The Bike Ride


Since the day was so hot and blustery as Gina rode her bike down the lonely cobblestone road, she was wearing only two light weight articles of clothing, her skimpiest bikini top and a short sun dress, which the wind kept trying to lift. Gina had just discovered that riding her bicycle with no panties on, the bicycle seat wedging her pussy lips open and rubbing her love button was much more pleasurable than rubbing her clitty herself.

As she was riding her bicycle down the road, she noticed someone biking toward her. When the rider came closer she could see that it was a boy about her own age. Gina didn't know him so she just kept peddling... wishing he would hurry and go by... she was shivering with excitement and about ready to cum.

As Dana was riding his bike down the cobblestone road he noticed a young lady riding toward him. As the girl came closer he could see that she was very pretty, especially in that skimpy bikini top. As they came even closer to each other he noticed the hem of her dress was being lifted by the wind. Their eyes met for a second and they nodded to each other. Dana's attention immediately dropped back to the hem of her dress. As they were about to pass the wind finally succeeded in completely lifting her dress... all the way up to her waist. The boy, very surprised, almost crashed his bike as he witnessed the girl's lower belly and pussy being exposed. His only response to this sight was an excited "holy fuck!"

At Dana's excited swearing, Gina, not having noticed that her dress had been blown up by the wind, turned her head to glare at him. She did lose control of her bike and crash. Dana skidded to a stop and doubled back to see if she was hurt and if he could help. She looked up at him and almost screamed "Why did you swear at me?" To which he sheepishly replied "I didn't swear at you."

"At what then?" She growled. "I was surprised because of what happened to you just before you fell. I've never seen anything like that happen to anyone before."

"I'm sorry you thought I was swearing at you!" Gina calmed down a little and asked "What happened that would cause you to be so surprised?"

"Don't you know?" he asked in reply. "No!" she said, "I don't."

"You were riding with your legs spread and the wind blew your dress up. I could see that you weren't wearing any panties. I saw your pussy!" Dana exclaimed. Gina was surprised that she felt only a slight embarrassment over a boy seeing her womanhood exposed in public! She knew that she should have been seriously embarrassed, but she wasn't. She replied, with a grin, "I suppose that I really shouldn't be doing this, but the sensations caused by the bumpy road drive my little clitty wild!"

Dana wanted to hear much more of an explanation from her, but felt first he should mention that she had scraped the inside of her left knee when she fell, and offered to look at it for her. Totally forgetting that she was still sitting in the middle of the road, she brought up her left knee for Dana to examine. The resulting wide open femininity was immediately noticed. Seeing her displayed like this prompted him to ask, "Aren't you the even the slightest bit embarrassed about a guy seeing your cunt? Especially wide open like it is?" She thought for a second, looked down at her gaping pussy, then up at him and said, "No! I'm not concerned about it at all!", then added with a devilish grin, "I think I must be an exhibitionist or something though, because you seeing my pussy like this is really turning me on."

"Is it?" he asked, "me too!" he said with a grin.

Gina felt immediately at ease with Dana because he didn't try to take advantage if her nudity, and for his genuine concern for her well being.

Having an idea of where this encounter might be leading, Gina asked herself "Do I like this guy? He hasn't lost control and tried to rape me! Should I let him see more of me... should I let him touch me... should I have sex with him? But if I want to save my virginity for the right guy, I shouldn't! Or am I just being old fashioned by wanting to wait... how much would it hurt if I did let him stick it in me?... would I like it? He is cute... got nice buns... that bulge in the front of his pants sure looks delicious! ...Yes, I gotta see that cock! Yes, I do like him... and yes, I think I'll let him see more of me... even touch me! But I'll wait and see how things go before I let him fuck me!" and decided to let nature take it's natural course, for the time being.

To test her exhibitionist theory, Dana sat down closely beside her, facing her and reached out a hand and placed it on the inside of her right thigh. She looked at the hand on her thigh, "go for it Dana!" she excitedly thought to herself, then looked up at him and smiled, but did nothing. Slowly he slid his hand half way along her thigh to her wide open womanhood. "Faster!" she thought. She shivered a bit with excitement and looked down at the teasing hand nearing her pussy, than up at him and smiled again. Dana's hand quickly slid the rest of the way home. "YES!" again to herself. His fingers slipped immediately between the folds of her pussy and found it soaked with her love juice. When his finger entering her vagina, Gina moaned aloud, her eyes rolled up and her head tipped sharply backward, and she said to herself "Oh God, that feels good!" He noticed her love tunnel was quite tight on his invading finger! She might be new at this.

Remembering where they were, Dana snapped back to reality and said "We really should get off the road". He helped Gina to her feet, then to the tree nearest them and helped her sit down on the cool grass. After moving the bicycles off the road Dana sat down beside her on the grass and introduced himself. "I'm Dana, by the way, when I'm not helping fallen cyclists."

"I'm Gina, when I'm not the one falling in the middle of the road" she replied. Dana asked "Why are you outside where people can see you and not wearing any panties?" Gina continued the explanation she had started earlier, how she found out about the bumpy road giving her a climax while riding her bike. Dana agreed, "It is a very exciting way to come off, for a girl." Then added "Just thinking about you biking in public bare-assed again is exciting me. Would you like some company the next time?" An excited "Sure!" was her reply.

Seeing that they were the only two around and he couldn't hear any cars coming from either direction, and since her bare pussy was still wide open for all to see and was really turning him on, he turned his attentions to further exploration of her exhibitionist theory. Because he had knowledge of only part of her anatomy he stood up and moved in behind her and sat down. His rock hard cock, trying to break through his short pants, nestled against her bare back and his legs touching hers along their lengths. Gina shivered with delight at this move, she knew what was going to happen next.

Dana placed his hands on her shoulders and started a slow massage... then slow worked his way down her back massaging as he went, to her bikini strap. "Ooooo, are you ever good at this!" she said as he started moving toward her waiting titties. Lightly rubbing her sides with his open palms and fingers, back and forth, then slowly around to her front where he gently cupped her supple breasts still in their halter. "Oh God!" she said, "Fuck, you're making me tingle!" Slowly massaging her breasts back and forth, then in tiny eccentric circles always moving closer and closer to her nipples. Gina's nipples were rock hard with excitement when his fingers finally found them. "Mmmmm, yes!" she mumbled. Gently squeezing and rotating her buds for a few seconds, Dana's hands moving slowly to her halter's ties between her titties. First the bottom tie. The halter snapped partly open. Dana's fingers slowly massaged the bottom halves of her naked globes. His fingers easing up under the halter to find those, now naked to his fingers, hard buds again. Rotating her nipples for only a few more seconds, his fingers then found the remaining tie, and the halter fell away from her breasts and down between their bodies. "Finally!" she thought to herself.

There was the rumble of a car off in the distance. Gina's now naked tits were plainly visible from the road, and her lovely legs were spread wide apart, but she stayed fast. She turned her body to more squarely face the road and the oncoming car. Total strangers were about to see her in all her nakedness! She was enjoying the feeling this was giving her. The car came closer and Gina didn't try to cover up... the car passed. It was only an older couple who probably couldn't see the side of the road anyway. Gina decided that she is, in fact, an exhibitionist.

"Now back to the business at hand", she said with a grin. Her hands found his and placed them back on her chest to continue massaging her breasts. "Yes, you can get right back to what you were doing before" she said to herself. She never knew a man fondling her tits like this could feel this way! This was another new sensation for her. She was really hot now!

Feeling that it was time to move on, Dana asked "Do you know how to sit Yoga style?" Gina replied "I think so. Like this?" She then crossed her legs Indian style. Dana said "close, but like this" and he proceeded to show her by moving her legs for her. Now she was sitting with her legs crossed, but her feet were locked in place above her thighs. With her legs in this position her pussy was splayed really wide open and she couldn't do anything about it. She was unable to close her legs, a natural female defence, and she was loving the feeling of helplessness it gave her and vowed to remember how to sit "Yoga style." Dana said "And now I'll show you why I like to see a woman sitting like that!"

With Gina sitting "Yoga style" Dana lifted her up with his hands under her bum and gently pushed her upper body forward causing her to be up on all fours. After lifting her short sun dress up and placing it over her back both of his hands went to work on her gaping cunny. "Rub my clitty, fuck me with your finger" She muttered aloud. Fingering gently and rubbing her clitty he could feel her juices flow anew. He crouched down low so he could see her up close, every part of her exposed femininity. Positioned as she was he could see right up inside her love tunnel. Gina lowered her upper body and rested on her elbows. This move allowed her vagina to be even more accessible to him.

"Kiss me there" she commanded. He'd never done anything like that before, but was game for anything right now. "Sure, but I'll have to roll you over onto your back. Once on her back with her legs still crossed and up in the air Dana's eager head entered the triangular hole formed by her thighs and reaching inquisitively with his tongue, slowly started licking and kissing her inner leg just outside her pubic hair. Then slowly following her hair line up to her lower tummy and then around to the other side of her pussy. Bravely, his tongue entered her labia. Her aroma and taste was heady, but inviting. His tongue slowly moved toward her inner folds. On contact with his tongue to her inner cunny Gina let out a low screech and shudder, another new sensation. After a few seconds her taste became almost pleasant, and she was obviously enjoying the sensations he was giving her. Finding her clitty with his tongue almost drove her wild, her hips began to jerk back and forth and side to side. She pulled her knees toward her chest trying to press her pussy up hard against his face. "More" she moaned. Slipping his tongue into her furrow he found the entrance to her virgin womanhood. His tongue fucked in and out for a few seconds, then he stood up and lifted her back onto her knees and elbows. After quickly removing his shorts he moved in very close behind her on his knees, his pelvis pressing hard against her bare butt cheeks, his stiff prick sticking straight out just below her pussy, he leaned forward until his chest was touching her back. Reaching around with his arms, his left hand went back to massaging her breasts, while his right hand slowly slid down the length of her tummy, massaging as it went, toward her wide spread thighs and into her dripping pussy. "Oooo, Hurry, stick your finger back in me. I'm gonna cum!" While twisting and rubbing her clitty with his fingers he rotated his pelvis backward causing his very stiff prick to move up and into contact with her pussy. Then slowly sliding his prick back and forth he wedged her pussy lips open. Now the length of his prick was gliding back and forth within the length of her pussy, bumping into her clitty, sending her into convulsions of passion. "Oh God!" she moaned loudly, shaking with ecstasy. Dana increased the speed of his back and forth movements, adding to her clitoral stimulation. "Fuck!" Gina moaned to herself "If he keeps making me feel like this, he can take my cherry now."

Knowing Gina was almost out of control and knowing that he was very excited too and almost out of control, thought to himself "I can't hold out any longer, I gotta have her now!"

"Are you ready?" he excitedly asked? Gina was too excited to answer, she simply pushed her wedged open pussy back harder against his cock and rotated her pelvis forward giving him full access to her already spasming womanhood. Leaving her breasts, his left hand joined it's counter part in her dripping pubes. With both hands glistening with Gina's love juice, Dana liberally applied her lubrication to his already glistening prick. Gina's now raspy voice excitedly said "You hold my pussy open and I'll guide your prick into me." As Dana held her pussy lips open Gina reached between her already spread thighs and found his very slippery love tool. Dana moved his hips backward slightly so she could move his cock into position. Gina placed his prick between her pussy lips and purposefully, slowly, slid it up and down the length of her open cunt, and over her clitty several times to heighten her stimulation. It worked, and she started to shake in spasms again. Dana felt her move his prick head to the entrance of her vagina.

With Gina still holding him in place he moved forward. It took a lot of pressure for his slippery dickhead to enter her pussy. She was almost too tight for him. She was defiantly a virgin. With a short hard thrust, however, no longer, his prick plunged into her tearing her hymen taking her virginity. Gina was now a woman. The pressure of her virginal walls was too much for him... he was about to cum... nothing could stop it now.

Dana excitedly said to her "it's time, here it comes." Gina moaned "I'm ready, fuck me hard!" And with that he very slowly worked his prick head in and out a couple of times to make sure everything was slippery enough. With one hand holding her pussy lips open and a finger of the other hand vigorously rubbing her clitty he gave a mighty thrust and jammed his prick straight into her to the hilt, then pumping madly, shot his load deep within her. She, pumping back and forth to match his every movement, moaned loudly for several seconds, rocked her whole body back and forth, from side to side, shivering with passion.

They collapsed to the ground both exhausted, both panting. Gina's first fuck felt....wonderful....she knew she was going to do this again, as soon as possible, as often as possible! She was glad she didn't wait. This was too much to miss out on. Gina was in love! She wanted to do it again, right away. But Dana was tired and said to her, "maybe tomorrow, I'm pooped right now. Next time it'll be slower and much better, I promise." Gina couldn't believe that it could get any better!

It was time to get dressed and head back to town. While they were putting their cloths back on Dana asked "Would you like to go to a movie with me tonight?"

"You bet" she answered. She had heard all about those back row seats.

Gina and Dana had just finished dressing when they heard another car coming down the road. Now fully dressed, at least as much as she could be, Gina was sitting on the grass next to Dana, her legs were folded under her, her feet pointing off to the left and her dress was covering most of her thighs. As the car passed by Dana waved "Hi" to two of his close friends. The friends waved back. As they drove by they noticed their buddy was sitting with a new girl friend, and a knockout at that. The driver slowed the car and turned around to go back to meet Dana's new girl friend.

Pulling the car off the road the driver parked next to the couple, shut off the engine and the two got out. As they were sitting down in front of Gina and Dana, Tommy, the driver, asked "And who's the lovely new girl friend Dana?"

"Obviously, you haven't been seeing her for very long, or we'd know about it" Jim added. Dana answered "Tommy, Jim, this is Gina. Gina this is Tommy, and Jim, my two best friends."

"Nice to meet ya!" they chimed together. "Likewise" replied Gina with a grin. "Actually, guys, we just met about an hour ago, right here, in the middle of the road, we almost crashed into each other on our bikes. As it is Gina fell and skinned her left knee!"

"Well, since Jim and I are going to medical school next term, maybe we should look at it for her." Tommy said, and quickly added "It could get infected!" Dana said "Naw, it'll be alright, I've already looked at it." Gina lightly cuffed him on the arm, and with a slight smile said "Maybe they should have a look at it, it is starting to hurt again!"

"Are you sure?" he asked. Gina replied "yea." Dana said "Maybe she's right guys, you should have a look!. It's the inside of her left knee." And with that, Gina, with a big grin, said "If you two want to play doctor, I'm game!" and elevated her left knee for the would-be doctors to examine. In doing so opened up her pussy for them to examine too.

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