The Balcony


It had been hot all day and as darkness fell, she came in from the patio carrying the empty tea glass. The phone rang as she walked to the kitchen. Picking it up, her breath stopped at the sound of his voice.

"Be at the Hyatt at 10 p.m. sharp. Wearing that special nightgown I bought you, covered only by a light raincoat. Your black heels and thigh-highs. Nothing else"


She recognized his voice immediately of course. Stepping into the shower she used the bath gel and shampoo he preferred. Her hands trembling but quick to ready herself for him. She followed his instructions to the letter.

After drying her hair carefully, she spritzed on the perfume she knew he liked best by misting the air, and feeling it fall gently into her long red curls. Stepping back from the mirror to carefully inspect herself, she saw a petite, busty woman, smiling with blue-green eyes that sparkled with excitement. The gown fit closely in all the proper places and she knew he would be pleased.

Picking up the thin opaque raincoat she slide it up her arms and belted the sash tightly at her waist. She smiled as she walked to the car, the material of the gown in the humid night air clinging and teasing her nipples to perfect hardness. The swish-swish of the raincoat against her legs seemed to whisper his name.

As the valet opened the door, she swung around to exit the car. The movement caused the raincoat to open and the lace was visible to the attendant, as was the top of her stockings. His eyes widened and he swallowed hard as he looked up at her. She smiled and took the ticket from his hand.

As she approached the large decorative double doors of the Hyatt-Regency Hotel, she could see him standing just inside. His face calm, completely devoid of any expression. He watched her step inside and glance around, pulling the front of the coat tighter. A ghost of a smile crossed his lips and he took her hand in his. As he led her across the polished marble floor, he whispered into her ear..."you did well, my dear". "Thank you, Sir", was her reply.

He pushed the button for the elevator and wrapped his arm about her waist as they waited. She smiled softly up at him, her eyes glittering with growing excitement. The doors opened and they stepped inside, both looking up...watching the numbers change as they ascended to the 31st floor.

Silently they walked down the hallway until he stopped and slid a card key into the door lock. The soft click as the light changed from red to green caused her to catch her breath. His hand, in the process of turning the door handle, stopped. He looked down at her and she smiled again. Nodding with satisfaction he opened the door and led her inside.

He stopped her in the middle of the room and took the coat. She stepped away from him and turned. He quietly said, "turn around, slowly". Very slowly she spun around. His eyes watched carefully, taking in every aspect of her appearance.

His gaze traveled from the shiny patent heels, up her legs along the black silk stockings as they disappeared under the short lace gown. "Undress me" were his only words.

She carefully took off his jacket and tie. After folding them and laying them across the back of a chair, she moved back to unbutton his shirt. Opening the sides, she pushed the shirt off his shoulders and moved to take it from his hands. Laying it on the jacket, neatly folded.

Kneeling at his feet, she lifted her hands and unbuckled his belt, easing down the zipper tab as she looked up at his eyes. His face never changed expression as her hands grasped the waist of his pants and boxers.

As she eased them down across his hips, he shifted so that they could move more freely. The pants pooled around his ankles while she took off first one shoe, then the other.

Stepping out of his pants, he moved to the bed and sat down waiting for her to fold the pants carefully and drape them over the chair with his other things. She moved to stand in front of him and stopped. He took her hand and pulled her to his lap. Taking her face in his hand, he turned her face to his and kissed her gently.

She sighed at the touch of his lips and her mouth opened under the pressure of his kiss. His hand dropped to her breast and his fingers began to tease and pull at her nipple. It puckered and hardened as his palm covered it. His tongue slid between her lips as his other hand came up and held her to him by the back of her head.

She lifted her arms and curled them around his shoulders, pulling her tighter against him. At the first soft whimper he pulled her mouth from his by the hand tangled in her long red curls. Looking at her eyes, his hand dropped between her legs and one finger pressed between the lips of her pussy.

He smiled slightly as she gasped and her eyes closed abit. He gently stroked across the tip of her clit, watching her face. Her legs opened and he lifted his finger to his nose, breathing in her aroma. When the finger slid between his lips and he licked the taste of her from the tip, she groaned.

He lifted her off his lap and stood her between his legs. She looked down at his erection straining from his lap and started to kneel. A swift shake of his head stopped her and she looked at him curiously. "I have a much better idea" he said.

He stood and led her to the balcony doors. They opened onto the 31st floor balcony, complete with several lounge chairs and a double chase lounge with a low back. The outer-wall was capped by an iron railing, he drew her to it and turned to face the hotel wall. He pulled her to him and began to kiss her again.

His hands ripped the front of the gown open and let it drop onto the floor behind her. His hands pulled her against him, his cock pushing into the vee of her legs. She wrapped her arms around his neck again and held him closely.

He leaned back against the wall and lifted her up. She crossed her ankles across his ass cheeks as his cock slid into her hot, wet vagina. She cried out against his lips. He began to lift and drop her slowly onto his hard cock and she shivered each time he moved her. His finger teased her hole as he lifted her, making her whimper and moan. He thrust up into her over and over again.

Their tongues tangled and teased each other. She began to tremble as the first wave of a soft slow orgasm washed over her. He pulled back slightly and watched her cum, groaning as her juices seeped down his thighs.

Watching the tears spill from her eyes as the orgasm moved through her, he carried her to the low chaise and sat down with her stocking-covered legs still wrapped around him. His cock never seemed to soften as long as she held him tightly this way.

Easing back, his legs spread...he looked in her eyes. "Make me cum", he whispered. She moved up to kneel over his lap, her nipples brushing his mouth as she did so. He laid back and as he watched, she curled her fingers around his cock, guiding the head back inside her waiting wet body.

Sliding down to completely cover him, she reached behind her and cupped his balls...caressing them gently. She flexed the muscles surrounding his shaft, grasping and squeezing it as tightly as she could.

As she watched, she could see his eyes darken and his face seem to harden. His eyes never left hers as his hands moved to her hips. Lifting and guiding her movements ... up ... down ... up ... down ... a low moan escaped his clinched jaw.

She shivered hard at the sound and gasped. Soon her rhythm matched his and she softly whimpered with each stroke. Her body riding his, moving stronger on his thrusting cock. Her fingers slide from his ball sac and she leaned forward.

Her breasts touched his chest as her hands settled on the lounger cushion beside his head. She bent to kiss him, gently biting on his lip. His tongue slithered between her lips and tangled with hers.

As the kiss became more passionate, she rocked faster onto his cock. The need to take him inside her completely overwhelmed her. Tears of arousal slipped from her eyes and the soft sobs were silenced as she pressed her face against his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her, his hands on her back pulled her against him tightly.

Her sobs became soft low screams as the orgasm began again, harder this time. His hands moved to her rapidly thrusting ass and held her still against him. His surging cock moving deep and strong. He suddenly threw back his head and groaned. The white hot rush of cum filled her as his voice rose in a shout.

As their bodies slowed...and their breathing began to quiet, she kissed the side of his neck. His hands were slowly rubbing across her back. She giggled softly and said, "I wonder if we woke anyone up?"

He looked at her with a grin, "well, if we did, they had a nice show. Darlin', you were fantastic as usual." "You bring out the best in me', she replied.

He laughed and settled her back in his arms as they sat up. Standing, he carried her back to the bed and laid her down.

He went into the bath and came back with a damp wash cloth. Gently he washed her, kissing behind the movement of the cloth. He laid down beside her after dropping the cloth on the floor by the bed. She nestled into his arms and they drifted off to sleep.

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