tagLesbian SexThe Babysitter Ch. 2

The Babysitter Ch. 2

byBud Lempke©

Gina's Revenge

How could I have resisted? Surely Gina would understand when I told her why I stood her up. The eigthteen year old senior in high school who lives across the street had come over to babysit my daughter, but she had been upset. I had no choice but to comfort her poor tortured soul.

When I finished sucking her pussy and released her, her chest was still heaving as she recovered from her orgasm. I stood up and marveled at her spent little figure. She did not even see me take off my black panties as she lay there hugging herself in a little ball. When she had recovered a little more, she jumped up and hugged me. I kissed her again, but this time her tounge met mine as our lips pressed together. "Oh, what can I do to thank you, Miss Andrews?" the estatic girl whispered.

"It's funny that you ask, sweetie," I said as I twirled around and sat down on the sofa with my legs spread as wide as hers had been a minute ago. As the young girl nervously stared at my neatly trimmed pussy, I smiled up at her and said, "You'll have to stay and eat!"

"You want me to do what you did to me to you?" she asked nervously.

"Yes sweetie," I smiled at her. Her small boby was pale in the half-light of my living room and her sparse pubic hairs were still matted wet with her come and my saliva. As she stared at my pussy I spread my lips with my fingers and pointed to my swollen clit. "Right there baby," I said, "Just put your tounge right there."

Tentatively the young girl knelt between my legs. Bending her head down, she let her hair fall into her face and over her eyes as she brought her tounge to my clit. I raised my hips off off the couch and pressed my pussy into her innocent face as I began to feel the blood rush to my groin.

I could tell by Becky's technique that she had never done this before, but I could also tell from her vigor that she would be doing at again and again to many different women for the rest of her life. The thought of being young Becky's first was really turning me on and my orgasm was building higher and higher. I was in some kind of daze of lust, and I did not ever hear the Harley Davidson pull up and stop in front of my house.

My heart nearly stopped when my girlfriend, Gina, walked through the front door.

I was frozen with fear. I was caught! Young Becky, who had not even realized Gina was there, continued to lick my wet pussy as Gina stared on with disdain. She looked very imposing in her black leather jeans and her white men's tank top, her short sandy hair slightly tousled by the wind on the ride over, her green eyes aflame with jealousy.

After what seemed like forever she finally said, "So this is the babysitter I take it?"

Becky litterally jumped from my open crotch, turned around, tried to cover her youthful nude body with her arms, and looked at Gina in utter fear. "Oh my God who is that?" she said in shock.

"Who am I?" Gina said, "Who the fuck are you? And who told you you could eat my girlfriend's pussy?" Gina's face was flushed with anger and her nipples were hard beneath the muscle shirt.

"Gina..I..I'm sorry.." I stammered, "I thought you would understand..I..din't know..I mean.."

"Shut your mouth Leanne," Gina said to me more calmly than I expected. "I wasn't talking to you yet. I was talking to your little friend."

I nodded. I knew better than to tempt her fury by even apologizing for speaking out. I was in big trouble.

"So?" Gina turned back to little Becky, "Who the fuck are you?"

"B..B..Becky.." she stuttered, "I'm the babysitter."

"Really?" Gina said, "You look more like the horny little slut who seduced my girlfriend into standing me up tonight."

Becky looked down at her feet.

"Well Becky," Gina continued, "Leanna is in big trouble. Let's see if it was worth it.."

I could see Gina's tone change as she said that last sentence. She was no longer angry. She had put that aside. Now she was cold, calculating, and in control. She was going to get even.

"Well come here." Gina said to Becky, "Let's have a look at you.."

Becky just sat there. She did not know what to do.

"Get up and walk over here you little bitch!" Gina said. Becky did as she was told. "Put your arms down and let me see that little body," Gina ordered. Again Becky did as she was told. My pussy began to get wet again as I saw Gina caress Becky's little titties with the back of her hand. "My you have big nipples for such a little girl," Gina said to Becky as she pinched one of her plump nubs very hard.

"Owwww!" Becky moaned and instinctively pulled away from her. Gina reacted to this by grabbing the back of her neck with one hand to hold her still while she shoved her other hand towards the young girl's crotch. "Please stop," Becky pleaded, but I knew from experience that it would not help her.

"Mmmmm," Gina moaned as she forced her finger into Becky's tiny twat, "Very tight ..and still wet I see. Did she make you come Becky? Did my girlfriend make you come you little whore?"

"Leave her alone!" I said, knowing it would cost me. "I seduced her. It was my fault Gina. I'm ready to be punished now."

Gina just smiled, slid her finger out of the teenagers cunt, and walked towards the closet. She returned with two pairs of handcuffs, a collar and leash, and the nipple clamps that she knows I hate. "Okay sweetie," she said to me, "We will do it your way. I won't punish the kid."

I sighed in relief for my young friend until I saw Gina handcuff her by one wrist to the banister of the stairs. "She is going to have to stay and watch though," Gina purred, "So she will know what will happen to her next time."

Becky looked like she was about to cry as she watched Gina violently tear my black bra off and cuff my hands behind my back. She pushed me back onto the couch where she had found the younger girl eating my box. The cuffs pinched my wrists as the weight of my body fell on my arms beneath my back. As I winced in pain, still off gaurd from the cuffs pinching my wrists, Gina grabbed hold of my hard nipples, one in each hand, and squeezed them as hard as she could. I screamed in pain and she said, "Was that sweet little-girl pussy worth it Leanna?"

Still holding on to my nipples tightly, Gina shook her hands back at forth rapidly, jerking and shaking my firm breasts from side to side in the process. When she was sure I could take no more titty torture, Gina let go of my breasts and grabbed a handful of pubic hair and gave it a swift tug upwards. I screamed anew and tears welled in the corners of my eyes.

Gina walked slowly to where Becky was cuffed to the banister. "Do you want to be next love?" she said. Becky jusy shook her head no. "Good girl," Gina said as she undid her leather pants. Then I saw a flash of lust come over little Becky's eyes as Gina slid her pants off to reveal the large black strap-on cock she had been wearing underneath the whole time.

Wearing only the strap-on and the tiny muscle shirt, Gina came back over to me and secured the nipple clamps to my sore tits. I winced as she fastened each one tightly into place. The next thing I knew Gina was holding onto the back of my head violently shoving the rubber cock in and out of my mouth. All I could see was the white of the shirt over her hard belly and the sandy curls of her pubic hairs beneath the harness as she held my head and forcefully fucked my face. She called me "Slut" "Bitch" and her "Little Whore" all the while as I choked and gargled and tried to breath.

When I thought I could take the mouth-hole fucking no longer, Gina whipped the girl-cock out of my mouth and rolled me over. I knew what was coming next, but I only had a moment to prepare as she placed her hands on my ass checks, pulling them apart. I tried to grit my teeth, hold my breath, but nothing happened until the searing pain of the huge rubber cock being forced up my asshole was already present.

Again I screamed in pain as my butch dyke girlfriend held me down and fucked my ass. My whole being felt stretched and full as she skillfully humped my butthole with a rythym that provided just the right amount of pain and pleasure. When my screams had stopped she slowed her rythym and the ass fucking became pleasurable, almost intamite. I felt the cool metal of her nipple rings against my skin as her bare breasts pressed into my back and her hips softly ground into mine. She slowed and slowed and slowed the humping until she came to a stop with the dildo as far up my ass as it would go.

"Look," she whispered in my ear, and I opened my eyes to see little Becky across the room. Her left hand was cuffed to the banister, but her right hand was moving vigorously back and forth across her clit as she watched us fuck. "That is so beautiful," Gina said to me, "I almost don't blame you."

We lay like that together watching the teenager frig off until she came. She looked embarassed at first when she opened her eyes after her orgasm, but then she smiled at us and we both knew she understood. Gina pulled her girl-cock out of my ass and undid my cuffs. As I rubbed my wrists, she pulled her leathers back on and undid Becky's cuffs. Becky did not take her eyes off Gina the whole time as Gina lead her by the hand over to the couch and said to me, "Leanne, Becky needs to borrow one of your dresses."

"What?" I said, slowly realizing that I would be staying in tonight after all.

I looked up to see the nude teenager staring at my bull dyke girlfriend with shear wonderment and utter lust. Gina smiled back at the younger girl, squeezed her hand, and said to me, "My date stood me up tonight, but I still have dinner reservations for two and little Becky here is going to need something to wear!"


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