tagInterracial LoveThe Bikini Ch. 02

The Bikini Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Sara's Story

As Marcus led me up the hill to his house I was dumbstruck with fear. I couldn't think of anything to say or do. Why was this happening? Why didn't John do something back at the bar? Why didn't anyone stop to help? I looked down at my body and saw my breasts sway slightly as I was walking.

I looked over at Marcus as he held firmly onto my hand. His abs were fantastic and in the heat of the day he was really starting to sweat. I couldn't help notice the bulge in his pants starting to grow. I had always heard that black men were well endowed. Would he be gentle with me or would he fuck me like a whore? Hopefully it wouldn't hurt too much.

Further down the road he grabbed my ass. I was as startled as I was turned on. His hand was huge and it felt great against my bare buttocks. My girlfriend had dated black guys in college and she said that they love big asses.

Marcus opened the door for me and I nervously walked in. The house was really nice with wicker furniture and tropical themed interior. I could see the beach from the window.

Marcus turned to me and said, "Let me get you something to cover up with."

As he went to the closet to find a silk robe I thought it was odd that he would want me to put clothes on. He held the robe from behind and helped me put my arms through the sleeves. I imagine he must have taken a last peak at my derrière before slipping it on.

I saw down at the kitchen table and he offered me a drink.

"I think I'll have some wine."

Marcus poured both of us a glass a wine and sat next to me.

"Sara, you probably want to know why I brought your here. Put simply to fuck you. But I want you to know I won't do anything against your will. You can leave whenever you want."

I started to get up and he grabbed my arm.

"Wait. Will you just sit a while and let me tell you why I took you from your husband?"

I sat back down.

"I have been fucking tourists' wives for many years now. When I first started I'd nail them because they were hot and I craved the variety. I loved to see their husbands shrink in humility, first when I would take their wives away and second, when they saw their wives face beaming with energy the next morning. I would have them kiss me right before they left so that their husbands knew that I not only conquered them but tamed them."

I had to admit my pussy started to get wet. My breasts started to swell and Marcus's smell began to have an intoxicating effect on me.

"I had been doing this for years when one day everything changed. I got a knock on the door and when I went to answer it I saw the woman that I had fucked only a day earlier. Her husband was by her side. He said that his wife had told him everything that had happened and that he wanted to watch the two of us together."

I leaned in closer to Marcus as we both took a drink of the wine. I was hypnotized by the story he was telling me.

"I took her into my bedroom and her husband sat in that chair over there. Up to that point I had always used a condom. But the husband insisted that I take her bareback, much to the apprehension of his wife. She finally agreed and he watched as I slid my dick into her. She screamed and moaned as I fucked her over the course of an hour. I pulled her hair and slapped the hell out of her ass. It started to get beat red but they were both loving it. I then started to really pile drive her until I dumped my load deep inside her."

I was floored by what he had told me.

"You came in her?"

"Yes, and the next morning the husband took us to a tattoo parlor where I signed her ass "Property of Marcus". I realized then that there was more to this than me getting my rocks off. I was giving these women a sexual experience they had never had. I was opening a world a pleasure for them."

I continued to sip my glass of wine. My body was starting to heat up after hearing Marcus.

"Have you ever had a 9 inch cock Sarah? Have you ever have multiple orgasms? Have you ever tried anal sex?

My eyes dropped a little. I replied, "No."

"Don't you see that you are missing out on so much? You husband has resigned to the fact that I am going to fuck you. He will only blame himself for this little incident and so as I see it you have a Free Fuck Card."

He pulled off his shorts and proudly displayed the erect 9 inch cock. I gasped as I saw the monster.

"So what do you think? How would you like to have the greatest experience of your life?"

As horny as I was I knew I couldn't do this do my husband. I started to get up.

"I can't do this. You said I could go whenever I wanted. I want to leave now."

Marcus smiled a little and said, "I think you will regret it if you pass on this so lets play a little game."

He grabbed a row of masking tape and put two strips down on the floor on each side of his chair.

Marcus said softly, "I want you to take off your closes and straddle me, putting each foot on a piece of tape. If you can hold that position for 30 minutes then I can only reason you truly don't want to fuck. If you can't keep the position you will slide down onto my cock. It's not that hard. Most women can do it."

I laughed, "Why would I want to play your little game if I can just walk out of here."

"Because I know you want to play. Life is about playing games. You walk out that door you will go back to your drunk boring husband and all you will get from this experience is a glass of wine and a lifetime of nagging questions from John about what happened while you were up here. You think he is gonna believe nothing happened? You can tell him about out little game and how you won your freedom."

I stood there and looked at Marcus. He had a point, John would never believe I just walked out of here. It didn't seem hard so I agreed to the challenge. I stood up and pulled off the robe. Marcus reached out and ripped the g string off and dropped it to the floor. It scared me but also made me excited. Who would have thought that the yellow bikini my husband purchased for me at some store back home would end up torn and laying on the floor of a little house in Jamaica. I was completely naked except for my wedding ring.

"The rules are that you can only lean against me. You can't touch anything with your arms. If you want me to put on a condom now is the time."

"Haha. No need to because I can do this!" I replied.

I walked towards him and pushed up against his body to get some friction. It was so erotic, the heat of our bodies and the dampness of our sweat. His body was so hard and mind was so soft. I put my feet on the strips of tape and I stood in a swatting position. Marcus began to kiss my body.

His cock was about 3 inches from my pussy. He held his cock firm to penetrate me if I slipped. He told me about several other wives that he was fucked over the ears. I could see my back because of two mirrors on each side of the house. It was so erotic seeing my lovely white body pressed up against this muscular black man with a 9 inch cock just inches from my pussy.

I got to thinking about all the other wives that had played this game. There were probably blondes, red heads and brunettes. Women of different ages and body types.

I asked Marcus, "You said that most women can do this. Did all those women just leave?"

"Haha, no. We would play other games that were harder until the wife finally lost. Part of it is just foreplay. One wife waited until there were 15 seconds left, smiled and lowered herself down on my cock. I think she wanted to show me she could do it but still wanted to fuck. But I think other women just played so they could tell themselves they did all they could to prevent us from fucking. It doesn't make sense when they always had the chance to just leave."

Between the stories, the heat and the eroticism of the moment I started to get lightheaded. The first 10 minutes weren't too bad but when I hit the 15 minute mark I was in horrible pain. At 20 minutes my legs started to shake and I worried my legs would fail me.

At 25 minutes I started to cry as my legs began to fail and I slid down. I could see Marcus smile as he steadied his cock for entry. I felt so stupid for being so cocky. I could have had him wear a condom.

Slowly, I slid down until his massive cock pressed against the opening of my love box. The cock pushed in and I gasped at the size of it. Halfway down the cock I summoned enough energy to stand up a little but my leg muscles failed and I slid down. Luckily he grabbed me so I didn't bottom out.

He whispered, "Now you don't have to tell your husband nothing happened. He will believe this. We'll take the next inches nice and slow."

I watched in the mirror as he lowered me down on his cock. After 7 inches it really got painful. I held on to him tightly as he massaged my ass and lower back.

"I can't take anymore Marcus! Please, it's too thick and too long."

"Sush....you can do it"

He licked my breasts as I slid down the following 2 inches. I was crying and wailing. No doubt the neighbors could hear. I finally hit bottom as my ass rested against his muscular thighs.

Marcus rubbed my back and told me how proud he was of me.

"Only one in ten women can take my cock all the way. You are a really special woman."

After a few minutes of passionate kissing he stood up with his cock still buried in me and carried me to the bedroom.

Marcus laid me down on the bed and told me, "You deserve a man who doesn't parade you around naked like a cheap prostitute. You need a man that treats you like a lady and fucks you like an animal."

He continued to kiss me as he began pumping the cock in and out of my pussy. The feelings of pain quickly turned into waves of pleasure. I held onto his back and he continued thrusting into me. After several minutes in the missionary position I screamed at the top of my lungs and had my first orgasm. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. My body went completely limp but Marcus wasn't finished with me. He rolled me over on my stomach, pushed my legs together and entered me from behind. He completely covered me with his body and kissed my necks and ear lobes. I felt like he was in complete control and the feeling of our skin touching felt amazing. He fucked me nice and slow for some time. Several times he turned my head to the side to kiss me. We were making love.

Then he changed the tempo and really started to pound me. Sensations were flowing though out my body as I plunged into my own world of ecstasy. I had my second orgasm, which was as powerful as the first. He slowed down again to catch his breath. We repeated this cycle and I had my third orgasm.

I got up and straddled Marcus so we could kiss as I rode him. He would suck on my nipples and run his hands through my hair. It was such an intimate position as we held each other in our arms. We would slow down for a while when I got tired and then when my energy returned I fucked him as hard as I could. I finally arched my back and had my fourth orgasm. Marcus supported my back as my arms fell to the side and my head rolled back.

My body was covered in sweat and the moonlight made my skin glisten. My breasts were still heaving as they pointed up, my nipples red from Marcus's sucking.

In that moment the only thing Marcus could say was, "Beautiful."

After I came back to Earth, I started to ride him again. Marcus then pulled me into the doggie style position. He asked me to take off my ring. I had forgotten I was even married and in the lust filled frenzy I threw the ring on the floor. John was a stupid fuck for putting me in this position. I didn't feel bad at all that I was loving the sex. I begged him to cum and finally agreed to let him fuck me in my ass

He screamed out loud as he came in me. He filled me up with his black baby juice and I felt like a woman.

Marcus leaned over and whispered in my ear, "What are you doing for birth control?"

"I use a diaphragm but I left it on the cruise ship."

I couldn't see it but I could sense Marcus cracked a smile of delight. We both were breathing heavily as we tried to catch our breath. Marcus wrapped me in his arms and gently kissed me like a caring lover. I felt completely at ease.

I started to fall asleep when I heard something outside. I kept my eyes barely open and saw John through the window smiling at us. He had this look of delight on his face as he gazed at the cum running out of me. John seemed so excited that another man had bedded his wife. I couldn't believe it!

John then looked down at the torn yellow g string on the floor. I am sure he was happy he had bought the tiny bikini. If it wasn't for that little piece of cloth I wouldn't be lying naked with this stud.

I could hear Marcus say to him self, "These husbands are something else. I just got done giving his wife the fucking of her life and he loves this. He is definitely going to ask for a repeat."

He covered our bodies in a bed sheet so we had some privacy from John's leering eyes. I couldn't wait until tomorrow!

End of Chapter 2

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