The Attic


It was moving day and Gloria was excited. This was the first time she was going to live in a house she truly owned. After a long day of tiring work, the final items were in place and the job was done.

"That's it. Everything is where it should be. I don't even know when I bought so much crap. I'm exhausted," Gloria thought.

Just before going to bed, Gloria remembered the realtor saying something about the attic. When she visited the house for the first time, she liked it so much that she didn't bother to check it out. Now she couldn't remember what it was. The curiosity got the best of her and she decided to take a look. Maybe she could use the extra space to set up a working studio or something.

"I should take a quick look. Tomorrow I'll figure out what to do with it."

She pulled down the retractable stair and climbed up. It was very dusty as expected but it was very spacious. The light filtered through a window in the tilted ceiling and it created a charming ambiance. There were some items that the previous owners left behind.

"Umh! Now I have to throw away their garbage too; just what I needed."

Gloria was about to climb down when she saw something disgusting on the wooden floor.

"Holy crap!" Gloria exclaimed alarmed.

It was some sort of fungus that grew a couple of centimeters from the wooden ground and spread irregularly on an area of approximately one meter. Gloria got closer hoping that it wasn't mold. That would represent a huge disappointment from her dream house, not to mention a butt load of money to get rid of it. She looked around trying to find a stick to poke it with but found nothing. She decided to use her fingernail. As she scraped the surface, she discovered with amazement that it wouldn't break as if it was made of flexible rubber, yet it felt humid and slippery.

"This doesn't look like mold. Maybe someone left a sac of fertilizer and this fungus grew on top of it."

Suddenly, Gloria felt something pinch her fingertip.

"Ouch! It has bristles!"

"Okay, I had enough for today. Tomorrow I'll get a shovel and this crap is gone!"

After taking a cold bath, Gloria was so tired that she just crumbled on the bed without bothering to put on her nighty. In less than five minutes she was deeply asleep.


Three hours later, Gloria woke up covered in sweat. Her body was burning in fever and she felt light headed. It took her a moment to gather her thoughts...

"Shit! I think I'm catching a cold. Where did I put the Tylenol?"

Gloria walked to the bathroom searching for the pills and stopped for a moment to look at her clammy body in the mirror. She realized with puzzlement that despite her current illness, she felt aroused.

"Gloria, you are a horny puppy. Even in sickness you want to touch yourself." Gloria thought.

She delicately touched her clitoris and a jolt of delight sparked across her entire body; almost as if her fingers were charged with electricity.

"The fever must be making me more sensitive because this feels so fucking good."

Ten minutes later, Gloria was falling to her knees from an amazing climax. Her fingers kept frantically rubbing her pussy while the rest of her body jerked uncontrollably from the blissful spasms of ecstasy.

Within the aftermath of orgasm, Gloria breathed heavily while she rejoiced from her naughtiness. She usually wasn't this spontaneous but tonight it felt necessary. Even her fever was fading away.

"That was awesome."

Meanwhile, she kept rubbing her pussy very slowly, maintaining her thriving arousal, developing into a new fire that would have to be put out again.

Moments later, Gloria was sticking three fingers in and out of her pussy with wild urgency. A new orgasm was already growing within her loins and the excited woman was longing for it like never before.

"Oh God! I'm going to cum again... I'm cumming..."

Gloria's eyes rolled up into her head as her second climax exploded from the center of her body. She twitched on the bathroom's floor at the mercy of the elating waves of delight that took over her consciousness.

Gloria regained awareness a few minutes later, confused and disoriented. All she wanted was to go back to bed and rest. The pills she was looking for were already forgotten and the fever didn't bother her anymore. She stared at the bathroom ceiling speaking to herself.

"That was freaking wild..."


Back on her bed, Gloria fell asleep almost immediately. An hour later she found herself masturbating again. She was half awake and half asleep but her hand moved with relentless meticulousness, pushing two fingers into her tight cavity while rubbing her clitoris with her thumb...

And she didn't stop until she climaxed again! Gloria's heated body jerked in place for almost a minute. Afterwards, she displayed a subtle smile and went back to sleep.


The next day, Gloria woke up almost at noon. It wasn't like her to get up so late but the bizarre, erotic night she enjoyed wasn't a typical thing for her either.

"What a night!"

She was about to get dressed when she noticed something on her hand. Gloria gasped as she looked more closely; a greenish mark had appeared on the back of her hand, resembling some sort of infection.

"Oh my God! What is this?!" Gloria exclaimed truly worried.

She immediately remembered the fungus in the attic. It had punctured her! She had to go to the hospital! Take a sample of the fungus and see a Doctor immediately! Gloria ran to the attic carrying the first thing she found in the kitchen that she could use to slice the fungus. She knelt beside the green formation and looked at it trying to decide which part to cut, but then a powerful sense of wrongness settled in her mind.

"What I am doing? I am naked in the attic ready to cut a weird fungus with a drainer. I should take a bath first, get dressed and do this right."

Gloria left the fungus untouched and did what she thought was right.

While being in the shower, Gloria ended up masturbating twice. The soft caress of water on her nipples and her pussy lips was too alluring to let it pass. When she was done, going to the hospital didn't seem that urgent any more. The mark in her hand didn't hurt at all which meant it couldn't be too dangerous.


Gloria went about her business all day until she realized it was too late to go the hospital. There were no more regular consults anymore and they wouldn't let her in the emergency room since it wasn't an emergency.

"I'll go tomorrow. They should take care of this in no time."

Gloria completely forgot about destroying the fungus or even getting a sample from it.


The same thing happened the next day and the day after that. Gloria kept postponing her visit to the hospital and the whole week passed by. She didn't understand why she was so horny all the time but the solution was simple; she played with herself day and night. The greenish mark in her left hand had extended up to her forearm but Gloria still believed it wasn't dangerous. Her attention was focused on pleasuring herself and extinguishing that sexual hunger that never seemed to lessen.

Every time she was about to reach an orgasm, an image of the green fungus formed in her mind. She needed to see it. Gloria climbed up to the attic for the first time since the fungus stung her. She gasped from astonishment when she saw a big stem growing from the center of the enlarged formation.

"Oh my God! It is growing stems!"

The woman's heart started racing inside her chest as she admired the glossy proboscis that stood in front of her. She thought about the undeniable phallic appearance of the stem. Then she wondered how it would feel to have it inside of her pussy and her pussy twitched hard in response.

"Maybe this thing will extinguish the constant fire in my pussy."

After a moment of shameless consideration, she decided to give it a try. It was a crazy thing to do but after all, this could be her little secret.

Gloria had completely forgotten about the sting she suffered a week ago and the marks on her forearm. Now she rested her knees on the fungus while she carefully lowered her body onto the greenish stalk.

"I can't believe I am doing this. It is so naughty!"

Gloria felt the tip of the stem entering her tight cavity and the wonderful sensation made her gasp in amazement. She instantly knew that this was exactly what she needed.

She carefully waved her hips up and down, letting the proboscis penetrate her pussy a few centimeters deeper every time. She was still aware that this was the craziest thing she had ever done but this thought slowly vanished from her mind and soon all she could think of was the delightful feeling overpowering everything else.

Just a few minutes later, Gloria was jerking uncontrollably from a luscious orgasm. Her pussy clasped down on the fungus' stem over and over while her hips shuddered violently, bending the appendage almost to the point of breaking.

Gloria stayed on her knees catching her breath while the orgasmic spasms receded. She made sure that the stem remained in her pussy; despite the strong climax, she wanted more, much more.

"Fuck! I can't believe I came so fast. This calls for a do over..."

Gloria played with the fungus' proboscis until late at night. She didn't know how many orgasms she experienced but she counted at least twelve. Now that she twitched under the joys of a new one, she could not believe how lucky she was to find this heavenly plant or whatever it was.

While she lay down on the wooden floor catching her breath, she accepted that this last orgasm was the last of the night. Not because she didn't want more but because she was so worn out that she could barely move.

"It is time to go to bed. But I will certainly come back tomorrow."


The next morning Gloria woke up with her usual arousal. She looked at herself on the mirror and a new greenish mark on her belly was evident. The spots on her left arm had extended almost reaching her shoulder.

"Holy shit!"

Gloria got scared. This was getting out of hand! She remembered that she had to go to the hospital. She needed a sample of the fungus. Maybe take the stem too. But this meant she would have to break it. It was wrong! She needed to go up to the attic before deciding what to do.

The confused woman climbed to the attic and again she gasped from what she saw. The stem had grown! The fungus below it had also transformed into a mound that was a lot thicker than a few days before. A pleasurable thrill sparked in her guts. The astonished woman looked hypnotized at the enormous proboscis. The sense of urgency had vanished again. Her pussy was already dripping wet and aching to be filled.

"It is so big..."

Gloria stood over the stem and began lowering her hips. Her heart was accelerating from the excitement of riding that huge phallus.

"Maybe it won't fit..."

The dazed woman held her breath and let the stem sink into her body. She would not stop until it hit the bottom of her vaginal cavity. The she felt something pop and it penetrated a bit further. Her legs trembled from the exhilarating sensation.

"Yess... It's inside me!"

She rested her knees on the mushy fungus and started bouncing up and down with irrepressible desire.

After a while, the stem began to exude a substance along its entire surface, soaking Gloria's vaginal walls and filtering through her skin into her nervous system.

"It feels like I am burning inside. It is so great!"

One second later, Gloria reached an orgasm like she never felt before. Her mind went absolutely blank leaving space only for incandescent pleasure that lasted for several minutes. Yet her body kept mechanically pumping the stem, milking it without pause.

The same thing happened several times until Gloria couldn't take it anymore. She spent the entire day in the attic forgetting about work, even forgetting to eat. All she needed was right there, in the form of a mushy fungus and its phallic proboscis.

Eventually Gloria went back to bed but she could barely get any sleep. She felt uneasy about being apart from the fungus.


Gloria woke up early next morning and checked herself in the mirror. Large parts of her skin now showed green marks as her body changed from the inside out. Surprisingly, Gloria didn't think anything about it. She just pictured that erect phallus plunging into her body and her pussy jolted in anticipation.

When Gloria climbed into the attic, the fact that the stem was even larger came as no surprise either. She just walked to it with a definitive purpose in her mind.

"I'll try it in my ass. Maybe this way I can get all of it inside."

Gloria started plugging the stem into her ass. She was determined to insert the whole thing into her slim body even if it seemed impossible.

Her body shuddered as a hint of fear surfaced on her face. Something in the back of her mind warned her about the danger of doing this but it didn't stop her. More of the stem penetrated through her tight anus.

"Maybe I shouldn't... but I have to... I need to!"

Gloria moaned out load as the thicker section of the erectile proboscis began to stretch her anus extremely wide while the tip probed more than thirty centimeters deep. But Gloria wanted more. She wanted all of it!

And somehow Gloria managed to push it deeper, until a bulge was clearly visibly through her belly. The fact that the stem was penetrating into Gloria's body beyond humanly possible should have given her a hint of what was happening inside of her but she was far too engrossed with the enrapturing sensation to care about anything else.

A moment later, the fungus' stem was completely embedded into Gloria's body. Her insides shifted apart to make room for the enormous appendage but far from feeling any discomfort, she felt like she was in heaven.

"It's all in! It's all.. in! It's .... aghh..." Gloria moaned in ecstasy.

The moment she said that, Gloria had the most spectacular orgasm. It felt like a well deserved reward for a great accomplishment. Now she was joined with her green lover at the maximum possible and nothing could make her happier. She belonged with him. She belonged to him!

As soon as her climax faded away, another one hit. For the rest of the day Gloria stayed there, impaled by the appendage, sunken in an orgasmic loop that had no end. She couldn't move and couldn't think. She didn't want to.

By night fall Gloria was no longer herself. The fungus had taken her mind, her body and her soul. She just lay there with her mind lost in a labyrinth of bliss that had no way out.

Meanwhile, the fungus kept pouring fluid inside of her. It immediately filtered into her bloodstream and continued modifying her DNA along with every cell of her body.


The light of day showed a completely transformed woman, if she could be called that. The former Gloria had become a humanoid creature that was just an extension of the fungus with a single objective: Reproduction. She still resembled a woman but her hair was gone and her entire eyes were black as the night. Most of her skin was dark green, mimicking perfectly the fungus below.

The large stem lodged within her body mechanically pulled her to a sitting position while the new being was awakened. Latter Gloria felt the appendage of the fungus' stuffing her insides and it evoked a hint of pleasure. Something she remembered from her previous brain structure.

The new Gloria stood up with some difficulty as the stem vacated her ass. Gooey streams of slime connected her crotch with the stem while she checked her surroundings. She looked at the stairs leading down to the house. For some reason everything seemed vaguely familiar.


The newly created female carefully searched the house making sure the area was safe. Then she used every source of information available until she knew enough about the world she inhabited.

With time, some bit of information from former Gloria's mind came back and the new Gloria decided to call Denise, an old friend who lived close to her new house, and told her to come as soon as possible. Denise came that same day.

"I wonder what is so important. I hope it's not a problem with the house," Denise thought worried.

New Gloria heard the door and told Denise to come in. Her voice sounded exactly the same.

"Please come in. The door is open. I'll be with you in a second," Gloria said through the door.

"Hi! Don't worry. I'll wait in the living room," Denise responded while she walked in.

Before Denise knew what was happening, new Gloria ran towards her and pushed her violently against the wall. Denise screamed, startled and then shrieked even louder as she saw the strange humanoid creature that was holding her.

Almost instantly, a strange branch-like proboscis covered in slime emerged from Gloria's mouth.

Denise kept screaming the whole time, even when she saw that appendage reaching for her mouth...

... when she tried to close it, it was too late. Denise's whole body started trembling in rapid convulsions as torrents of chemicals were injected through her palate into her brain.

In a few seconds, Denise's mind was spinning and becoming increasingly groggy. Within the terrifying shock, she felt her nipples swelling and her pussy twitched mildly. Then, her arms fell limply by her sides and everything became blank.


New Gloria undressed Denise and moved her to the living room. The unlucky woman could not understand what was happening but her dazed mind did recognize a very notorious feeling...

"My pussy is hot," Denise babbled.

New Gloria repositioned her guest while she responded to her comment...

"Yes. It will become hotter in a moment. You will be part of us."

After saying that, a fat tentacle sprouted from Gloria's pussy and projected downward several centimeters.

New Gloria enjoyed the feeling of the thick limb caressing the insides of her pussy as it glided outwardly, seeking for Denise's crotch. A few thick drops of translucent slime dripped from the flexible tentacle to the floor.

Denise was completely oblivious of the impending event as new Gloria knelt between her legs and aligned her appendage at her guest's pussy lips.

But when she felt the slimy, thick phallus penetrating her pussy, Denise jolted violently. The delightful sensation that it provided was acknowledged immediately by her stunned brain and she welcomed it with a loud moan.

As Gloria's tentacle penetrated deeper, Denise felt it reaching the bottom of her twitching cavity and pushing at the entrance of her womb.

New Gloria's abdomen started showing contractions while the egg that had developed inside of her belly was channeled into the hollow tentacle.

The egg traveled slowly across the tube that connected both women. The flexible limb expanded and contracted creating a wave that forced the ovoid towards its new host.

Denise moaned even louder and a hint of pain reached her brain when the egg pushed its way into her body, stretching her vaginal cavity to the limit. For an instant, she sensed the danger of the situation and thought about stopping it but her body would not respond and even reacted in the opposite way by making large amounts of lubricating fluid.

Gloria kept manipulating her tentacle and soon the egg was emerging from the tip and accommodating comfortably inside Denise's shuddering belly. Any objections Denise had, were erased by this mind-blowing sensation.

The egg still wasn't fully lodged in her womb and Denise was already enraptured in the bliss of a powerful orgasm. Her entire body jolted in rapid and hefty spasms while both her legs stiffened and trembled uncontrollably.

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