The Beginning


Shortly after waking up one Saturday evening, I logged onto my computer to see who was online, hoping that the man I had met several days before would be online, the one who was known to me only as 'Master8.' This man intrigued me...when we first started talking, it was not over anything remotely romantic, but instead just of everyday life...our history with relationships, our personalities, etc.

However, this night was destined to be different, as we began discussing our mutual interest in writing, including erotic stories. This is the conversation that followed after he suggested that we write a story together (the suggestion got to us both in a 'special way' i guess)...little did we know it would actually end up as the first co-authored story itself! The only things that have been changed are spelling and a very slight bit of grammar, so as not to destroy the actual story itself.

Master8: *nibble *blow (air) over ear

Seduzione: *saucy wink *soft kiss

Master8: whew, wow, *prolonged eye contact *soft kiss

Master8: now isn't this nice *clearly fake stretch *puts arm over shoulder

Seduzione: *fake yawn, drops head onto shoulder

Master8: *stokes hair, now don't you fall asleep on me, *kiss ear

Seduzione: ok....i'll just get comfy *snuggles

Seduzione: mmm

Master8: *whispers words like you're incredible, beautiful, in your ear

Seduzione: awww

Seduzione: *blush

Seduzione: *kisses side of your neck then ducks head shyly

Master8: *moves arm to slowly lift head up to give you a long devastating kiss

Seduzione: *wraps arm around your neck and strokes your cheek w/ free hand, returning your kisses

Master8: *puts both arms around you and lifts you over me, placing you in the corner of the couch *puts one arm around your waist as the other guides head back towards mine, lips lock again

Seduzione: mmm ^_^ *wraps arms around you, fiddling w/ your hair w/ one hand while the other strokes across your shoulders, holding you to me, enjoying the feel of your lips on mine ;)

Master8: *removes lips slowly, gazes deeply into your eyes "i would say i'm in heaven right now but i can't be, cause your beauty surpasses that of an angel" *takes arm from around head and slowly strokes your cheek

Seduzione: *blushes and tries to duck head away, embarrassed but flattered

Master8: *quickly uses hand on cheek to tilt head slightly back to plant another long devastating kiss

Seduzione: *playfully nibbles your lower lip as we kiss

Master8: *powerful kisses *moves hand from shoulder to waist and back to neck

Seduzione: *savors kisses and gentle stroking of your hand *wraps both arms around you, hugging you tightly to me, never wanting to let you go

Master8: *gladly gives more kisses, moving down to your neck, slow kiss...

Seduzione: *tilts head back slightly and purrrrrrs

Master8: *strokes hand up and down from shoulder to waist, and kisses down to shoulder

Seduzione: *leans head inward a bit and nibbles your earlobe, blowing gently

Master8: *moves hand from waist to your stomach, up wards to your neck, planting another kiss on your lips

Seduzione: mm *gives a tiny squeak at the slight tickle of your hand on my side and stomach, then press one hand to your chest, stroking your cheek as i return your kisses

Master8: mmmm *lowers left shoulder strap, and moves head to kiss shoulder, while stroking hand across stomach

Seduzione: *flexes stomach muscles at the continued stroking of your hand *gives little groan at your lips on the sensitive skin of my your neck little kisses whenever position allows

Master8: *loosens other shoulder strap, and moves kisses over the shoulder line to your other shoulder *wondering what you're wearing in this scenario*

Seduzione: hmmmm....itty bitty spaghetti strap top and silky pj pants ;)

Master8: *moves hand from stomach to bottom of the lace top, while moving hot wet kisses back to your ear and whispering sultry words of pleasure to you

Seduzione: *groans again from the touch of your lips and hands, sighing with pleasure and blushing at what you are whispering in my ear

Master8: **lets out an animal like grow, and grabs the shoulder strap in my teeth and tears it down, moving the hand on your stomach up past your breasts to your lips.

Seduzione: mmMMMmm....

Seduzione: *gasps as you get a bit forceful suddenly, holding on to you, running my hand across your shoulder and back

Master8: *slows down and carefully removes the lace top as i make prolonged eye contact *bends back down delivers a powerful kiss

Seduzione: O_O *gazes into your eyes and wonders what will be coming next, but knowing that it will be lovely no matter what it is.....*returns kisses passionately w/ a slight sigh of delight

Master8: *kneels up on the couch as i remove my shirt, fling it aside with disregard *bends back down to give passionate kisses, placing one arm around your neck and the other on the side of your left breast

Seduzione: *gazing at you as you take off your top, i look into your eyes and smile softly, leaning up to meet your mouth w/ my own and jumping slightly when i feel where your hand has ended up, but then sighing restlessly, throwing my arms around your neck to hold you in for a deep, long kiss

Master8: *feeling you jump i slightly draw back moving my hand around to your back, pulling you closer, a wordless moan escapes my lips, moving my other hand down to your waist.

Seduzione: *sensing that you moved your hand to save me discomfort, i lean up and whisper into your ear...'just because i gave a little start....doesn't mean that i didn't like it'.......*seeing the expression on your face that is doubtless mirrored in my own, i stroke my hand across your chest, a smile in my eyes that is meant only for you

Master8: *i smile back, i knowing smile *with that i place a thumb inside you pants and move the hand on your back up around to your breast, and moving my mouth away from your lips and make a blazing trail down to your other breast

Seduzione: *arching my back slightly against the sensations your burning mouth and hands are causing, i let out a muffled groan, biting my lower lip anxiously as i thread my hand trough your hair, lightly stroking, as my other hand grasps your shoulder

Master8: *feeling the arch, i slowly move the hand that was stroking your left breast down to your pelvic line, then move it around to your lower back

Master8: *meanwhile my tongue is playing as lighting upon your right nipple, lapping and darting.

Seduzione: oooooo....*one hand still in your hair, holding you lightly to me, i run my other hand down to your lower back, stroking there, letting my hand trail to your hip and move toward your stomach before returning to your back, as i savor the onslaught of sensations you are causing inside me

Master8: *sensing your desire, my hand on your lower back, creeps lower... and my mouth leaves your breast and makes a burning trail between your breasts, down to your navel, making moist swirls with my tongue.

Seduzione: *moving restlessly against you, my hands roam the parts of you i can reach...shoulders, arms, my stomach flexes underneath your ministrations....

Master8: *my other hand moves up to your mouth and moves along your moist lips as my hand on your pants starts to lower them, looking for a signal

Seduzione: *kissing the fingertips at my lips gently, i gaze down my body at you as i slowly suck one of your fingers into my mouth, stroking it with my tongue and lip...i nod slowly at you, lifting my hips slightly to make things easier

Master8: *while making eye contact, i slide down slowly over your lower body, taking your pants with me.

Master8: *once off, i slide back up to give you a passionate kiss on the lips

Master8: *hand sliding up your side, from your leg right up past your waist, further up, back to your breast

Seduzione: *arching against you, feeling your body against mine, i return your kisses with much desire, my arms wrapped loosely around you...loving every minute of time spent with you......

Master8: *my hand on your breast moves around your back, and back down to your bottom, griping it. i roll you over on the couch, with you ending up on top, tongues still intertwined

Seduzione: *reluctantly ending the searing kiss, i pull back slowly, grinning wickedly at you, as i lean my body, back, hands on the top of your pants now...wondering if you will let me return the favor and divest you of what's left of your clothing

Master8: *looking deep into your eyes, i give the same knowing nod you did me, and i lean forward to try to recapture the taste of your lips

Seduzione: *kissing you again, for i can no easier resist the lure of your lips than u can of mine, i nevertheless quickly move back, undoing your pants and sliding them off of you till you are in the same state as me

Seduzione: **leaning back up your body, kissing a trail up your chest as i go, i move back to the lips that are silently beckoning me, capturing them with my own and kissing you deeply

Master8: *one hand rests on the back of your neck, pulling you closer to me, while the other makes a trail down your back to rest on your bottom, gripping it firmly

Seduzione: *pressing my body to yours, i savor your warmth, and moan softly against your lips when your hand trails down my body...mmm

Master8: *i turn you back over and proceed to slide once again down your body, this time my tongue making swirling patterns between your breasts, down once again to your navel continuing down to your lace underwear and i take a quick glance up, to meet your eyes

Seduzione: *biting my lower lip with anticipation of your next move, i gaze hotly into your eyes, telling you without words to continue with whatever it is you want to do...because i want it too

Master8: *with that look, i slowly slide them down inch by inch...when i get to your feet, i slide them off and toss them aside, only to turn back to your feet, kissing them, your lower legs, and slowly creeping up.

Master8: *i reach, the most sensitive part of a woman, this woman, this goddess, my tongue nipping and darting on the nub of sensuality...lapping, playing cat & mouse with her.

Seduzione: *i can feel myself start trembling as you draw nearer to, then finally find, the center of my being.....a low moan escapes my lips as i experience pleasure that i've never known...arching against you and the intense sensation...

Seduzione: *not able to stand the feeling of your hot, wet mouth on me for very long, the sensation being so intense and my anticipation of these moments so great, i grasp your head and shoulder in my hands and gently urge you to come back up my body....kiss me, love, and let me return a modicum of the pleasure you're giving me

Master8: *with that i do, my tongue diving into your mouth, my hand sliding up and down the left side of your body

Seduzione: *i move away slowly, gazing into your eyes as i maneuver till you are the one on the bottom, as i slowly kiss a hot trail down your chest...your stomach....and fondling you with my hands, i look into your eyes....wondering if this is what you want...

Master8: *i look back onto your eyes, gazing deep, with desire, as i know what you want, you know what i do, and my hard arousal shows you clearly what i want

Seduzione: *smiling my little, secret half-smile, i turn my attentions to the hard, throbbing object in my hands, stroking it, clasped in my i return my gaze to your face, i lean down and my tongue comes out to taste the tip slowly, swirling around....trailing hot kisses down the length and dragging my tongue back up it, i move over you and slowly take you inside of hot, wet, wanting mouth...teasing with my tongue, moving slowly up and down...sucking, stroking w/ my hand, licking...

Master8: *a groan escapes my mouth, and my body shivers in pleasure. when i can not take it much more, i lean towards you and beckon you back to my lips

Seduzione: *sucking hard one last time as i withdraw, i move slowly up to your mouth, dragging my body across yours, as i capture your lips between mine in a soul-searing kiss

Master8: *my soul burns, my body is on fire, every action you take, brings me closer to insanity but i long for it more than life itself

Seduzione: *my heart pounds in my chest as my lips explore yours, and my body yearns for you...needs you more than any words could ever express

Master8: *my arms wrapped around you, i begin to turn you back over. once you are on your back, i look at you the way a mortal would look at an angel, i bend down to kiss you again, our chests burning together, my manhood rubbing against your thigh.

Seduzione: *my arms wrapped around you, holding you to me, i grind my body against yours, begging you to make me yours, not able to stand being without you any longer and praying that you'll end the sweet torment of waiting for something we both want so very much

Master8: *with that, i position myself, with my manhood prodding the entrance to your most feminine place, and slowly enter you. *your hot wet depths surround me, and i groan with i bring my lips down on yours hard

Seduzione: *crying out with pleasure as you enter me, i arch my body against yours, aching to feel you as deeply inside of me as you can possibly be, kissing you somewhat fiercely as my desire overwhelms me and my hands roam across your shoulders, back and lower....

Master8: *i start to move, withdrawing and entering, fanning the flames of desire higher and higher. my hands running up and down your body from shoulder to thigh, my tongue encircling yours, matching the pace of our lower bodies

Seduzione: *moaning softly into your mouth with each movement you make, i meet the thrust of your hips with my own, unable to hold still as i writhe beneath you with desire, feeling myself climb closer and closer to the peak that had been drawing ever nearer since your lips first met mine

Master8: *just when i thought the pleasure could not get any more, it intensifies, drawing me nearer and nearer to that invisible peak of ultimate pleasure, my hands move down to your buttocks, one hand gripping each drawing me into you even more, my breaths are ragged, and my eyes gaze into yours

Seduzione: *as i gaze into your eyes, hearing your breathing, i can feel the pressure inside me rise to the peak...the experiences of the evening finally overwhelm me as i thrust myself against you once again and cry out, feeling the muscles inside of me clench you tightly as i stop breathing for a moment as i take my journey amongst the stars...still moving against you, and more determined than ever to bring you to your pinnacle, i grasp your face in my hands and bring it down to mine, meeting your lips with mine and kissing you with all the desire that you have stored up inside of me this night

Seduzione: *pausing in our kiss to whisper in your ear...'come for me, love...i want to feel you take your own trip amongst the stars'

Master8: *with that, insanity takes over, and I'm wrapped in silken mind melts, the very centre of my being aches, i fuse together with you with one last powerful stroke. my very body seems to explode, pleasure beyond measure and i see the stars, the universe its self laid before me. *i lean down to kiss you.

Seduzione: *kissing you back softly, i smile against you lips, holding you tightly to me, basking in the afterglow that only true pleasure can bring

Master8: The End, or is it...

Seduzione: only time will tell love...but I do believe this might be a lovely start to, at the very least, a VERY interesting friendship ;)

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