tagInterracial LoveThe Ambassador's Daughter Ch. 01

The Ambassador's Daughter Ch. 01


She pulled out her tongue and very slowly licked her hand, as Mike, pounded her anus and filled it up with American cream. "aaahh, aawah habibi, yes baby, right there." Yara screamed. As Yara is being pounded she thinks to herself 'I love America, where else could I have discovered the pleasures of being fucked in the ass'.

But as Mike was about to cum, Yara knew, that what happens between them must remain a secret. Yara is the daughter of the Jordanian Ambassador to the United States. Her father Waleed, was from a powerful Jordanian tribe on his father's side and a prominent Palestinian family on his mother's side. Yara's mother, who is of Circassian origin, is a professor of literature at Amman University.

This was a thoroughly proud Arab Muslim family, although both Yara's parents are secular liberals. Whilst Jordanian society has it's liberal side- it also has a strong tribal basis and Salafist (Radical Islamist) component in it. These tensions would surface now and again- and Yara's father would come under public criticism for his liberal views. He would also come under attack for letting his daughter to party and dress in western clothing. Waleed would always maintained that his daughter was a good girl- and that she stayed within the boundaries (no alcohol, drugs and kept her virginity).

Whilst Yara's father was giving a lecture about the compatibility of Islam, the Arab world and modernity at a prestigious American university. Yara was on her knees and with her big hazel eyes was looking up at Michael. Michael's massive 9 inches, thick and uncircumcised cock was staring at her. Yara is fascinated by cocks, especially uncut ones, because Muslims regard uncircumcised cocks as dirty. They are forbidden for Muslim girls. And like a lot of Muslim and Arab girls she gets wet fantasying about them.

Mike gentle brushes Yara's blonde hair aside and gets a better view of her red cheeks and milky, fair, white skin. Yara's naturally hair color is dark or dirty blonde- but because she dyes it- it is of a yellow complexion.

Mike stands over her and says "What do you think of my cock?". Yara replies "I love it, Habibi, in my culture uncircumcised cocks are considered dirty. Which is probably why I enjoy sucking them so much".

Mike smiles. As Yara moves her head upwards towards Mike throbbing cock. If only her father could see what a slut she had become. Mike was not Yara's boyfriend, he was a 'fuck buddy' or causal partner. Mike was not her first or last. If it feels good then do it, and Yara did.

As Yara head fast approached his cock, Mike, looked down at Yara's body. Her 32c breast, her 110-120 ibs body, her curves and her round ass. Mike was a former Marine and he had served in Iraq and so he knew the sensational feeling that Arab women provided. By his estimation, he had fucked 12 to 14 Iraqi girls. Best way to bring democracy and American values was to fuck local women, Mike liked to think.

Yara looking up at him- kissed his cock. She then kissed it again and then did so a number of times. She then spat on his cock and rubbed it in. Yara liked to take her time doing this. She would either spit or drool- and she would always make sure her saliva was big and thick. She would also let it dangle in mid-air. In the past, she would violently rub her saliva into the cock. But now she had some experience- a gentle messaging of the spit into the cock was necessary.

She would especially rub and look at the foreskin admiringly. While she gave a handjob. Mike knew Yara would be a lot of fun- when he met her in a bar a few weeks ago. When he saw her in Shorts and boots. And on this night he couldn't resist her- when she turned up in black latex mini skirt, high heel leather boots and a mini-white top.

Yara was into all kinds of things from BDSM to gangbang. In fact, Mike had heard about her because some of his marine buddies had an orgy with her. Mike had heard that a mixed group of 12 men (Black, White, Latino) fucked her in one massive gangbang. All her holes were used and they all took it in turns to cum on her face.

Mike was thinking about this when he felt air on his cock. Yara was teasing him by blow air onto the tip of his penis. She then inserted the tip into her mouth. Moving it between her cheeks. She then pulled him out and lifted his cock in the air and began to lick his balls. She was giving him a hanhjob, while she was eating and sucking away, at his balls.

This continued for 8 minutes and then Yara began sucking his cock again. she would insert in and out her mouth. One inch, two Inch, three inch, four inch and speeding up as she went along. She eventually, Swallowed him whole. Pushing his cock down to the back of her throat- you could see Mike's cock head sticking out of Yara's neck. Like an Adam's apple or Mike's apple.

However, Yara couldn't breathe and would spit it out choking. She coughed it off and went in again. She began making loud sucking sounds- you could see massive lumps of Mike's cum going down her throat. She made large gulping sounds, followed by sounds of being refreshed 'aaahhh'. Followed by more rounds of sucking.

Whilst Yara is enjoying Mike's cock, she think to herself 'how did I become such a dirty slut?'. 'Is it all the Western porn I use to watch in Jordan?'. Interesting thought, she noted to herself. She might write an article about it. For unbeknownst, to Mike or her parents, Yara writes sexual and erotic stories- she is a sex activist and a sex postivist feminist. She, of course, writes under a Pseudomonas- on her own blog and on sexual related publications in both the Arab world and beyond.

She has won many admires, who describe her as striking a blows for Arab women's sexual rights.But anyways, as she continued to suck, she could feel mike's salty pre-cum going down.'mmmm, he tastes good.' Yara thought.

Mike got impatient and began to pull her hair- He then forced her head down on his cock. He then face fucked her. In and out. Yara was excited.

Mike then pulled out of Yara mouth- he then stood over her and giving himself a handjob over her face. She looked up at him as he began to squirt her. He hit her eye, turning it red.

He then poured hot cum onto Yara's face. Within minutes- Yara's beautiful face looked like a glazed doughnut. Just how Yara liked it.

She began taking her finger and rubbing the cum off. She would dangle it off her finger and hold it above her mouth. 'mmmmhhh'.

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