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This is my second attempt at a story. Like any story I would write, this is based largely upon fact with maybe just a touch of embellishment.

Sara and I are a married couple in our early thirties, this is the second marriage for both of us. We live in the Chicago area and both of us have busy careers that at times seem all consuming.

When our marriage reached the four year mark it seemed as if we were just going through the motions with very little time for each other or our relationship. I'll admit the attention I paid to my wife had dropped way off over the last year or so. We had lived together for a couple of years before we married and now after six years together as a couple we were in a real funk. Our sex life had become sporadic at best, we never seemed to have time or interest in sex, was it our busy life style or was it something deeper? I still loved my wife but felt like I was missing something and just wanted more excitement in our life. It was obvious that we needed to do something to change things, if we kept on going the way we were our marriage was doomed.

Sara probably felt the same although we didn't talk openly about it. Our sexual activity was so infrequent that I began to worry about her having an affair with one of her co-workers, no one in particular, but she worked with several guys her age who couldn't help but have some attraction to her. I was jealous thinking about this but kind of turned on at the same time. Like some people I read about I begin to think that maybe another person was something that would spice up our relationship. It seemed like every mens magazine I picked up or internet porn site I looked at talked about threesomes and group sex.

This idea led me to think of ways to introduce another person or couple into our relationship, another woman would never fly with Sara she was too pocessive, so I considered either a couple or another man. I had thoughts about a co-worker of mine but discarded the idea and none of the couples we associated with seemed likely canidates.

Checking the internet I found a swingers group that met in a city near where we lived. They met once a month in a motel where they reservered a block of rooms and sponsored a dance. It was a bring your own bottle pay at the door arrangement with the only requirement being that you notify them by phone or e-mail if you planned to attend. After a lot of coaxing I convinced my wife that we should give it a try, we really didn't have to participate in anything sexual and it might be just the thing to raise a weak libido.

To make a long story shorter we went to the next scheduled dance which was held in a small ballroom of a rather nice hotel near the airport. Thirty or more couples of all ages attended, most seemed to be in their 40's and many of them seemed to be regular attendees. Over the course of the evening we meet several couples who were interesting but we didn't met a couple that we were both attracted too. Sara attracted a lot of attention being a new face and she was definately one of the more attractive women present.

The women in this group had a lot of control they were the ones who made the choices on who to approach and how far things would be allowed to progress. Many of the women also wore revealing clothes, a lot of sheer and fishnet items which encouraged a certain amount of sexual play. Sara wasn't a prude about all this and joined in the activities to a degree. As the evening progressed she had her blouse un-buttoned and pulled out of her skirt, she had on a sexy lacy bra under her blouse and danced most of the evening with her blouse open. This wasn't a big deal in the scheme of things but was daring for her at the time.

Sara ended up dancing with several men and I danced with a number of different women, we were both involved in some mild sex play, body rubbing, touching, etc. As the dance was breaking up two different couples invited us to attend a room party. Although the folks we meet were friendly and very interested in us as a couple we didn't meet a anyone that interested us enough to stay and possibly become sexually involved so we skipped the after hours room parties and headed home. The event was a real change of pace and erotic in a way plus it did get us talking about the subject of sex and our sex life in particular.

Attending this dance accomplished getting the issue out in the open, it was no longer a taboo subject for us to talk about other couples or maybe another guy to spice things up between us. Sara seemed to perk up more at the thought of another man as opposed to another couple. I was OK with that provided it was in the open and it didn't get too involved. It became a turn on for both of us to bring up the subject of a threesome during bed time conversation. The idea was out there but no steps were taken to make it happen.

A few weeks after attending this dance we left on a long scheduled vacation at a resort south of Cancun. Prior to leaving on this vacation we talked about doing different and sexy things while on vacation, the idea of a threesome of some sort was an unspoken part of the equation. Cancun seemed like the perfect place; warm climate, beaches, sexy revealing clothes, and surrounded by strangers.

The resort turned out to be a first class place, excellent rooms steps from the beach and all the other amenities to make our stay enjoyable. It took us a day to relax and un-wind from the flight. By the second day we were in a groove.

Sara had brought 3 new bikini's, all of which showed off her figure to the max. Sara is an attractive and slender 5'7 natural blond who wears her hair pulled back, she has firm medium sized tits and due to her fair compleion her nipples and areolas are pink, very light colored. Her pubic hair is also blond and almost transparent. She keeps her pubic hair trimed very short and although she isn't shaved smooth it has the same effect.

By the third day of our vacation we had settled into a little bit of a routine, we were out on the beach around 10 o'clock and had lunch at a beachside cafe/bar around noon; after lunch a little more beach time then retire to the shade to read or maybe have an afternoon drink.

Sara looked hot in her new bikini's and she attracted a lot of attention from the men on our section of the beach. There were a number of good looking women on the beach with their husbands or boy friends and more than one was sun bathing topless; but what caught my attention was a couple of women in wicked weasel bathing suits.

For those that aren't familiar with the wicked weasel it's a micro bikini, just three small triangles of mostly transparent cloth. After seeing a couple of women on the beach in these suits I knew I just had to get Sara to wear one, she had the body for it and I would find it a real turn on to see other men react toward her. The big trick would be getting her to wear it on the beach or in public.

That afternoon while Sara was in our room taking a break from the mid day sun I went to the hotel boutique and bought a white wicked weasel.The suit was essentially three small triangles of almost sheer material with thin ties that created a thong. Her ass cheeks would be exposed with a thin tie going up the crack of the ass. The three triangles of material could be slid apart to make the area of coverage slightly larger, or it could pushed together to make the coverage smaller.

You could hold the whole suit in the palm of your clinched fist. When Sara came back to our lounge chairs after her mid day break that is exactly what I did, I dropped the suit in her hand and told her I had bought her a present. We had some fun with the suit holding it up to her body and joking around about its size. She promised she would try it on later.

It was after 3 o'clock and I was bugging her to try on her wicked weasel suit, she finally agreed to put it on if I would rent a hotel beach cabana. These cabana's were set up along the beach and had an awning covering the top and awning sides that came up about waist high and were furnished with a couple of lounge chairs and a small side table. The cabana offered great shade and a little privacy as well. Her offer sounded like a good idea to me, so while she went to the room to change into her new wicked weasel I rented a cabana which was set up beside several others along the beach front.

When the beach waiter came around I ordered a couple of rum drinks and settled back to wait for my wifes return. The drinks had just arrived when Sara appeared in her new wicked weasel suit. She had a sheer tropical print beach wrap around her waist that covered her lower body, the top of her suit was two small triangles of material that really didn't cover her tits and just barely covered her nipples. The pink of her areolas showed and her errect nipples were very prominent. Wow,this was super hot, I got semi hard just looking at my wife.

She sat on one of the lounge chair's as I looked her over, this vacation was getting better by the minute. We leaned back on our lounge chairs and with our drinks in hand we talked and people watched, just taking in the scenery and settling into our new surroundings.

In the cabana next to us there seemed to be a lively small party going on. The beach waiter was delivering drinks and a platter of snacks, lots of laughter and music.

We finished our drink and I ordered a second round, Sara was becoming more relaxed. After the second drink arrived and the waiter had left she removed her beach wrap. Whoaaaaa. The bottom of her suit was also a small triangle of material that started well below her belly button with a narrow strip that went between her legs, it wasn't more that an inch or two wide. The texture of her short pubic hair and the lips of her pussy were faintly visible through the material. I couldn't help but wonder what the suit would look like once it got wet. My cock got harder at the sight and I was actually nervous at the thought of how much the suit revealed. Sara stretched out on her lounge chair and picked up her drink.

While we were enjoying our rum drink one of the men from the cabana party next to us walked over and standing beside the awning side wall introducted himself. His name was Donald, and he told us that he and the two men with him had won an all expense paid vacation for being the top salespeople in their company. Their vacation ended tomorrow and this was their last hurrah before leaving in the morning. The three of them were headed into town later that night to a club since the resort we were staying at didn't attract much of a party crowd.

While Donald was standing beside our cabana talking to us he was looking over the waist high awning at my wife who was stretched out on her lounge chair. She was a tasty looking sight laying there covered by three small triangles of almost transparent fabric.

I found it exciting to sit there while a nice looking guy was voyeuring my wife.

Donald was a tall good looking guy. He looked athletic and was well built, personable, and very friendly. I'm sure he was a terrific salesman.

He asked us to stop by and join them. It took some real persuasion on my part to get Sara interested. I told her how good she looked, how we didn't know these guys and wouldn't see them again and any other things I could think of to persuade her to stop at their cabana for a drink. I let her know how exciting this would be for me, from the way I was acting I'm sure she could tell. The two rum drinks also played a role in loosening her up but in the end she finally agreed to stop by their cabana and meet the other two men.

I agreed we wouldn't stay long, so we finished our drink and picked up our beach gear and walked over to their cabana. Sara had put her beach wrap around her waist and when we walked into their cabana all three of the guys eyes lit up, all focused on Sara with her cute little tits barely confined by her bathing suit.

Their cabana was larger and had a table spread with snacks along with extra chairs. Everyone introduced themselves by first names, all three men were from the Dallas area and here for a five day vacation at the expense of their company. We exchanged small talk about them winning the sales trip and how their vacation had gone so far. The beach waiter showed up to take drink orders and I ordered another rum drink for both of us, one of the guys told him to bring doubles and save himself a trip.

Four sets of eyes followed Sara as she circulated around the cabana with her drink in hand talking separately to each of three men. As I kept an eye on her I couldn't help but focus on her errect nipples that were fully visable through the bikini top and her full breasts that were exposed at the sides of this thin strip of material.

Her suit wasn't totally radical or over the top as it might sound since there were several topless woman laying around on the beach and other women nearby wearing the same type of suit. Somehow the small triangles covering her tits were more sexy than being totally bare. She had the bra part of her suit pushed together which created a smaller triangle, her pink areolas were visable at the sides of the brief material that covered her tits. For my wife to be standing there talking to these men while her tits were on display was very erotic. She seemed not to be self conscious in the least. I wasn't sure if she appreciated the effect she was having on all of us.

There was a lot of joking and laughter, these were the top sales guys in their company and it showed, all three were outgoing and personable, Donald especially. I noticed that he was paying a lot of attention to Sara and I could tell she was eating it up.

Another round of drinks was ordered. We were all mellowed out by a combination of rum and the hot sun and the conversation was laced with a lot of sexual innuendo's when the conversation led to talk about my wife's bikini. They had all seen other wicked wiseals on the beach but she looked the best and had the best body to wear one as far as they were concerned, the compliments flowed. As I said these guys were real salesmen. Flattering to Sara, buy true. She was encouraged to model her bikini they wanted to see the rest of it and after a lot of encourgement and kidding she finally caved in. I again must confess I was encourging her as much as anyone.

Sara took off the wrap that covered her from the waist down with her back facing the four of us. As she lowered the beach wrap her ass was exposed totally. There was nothing more than a thin string down the crack of her ass that disappeared between her legs. She turned to face the four of us and held the colorful wrap behind her body with both hands, as a sort of backdrop. WOW she looked more sexy than I could ever remember.

The bottom of the suit was nothing more than a small white triangle that covered a narrow area between her legs, her shapely ass was totally exposed, the light blond hairs of her pussy were faintly visible through the thin material and the lips of her cunt were protruding in a distinctive outline, faint but obvious.

I'm sure she wasn't completely aware of how exposed she was and how thin and revealing the suit was, nor was she aware of the effect she was having on the four men present, me among them.

There was applause and compliments directed at my wife they told her to spin around and model the suit, I could tell she was actually excited by all of this attention, and she twilled around a few times striking poses. There was a good natured yet very sexual mood to this all of it directed toward my wife. This was all a little more than I had ever imagined, I wanted time to slow down and savor the moment. When she was through modeling she hung her beach wrap on the back of a chair. We all gathered around her in conversation as she stood there,with her drink in hand, my eyes couldn't leave her nipples which were hard and errect.

Donald was sitting on the edge of one of the lounge chairs leaning back with his arms straight behind him, Sara stopped in front of him and started a conversation. These were fairly close quarters and he was eye level with belly button. I knew Donald was getting an eye full, Sara continued to have a very uninhibited attitude, she was standing with her pussy three feet from his face.

We had been there an hour or so when someone proposed a last dip in the ocean and a final drink before the three of them headed into Cancun for a night on the town. One of the guys took off running toward the ocean and we all followed. After splashing around in the waves a bit we headed back to the cabana. Donald walked along with Sara and I toward the cabana.

I didn't see the full result of her suit being wet until we were back at the cabana, and I was standing apart from her. Her suit was now almost totally transparent, her nipples were still errect and the bottom half of her bikini now left nothing to the imagination. Her pussy lips were slightly aroused, they were puffy and obvious under the sheer wet material. Her light pubic hair only served to highlite and frame her pussy. Again I don't think she knew how much she was exposed, walking beside her back to the cabana I wasn't aware either, but once I stepped away and looked at her she might as well have been naked. In my mind I debated letting her know so that she could cover up. I lost the debate, or won the debate with myself, depending on how you look at it, she stayed exposed in her wet suit as the four gathered around to share a final drink.

As were finishing and getting ready to leave talk turned to their planned night on the town, one fellow had invited a woman he had met at the resort and the other two were set to try their luck at the club. They wanted us to go along, the night would be on them, or at least their company expense account; we said we would talk it over and let them know.

The afternoons activities had been sexually charged, it was the most exciting and daring thing we had ever done period. Normally I would want to go back to our room and fuck our brains out, but I knew if we did that it would be all over, we would never get out of bed. I also wanted to see how far this could go. It was all I could do to avoid having sex with my wife when we got to the room she wanted to fuck as much as I did, she had been turned on by the afternoons activities as much as anyone. I wanted us to get ready and join our new friends for a night in town ,it was a one shot deal, now or never. Sara a little to my surprise was agreeable and didn't put up much resistance with the idea, she thought it would be fun.

I called and talked with Donald and let him know we would join them, we arranged to met in the hotel lobby at 9:00. Sara took a long bath and spent a half hour doing her finger nails and toe nails. I noticed she had shaved off most of her pubic hair, leaving just a faint strip above her pussy.

She chose a very silky light one piece summer dress that she had bought for this trip. The dress had a deep V neck and the hem was well above the knee, but it was not what you would call a mini dress. She wore a pair of jeweled sandals with open toes and underneath she had on a pair of white lacy panties and a matching bra from Victoria's Secret also purchased for this trip. She looked fabulous, good enough to eat as they say.

A little before 9:00 we headed toward the lobby. The three men and another woman were already there. Their eyes lit up as they saw Sara arrive, they hadn't seen her dressed before and she did look great. We were intoduced to the other woman who was the date of one of the guys, she was also from Texas and was vacationing with a girl friend, they had met this group at the resort a few days earlier.

We had just been introduced when the taxi pulled up. Our taxi was a van with three rows of seats. I held the door and somewhat to my surprise my wife and Donald climbed into the rear seat, the other two guys and the woman got in the middle seat and I was left up front with the driver.

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