in the Grand Cherokee. I had showered and changed clothes. I didn't see any red Taurus's in the parking lot when I got there, so I didn't bother looking around once I got inside. Freddie's was a neighborhood hangout. Classic 70's style bar and restaurant. The biggest part of its charm was that nothing had been done to it in 30 years. Being Thursday night the crowd just wasn't there. I took a booth in the bar section and looked around. Save for me, one other guy was watching the TV over the bar. Some kind of game show I think. I was facing the window that looked out over Rybolt Road sitting in a booth. My back was towards the door.

"Hi Ron"

I turned and stood to greet Brenda as she approached the booth. She was wearing medium high heels, black slacks and a dark green top. She was just as gorgeous as I remembered. She slid into the booth, across from where I had been sitting. She noticed my Marlboro lights on the table, and reached into her purse for her cigarettes. Virginia Slims 120 Menthols. I think I was in for a show tonight.

The bartender was also the cocktail waitress and given the size of the crowd tonight, they were still over staffed.

"Miss, what can I get for you?"

"Absolut Vodka over ice please." Brenda replied.

"I'll have the same."

The waitress was off with our order. Brenda reached for her pack of Virginia Slims as I reached for a Marlboro Light. She selected a cigarette with her long fingernails. Deep burgundy polish, probably a clear topcoat as well. I reached over towards her with my lighter and clicked as she leaned in towards me. The perfect light. She took a long drag as she leaned back, held it in for a few seconds, and then exhaled a plume of perfect white smoke towards the ceiling. I was in heaven.

" Thank you, I thought you might be a gentleman, even if you want to discuss sexual positions before our first date." She smiled so sweetly. Her teeth could be used to sell orthidonture for dentists.

"In all fairness to me, I never made any sexual references what so ever."

Tonight was going to be an evening of banter; whether or not I wanted it. The waitress brought our drinks, and I paid with ten-dollar bill. She returned with my change momentarily, and I left it lying on the table.

Our conversation moved right along through all the basics. How did I like being a businessman, where did I come up the idea of an employment agency? She talked about her 10-year-old son Ryan and what he was up to. She talked of her ex-husband and what broke them up. Tom was a middle manager in some sort of a brokerage firm. Did quit well too. He was a fitness buff, always lifting weights and going to the gym. Apparently, he liked sharing his body with other fitness buffs and not so much with Brenda. I could hardly imagine any man turning a woman like Brenda loose. Some fools have all the luck.

Brenda got up, "I need to visit the little girls' room."

She reached into her purse and pulled out a lipstick, and leaving the purse behind, she headed off to the ladies room armed with only the lipstick. When Brenda got back, I excused myself for the same reason, and when I returned there were two fresh drinks and change for a twenty sitting next to my change for a ten. Not wanting to get too smashed at the local pub, I suggested some potato skins or something to help absorb the alcohol.

" I ordered some already, with sour cream and chives. They will be up in about 10 minutes. Time for another cig."

I leaned my lighter over towards her, lit her Virginia Slim, and settled back just to watch.

"So Brenda, you didn't put into your application that you could read men's minds, select the right drink and appetizer for them."

She giggled slightly and looked straight into my eyes. " I can tell you a few things about you. You like to watch me smoke for one"

"You do it so well, it's hard not to recognize true talent when I see it."

It sounded rather lame, but the Vodka was working its magic on me and I didn't care if my life became an open book to this person. I just had this overwhelming trust in Brenda Mallory. She was a goddess, and I felt just humbled to be in her presence.

Our appetizer arrived a few minutes later. She dipped a skin into the sour cream and placed it close to my mouth. She watched intently for me to open up, and she gently feed me the skin. I bit off about half; she dipped the rest back into the sour cream and poked it into her mouth. So yummy I thought. What a wonderful evening this was turning out to be. We conversed and laughed. She was charming. She smoked several more Virginia Slims, taking each drag with watchful eyes to make sure I got the full effect. I didn't blush at all. I was just enjoying every minute.

"Last Call, can I get you two anything else?" The waitress interrupted us. I looked at my watch, midnight. Shit, where did the time go? I walked Brenda out to her Taurus. She put the lock in the door, pulled it open and tossed her purse into the passenger seat. She then turned quickly to me, placed her hands under my arms and up to the middle of my back. I leaned over, and we kissed. It was simple and wonderful.

"Mister Webber, I had a wonderful evening tonight, and I would like to see you again Friday night. Would you like to come over to my house, perhaps play a game or two?"

"Oh yes. Can I bring something?"

"Just yourself, and mind full of naughty thoughts." Was her reply. I didn't remember driving home.


The two days it took to get to Friday seemed like a month. Brenda had called the office a couple of times, usually talking with Diane for bit before saying hi to me. Diane was by now aware of the success of our first date, and kidded me about going to "the other side" and giving me competition. I had spoken with the business brokers that had done the appraisal on Webber Staffing. I had signed the listing papers yesterday and we were officially for sale. With interest and principle payments, I just couldn't afford to keep the business with a loan that size. Never mind, I had a date with a goddess tonight, and I just didn't want to screw it up.

I pulled into Brenda's address about 7:30pm. Nice house in a sub-division. Lots of trees, large lots, real nice neighborhood. Brenda's house was a tri-level, brick veneer to the front, two car garage and probably 10 years old. I got to the door just as it was opening and I entered. After Brenda took my coat, I paused for a minute to survey the living room. Very tasteful. Brenda was into antiques and she had some really great pieces. I was turning around to comment on her home and how comfortable I felt, when she surprised me by sliding her hands under my arms again, and kissing me fully on the mouth, just as she had done in the parking lot at Freddie's Bar Tuesday night. One difference this time, she didn't release me as quickly, and she slid her hands down to my buttocks and held me in close for a long time. Our lips parted, Brenda opened her eyes, and stepped back.



My head was starting to spin. Brenda looked fantastic. Her eyes were done in tri-color eye shadow, silver over grays and it set off her blue/greens perfectly. She was wearing black high heels, 4" easy, and black nylons. Burgundy skirt about knee length, and a black satin top, which I couldn't see all of because it was behind a short cardigan style sweater. The sweater was buttoned only high enough to cover her front hook bra, although it didn't feel like she was wearing a typical bra. Her breasts were rounded on the topside, and a deep cleavage was obvious. Brenda had a body to die for.

"Like what you see?" Her voice was so soft it just melted me.

She could tell. She had me eating out of her hand.

"I'm going to be a bit bold this evening. Something that was not included in my resume is that I am very presumptuous."

"I'm all yours" The words came out of my mouth in an almost whisper.

"Good, follow me please"

I followed her down to her lower level. The was a short hallway leading to family/game room. I could see a gas log fireplace witch was on, but little else. She stopped short of the French doors, and motioned to a bathroom off the hallway to the right side.

"Here's the bathroom, I would like you to freshen up, and put on this really sexy outfit that's on the other doorknob, and then step through that door."

I walked into the bathroom closing the door behind me. I could hear the French doors closing behind Brenda. It was a nice bathroom, nothing out of the ordinary, except the "sexy outfit" she wanted me to wear was just a blindfold. Oh shit. Ron Ron Ron. I did as she requested, emptied my bladder, stripped off my clothes (completely bare assed naked) and with my heart pounding at an alarming rate, stepped through the other door. Brenda was there waiting, she slid her hands behind my back, kissed me on the mouth, and whispered into my ear.

"Trust me completely. This little fantasy is mine and you're here for me to enjoy. Follow my instructions, and I will remove the blindfold in a few minutes. OK?" She could tell from my erection, that I was going to follow her instructions to the letter.

Brenda took my hands and led me to the right about 8 steps, then right again 8 steps and turned me around. I figured that I was in a back portion of the game room.

"Sit down very slowly".

I did as she said, and my bare buttocks were greeted with a terry cloth covered bench.

"Now I want you to turn to your right, and lift your leg over the bench."

Again, I did as she asked, and she moved around behind my head, maintaining contact with me using soft touches and scratches with her long fingernails.

"Now, lean back gently, and lift your arms up and out please." My god that soft voice. I felt a strap, two inches wide, being placed over my right wrist, then snugged tight, and then my left wrist was treated the same way.



Brenda moved around to the other end of the bench, and gently lifted my ankles apart about 3ft and strapped them to some sort of round rod, using the same type of cuff. I was comfortable, but completely helpless. She straddled me, leaned in and kissed me, and removed the blindfold.

It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust; the light was dim throughout the room. Brenda stepped back away from me to survey her work. I was strapped to a modified weight lifting bench. The area was about 14x14ft and exercise equipment lined the walls. There was a small lamp in one corner that provided the light for this area. The fireplace and another small lamp I couldn't see provided the rest of the light for the entire game room. Brenda (the goddess) had removed her skirt and sweater. Her satin top was actually a small wrap with side strings left and right. There was a small half bra holding up her breasts, and straps from the belly button length bottom that held up the black nylon hose. Her pussy was mostly shaved, and most inviting. She made a quick turn and walked over to the bar along the right hand wall. She picked up a pack of Virginia Slims 120's and walked back. She removed a cigarette from the fresh pack, and lit it. Again she straddled me, and placed the pack and lighter on a table of some sort behind my head.

"I thought you might be ready for a little smokey show?"

That voice, oh my god. She was the sexiest woman. She took a deep drag, four seconds using my favorite split finger technique. Snap inhale, and slow exhale upwards. She leaned in and kissed me. Her breath still fresh with smoke. I had died and gone to heaven. I moved my cock as close as I could towards her vagina, but she countered my move by leaning closer and further up. A grin crossed her lips.

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