The Bath


You listened to me cry,
ineffective drops of nothing to you.

I sit so close to you that your scent is drifting into my lungs,
and i breath in deep knowing that this is most likely the last time that i will be able to breath you in.

I know that you are trapped all over my house,
and I know that even after you leave I will inhale you for days and have to relive this heartache of losing you.

Your essence will go with you and I will be left alone in this 2 bedroom home,
that tomorrow when you are gone will only be a house empty of any warmth it may have held when we were happy.

And that thought alone makes me think that maybe this is for the best,
we haven't known happy for so long now.

So I start a load of laundry full of sheets and pillowcases and blankets,
and I hope that the cleansing can begin.
You watched as I got up from the couch and started stripping our bed and I heard you sigh out loud;
you said nothing and I knew that when I got up it was the end.

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