tagLoving WivesThe Adulterous Wife Ch. 2

The Adulterous Wife Ch. 2

byTony King©

Monday evening was swimming night and as we prepared to leave Carol was really nervous. "Everything OK, you look a bit white?"

"No nothing, I just feel a bit off colour." I bet she did, we were off to collect Paul and she didn't know that I knew. She tried to cry off but I insisted she would be alright once we were there.

"Hi Paul, how's tricks?" I asked as he climbed in the car, looking at Carol he said, "couldn't be better." Even in the dim light of the car I could see her blush. Once in the changing rooms Paul asked, "well, did you like the tape, I must admit I thought I'd gone too far forcing it down her throat but after the initial shock she took to it like a trooper. Unfortunately the tape ran out on the first night and I couldn't let on that it was recording so you didn't get to see her on the other nights."

"What other nights?" I asked, "I thought you realised, the tape was made on Monday night after getting back from the pool, we had a few drinks on the way home and well, you know the rest. I then spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday fucking the arse of her as well, hasn't she told you anything?"

"Nope, not a word."

"Tell you what, that little bitch can't get enough, she's agreed to let me bring a friend next time your away, I showed her a picture of his cock, it's a little bit bigger than mine, she can't wait."

I couldn't believe it, my shy wouldn't change for anything wife had become a total slut for any guy with a big cock.

We made our way to the pool and I couldn't help but notice that Carol made every attempt to stay as far away from him as possible. Paul eventually trapped her in the deep end and I watched them have a heated discussion, looking in my direction every now and then. As I swam over to them Paul swam away. "Every thing OK, you and Paul looked like you were having a real heavy discussion."

"Oh no, he was just telling me how to improve my stroke." Oh yeah, and I can just imagine what stroke that was I thought to myself.

Getting changed I asked Paul what the conversation had been about. "I asked her why she hadn't told you, I thought she was going to have a heart attack. She made me promise not to say a word so I made her promise to be my slut and let my friend fuck her, that's when you came over." As we dressed we made plans for the following weekend.

On the way home not a word was spoken until we neared our house. "Coming in for a coffee?" I asked, "no not tonight thanks, I've got some work to do,"

"no problem, just drop by whenever your passing, I'm sure Carol will entertain you if I'm not there." You should have seen her face. "Thanks mate, I might just do that," Paul said winking in my direction. When we got in Carol sheepishly asked, "what did you mean, I'm sure Carol will entertain you?"

"You know, make him welcome, coffee, what did you think I meant, take your knickers off and fuck him?" She turned deathly white. "N, n, no, of course not, what, me fuck Paul, he's far too old." She was digging a bigger hole all the time and didn't even know it. I decided to rub it in. "Oh I don't know though, he keeps himself in shape and if you saw the size of his cock," now she went from white to red, " I think you might even change your mind."

"Well if you think I'm going to fulfill your perverted fantasies by letting an old man like Paul touch me you've got another thought coming." I felt cross but contained it. "Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you I'm away with the club this weekend, should be home in time for Sunday lunch."

I ride a motorbike and belong to a local club so weekends away was fairly normal. "When are you leaving?" She asked, 'Oh some time Saturday morning, not to early why?"

"Oh no reason, just thought I might go shopping with one of the girls."

That Saturday, I packed a few things in the panniers and set off................, straight to Paul's. We hide the bike in the garage and spent the day setting things up. "She's been told to get here by seven," Paul said hiding the video camera in the bookshelf, "Mike will get here about 7:30. Should be a lot of fun huh?" It was a long day but eventually just as night started to fall a car pulled up in the drive. "Watch this," said Paul, lets see just how obedient she is." Looking through the net curtains I saw Carol get out of the car, she was wearing a full length coat. Looking nervously round at the surrounding houses she suddenly threw the coat into the car, locked the door and ran to Paul's front door. "Looks like she complied I said." Paul had instructed Carol to walk to his door wearing only high heels, stockings, suspenders and an under the nipple bra he had bought her. "We'll leave her waiting a few minutes," he said watching through the curtains. Although the front door was sheltered by a porch, anyone walking by would get a clear view of her standing there dressed like a slut. She rang again. "Time to hide," said Paul heading for the door.

"You bastard, you made me wait there deliberately, what if someone came along?" Paul grabbed her roughly by the hair and slammed her against the wall. "Listen slut, don't you ever critisise me again, you do what I tell you and you don't complain, or perhaps I should tell your old man what your really like."

"No please, he'll kill me, I'm sorry Paul, it won't happen again." This guy had been fucking her for less than a week and already she was his sex slave. He led her into the lounge, sat her down and gave her a drink. I stood at the end of the room behind a Chinese screen giving me a clear view of everything. As this end of the room was in complete darkness I felt secure that even if she stared hard, she wouldn't see me.

"So, you ready for some real sex?" Paul asked her, helping himself to her oversized tits, "you sure look like you are."

"I'm not sure, what's this Mike like, he may not like me." Fuck me backwards, she wasn't concerned that a total stranger had been invited to fuck her, just that he may not like her. "Oh don't worry, he just loves married sluts." She didn't seem too reassured and stared nervously into her drink. "What are you going to do to me?" She asked sheepishly, "whatever we like," Paul replied spreading her legs and fingering her shaven pussy. The fucking slut just lay there while he played with her clit bringing her off. "That's right baby, your gonna need it nice and wet."

Shortly after she had cum, the doorbell went. "Ah, that should be Mike, go and let him in."

"I can't go like this, supposing it isn't him?"

"GO!" Paul commanded. She reluctantly got up and walked into the hall. "And don't cover your tits with your arms, put them down." She did as Paul told her and taking a deep breath opened the door. We could see from the lounge into the small reception area and both Paul and I watched as Mike stood at the door admiring my wife. "Well now, what have we here, you must be Carol." As he spoke he walked round her admiring the view from all sides. "Oh yes, I can see we're going to have lots of fun with you tonight." He caressed her tits and moved a hand over her pussy. "Nice cunt, I like a smooth cunt, so much nicer to lick." With a hand on her arse cheek he led her back into the lounge.

Mike was older than Paul and certainly carried more weight, in-fact he was rather fat. I could see the look of disdain on Carol's face. The two men made her sit on the sofa. "Show Mike what a good whore you are, get it nice and wet for him." She hesitated for a moment then both hands went down to her cunt. One spread the lips apart while the other sought and found her sensitive clit. As she wanked herself off both men started to undress. Paul was right, Mike was bigger than him, much bigger, in-fact he looked totally out of proportion with his short legs, fat gut and a prick the size of a horse. Carol looked at Paul. "No, there's no way I'm taking that up me, forget it, tell Tony, do what you like, NO." Paul grabbed her hair and yanked her into a kneeling position on the floor. "I don't think you understand bitch, your mine now to do with as I like." Producing a pair of handcuffs from under the sofa cushions, he secured her hands behind her back. Then he placed a blindfold over her eyes. "Now your ready for some serious fucking."

Carol was sobbing, pleading with Paul not to hurt her. "Just do as your told and you won't get hurt, simple isn't it." She stopped sobbing and nodded her agreement. Mike, now completely naked, stood in front of her and fed his fat uncircumcised prick into her mouth. She really struggled to accommodate it. As it finally reached full length, the skin drew back revealing a very red coloured helmet already oozing spunk. Mike smeared the gooey substance all round her mouth before pushing it in again. Eventually, she managed to get the first few inches into her mouth. It was obvious that Mike's cock was so fat that there was no way she would be deep throating him so he simply had her suck what she could and use both hands to wank the rest.

Meanwhile, Paul was sitting on the ground behind her busy fingering her sodden cunt. "Don't worry, if you can't get it all in your mouth, you'll love it up your cunt." Carol just grunted. Satisfied with his blow job Mike ask if he could fuck her. With Mike laying on his back, Paul guided Carol until her cunt was directly over Mike's rampant organ. Mike wiped his cock back and forth along her cunt lips, coating it in juices. "OK my little married whore, its all yours." He really got of on calling her that and we both watched as she lowered her cunt onto Mike's dick. She managed the first half without a problem but as his cock actually got fatter at the base the last 5 inches took ages. Eventually, with much grunting, swearing and coming, she was fully home. "There, you see, you could do it," said Paul rubbing his hands over her arse.

She started to ride Mike's cock in earnest, bringing herself off more times than we could count and swearing like a common whore each time she rammed her cunt down on it. "Enjoying it are we?"

"Oh yes, its so big, I've never felt so full of cock, its fantastic."

"Good, then your ready for the next phase." This was my queue. I decided that if she was not going to let me in on it then I would simply have to help myself. She had already done several things with Paul that she refused to do with me, deep throat, swallow spunk, even fuck another guy, so I decided I was going to take her virgin arse. Waiting until another orgasm hit her, Mike pulled her toward him, crushing her tits against his chest. I lubed my cock with some KY jelly and got behind her. As I started to run my cock against her crack she nearly jumped out of her skin. "No Paul, please not there, your too big, you'll hurt me, please Paul, not that."

"Quiet," he commanded.

Feeling ready and harder than I've ever been in my life I pushed forward forcing myself into her arse. As I felt the resistance give I pushed harder sending all of my 6" deep into her virgin arse causing her to cry out in pain. That will fucking teach you, I thought to myself. Each time I pulled out it would cause her to cry out again and tense up waiting for the forward thrust. She still hadn't caught on it wasn't Paul. "Oh God, your hurting me, please Paul, no more, please." Mike started to move beneath her moving his cock a few inches in her cunt, the feeling against my own cock buried deep in her arse was fantastic. We got into a rhythm and eventually her sobbing turned to animal like grunts and I could actually feel her pushing back against my cock. After a few minutes of double penetration she was coming like a freight train. Paul took this as his signal and lifting her head stuffed his cock into her mouth. At first she simply accepted the giant tool like an old friend, taking it into her throat and doing all the things with her tongue to bring him off. Then she suddenly froze, the realisation that she was being fucked by three men at once had hit home.

"Who......I mean........ Paul?"

"Just enjoy, you don't need to know who it is, are you enjoying his prick up your arse?"

"Yes but ......."

"No buts, do you like having three pricks at once?"

"Yes but I ..."

"I've already told you, no buts, just be a good little whore and make us cum." Mike and I speeded up and it wasn't long before I felt that churning in my balls. It was really hard trying to keep quiet as I filled her arse with spunk. I was so excited that even after coming my cock stayed hard so I left it there while Mike shot his load up her cunt. I could actually feel every jet that pumped through his cock, he must have shot gallons. We both stayed put while Paul held her head and pumped yet another load down her willing throat.

With her hands still cuffed behind her back she was unable to remove the blindfold and we left her in a kneeling position on the floor. Mike made her lick his prick clean, wiping it around her face and in her hair. I sat beside her pulling and twisting her nipples. "So, did you like being used by tree men?" Paul asked. "It hurt a bit at first but it was OK," she replied. "Would you like to try more?"

"Um, I, um no, I don't think so, can't I just have you." Paul laughed, "but there's three of us here now, do you suggest my friends just sit and watch?"

"No, I didn't mean now,"

"do you want my friends to fuck your tight little cunt and arse again?"

"If that's what you want me to do,"

"I asked if you wanted them to fuck you again?"

"Yes, I want them to fuck me again."

"Good, because we've got all night and Mike wants to try your arse."

"Oh my god, no, please, its so big it will tear me apart,"

"don't worry," said Mike, "your get used to it." Paul laid Carol face down across the sofa, hands still behind her back and her arse high in the air. Trickles of spunk ran down her crack mixed with a little blood. "How about you loosen her up again," Paul said to me. Kneeling behind her I used the KY to lube her up again and this time there was very little resistance as I slid my cock in. "Tell my friend how much you like him fucking your arse, tell him what you are and what you like us to do to you." Holding her hips I rammed my cock into her arse and held it buried to the hilt. "Your cock feels so good up my arse," she said gasping for breath. "And what are you," prompted Paul. "I'm a slut, a whore, do you like me being a slut?" I didn't say anything. "Tell him what you'd like us to do to you."

"I'd like you to fuck my arse and my cunt with your nice cock. I want to suck a cock while another one fucks me. I want you to use me like a whore, do anything you want to me, fuck all my holes at the same time, fill me with lovely warm spunk."

"Is he better than your husband?" Paul prompted, "oh yes, much better," she replied instantly.

Carol had reached a new level of depravity and was now willing to let men use her every hole. She had no idea who I was but was willing to let me use her as I pleased. This thought was just too much for me and for the second time that night I shot my load up her arse. "Oh yesssss, I'm coming," she screamed just as the first jet filled her. As I pulled out Paul replaced me. Her arse was wide open now and well lubricated but even so she still cried out in pain as Paul's large cock penetrated her. He entered her slowly giving her time to get use to the extra width and depth until finally he was completely buried to the hilt. I maneuvered myself onto the sofa sitting with her head face down in my lap. She immediately took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. The thought that I'd just been fucking her arse didn't even come into it. Within seconds I was in her throat and matching Paul's thrust as he pounded her arse. "Boy, doesn't she look the total slut, sucking cock with mine up her arse. Maybe we should take some photo's to show her old man." Carol grunted something deep in her throat sending shivers up my entire shaft. I held her head and reveled in fucking her mouth, feeling her tongue wrap itself round the head of my cock. If only the bitch knew.

Paul was speeding up until with a final effort her buried his cock to the limit and fired off. Carol clamped her mouth tight over my cock as she came bringing me off in her mouth. I wanted to make sure she tasted my cum so I pulled out slightly leaving only the first two inches in her mouth. She had to swallow hard to keep up with the flow and as my limp cock slipped from her mouth she lifted her head and licked her lips. "Hmmm, that tasted nice, did you like it?" I kissed her full on the mouth, "hmmmmm."

Mike was now taking his position between her legs and pointing his horse like cock towards her arse hole. "Go easy Mike, we don't want to damage the goods." If anything, Mike had less trouble than either me or Paul. Her arse was so full of spunk that he slid in easily. It was only the last 2-3 inches that caused her any discomfort, as I've already mentioned, Mike was particularly big round the base. Mike fucked her for a while before pulling out and sitting on the sofa. He made Carol straddle his legs facing away from him and lower herself onto his cock, again, up her arse. He then leaned back holding onto her tits and invited Paul to fill her cunt. Now she did cry out. Two very large cocks were filling her at the same time causing both pleasure and pain. She was coming almost continuously and crying for them first to stop, then not to stop. Mike transferred his hands to her hips in order to rock her backwards and forwards on his cock while Paul knelt between her legs fucking her cunt like crazy. Not to be left out I pulled and twisted her tits, again mixing the pleasure with the pain. We continued abusing her for the next twenty minutes until with a roar Mike filled her arse with spunk.

Her whole body went into spasm and continued to shake for 3-4 minutes. Even Paul and I stopped what we were doing and looked on in amazement, it was like watching an epileptic fit. When she finally came down to earth Paul had her kneel doggy style on the floor and fucked her hard until he came. I was totally spent but couldn't resist the chance to further humiliate her. I grabbed her hair and forced my semi hard cock back into her mouth. It was 12:45 before the two guys decided they could take no more. Mike went home leaving just me, Paul and Carol, still cuffed and blindfolded. Leading me into the kitchen where we couldn't be heard Paul asked if there was anything further I'd like to do to her or have her do. "How about we whip her a little, nothing too much, just enough to leave some marks for tomorrow, lets see how she explains them when I get home."

"Great idea, how about a love bite on her tit as well," Paul suggested.

We went back into the lounge to find Carol still in an upright kneeling position on the floor. She had spunk running from her arse and cunt, forming a small puddle on the carpet. I cupped her cunt in my hand and smeared the juice all over her, it was so slimy, I stuck first three then four fingers up her cunt and hardly felt the sides. Paul knelt in front of her and started to play with her tits, biting and sucking them, I knew he was deliberately leaving a mark. Carol moaned gently as we both played with her body, loving the attention she was getting and still wanting more. I took the leather belt from jeans and without warning brought it down hard across her butt. She screamed in pain and fell forwards as the belt dug in. Paul held her down leaving her arse high in the air. "You've been an unfaithful wife Carol, unfaithful wives must be punished," Paul said. I lashed out again leaving a red welt mark across her creamy arse. Several more blows followed each one causing her to cry out in pain. Satisfied that the marks would still be there tomorrow I called a halt and Paul rubbed her arse gently with his hand taking away some of the pain.

"Why did you hurt me?" she asked between sobs. "So you know how bad you've been, what a little slut you are, a married whore." Now, go get some sleep. "Can I take a shower first?"

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