tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Bad Doctor Ch. 03

The Bad Doctor Ch. 03


When we were done with dinner, I was rock hard and in serious need of a blowjob. "Get under the table and blow me," I said. She didn't question me, but simply dropped to her knees, crawled under the table and started sucking. I had both hands on the back of her head when we heard a phone ringing. I knew it wasn't mine and let her up to speak.

"That's my cell phone," she said. "It's my mom. She always calls this time of night."

In an instant, I pushed her back on my cock with one hand and answered the phone with the other. This was going to be fun.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hello, who's this? I'm looking for my daughter, Amelia," came a woman's voice.

"Oh, hello, ma'am," I said in a sickly sweet voice. "It's so nice to talk to you. You must be very proud. You have a very lovely daughter."

"Why thank you," she said. "Nice to talk to you too. Who are you again?"

"Oh, I'm just a friend of your daughter's," I said.

"I see, well is she there? I'd like to speak with her."

"Yeah, she's here, but her mouth is full of my cock right now. She's quite the little cocksucker, isn't she? But hold on just a minute. I'll switch places and fuck her pussy so you two can talk."

Without waiting for her no doubt angry and bewildered response, I let Bunny up, handed her the phone and told her to stay on her knees and lean on the chair and talk to her mother. Bunny, of course, was horrified at what I'd said, but took the phone nonetheless.


"Amelia? What's going on? Are you all right? Who's that vile man?"

I knelt behind Bunny and sank my cock into her pussy, instantly picking up a hard, fast rhythm that had her grunting into the phone.

"I'm fine, Mom," she said, trying to control her breathing. "He's just a ... friend."

"Tell her I'm fucking your pussy right now," I said.

"Yes, yes, I was sucking his cock and now he's fucking my pussy," she said in a surprisingly matter-of-fact voice.

I could hear her mother screaming through the phone, but Bunny was only half listening. The fucking was getting to her. She definitely loved it up her pussy. She started breathing hard, gasping, saying "Oh yes!" as her mother listened.

"Cum you little slut," I said loud enough that I knew her mother could her. Bunny obeyed, cumming and squealing into the phone, much to her mother's dismay. I took the phone from her and said, "Ma'am, I think your daughter wants me to fuck her some more, so she's going to hang up now. Don't worry, she's having a great time."

I hung up, spun Bunny around and sprayed her face, tits and hair with my cum. As soon as I finished, she jumped up and ran toward the bathroom. "You prick!" she yelled, slamming the door. I knew she was pissed about the whole conversation with her mother. She was probably going to take it out on me by washing off the cum without ingesting it and then trying to leave.

Sure enough, she came bounding out of the bathroom moments later, tits bouncing inside the fishnet outfit. "Where are my clothes? I want to leave," she demanded.

"You're wearing your clothes," I said coldly. "And you're not going anywhere."

"Oh yes I am," she said. "You should never had talked to my mom like that. How humiliating! I'm leaving." She started toward the door to the stairs, but I grabbed her by the arm and yanked her back.

"Oh no you're not," I said. "You are a sick slut in desperate need of injections. And since you chose to waste the last one, you still have at least four more doses to go."

I dragged her into my private gym and pushed her down onto one of the leather-covered workout benches. Before she could get up, I was on her, quickly snapping her wrists into leather cuffs that were attached to the bench. I stepped back, grabbed one pretty, flailing leg and pulled it over her head, and used another leather cuff to attach it a metal bar that was attached to a pulley system on the weight machine. I did the same with the other leg, then set the weight to 400 pounds, ensuring that her legs would stay up there until I let them down. I then snapped a final cuff around her neck, holding her head in place. Just that quickly, she was virtually immobile and completely at my mercy.

She started yelling about her mother again,, so I shut her up with a bright blue ball gag.

I spread her asshole and drilled into her balls deep on the first thrust. She squealed through her gag as I pounded down into that tight little ass. My thrusts were so hard, our thighs were making loud slapping sounds and I could see her ass cheeks turning red from the pounding.

I was nearing my climax so I decided to have some target practice. I squished her big tits together and pulled out my cock, holding it just above her pussy mound. It was a decent distance from here, but I was an expert marksman. The first shot drilled her left nipple, coating it like an ice-capped mountain. The second shot was another bullseye, drenching the right nipple the same way. Shot number three landed in the giant crease of her cleavage, forming a river of cum that flowed between her mammoth breasts onto her flat tummy and into her belly button. Shot numbers four, five, six and seven were all aimed at the face, going from left to right, hitting cheek, nose, chin, and cheek. I pulled her soaking panties from her pussy and shot eight, nine and ten into them.

I was holding these cum-filled panties, my cock finally done shooting, when Bunny's cell phone rang again. Her mother again? Oh, things just kept getting better. Bunny tried to shake her head and tell me not to answer, but I picked up anyway.

"Well hello again, ma'am," I said in a cheery voice that accurately reflected my current glee. She lit into me, calling me every name in the book, but I maintained my cheery voice and simply said, "You're daughter is right here. She's unharmed, although I'm sure she'd probably walk a little funny right now. I'll let you speak to her in a minute. Right now, I think she needs a break. She just got done taking a foot-long cock up her ass and you should see the cum all over her body. Did she get her great complexion from you? That dark skin looks amazing with bright, white cum all over it. And her nipples look like they've been glazed in frosting. Delicious!"

Bunny just had her eyes closed, probably praying for this nightmare conversation to end. I thought her mom would hang up, but I guess she was determined to speak to her daughter to make sure she was OK. So, I just kept right on talking.

"You should be very proud of Bunny, er, Allison," I said. "She's very beautiful and she's one of the most talented babes I've ever fucked. She really gets into it -- and she's tight in all the right places."

"Shut up, asshole! Let me speak to my daughter! Now!" These were the words she kept screaming, but I just kept talking. I knew she could hear me -- and so could Bunny.

"I realize most mothers don't realize how hot their daughters are in the sack, so I'm going to give you an idea. Right now, I'm holding her panties -- a nice, tiny little thong that she looked so great in -- and they're soaking wet with my cum and hers. I'm going to take the ball gag out of her mouth and put her panties in it instead. She loves to eat cum, which I'm sure she's told you before. Anyway, I'm going to feed her some now and while she's doing that, you and I can talk and I can fuck her some more."


"Yes, I can see her asshole. You see, right now, she's tied to my workout bench -- kinky slut, isn't she? -- with her legs in the air so that her pussy and ass are both open to me. So, what I'm going to do is fuck both holes, just kind of going back and forth. She'll be done eating my cum soon and then you can talk to her while I'm fucking her. I sure wouldn't want to come between a mother and her daughter."

"Listen, if you hurt my daughter..."

"I told you, I haven't hurt her and I won't. Why would I? She does anything I want her to and she looks great doing it. She's every man's dream -- I'm not going to hurt a prime piece of tail like this."

"Shut up!"

"OK, now, my cock, like I said, is 12 inches long and very thick. I'm putting it into Bunny's pussy right now. You know Bunny is her stripper name, right? Oh, you didn't know she was a stripper? Well, she is. I'm sorry, I though you knew all that. Anyway, my cock is about half way into her cunt right now and I'm not going to stop until it's all the way in. Now, I'm going to put the phone next to her pussy so you can hear how wet it is while I'm fucking it."

I held the phone against Bunny's pussy mound and began pounding away again. Her pussy was dripping wet and gripping my cock like a vise. My fingers were pinching her hard clit, giving her an intense mixture of pleasure and pain. I gave it to her as hard as I could again, making sure that her mom could hear her daughter's cunt squishing around my shaft. After a few minutes, I pulled out of her pussy and picked up the phone.

"Pretty impressive, huh?" I said. "Now, I'm going to let you talk to her while I fuck her ass. But keep it short, I want to finish by cumming in her mouth."

I pulled the panties from Bunny's mouth and handed her the phone while I wasted no time planting all 12 inches back into that perfect ass.

"Hi Mom," Bunny panted. "Yes, I'm OK. He's not hurting me, Mom. Mom, it's OK. I like this. I want him to do it. And yes, I'm a stripper now. And I'm going to fuck my clients if I want to. Mom, I have this body for a reason. I was meant to be this way, so please, try to understand."

"Tell her what I'm doing to you," I whispered.

"Mom, you should see this guy. His cock is huge. He's fucking me so good right now. Right up my ass. I never knew I would like it up my ass so much, but, oh yes, I love it! Isn't it great? Oh, Mom, I have to go. He wants to fuck my throat. Here, talk to him while I suck him dry."

I have to hand it to the girl, she was good at playing the game when she wanted to. Just hearing her talk to her mom brought me to the edge and I wanted to make sure that her mom knew what was happening now.

"Hello again! I'm pulling my cock from her tight little ass right now and I'm putting it in her mouth. Here, listen to her suck cock." I put the phone against Bunny's cheek as I filled her mouth and throat with man meat. I started fucking her throat hard, making her gag and choke -- all of which her mother heard. I picked up the phone as I came.

"I'm cumming now -- wouldn't you? I mean, damn, what a cocksucker! Yeah, that's it, swallow it all. Guzzle it down. Drink every drop!"

"You sick bastard," her mom said.

"If fucking hot babes makes me a sick bastard, then that's what I am," I said. I finished cumming and now I wanted to lay it out straight. No more mister nice guy. It was time Bunny's mom knew what kind of man I really was. "Look, ma'am, I've tried to be nice, but you insist on calling me names. All I am is the biggest, best cock you're daughter has ever had. She's a hot slut with a body to die for and I intend to derive every ounce of pleasure from her body that I can. I don't care if you like it or not. I'm going to fuck your daughter all night. She's going to be very sore and very happy tomorrow. If you want to make her feel better, you can come over and rub some lotion on her pussy if you like. Now, I'd appreciate it if you not call back anymore. Your daughter and I have a very long night ahead of us. She'll talk to you tomorrow."

I hung up the phone and looked at Bunny, who was looking back at me in disbelief -- shocked, I assume, by the way I had fucked her and had spoken to her mother.

Even though she looked at me that way, she didn't say a word. I smiled a victor's smile and began undoing her bonds. I studied her body as I did so, sweat, pussy cream and semen mixing everywhere, from head to toe. She looked exhausted. Even though I could have fucked her again right there, I was ready for a rest too.

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